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Tricks or Treats?

Good news for Lettie Mae fans from Deadline-
After six seasons as a recurring player, True Blood veteran Adina Porter has been promoted to a regular. Porter has portrayed Lettie Mae Thornton since the vampire drama’s first season. Porter also recurs on another HBO drama, Aaron Sorkin’sThe Newsroom. The screen and stage actress, repped by TalentWorks and Bamboo Management, appeared in the HBO films Gia and Lackawanna Blues and has recurred on Fox’s Prison Break, ABC’s NYPD Blue and NBC’s Law & Order.

Sam Trammell walks the red carpet at the 2013 GQ Gentlemen's Ball presented by BMW, Movado, and Nautica at IAC Building in New York City.  Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America via Zimbio

Denis O'Hare, Rachel Maddow, and Elizabeth Marvel to Take Part in Tony Kushner's "Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy".
The Public Theater has announced that Tony-winner Denis O'Hare, Rachel Maddow, and Elizabeth Marvel will participate in the next Public Forum Drama Club: Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy. The one-night reading of the play by Tony Kushner will take place on November 3 at Joe's Pub. Source
Single tickets for the Public Forum Drama Club event, Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy, are on sale now, starting at $50, and can be purchased at (212) 967-7555,www.publictheater.org, or in person at the Taub Box Office atThe Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street. The Library at The Public is open nightly for food and drink, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

There's only one king for Urno-

"True Blood" werewolf Joe Manganiello stopped by "Hello Ross" on Friday (Oct. 25), where he talks about movie "Magic Mike," his popular HBO vampire drama and takes a pop culture quiz about Halloween.Favorite scary movie: "When I was nine years old, me and my little friend snuck into 'Pet Cemetery' and it terrified me."
Favorite Halloween candy: "I don't see 'em that much anymore but when I was a little kid they used to have these Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that were crunchy."
Favorite Halloween memory: "As the story goes, when I was three, my mother dressed me up as Dracula. Once again, what are we doing with kids? And they brought me to a huanted house at three and a vampire jumped out of a coffin and scared everyone and at three yars old, I went up to the coffin and put my hands up and the vampire picked me up and put me in the coffin with him and closed the lid."
First costume that turned him on: "As a kid, the first memory of 'Hey, what's going on here?' was probably Princess Leia in the Jabba slave outfit. I coincidentally met Carrie Fisher several years ago and told her that and she said we've gotta get married right now. We could have a reality show, we could call it 'Star Blood.' Source
More beautiful photos of Deborah from a photo shoot for Twelv mag.  at IHFS
Joe at the Hard Rock's Monster Ball from their FB page. Eonline has pics of his vacation in Mexico, guess they (E's photogs) went with them. 

On Wednesday, October 30 at 9pm, Esquire Network’s THE GETAWAY premieres an all-new episode following actor Ryan Kwanten as he explores the City of Angels. Ask Ryan about Los Angeles and he’s likely to say, “Westside is the best side.” Beaches, bikes, sand and seafood. Throw in a classic cheeseburger and custom tequila cocktail, and that’s Ryan’s idea of a perfect weekend getaway. More

From TulsaWorld- Don't ask Kristin Bauer van Straten to bite you.                                       "I used to be very polite," said the actress, whose fame as vampire Pam on HBO's hit "True Blood" has prompted the occasional odd request from fans. Some ask her to bite them while friends take photos.
At first, she'd try telling them it wouldn't look good in a photo — and she knows this from experience, having tried it herself with the help of a couple of friends. They tried every conceivable angle, but no photo looked right. "Now, I realize, why can't I just be Pam?" she said of her often sarcastic, delightfully blunt character. "So they'll ask, and I just say, 'No.' "
In that case, consider yourself warned should the desire to be bitten present itself, particularly Saturday when van Straten will make an appearance at Hard Rock's $6,000 Halloween Party and Costume Contest from 9 to 11 p.m.
When we spoke to the actress by phone from Los Angeles, she hadn't quite decided what she'd wear for Halloween.
"I would bet it's going to be something Pam-ish, but simple and black," she said. More

[via press release from NBC] the Futon Critic.
NEW YORK, NY - NBC today announced that it will air a one-hour primetime special, "Why We (heart) Vampires" on Friday, November 1st at 8pm ET. Hosted by NBCUniversal News Group's Tamron Hall, "Why We (heart) Vampires" is a collection of fun, comedic interviews accompanied by entertaining clips from our favorite vampire moments. The special will air before an all new "Grimm" followed by "Dracula," starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Our fascination with vampires goes back decades, if not longer, and they continue to captivate our imaginations. Produced by NBC News' Peacock Productions, "Why We (heart) Vampires" will feature a mix of some of Hollywood's greatest vampire experts, including "Dracula's" Victoria Smurfit; author Anne Rice; "True Blood's" Kristin Bauer and Carrie Preston; Cassandra Peterson, best known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark; "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" James Marsters, and more. From our fascination with vampires, to their immortality and super human powers, Hall will explore why these night stalkers continue to have such an enduring appeal.
From I'm Here for Sookie, Anna in the next XMen film, Rogue looks sexy now.

