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Next Season of True Blood Promises Something Really Wicked

Not sure if this is fanmade (they are as good or better than the "official" posters IMO) but Dreadcentral says it's the new teaser.

Some character speculations on the first TB site I ever read or joined, GO read!

Updated Episode list

S4 E1
"She's Not There"
S4 E2
"You Smell Like Dinner"
S4 E3
"If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"
Bookies Love True Blood
S4 E5
"I Hate You, I Love You"
S4 E6
"I Wish I Was The Moon"
S4 E7
"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"
Bookies Love True Blood
S4 E8
S4 E9

Season 3 Blu-ray DVD Pre-Order

True Blood News - True Blood
Ep 302 Audio Commentary w/ Alexander Skarsgard and Scott Winant

Ep 303 Audio Commentary w/ Michael Lehmann and Alexander Woo

Ep 304 Audio Commentary w/ Kristin Bauer and David Petrarca

Ep 306 Audio Commentary w/ Alan Ball and Dennis O'Hare

Ep 307 Audio Commentary w/ Anna Paquin, Joe Manganiello, and Brian Buckner

Ep 312 Audio Commentary w/ Stephen Moyer and Anthony

Series Index
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Enhanced Viewing: Minisodes / Post Mortems / Flash Backs / Flash Forwards (Branching Video, TRT 60 mins, approx ) - English only
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Anatomy of a Scene
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Snoop Dogg Video
True Blood Lines
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Cute video of Askars promoting the DVD at

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I just mentioned Spellbound in the post from the 29th below and now I see S4 E8 is titled Spellbound, oh boyee!
From Bookies Love True Blood's Facebook page-

Casting call for 4.8 "Spellbound", written by Alan Ball
[VIRGIL] 35 years old, a harshly handsome blue collar Caucasian man with a cold and ruthless streak, Virgil is seen in a flashback to the 1930s...GUEST STAR  
[REPORTER] Female, a local TV news reporter, she is delighted when Bill shows up to interrupt her conversation with Maxine. Charmed by Bill, she's more than willing to give Bill a public forum...1 speech & 5 lines, 3 scenes' 
[RITA] In her 40s, an attractive maternal woman...1 line, 1 scene.
I'm wondering who the scene from the 30's will be centered on and if it will take place in the U.S.?

Wetpaint has a good interview with Kristin Bauer, only part 1 is up. She talks about how Pam wouldn't mind sharing Sookie with Eric, lol, and she definitely comes into contact with witches. I guess if you havent read the books the witch part might be spoilery. You can read all of Part 1 at

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I Forgot to Remember to Forget

This is pure speculation on my part but I was trying to figure out why there's no info on episode 4 yet (see what lack of spoilers leads me to? Actual thinking). I surmise it's because this will be where Eric is spellbound (a good Siouxie and the Banshees tune) with amnesia. I don't think Hallow, if that will even be her name, is going to be the V loving werewolf witch from "Dead to the World".
I wonder what the motive for casting the spell on Eric will be, if indeed it isnt because of a witch werewolf woman scorned. Any thoughts are appreciated and feel free to leave them in the comments.

This goes out to book Hallow-

This most likely has nothing to do with True Blood, but it seems like a strange blurb to me (from Dan Gross's column).-
* "True Blood" actor Ryan Kwanten was spotted strolling the 1300 block of Chestnut Street Sunday afternoon.

I'm really stretching for info but Ask Ausiello skipped True Blood this week again, the second Tuesday in a row. Here's something at least, lol, right?

   In the area of advertising, Black Toast has contributed music to a recently launched advertising campaign promoting Dominos Pizza. The song, "Blue Ridge Mountain Home," is prominently featured in the "Tomato" ad in which a Dominos "Test Group" is taken to the Dominos farm to see where the tomatoes are grown for the authentic Dominos' Pizza Sauce. The song is a traditional sounding instrumental blue grass song perfect for creating the "down-home" feel of the farm. The company has also supplied music to a variety of Internet and other TV commercials including those for Microsoft, Bally's Fitness, and American Eagle Outfitters.
Additionally, HBO's "True Blood," Season Four, has once again come to Black Toast Music for songs from the company's catalogue. The hit series has been integrating music from Black Toast since its launch, and has regularly included the company's songs.

