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True Blood Season Six Spoilers Part 3

Who else see's Niall besides Jason, this should be interesting? 

Continuing from the overly long part 2 of the season's spoilers and part 1.
Episode 6.07 of True Blood is called, "The Funeral." There will be a flashback to 1665 and the Plague, and the role of King Charles II is being cast. In the present day, there will be a scene set in a TruBlood factory. Also, we'll meet Nicole's mother, Mary, who will recur in 2 episodes. Source: SpoilerTV
Hmmm, Warlow shows up in Louisiana to Johnny Stackhouse in 1702, is there some connection?
During the rounds of interviews for Disconnect, Alexander answered a True Blood question from Paula Schwartz, watchers of the show already know about the war going on,-
We’re busy fighting humans,” Alexander Skarsgard told me when I asked him what was happening in season six of “True Blood.” “There’s a full on war going on between vampires and humans,” he told me. He hinted that humans have a fighting chance against the thirsty bloodsuckers because they have discovered their weak spot. “So that’s what’s going on. I’m not going to reveal more.” He also said in another interview that this is the first time humans are fighting back. 
From Eonline's Spoilerchat- Alicia R.: We haven't heard a peep about True Blood from my bb Ryan Kwanten. What's he doing?
He's probably doing sit-ups somewhere. God bless him. But for real, we did just chat with him about the new season of True Blood, and he delivered some harrowing news. "There are more deaths," he tells us. "Some favorite characters may not last." We did not like that piece of scoop (don't you dare touch Lafayette, TB writers!), but we did like it when Kwanten said that the show was getting back to the supernatural elements and madness that it's famous for.
Skarsgardfans went to filming again and they were back at the mansion from the show Benson, the Governors mansion in this reincarnation. I would think it means Gov. Burrell, Arliss Howard, lasts at least to the season halfway point unless this was a re-shoot.
The actor is the middle has been on other shows, but I don't think he is listed in the cast on IMDB, does anyone recognize him? Is he Xavier Clarke, he looks older than Xavier to me. I need some Gingko Biloba. More photos at Skarsgardfans.
Guns on Billith? WTF??? IT"S DAYLIGHT!!!!!!  EXCLUSIVE Stephen Moyer seen on the set of 'True Blood' Actor Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton, seen getting shot on the set of 'True Blood' by members of a Louisiana police swat team. Credit: Shinn/JFXimages/ Actor in the suit might be [CONNOR FARLEY] is being cast. He's about 45 and works for the Department of Wildlife. On his way to a meeting with the governor, he finds himself in a problematic situation or [SECURITY CHIEF] Male, late 20s to late 40s. Horrified by a vampire "visitor," this security chief is concerned for the safety of his employer.
Spoilers from Ausiello-
Question: There are rumors that True Blood is going to kill off the gorgeous and sexy Eric Northam! Please tell me this isn’t true. He is one of the main reasons I watch. —Kelly
Ausiello: I can neither confirm or deny the rumors, but I can offer you two pieces of evidence that suggest such a twist is in the realm of possibility. The first one comes care of Joe Manganiello, who tells TVLine, “We’re getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I’m sure they will continue to do that.” Exhibit B, meanwhile, arrives in the form of Episode 7′s title — “The Funeral.” Sorry I don’t have better news for you Kelly.
Question: Any serious True Blood scoopage? —Colleen
Ausiello: I suppose that depends on how you choose to interpret this additional, equally provocative tease from Mr. Manganiello: “I think [the producers] looked at some things that went on with Alcide last season, and thought, ‘How can we top that or how can we get even racier?’ And I think they’ve succeeded… Right out of the gate, it’s really juicy.”
More from E's Spoilerchat-  
Sarah P.: You are rocking the True Bloodspoilers! More more more more more…more?So less? Kidding. Sharpen your fangs on this juicy (but sad) piece of scoop. Episode seven is called "The Funeral," and it may or may not have to do with what Anna Camp recently told us about the new season. "There's a lot of death. I've had sad read-throughs recently," she told our own Marc Malkin at the MTV Movie Awards. "It's too sad. Like, some people cried." Uh-oh. Who would the T.B. powers that be dare take away from us?!
My thoughts for the DEAD POOL-
I think Luna is a goner, if Sara is back for a funeral that would only be for Jason or Steve and if Nora splats, well, I could care less. If Sam either leaves or bite my tongue, dies I won't be happy.
ETonline's Interview with Carrie Preston, much longer at the link.
ETonline: Lots of behind the scenes changes coming into season six, with the exodus of showrunner Alan Ball and a shortened episode order. How do you think all of that has played into what we'll see on screen?
Carrie Preston: There's a different energy without Alan, but the showrunner now has been with us from the beginning, so there's a solid continuity to the storytelling. But I do think both of those things have given us a new spring in our step. All the actors are reinvesting in the show. As for the 10 episodes, I think it makes everything tighter. They still have to get everything they wanted to do into two less episodes, so it's got a real breakneck speed this season.
ETonline: She also represents the human element in Bon Temps. Do you still stand by your statement that Arlene should never become a supernatural?
Preston: Oh yes. And with people dying or leaving the show or being turned into supernatural creatures, there's fewer and fewer humans by the episode, so I feel like I'm now the special one on the show because I don't have any powers.
ETonline: What can you say about season six?
Preston: We pick up right where we left off, and then a million other storylines get introduced. Every time I come to the table read there are 15 people I've never seen before ... and will never work with [laughs]. But I'll see them at the wrap party.
ETonline: So Arlene and Terry will very much be dealing with the murder of Patrick at the start?
Preston: Yes, there are major emotional ramifications for what went down. I mean, we killed somebody. MORE