Our very first look at Captain Von Trapp himself in action recording the soundtrack for NBC's highly anticipated live TV adaptation of Rodgers & Hammerstein's THE SOUND OF MUSIC has finally arrived with the first shots of Stephen Moyer in the studio as has a cursory sneak peek at Tony Award-winning stage and screen star Christian Borle and the leading ladies, Carrie Underwoodand Audra McDonald, themselves, all hard at work in creating a whole new way to "Do Re Mi" for 2013. Photo from SOM's twitter. Source.
From Season 5, Marcellus and Ike forever!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Bloodletting

The dangling plot of Hotshot, at least we got some Jason before it all went to crap.

When Ryan Kwanten was in the red chair recently he talked about his True Blood character Jason Stackhouse and told George he doesn't know how the show will end.

Chris Bauer attends People's Ones to Watch Party at Hinoki & The Bird on October 9, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America, ZIMBIO

Stephen Moyer attended the screening of the first film from their production company, CASM, at Cinema Paradiso. Free Ride is a true story about young mother Shana Betz (Paquin) who turned to drug running to support her kids. Source
Set in 1978 Fort Lauderdale, Free Ride was actually filmed in Sarasota. The low-budget shoot didn’t look it. “We were working with a very little amount of money,” Moyer reported later at the 1920s-themed FLIFF gala, held at a private home nearby. “We had one of those situations where even members of the crew were extras at some point. It was nuts!”
They made do.
“We had something like 29 period cars and four boats for four weeks, and it cost us only $5,000,” said the Brit, 44. “Anyone thinking they were going to make a fortune out of their fancy cars were sadly mistaken.”
Moyer isn’t a true-crime buff but felt the Betz-written screenplay was interesting enough for the big screen.
“My M.O. is looking at extraordinary things happening to ordinary people and how they cope,” he said of the Betz-directed movie, which should hit theaters in early 2014. “I love stories that have reality in them.” But as far as watching reality shows? Nope.
“I can’t remember the last time I turned on the TV except to watch the finale of Breaking Bad.”
Four kids can do that (he also has a daughter and son from two previous relationships). The one-timeStarter Wife star doesn’t even have time to watch himself on his own HBO vampire drama.
“Sometimes I watch the first couple of episodes to see how everything is going with the script and then say, ‘OK, we’re good.’ ” JustJared has pics.

Pics from Ryan's movie, The Right Kind of Wrong.
Yum, yum, yum, Juicy Rob McDimples.

 Denis O'Hare attends Focus Features' 'Dallas Buyers Club' premiere at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills. Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America via zimbio
Brunch with the King for a good cause-
Artful Dining: Brunch with Denis O'Hare
Brunch in the home of Susan Beckerman 
(Upper West Side)
With Broadway and Hollywood stars, playwrights, and directors increasingly turning to TV, we sit down to discuss the oft-described "new golden age of television" with actor Denis O'Hare. A veteran of such lauded shows as American Horror StoryTrue Blood, and The Good Wife, and also a Tony-winning stage performer, O'Hare will talk with writer and comedian Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week, Vulture.com) about telling great stories across different mediums.
Click here to purchase tickets or call 212.864.1414 x286.