 This will make sense when we see the episode but Tara will be back! From HBO's Inside True Blood Blog-
 March 28, 2011
Overheard in Alan's Office
by Gianna Sobol
"Let's shoot the car scene when it's raining, and the fight scene when it's not raining.  And that could be kind of great, Tara standing there in the rain." -Michael Ruscio, director

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Saturday is for SUCKERS. And, new #waitingsucks teasers. A new one airs tonight. Don't miss it on @HBO.

The fourth Waiting Sucks promo will be released as the tweet above reveals!


BILL vs. ERIC: The Stats:
From: Bon Temps vs. Sweden
Maker: Lorena vs. Godric
Year turned: 1865 vs. 1077
Age when turned: 30 vs. 31
Things in common: Have worked for Queen Sophie-Anne, have shown extreme interest in Sookie Stackhouse, look pretty damn good in leather jackets.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Just got in, so let's see what's up with the True Blood news-
O'Hare says Edgington will return
Kylie Williams,

Denis O'Hare says there's a very good chance his True Blood character Russell Edgington will eventually escape after being buried alive in cement.
After all he is a 2800-year-old vampire king.
Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, was buried in cement in the final episode of the third series and the burning question for fans is will he return?
"I think there's a very, very good possibility that he's going to to get out. I just can't tell you when," laughs O'Hare, who will be in Australia in April for the pop-culture expo Supanova in Melbourne and Brisbane.
"He's been around for a very long time so he's not very good at gauging how long things are lasting. He may be enjoying himself down there, gathering his thoughts and making his plans. He will definitely bust out of there."
O'Hare hopes he will be back, too, because he had so much fun on the show.
"I really did have a riot. I was a fan of the show before I started so I was nervous about being part of it because I didn't know how I would do and I didn't want to mess it up," he says.
"But once I got there everyone was so easy to work with and so welcoming and I actually ended up becoming fairly good friends with several of the cast members."
The close bond formed by the True Blood cast isn't that common in Hollywood either, O'Hare says.
"True Blood is a special group of people. It really is a really intense group and not everyone lives in California, which makes a difference."

You can always check for episode titles, cast names for season 4. Hopefully, soon we'll have some info on the episodes that are titled this far.

Also Bookies Love True Blood on Facebook has updated casting calls, join in on the discussions. We like to speculate who is who and if there are connections to book characters.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This season will also see Jason taking on the mantle of both Sheriff's Deputy and caretaker of Hot Shot, as well as involvement from both a new love interest and the returning Crystal.
Guest stars for the coming season will include the scantily-clad wife of Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford (Dexter) as Detective Bellefleur's lawyer sister Portia, Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter's Petunia Dursely) as the season's main villain fortune-teller Marnie, Office Space's Gary Cole and possibly even the return of Denis O'Hare's King Russell.

I dont remember reading that Jason get's yet another lover, anyone else know about this?

HBO is replaying season 3 starting at 8pm EST, Sunday April 3rd..

Thanks Mari!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Slightly Spoilery

Not much so far, hopefully more will come from Ausiello.

New Season, New Naked Star

By Marc Malkin

The new season of True Blood doesn't begin until the summer, but who are we not to give you an update on the show's nakedness?
With that in mind, we're happy to report that one of the series' newer—and quite fetching–stars has joined the list of True Blood-ers who have had to show off their naughty bits...
Sure Lindsay Pulsipher, who plays Jason Stackhouse's shape shifter love interest Crystal Norris, was rather tightlipped about what's coming up when I caught up with her the other night at the Humane Society's Genesis Awards in Los Angeles.
However, when I asked if we will finally be seeing her au natural, the blonde beauty smiled, "Let's just say that is water under the bridge."
Oh? Is it a steamy seen with hottie Mr. Ryan Kwanten? Pilsipher laughed, "That's all that I could give you."
Obviously, we'll be seeing more of Crystal turning into black panther. The show uses two real panthers for the work. "They're great, but you can't really touch them," Pulsipher said. "The trainers have really strict rules about what you can and can't do. They're just so majestic and so silently powerful."
Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene on True Blood, was also at the Genesis Awards. "I can't say anything other than it's bigger and crazier than ever," she teased, adding, "You know, we went pretty far even in the pilot, but somehow they go farther and farther and keep it going."
We cannot wait.
Read more:

From Kristin-
Nathalia004: True Blood?Is there such a thing as a supernatural arson investigator? A set spy tells us that Sookie's house appears to be suffering from some fire damage. Mmm...maybe the burn was caused by a witch with twitchy fingers—or a fairy with flaming wings? In other news, season four will feature a couple of would-be werewolf pack alpha males. They have no chance against Alcide (Joe Manganiello), but it's cute that they think they should try
Read more:

This is funny, from HBO's Inside True Blood Blog-
Today's Call Sheet
by Gianna Sobol
LIVES SNAKES ON SET TODAY!  I'm definitely staying at the office until they're done shooting that scene:

Any scoop on Hoyt and Jessica? They're my favorite True Blood couple! — Nancy NATALIE: Hoyt's mother will be the couple's biggest obstacle next season. "She did not just buy that gun and leave it at home," executive producer Alan Ball  teases. Adds Deborah Woll: "She is dangerous and wants the best for her son, [but] he may not agree with what that is, so we're definitely going to fight her on that."

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Oops I Forgot a Big One

Still no reliable synopsis for any episode or a title for episode 4,  maybe it will be "Hello Dolly" Jess and Hoyt centric?

S4 E1
"She's Not There"
S4 E2
"You Smell Like Dinner"
S4 E3
"If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"
S4 E5
"I Hate You, I Love You"
S4 E6
"I Wish I Was The Moon"
S4 E7
"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"!/topic.php?uid=158752424150667&topic=441

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Sleuthing Skills Should Never Be Underestimated

Melodie and Diane @ Bookies True Blood Facebook  have made a very likely speculation that Gary Cole is playing Earl Stackhouse in a flash back scene in the first episode of season 4. Earl was Adele's husband and thought to be Sookie's grandfather. Bookies has the casting calls too. Fantastique, n'est-ce pas? Genius!

Ryan's Interview Spoiler from Hot30 with Matty and Maude

I have to say I hope this isnt true and it wasn't mentioned at Paleyfest, nothing else has come out since this interview.

Australian True Blood star Ryan Kwanten has revealed that the next season of the cult vampire will pick up one year after the season three cliffhanger.

Fans of the show will recall that season three ended (if you haven't watched the finale yet, you might want to stop reading now) with telepathic heroine Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) disappearing into the fairy world, and her vampire-ex boyfriend Bill (Stephen Moyer) launching a fight to the death with vampire queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood).
So if the show leaps a year into the future in season four, that means Bill wins his battle, then...?

This has no spoilers, it's from Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, C2E2.  Kristin tells of her auditioning for the part of Pam with Sam Trammell and Brit Morgan.

Some Older Watch with Kristin Spoilers

Just to have past spoilers posted, I'm digging out the older ones. Most all of these are in the previous Paleyfest posts below, so there's some redundancies, sorry.

Monica: Will Denis O'Hare be back on the new season True Blood?
It sure sounds like it because sources tell me that there will be a big storyline in which we see vampire attacks on YouTube—which is classic Russell Edgington, no? However, it turns out it's not Russell, but rather an underground filmmaker who is capturing various vamps on video and then posting on YouTube for the world to see. Needless to say, this is not going to improve relations between the bloodsuckers and conservatives of the True Blood world. As for Denis, I'm told he is expected back at some point but so far no concrete plans (i.e. contract) in place. Might be another season or two.

Jonathan: More True Blood spoilers, please!
In an early episode, Pam is going to get a "hot and stupid" sack o' meat to chew on who actually enjoys being bitten. And Tommy will get an intriguing offer from a prospector. Producers are also casting a Spanish-speaking badass chiquita who'll be a recurring role in episodes two through six.