New promo, looks like right after they get out of the Authority Headquarters and Jason thinks Nora has information because she asked him about his Warlow mutterings. Stephen looks good as the director, hope he does more of it  in the future.

Another with Martha, Alcide and Ricki.

So from the latest info we know that Rikki is fearful that the pack is endangered, that humans might do the same to the shifters as they are doing to vamps. Sam tries to get Emma back from the pack, that must be why Alcide going into rage mode, Sam should turn into a lion (books!) and school his ass.
From Eonline's SpoilerChat-
Bella: I've been loving your True Blood spoilers! Got anymore?
Do you remember when Anna Camp's character paid a sexy visit to Jason Stackhouse while he was in the tub? Ahhh, memories. Anyway, Camp told us that in the upcoming season ofT.B. "we're going to see a lot more" of that kind of stuff! Huzzah! "Everybody gets really, really naked," she previews. "But that's what the show is, and that's HBO, and I love that kind of stuff." So do we, Ms. Camp. So do we.
Hollywood Life did an interview with Janina Gavankar-
When last we saw Sam’s oft-undressed lady friend, she was accidentally skin-walking on national television — and Janina Gavankar recently told there will be hell to pay.
“She just outed everyone in the shifter community, so now the world knows there’s more than one supernatural creature on this earth,” Janina explained. “Holy. F**k. Imagine being a human watching that. As it is, you have to deal with the idea of there being vampires. This is potentially bad for every shifter on the planet.”
Janina teased that the shifters will experience in season six what vampires had to deal with prior to the series premiere. “You remember when they ‘came out of the coffin?’” she recalled. “It’s like restarting the series all over again for that supernatural group.”
While Janina couldn’t tell me exactly what goes down between Sam and Luna in season six, she was more than happy to cryptically share a recent on-set experience she shared with Sam Trammell:  I wasn’t even in the shot with him — I was off to the side, like 100 feet away — and the stuff I could hear him doing was making me lose my mind. I was in a warm up tent 100 feet away, and I was crying. True Blood is A-game all day long. I have nothing but major love for him. I go so lucky that I got paired up with him. He’s tremendous.

So he floats up to Willa's window (she really looks like Nora in these scenes) glamours her and maybe sexes her up (she should get at least that bonerus) before bringing her to Fangtasia?
The girl in what looks like a white nightgown is in the video, I thought it was Nora when this pic was first posted,  (Thanks to robertmceachren on Instagram! ) but it is Amelia Rose Blaire playing Willa Burrell. This is what the casting news said for the role- Female, Caucasian, 22, a pretty co-ed, she is Governor Burrell's (Arliss Howard) daughter. While her position is against her fathers plans she is powerless to stop him from his agenda.. recurring. Amelia Rose Blaire has been cast as Willa. (TVLine)
Why is she at Fangtasia in her nightgown telling Eric about her dad's vamp experiments? If this is from "Abducted" maybe it's referring to her, Eric takes her to have leverage over the Governor and finds out Willa is on the vamps side (Patty Hearst!).
True Blood episode 6.09 will be called "Life Matters" and a few co-star roles are being cast, including a crazy vampire, a sickly vampire, and a male vampire who is the sickly vampire's progeny. Source: SpoilerTV
Episode 9 description from Eonline's SpoilerChat-
Episode nine is when things start to get really wild on True Blood. We're talking demented vampires running around, marines and party spirits just tearing stuff up. Trust us, it's an episode you don't want to miss. 
For episode 6.08 of True Blood, the guest role of Funeral Director is being cast.Source: SpoilerTV

