Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're Not Over Yet!

OTRC has more pics up HERE, and several videos on their site, very good ones.
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Season 5 ‘True Blood’ Season Premiere Party In Hollywood, Anna Paquin Stole The Show, Stephen Moyer Spoke And Alexander Skarsgard Mesmerized, Highlight Hollywood News. From Tommy Lightfoot Garrett, go to the site for pics and more.
Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have been staying very quiet about their baby news since announcing it to the world April 17 — until now! At the “True Blood” Season 5 premiere party in Hollywood on Wednesday, Moyer, 42, gushed about his wife of nearly two years (who is currently expecting her first child). “It’s always amazing,” Moyer, who has two children from previous relationships, said. “I love my kids so much. And I think that the fact that Anna is pregnant just adds more crazy to the bundle of fun. We are looking forward to this baby. And so far everything is going fine.”

We sure aren't over, from Rhoswen7-
Episode #512, "Save Yourself" (The casting notice doesn't tell us much, but at least we know the title): 
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #512, "Save Yourself"
Writer: Alan Ball
Director: Michael Lehmann
Location: L.A.
Start Date: Approx. 6/13/12 
[VAMPIRE AUTHORITY GUARD] Male, mid 20s to mid 30s. Imposing, powerful Vampire Authority guard. Guest Star. 
New Season 5 Prop BY Gianna Sobol
Tom Cahill, the Property Master, models his latest creation for season 5. What do you think it is?

Looks like it has Roman's Vamp Authority Insignia on it and a bullet or mini stake, maybe for the guards?
Finally found some pics of Christopher Heyerdahl, I see Lana Del Rey on his left, at least she didn't hog the red carpet like other non-cast starlets did, lol. SOURCE
This video has everyone, newbies and alums too. Really loved Tara Buck's Blood Dress, perfect for  this show.
Cozy Cot has some good photos on their site too.
Oh Doctore, sigh, Peter Mensah.
The wonderful Dale Raoul, no one else could be Maxine.
Scott Foley wouldn't need contacts if they made him a Were. Those eyes!

More, More, More.

Lined up for the firing squad of screaming photogs.  Love to ZIMBIO!
Sam and Ryan, these two are just so huggable etc., etc., and etc. to infinity.

Michael Emerson another king among men.

More from Zimbio below.
Update 5/31 From TVLine -

Tina Majorino has landed a role she can really sink her teeth into. The Veronica Mars alumna and current Bones co-star has booked a recurring gig on True Blood's upcoming fifth season, TVLine has learned exclusively. She’ll play a key member of the Vampire Authority’s support staff who first appears in Episode 3, which is scheduled to air June 24.

I didn't see Peter Mensah, Christopher Heyerdahl, Valentina Cervi at the premiere, I knew Meloni was making a movie so wouldn't attend. OOOOPS, here's my Italian Princessa Valentina, Molta Bella!  (update) they were all there except Meloni.

Smokin' hot Rutina.

Denis O'Hare tweeted this from the party, B was right it was dark.
Can't find Todd pics but we have this, another great guy and he rides!
Lucy Griffith's our new vamp "Nora".
New fairy Claudette, Camilla Luddington.
Nelsan holding an invisible Emmy, he is overdue for one.
Chris Bauer with his trademarked smile, Eonline has a bonus clip from the S4DVD of Andy complaining about the women of Bon Temps HERE
Adina Porter sure is not like Lettie Mae, she a sexy momma in RL.
More great photos at Chelsea Lauren
Kenneth! Jack McBrayer and Alexander at the afterparty via The Insider.
Sneak peeks from True Blood  Season 5 Facebook page-
whodathunk Eric was so domestic?
Patrick doesn't like fire, just call him the Hound-
10 more days and it will take me at least that long to get all the pics and videos of the premiere up. Maximo TV did a great job with this premiere.
I don't like to post AH vids because of their adverts but this is good, notice the little chick at Alex's left, video bombing his time, wtf? 
From Tara Buck, And my favorite boss and great friend  xoxo
From Carrie Preston's twitter-

More Premiere Extravaganza Etc.

Anna Glows
Pretty Deborah Ann
Thank you Zimbio, hundreds more at the site.
I am tired, I know more photos and videos are forthcoming but I will get to them tomorrow. I had some more things saved from earlier, like this interview with Giles NewClaude Matthey and another New Orleans filming vid. Mañana es otro día.
Jacob Hopkins has this on his IMDB page, thanks to for posting.
Thanks to my buddy Karin for part 1 of the NOLA filming, there's so many now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrate Tonight's Premiere!