@emilyanne18 (via Twitter): Do you know any new spoilers related to season four of True Blood?
We talked to Sam Trammell this weekend at an event for the True Blood: All Right Now graphic novel, and he told us about Sam's future, "What's great about this year is that we explore the shape-shifter community a little bit more, so there's going to be a lot of cool mythological stuff that we talk about, shape-shifter rules and what shape-shifters can do and who they are. Sam's [also] got a new love interest that's going to happen this year for him. I don't have really good luck with the ladies, they usually die—so hopefully she'll survive." Everybody wish Sam's new girlfriend luck on that whole "surviving Bon Temps" thing!

@nathalia004 (via Twitter): Do you have any True Blood scoop?
True Blood star Rutina Wesley shares, "You're going to find out where Tara goes, and there's going to be some happiness for her. It won't last for long, this is True Blood. It's a new Tara, and I think the fans are going to like it. She's not duct-taped, she's not tied up, she's got this personal strength and I think it's really awesome to see her. Sookie (Anna Paquin) and I will have some stuff this season—she's my best friend, so we're always going to have little moments. And we're going to get back to how I felt about Sam Merlotte, finding out that he was a shape shifter, so we are going to have a little moment about that. And I think Lafayette's (Nelsan Ellis) the only one that knows where I am, and he gives me some great advice." Hmm…

There's also more videos from Paleyfest at this link-

Ventura55: Got any True Blood goodies? Because waiting does really suck!Let's talk to the man himself, Mr. Alan Ball! When we asked about the many loves of Sookie Stackhouse at the 28th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival event for the show, Ball said, "What Sookie (Anna Paquin) said to Bill (Stephen Moyer) at the end of last season, she meant it, and it's going to take a lot from him to win her back if he ever will, and I don't know if he ever will or not. And there are complications with Eric (Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd) that she didn't see coming, and there are complications with Alcide (Joe Manganiello) she didn't see coming." Ball also told us that our fave vamps need to keep a watchful eye out for witches, because they're joining the show this year, and they're gonna be trouble. Ball says, "I don't think it's a rule that vampires and witches that don't get along, but there are certain witches who are really dabbling in dark, dark magic, necromancy—powers over the dead. So vampires aren't going to like that." Last but not least, it sounds like poor Rutina Wesley is going to have a little more fun this year. Ball tells us, "It's a new Tara [this season]. It's a less victim-y Tara. Tara has healed her wounds a little bit."

OK, now everything else show be from recent sources,  finally.

Some Old Scoops from Michael Ausiello

True Blood Exclusive: Meet Alcide's New 'Boss'
True Blood‘s werewolf hierarchy is about to experience a tectonic shift.
Daniel Buran is joining the HBO smash as Raoul, the werewolf packmaster of Shreveport. By my calculations, that makes him Alcide’s boss!
Buran, whose credits include appearances on CSI: NY, Criminal Minds and Southland, as well as CSI creator Anthony Zuiker’s digi-novel Level 26: Dark Origins, will appear in roughly seven episodes of TB‘s upcoming fourth season.

Question: What can you tell us about the fourth season of True Blood? —Nanni
Ausiello: I can tell you that a male character has a sex dream involving Jessica and Hoyt but — major twist alert! — “not at the same time,” reveals Hoyt’s portrayer, Jim Parrack.

Question: Can you give me any scoop on True Blood — specifically about Sookie and Eric? —Arden
Ausiello: We grilled Alan Ball about those two at PaleyFest and this was his intriguing response: “Sookie’s got romantic entanglements with a lot of different people. It’s not just Bill and Eric. It’s Alcide now, as well. And I don’t think Sam’s ever completely given up on her either. She is definitely going to grow closer to one individual in particular… [and] I think people who read the books will not be surprised.” Wait a second, no one said this job would require me to read.

New Waiting Sucks!

Looks like Jason's fate will follow the books.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Still Rounding Up Spoilers

I think it might be a few more days before I can get all the news updated to the present, after this is will be easier to follow, so please bear with me.