So far we see that Niall (Rutger) isn't only in Jason's head, he's at the fae club (I just can't) and doing some whammyjammy and he is with Sookie.  Billy really believes he's a god, we pretty much were assured of that last season when crazy drank the blood because he was chosen. Here's a breakdown if you can't watch the vid in your area. Tara looks to be silver chained to a red neck pick up and dragged (bad memories of racial atrocities actually done). Jason watched Lloyd Bridges on Seinfeld and it is "go time" for him now. Sorry, still don't like the Nora character, feel she came out of writer's left field with no previous history to make her believable for me. It was Pam and Godric in Eric's life, who he was devoted to, and I wish they kept true to that history of 4 seasons. Lilith, no words necessary. Hey look! Warlow grew a beard in the same flashback on the bridge we saw a few times where he didn't have one, continuity be damned. As in the set-side photos Billy boy is in the daylight, all cleaned up and ready to visit the governor. Sounds like Sara Newlin doing the voice over in the second half of the video and Steve Newlin captured while she is talking. She says this is god's plan to save the human race by eradicating the vampire race, poor Steve, first Russell now you. Rikki is telling Alcide that if they do to them what they are doing to the vamps, there won't be a pack. It looks like Danielle (she was in scenes last season with the pack) the werewolf punches out Lafayette, maybe it's Rikki.  Granpa (to the Nth degree) Niall is teaching Sookie to control her powers, hoping he doesn't do any dancing at the club, please no. We see a shot of Jessica at college, how cute she looks, must be night classes. Then we have a scene right out of Salem's Lot (Rutger was in the remake) where Eric plays Ralphie Glick as he floats up to Willa Burrell at her window. 
So Sookie does get down with Ben, because she is so clear headed that is a good move, right?  
At least we see Jess with Bill, they look reconciled, looks to be after his daylight walk and gunshots to the chest, he is wearing the same shirt and is bloodtearedstained on his face parts. For a real stretch, Alcide growls, maybe at Sam or he's going to have sex. Sam is running with Emma, so either Luna is gone (d-d-dead) or she isn't in the shot. Looks like Jason gets a fairy blast on the stairs, because that will be good for his concussion. Damn, Sookie opens the door for Bill, Sookie says you really believe you're god? He says it's demanded of him.  Looks like someone is recinding an invite and pushing Jess into the light or just to a well-llt porch. Don't know what got into Lafayette but he is baptising Sookie, as if he is Lettie Mae, DUNK!
If this is correct, I will go with my thoughts that they did do re-shoots from what Hudis had filmed, new titles from Spoiler TV
Episode 6.01 - “Who Are You, Really?”
Bill’s bloody reincarnation ushers in a new era for vampires, faeries and humans alike. (Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by Stephen Moyer.) Playdates: June 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20

Episode 6.02 - The Sun
Sookie meets a handsome stranger; Eric takes on the governor; Bill contemplates his new powers. (Written by Angela Robinson; directed by Dan Attias.) Playdates: June 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27

Episode 6.03 - You’re No Good
Bill looks for a solution to an impending catastrophe; Eric takes a hostage, while Sam tries to recover one. (Written by Mark Hudis; directed by Howard Deutch.) Playdate: June 30

From SpoilerChat- 
Jessalyn P.: Summer time means True Blood time! Spill! 

Sookie wants her life back! Everything is spinning out of control! The humans are pissed! The vampires are even more pissed! Basically, True Blood is going all out this year. Just watch the season six trailer and you'll see what we mean. Plus, that big death that's happening this season? It might happen a lot sooner than we originally thought. It's in the second half of the season, but before the finale
Alex on set, note the boxes of TruBlood to the left of the photo via ImHereforSookie
Darling Sookie has a kill list for season 6 but she did a cap of what looks like Nora about to be shot/and or captured.
From an interview from Grubstreet a food blog, but he MIGHT BE INVOLVED??
I'm hoping Eric gets something to do with the whole Warlow conspiracy on True Blood.
We're shooting the last two episodes, and he might get involved in that. We'll see. I've had a great time this year. It's a big war going on. Humans are fighting back. They've figured out a way to actually be a real threat to vampires. They've always just been food to Eric. So, for the first time, he's got to fight.

McMillz tweeted this pic May 23rd and "reporting for work" so he survived capture and Sarah or is he in the hands of the FOS in some way? 

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