HBO's True Blood has a premiere screening of the 5th season in Hollywood tonight!  Cast (Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Alexander Skarsgård, etc.) and crew will be walking the red carpet tonight at the ArcLight Hollywood!  Arrivals are expected to start sometime between 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.  I'd highly recommend arriving earlier if you want a good spot to see the stars as they enter.
The premiere is at the ArcLight Hollywood located at 6360 West Sunset Boulevard and directions can be found here.  For any additional information, please call the ArcLight Hollywoodat (323) 464-1478.Source
From Eonline today-Terri: I need True Blood scoop now!
You are being quite the Demanding Darcy, even though your name is not Darcy. You know what we mean. What if we told you we were talking to the whole cast of True Blood tonight and we are in desperate need of questions to ask them? It's true, so head on down to the comments and help us out, eh?

From Jacoballinson on twitter
From Jessespero

Pics of Joe From Jim Halterman of AfterElton.
From Chelsea Lauren of Getty and Wire Image, new werewolf below
Kelly Overton
Lauren's before
Lauren's AFTER, much better
Giles Mathey, looks like Jacob next to him
Nelsan looking all hot!
Big Jim Parrack with the beautiful Ciara
Carrie must have extensions and darkened her hair, she looks so different than just a month ago, from TV Guide's William Keck
Sam Trammell and Missy
Tall guy who wandered into the premiere, they let him stay.
from Televisionary
mon ROI!!!!!!!
Lovely as always, Kristin Bauer from @LuvsMeSumEdward
From Marcus Demps, he takes a good photo.
Carolyn brought the girls too! From Jim Halterman
Rutina doing it up all sophisticated!
Stephen Moyer from @TuttleMode
thank you!
inside the theatre from Josh Kaplan
EW just posted this, more on their site
EW has learned exclusively that Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner Alfre Woodard will return as Ruby Jean Reynolds, the schizophrenic mother of Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) last seen in season 3. Ruby Jean was a patient in a local mental hospital and under the care of Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), who later went on to have a tragic romance with Lafayette.
GQ has a video interview up with DAW at the link-
True Blood-lust shows no sign of abating: no sooner does the fourth series come out on DVD and Blu-ray than trailers for the fifth get the rabid fanbase slavering. The vampiric HBO TV series' apparently deathless appeal is thanks in no small part to the likes of redhead Deborah Ann Woll, who meets in daylight at London's Soho Hotel. Turns out she's even more attractive in real life than her grumpy character Jessica Hamby. (In case you're wondering, Woll has a boyfriend who she met on "We think of vampires as being very stoic and brooding," says Woll of Jessica's appeal to her. "I like that Jess doesn't know what she's doing and is fumbling her way through. I would like her to find more of those qualities as she goes on. But right now it's fun to be a hormonal teenage vampire." Here Woll talks about fan mix tapes, being screamed at in Chipotle and her "perfect feet".
From Washington Square News, whole interview is at the link-
Despite appearing on a show about vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts and people who magically turn into dogs, Aaron Christian Howles is a shockingly down-to-earth young Hollywood actor. “It’s pretty crazy,” Howles said. “It doesn’t even feel real. It kind of feels like I’m in a dream. But I definitely feel very honored, because I got to audition for [series creator] Alan Ball. I had the audition, and I was just like, ‘Oh my god, this isn’t real.’”
Although Howles normally dresses in character when going in for auditions, for “True Blood” he decided to dress as himself–converse shoes, jeans and a sweater vest–but at the audition, found that “everyone else was wearing a wife-beater.” And yet, Howles’ ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd is what he believes helped land him the role, both in style and performance. “I remember I could hear other people auditioning through the wall, and I thought ‘Well, I want to do something different,’” Howles recalled. “So I just went in and I deadpanned the entire scene, and apparently that’s what they were looking for.”
Though he may have been perfect for the role, Howles himself couldn’t be more different from his character. Howles plays Rocky Cleary, the son of Wiccan waitress Holly Cleary (played by Lauren Bowles). Rocky is a “macho guy,” a “redneck scary dude,” who likes to hunt and kill animals, and Howles was in fact shocked and repulsed by a scene where he had to drive a pick-up truck with an actual dead deer in the back.

11 more days!
From Ausiello's twitter, lucky columnists have the first 4 episodes to preview-And the answer to why Ask Ausiello is taking the week off is... D) Because this just arrived in the mail. 
Dane Smith tweeted this (on a NYC Bus) @bkdane
TV Guide Scans @ Skarsgardfans
How is this new today when it was out on 5/24, we even posted about it HERE? Some recycling is better than others. C'mon marketing people get into MadMen mode.

Reminder from Sam Trammell-
I'll be at Wizard World in Philadelphia this weekend. Look forward to seeing you there!
Norman Reedus is there too.