Evan Rachel Wood has some unfinished business on True Blood and she says fans can expect an “epic” fight and “lots of blood” when she returns to season four as Queen Sophie Anne of Louisiana to finish what got started with Stephen Moyer’s Bill Compton at the end of season three.
According to Access Hollywood, Wood says, “Of course there will be a resolution. And we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but it will be epic.”
Wood also thinks Queen Sophie Anne might have a reversal of fortune, saying, “I think she’ll get what she deserves.”
Of course she can’t reveal any plot details, but Wood says she has filmed one episode so far and really enjoys being back in the craziness of True Blood. “It’s been great. It’s one of the funnest sets I’ve worked on,” she said of being back. “[There’s]’s just always something crazy [happening]. True Blood is just a blast; it’s fun; it’s scary; it’s sexy; it’s hilarious.”

A Spanish speaking actress, could be related to Jesus either in the present or past-
Paola Turbay has joined HBO's drama True Blood as a recurring. She will play Antonia. We don't know much about her except for the fact that she speaks fluent Spanish.

Kevin Alejandro has dropped hints about his relationships in the fourth season of True Blood.
Speaking to Access Hollywood, Alejandro suggested that his romantic storyline with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) will continue to evolve.
"My relationship [will grow] not only with him but other characters in the show as well," he said. "They are really moving us around and balancing it out in all these crazy, strange ways and it works, man. It works really well this year."
Alejandro also claimed that he would feel "comfortable" filming sex scenes on the show, saying: "The thing about doing scenes like that is everyone is really respectful and very professional. You're comfortable doing it and you're friends with everybody, so when something like that happens it's only the people that absolutely have to be there in the room."

Alan Ball teases us a bit on the new season

From HBO's Inside True Blood Blog by Gianna Sobol, not always spoilery but sometimes it is, it's a good read regardless-
It's early February, and episode 403 is shooting at an undisclosed location just outside of sunny (but surprisingly cold) Los Angeles. The halls of the production office are bustling. Everyone is talking about how insanely talented Fiona Shaw is. Rebecca Wisocky just came in for a fitting. Our script coordinator Daniel is rushing out new pages. Post-production is delivering their watermarked dailies to all the powers that be.
Now I don't want to give away too many details, but today’s call sheet includes the words hostage, bites, dinner and Eric. There is also a General Safety Memo When Working with Exotic Animals attached to the front. This is one dangerous place to be, and things are as big and crazy as ever. But it's a long road from now until the premiere of Season 4. There is a lot of work to be done and a lot of waiting to suffer through. But you needn't do that alone, I am here to provide your weekly dose. So keep checking back for news on production, plus a little backdoor peek at how things work around here. And just to whet your appetites, here's a quick Q&A with Alan:
Gianna: What are you most excited about this season?
Alan: I really love the Eric storyline.
Gianna: What's going to shock the fans?
Alan: What happens to Jason...throughout the whole season.Gianna: Got any advice for fans that are chomping at the bit?
Alan: We're working as fast as we can! In the meantime, I recommend watching the Swedish film Let the Right One In and the Russian films Day Watch and Night Watch.

Ball also revealed at Paleyfest that the good thing about dealing with caharcters that are hundreds of years old is that you can bring them back in flashbacks. Allan Hyde has signed up to return as beloved Godrick!

This Truebie needs some bloody good scoop! — Lisa
You mean there’s something EW’s Carrie Bell DIDN’T cover in her PaleyFest wrap up?! Lucky for you, our on-the-scene scooper hit the carpet, too, and got Stephen Moyer to expand a little on those flashback scenes between Bill and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). “We get to go back and create in historic detail a little element that illustrates who we are and why we might be in certain situations in present day. That’s really fun. I feel sorry for the others that they don’t get to do that.” Ryan Kwanten doesn’t need his pity, though. Instead of working with sexy beasts, he’s gotten to work with real ones! “I just shot a scene with live panthers. It is certainly not something most people encounter in their day-to-day life. It was a little scary because those are dangerous creatures.” Aren’t they all, Ryan? Aren’t they all?

