Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blood Twerk

Maybe the season 6 finale rumors that ASkars filmed his season 7 scenes last year are true , maybe he will still show up in new scenes after his movie work is done. All I know is we will see Eric, how could we not since he has a love interest in that Sylvie character (no casting news as yet)? 
we know maxine will be back by this tweet-
Dale Raoul ‏@TrueDaleRaoul #Trubie Alert! You are gonna love Season 7 - it is getting wilder and wilder! @TrueBloodHBO #BonTemps will never be the same!
Limited edition X-Men covers at Empire Magazine, at least Anna has some great photos from the movie Rogue was left on the cutting room floor.
promo posters for Joe's movie "Sabotage".
Joe Manganiello arrives at the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium Source: Valerie Macon/Getty Images North America via Zimbio
Review of Carrie Preston's movie Vino VeritasFor Preston, best known for her roles in The Good Wife(for which she won the Emmy) and True Blood, she found the role of Claire to be “a great acting exercise, playing a person who has this shell that she wears when she’s out in the world. In the course of the film, that shell gets broken, and you get to see all the wishes and the vulnerable and the funny and exciting contents within her. The real self comes out. It was fun and ultimately a poignant journey with this character, and I was able to get on board with that.”  More at the link.

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