Monday, October 14, 2013

NYCC and Beyond, True Blood Style

Lucky Thomas-Thomas Smith II ‏@tsmith9191 11 Oct  Just met Kristin Bauer, @Laurie_Holden from#WalkingDead ! I'm in love! pic.twitter.com/CO9wLBHAjP"
New York Comic Con 2013: Ryan Kwanten is 'True Blood' on-set crush, co-stars reveal during panel discussion (NYDN)
Actresses Kristin Bauer and Lauren Bowles kept quiet about season seven of the supernatural HBO drama, but admitted to appreciating co-star Ryan Kwanten's looks as much as the audience.Speaking at New York Comic Con 2013's panel for the show, neither Kristin Bauer and Lauren Bowles would reveal any information about HBO vampire drama's seventh and final season after the sixth season's cliffhanger finale.
However they did admit to checking out some of the on-set eye candy.
After mentioning how different Kwanten is from his impulsive character Jason Stackhouse, Bauer said, "He's charming and eloquent."
"And those abs aren't just painted on," added Bowles, who plays witch Holly Cleary on the show and does yoga with Kwanten. "Sorry, ladies!"
Bauer, who plays acerbic vampire Pam Swynford De Beaufort on the show, says she loves her character's confidence and disinterest in what other people think as much as her fans do."She's the kind of character we all wish we could be," said the actress, who has also appeared in NBC comedy 'Seinfeld' and ABC's 'Once Upon a Time.'
More NYCC 2013 news from the International Business Times-Season seven of “True Blood” unfortunately doesn’t start filming until January, so Bauer van Straten and Bowles didn’t have too much that they could reveal, but they divulged all they could for fans.The actresses joked that the whole cast lives in fear of being killed off (unless you’re Anna Paquin). Explaining that Joe Manganiello and Stephen Moyer usually know everything about what’s going to happen, Bauer van Straten dished on what happened to her when she asked the writers what was in store for Pam in season seven. “You’re dying,” she said of some of the things they told her about the final season. “Big death in episode 1. Actually you die in a webisode before episode 1 -- and we’re going to use a double.”
While that is obviously not true (hopefully), the actresses did dish out some actual spoilers. New showrunner Brian “Bucky” Buckner is trying to bring “True Blood” back to what drew everyone to it in the first place -- small-town drama. He plans to do this by pairing the humans with the vampires, with “everyone forced to be together.”
Viewers saw a peak of that in the season-six finale, but one vampire was noticeably absent -- Pam. The vampire was off searching for her maker, Eric, but Bauer van Straten joked that even if she was around, she couldn’t picture her character going along with Sam Merlotte’s blood-for-protection plan. “I’m a free agent,” she teased of her character.
Meanwhile, Bowles said that she’d love for her character, Holly, to “get back to her Wiccan ways.” Her magic was a big part of her in season four, but slowly trickled off. “I think her faith is a big part of who she really is,” she said.
And will there be any love in Holly’s future? “I do have a feeling she’ll end up with Andy,” she revealed. “They can’t just kill everyone, right?”
As for how the stars like to see the series end? Bauer van Straten sneakily replied, “End it in such a way that you could do a movie.” Bowles agreed, and it appears as if the fans do as well because the Comic Con panel crowd erupted in cheers.
And this is another version, lulzing-

             Like father etc., Nippy Stellan's character poster from his new movie. 

Joe M from last week's fundraiser for Sandy victims in NYC. Source
This bit is from the Rio Film Fest via THR, Seems a writer wanted to kill off Sookie, which is the dumbest idea ever since it's her story. Maybe that's why Sookie acted so out of character last season, destroying her rep instead? - 
RIO DE JANEIRO – "In season 5 I pitched to kill Sookie, I really did," revealed True Blood writer/executive producer Raelle Tucker of Anna Paquin’s character who was close to disappearing from the show "because I think nobody should be safe."
“It’s a good feeling if the audience is feeling upset when a character dies, that means we have done our job right,” Tucker said. The TV writer continued to explain that there is a certain amount of death that they need to have because people are constantly on the verge of almost being killed, so if authors don’t kill somebody, "there is no point."
Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas), Sam Worthington (Avatar), and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) have signed on to join the cast of Kidnapping Freddy Heineken, starring Anthony Hokpins as the kidnapped beer heir. Daniel Alfredson (The Girl Who Played with Fire) is set to direct the true story of the 1983 kidnapping of Heineken and his chauffeur which resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual at that point (about $50 million today). EW

SAM TRAMMELL was chosen as an ambassador for GQ's The Gentlemen's Fund Charity for his work with OceanaA surfer and ocean enthusiast, Sam has been involved with Oceana for the better part of a decade, attending fundraisers, speaking out to the media, and doing public service announcements. “You don't have to be a celebrity,” he implored. “We can all work together.” Robin Thicke, Peter Facinelli, Sam Trammell, and Justin Bartha are all super suave for their feature in theGentlemen’s Fund section of the November issue of GQ magazine, on newsstands next week.
He will be honored at an event on October 23 in New York City! Robinwill also perform at the Gentlemen’s Give Back concert following the event.
Get involved at oceana.org

He'd be excellent in the part, even if it is done as animation.

From the premiere of Free Ride at the Hampton's International Film Fest, Anna is missing, both she and Stephen are exec producers of Free Ride.
Marshall is in an Adult Swim shortFilthy Sexy Teen$ with Steve Yeun, looks hysterical.

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True Blood Hiatus Support Meet

Ike and Marcellus, I'd ship for them, only them.
Kingeeee! Denis O'Hare arrives at the premiere of FX's "American Horror Story: Coven" at Pacific Design Center.  Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America. Zimbio
Kristin was at the premiere for AHS as well, more.