So happy EW was out at PaleyFest! Anything more you can give on True Blood? Maybe with Jessica and Hoyt? They’re one of my favorite TV couples!! — Sammie
If you’re a Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) fan, prepare yourself for episodes 7 and 8 of the new season, which creator Alan Ball says are “very important” for the couple. “It is perhaps not as easy as they thought to be happy couple,” he said. In a separate convo with EW, Woll shed some light on exactly what that conflict might be. “Conflicting schedules could be a problem. I also think vampires wouldn’t make good housewives, and Hoyt was a mama’s boy who is used to be very mothered. Like food. Vampires don’t eat so I probably wouldn’t remember to have dinner ready when he gets home. I’m also not cleaning toilets because I don’t use them. And I’m gonna suck him dry every night. I’m a dream to live with,” she jokes.

‘The first episode back this summer features Gary Cole (”Office Space,” “Entourage,”) and Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia in the “Harry Potter” films) as head witch, and series regular. ” The witches go around wreaking  havoc,” reveals Kristin Bauer (Pam De Beaufort).
Fairy Tales: “You are definitely going to see a different realm that humans don’t exist in that fairies do. We’ll also maybe see through the illusion, maybe they’re not quite as benign as one might think,” says show creator Alan Ball.
Bill’s Revenge: Bill vowed to kill everyone who knows that Sookie is a fairy, so does he? “Well you know at the end of season three she disappears into a warm fuzzy light, so, we don’t’ even know whether she’s back yet, but if anybody does find out I’ll kill ‘em,” says Stephen Moyer (Bill).
Lafayette & Jesus: “It gets deeper,” Alejandro says of Jesus and Lafeyette’s relationship. “It’s a very colorful relationship and it’s a beautiful ride. He’s a man’s man and an actor’s actor and on top of his game. I learn from him.”
Tara Snaps Out of It! “Tara finds some happiness. It’s a new Tara. She’s very stable. I think she goes and has fun for a while. We’ll find out what she’s been up to, which has been a lot. People will be surprised by it. And there are new characters I get to play with,” says Wesley.
Pam Vs. the Witches: “The witches test us all this year, Pam included. Pam has a very fascinating and challenging storyline that I’ve been shooting all week. I’m not sure what the witches want exactly, but as of episode five they are kicking Pam’s ass but she’s not going to lie down and take it. I think I get some good action this season,” says Bauer.
Jesus’ Witchiness: Good witch or bad witch, you ask? “I can’t tell you that. I’m a witch.” Magical powers? “I depends on how you look at it it’s more spiritual than magic. But the season is not just about the witches. There are so many other things people will be surprised by. It’s a very well-balanced season,” he says
Brotherly Love? Will Sam and Tommy makeup? “That is the question – can Sam and Tommy get along? I mean, he did try to shoot me. He may have shot me. I guess it depends on where he shot me how I’ll handle it. You find that out real quick. I may not be dead, but I may not be fine. This year for Tommy is all about trying to be normal, to be better. It’s hard for Tommy. Trouble seems to follow him. Poor guy,” says Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens).
‘True Blood’ Season 4 Spoilers: The Season of the Witch

I edited so as not to repeat so much, but it's good to go to read the whole articles at the links. They have piccies and are longer than I have posted here.

Spoiler Round Up-

I started compiling spoilers for season 4 last year, below are some of the better ones. The links have photos and more information on the new cast members, most  are recognizable from previous work.-

E! online says, "We have it on good authority (Alan Ball's) that initially witches will reign supreme, but I'm told the plan is for Russell to reappear later in the season."

* Marnie is a Z-list palm reader who’s painfully aware of what a joke she is — that is, until she comes to be possessed by the spirit of a real witch. Anybody else thinking said sorceress might turn out to be the Hallow character Alan Ball told me about back in August?
* Andy’s sister, Portia, is as easy on the eyes as she is sharp in the courtroom. And, since I hear possible portrayers have to be cool with nude scenes, we’re gonna get an eyeful.
* Naomi is an Asian-American cage fighter who, outside of the ring…er, cage…is hot-’n'-heavy with one of her female competitors. My hunch is that, driven away by brother Sam, Tommy starts putting up his dukes for money instead of his paws.
* Queen Mab is an elegant beauty who presides over a fantasy land that sounds a lot like the fairy domain into which Sookie (Anna Paquin) keeps being pulled. But, ethereal as her highness may be, she’s also got a temper…
* Suzanne McKittrick is a Real Housewives type who throws a hootenanny to bond with “her kind.” That “kind,” I’m thinking, being shapeshifters like buttoned-down African-American (and fellow newbie) Emory Broome.

EXCLUSIVE: This is major news for True Blood fans. The new regular role on the HBO vampire series for next season went to veteran Irish theater actress and director Fiona Shaw who is probably best known in the U.S. for her role as Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter movies. On True Blood, she will play Marnie, a mousy, timid and secretly self loathing storefront medium and palm reader who is taken over by the spirit of a powerful witch.

As fans of the show know, Michael Ausiello has promoted the show since the beginning and he now is at his own site but still giving us goodies on TB.
EXCLUSIVE: HBO's smash has made its second major Season 4 hire: Dexter actress Courtney Ford is joining True Blood as a recurring. The actress — who ironically just completed a stint on another vampire drama, The CW's The Vampire Diaries — will play Portia Bellefleur, a classic Southern beauty who runs her own law practice. The character is the sister of Bon Temps' bumbling detective Andy (Chris Bauer).

EXCLUSIVE: Janina Gavankar (The Gates, The L Word) has joined True Blood's upcoming fourth season as a regular. Additionally, Alexandra Brecekenridge (Dirt, Life Unexpected) and Vedette Lim (As the World Turns) have come on board the HBO smash as recurring. Meanwhile, co-star Jessica Tuck has been promoted to a full-fledged series regular.
Gavankar will play Luna, a super-sexy public school teacher and shapeshifter who is first seen attending an informal gathering with others like her. Brecekenridge, a noted voiceover artist who can regularly be heard on Fox's Family Guy, will play Daisy, a member of a wiccan group founded by Marnie (new series regular Fiona Shaw). Finally, Main Title-repped Lim will portray Naomi, a fierce fighter who participates in underground cage matches for money.
Tuck, repped by Michael Greene and Assoc., joined True Blood as even-tempered vampire mouthpiece Nan Flannigan in season 1. Her role was beefed up considerably last season, so news of her full-time upgrade doesn't come as a complete surprise.
The flurry of True Blood castings arrive one week before production on season 4 is scheduled to get underway. Michael Ausiello will be contributing to and

Also from Alan Ball at Paleyfest-
Gary Cole will show up early in season 4, Gary fucking Cole! I love him, he  not only does comedy (Office Space, Family Guy) but can bring on the scary in spades (American Gothic, Fatal Vision). I have no idea what his role will be, but it will be good.

Two other actors have joined the cast of "True Blood" as well, including "Lost" alumnus Neil Hopkins and "The Good Wife" actor Chris Butler. Find out more about their roles after the jump!
Neil, recently seen in the sci-fi film "Skyline," is playing Claude, brother of Claudine, the mysterious leader of the equally enigmatic fairies seen in season three. Claudine is played by Lara Pulver. Seems like Neil, who played Dominic Monaghan's brother on "Lost," is getting in on some fairy action himself.
Chris, meanwhile, is joining the cast in the recurring role of Emory, described by Deadline as "a prissy and conservative shapeshifter with his own agenda." Chris is not the first new shapeshifter to join the "True Blood" cast for season four, as Janina Gavankar signed up last month to play shape-shifting public school teacher Luna.

Even more new characters for True Blood! Yes, it’s true: In Treatment‘s Dane DeHaan has been cast as Timbo, a teen resident of Hotshot. Recall that Hotshot is HQ for the werepanthers, so I’m guessing DeHaan will be panther-ing it up. Rebecca Wisocky has also been cast as Queen Mab, according to Deadline.