Cut Copy's video for their new single has a long haired Askars in another bad wig and and  blue track suit pants and a robe (Nick Nolte homage)? They put it out in whole on YT and now I can see the Tarzan, he has been working on his bod Manganiello style. Oh Babeeeeeee, can't wait for the Tarzan yell.

Free Your Mind, October 10th, 2013 - 10pm US EST / October 11th, 2013 AEDST.
"Free Your Mind" - official single and title track from Cut Copy's forthcoming album Free Your Mind. www.modularpeople.com

More photos from Walking with the Wounded blog below of Alexander in training for the South Pole Challenge.

RealStyle interview with Ryan about his character in Right Kind of Wrong.
Happy and angry biking stills from Right Kind of Wrong

Looks like he filmed a commercial for tourism while in Rio, maybe?
Kristin from the International March for Elephants last week, more info at the link.

Posing with Kristin.
Bad news for fans, Rutina has canceled her appearance at NYCC.

Esquire's MiddleEast version cover has handsome Sam Trammell, thanks to IHFS.
Joe Manganiello attends day 1 of "Swim For Relief" Benefiting Hurricane Sandy Recovery at Herald Square in New York City. Source: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images North America.
Someday one of TB's actors will walk into my work place in NYC, right? 

Kristin's FIOS commercial is now on youtube.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



With brains to match all that brawn, Joe Manganiello is more than meets the eye. Though the True Blood star plays a brute on TV, Mickey Rapkin learns he's actually just a gentleman in wolf's clothing. Of course, he also happens to look great naked. 
ELLE: Do women ever underestimate your intelligence because of your looks?
JM: All the time, but it makes it easier to know what they’re about. And I can use that [assumption] to surprise the audience. These characters I play? The shirtless dude doing pull-ups in a park? It’s a chapter of my career. I did Ibsen and Chekhov for years. Obviously I didn’t get the kind of recognition I have now. Somebody once told me, “You ride the horse the direction it’s going.” Read the whole interview at Elle.

The official Mystery Road portraits from TIFF, Ryan looks like a, sigh, MAN! MORE
 Stephen Moyer attends British Airways and Variety Celebrate The Inaugural A380 Service Direct from Los Angeles to London and Discover Variety's 10 Brits to Watch. Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America, via Zimbio
 Missy Yager, Women In Film (WIF) TV & Media Committee Chairman Danica Krislovich, Women In Film (WIF) President Cathy Schulman, and actor Sam Trammel attend Variety & Women In Film Pre-Emmy Event presented by Yoplait Greek at Scarpetta  Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America
I still don't know, Alexander as Tarzan? 
Franchise-building is the name of the game in Hollywood and, for their part, Warner Bros. has multiple DC comic-based movies (Batman vs. Superman) and TV shows (Gotham, The Flash) cooking in the kitchen. However, the studio has also been planning to dust off one of the longest-running cinematic properties in film history, with a new Tarzan movie installment; that is, despite having delayed the project earlier this year, in order to (what else?) cut down the cost and avoid potential scheduling conflicts.David Yates – who directed the fifth through eighth installments in the Harry Potter series is onboard to helm the film, which stands to be the first studio-backed Tarzan live-action movie released in the 21st century (a telling qualifier, yes, but moving on…). True Blood‘s Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd is still lined up to headline as Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic “ape-man,” but previously-rumored cast members like Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Chastain do not appear to be either tapped for and/or circling the project at this time.
Hmm, this sounds better, a brief synopsis of the plot of Tarzan- 
Years after he’s re-assimilated into society, [John Clayton III, a.k.a. Tarzan] is asked by Queen Victoria to investigate the goings-on in the Congo. Tarzan teams with an ex-mercenary named George Washington Williams to save the Congo from a fierce warlord who controls a massive diamond mine.
And this-
Variety is reporting that Oscar-magnet (when he’s in a Quentin Tarantino movie, anyway) Christoph Waltz has entered talks to play the villain role. More

The very talented Carrie Preston has directed a new web series and it needs funding to go further so here's the Kickstarter  link.
Leo Darwin Is A Life Coach Whose Life Is Falling Apart.WHAT IS DARWIN: THE SERIES?
This is an original webseries directed by Carrie Preston (TRUE BLOOD, THE GOOD WIFE) and created by Christopher Gerson, Karl Kenzler and Lynn Rosen. We are raising money to fund production to complete the first season. Now you could read a long description about the project, the creative team, our hopes and dreams... but we think the best way to learn about DARWIN is to just watch the show! We've finished the first two episodes of the series and they are available for viewing below. Enjoy!