Some More Bitsies From Paleyfest

There was so much information released during and right after the Paleyfest that I doubt I'd ever be able to get it all here, I'm going to try anyway. The video interviews are still popping up online.
Alan Ball also said that there will be witches, vamps, shapeshifters, a NEW werewolf, some new humans and a child during season 4. He made a decision to NOT kill King Russell (my favorite character of last season) and I'm so happy for that. I would want to see him return sooner than later but I can see it being a great part of the season finale, Denis O'Hare knows how to not only make an entrance (on a white horse) but also a great exit (back to you Tiffany). There will be lots of fallout with his appearance on the news and the AVL will be cleaning up his mess (not talking about Talbot's bloody remains) and trying to calm silly humans. I know the Fellowship of the Sun will be in their glory, Russell gave them much to work with in their condemnation of vamps, hope we see more of Steve Newlin. They talked about Sookie learning more about her Fae powers when she returns from Fairyland, Anna also said she gets to use her microwave fingers in the first half of the season and be more independent. There were some hints about Bill having a new position, I'm wondering if he becomes a king, a sheriff or on that mysterious cloaked in shadow panel of bigwigs of the AVL. I can't see him working well with Nan though so maybe that's a stretch.

Some more videos from the event, TV Junkie has some good ones at their youtube page,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Season 4 is dubbed The Season of the Witch

It will loosely follow book 4 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, Dead to the World. Shhhh, I know you already know that or why would you be here, but I'm playing catch up after all. Much was spilled at the Paley Panel from a couple of weeks ago, I'll try to condense it all. Sookie is still pissed at Bill, who we last saw flying towards That bratty Queen of Louisiana, in what Stephen Moyer has said is a bite off. I think Queenie got the loosing end of that. He released Jessica but Deborah said she doesnt think it takes and she is still in his corner. Speaking of Jessica, remember that doll on the floor in the finale? Well Alan Ball said what we suspected, it's ominous and it has a passenger, (hee, sounds like Dexter's "dark passenger", but that's another show). So we'll see how that effects their living together in the new place, can't be too good right?
We see from the teaser clip that Eric is wandering down the road and as in the book, he's got amnesia. Notice production laid off the pale make-up to make Eric more human looking, which will make him more believable as a naive sweetie (we'll see how believable that will be with the hotness of Askars). Sookie comes upon him (not that way!) and gets him safe. Alexander fills in some of this in the interview below, he messed with the wrong people, remember the theme this season, witches.

Ball said in several interviews (seems like the cast and he did hundreds) that Sookie will not be with Bill. Joe Manganiello (Alcide) said that Debbie Pelt is still on the prowl so that makes me think that at most he and Sooks are going to be doing more googoo eyes, that Debbie is dangerous!
Arlene will have the baby blues, as in Rosemary's baby. Poor Terry, how much will he be able to help since he's only been around his armadillo. Maybe he can practice diapering with his pet, Rene's baby survived Holly's exorwhatever so the kid might have a hard shell. Chris Bauer said that Andy has a hankering for some V, can you imagine Andy Bellefleur on V? Portia, his lawyer sister in the books, who we havent seen or heard of till now, will show up next season. I wonder if she'll snuggle up to Bill? Ryan Kwanten said that Jason will  be a full fledged popo, another plot that will surely be fun. You can see in the second Waiting Sucks video that Sam wasn't lonely too long, and is hooking up with a pretty shifter. I wonder what disaster that will bring, if it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. Poor Sammy. We'll find out where the bullet he shot at Tommy landed, most likely in his butt. You cant keep Scrappy Doo down, he's fiesty. Rutina was the most tight lipped, saying we'll be surprised where Tara has been and that she finds some happiness. Sorry but Tara is another one doomed as far as love goes, though Franklin was crazy in love with her, crazy being the operative word.

Late start to season 4 spoilers but we can catch up, right?

Let's start with HBO's Waiting Sucks Previews

and the sneak peek from the Paleyfest which was a spoiler bounty