Friday, October 26, 2012

Here Comes Halloween

Here in the Northeast of the U.S. we are getting prepared for a hurricane, oh joy! It always something out here, but last year's freak storm was enough for me, people out of the city really suffered with power outages and flooding that lasted days and more. Fingers crossed all will be well for Halloween.  Update: Well this storm is no joke, I'm watching TWD and Dexter to get in a more light hearted mood, yeah it that scary.
Happy Birthday to stage, screen and television actor, our own Andy, Chris Bauer. Born on October 28th. 
The top photo is the cover for the hardbound edition of the ongoing comics-
IDW Publishing, in conjunction with HBO, is pleased to announce that the first collection of the TRUE BLOOD ongoing series will debut in hardcover this December. TRUE BLOOD: WHERE WERE YOU? is written by comic luminary Ann Nocenti and series actor, Michael McMillian (Reverend Steve Newlin), who also co-wrote the TRUE BLOOD Tainted Love series. Additionally, the collection includes creative collaboration by True Blood creator, writer, and producer Alan Ball. Taking on artistic duties are Michael Gaydos,Greg Scott and Federica Manfredi, with cover art by renowned artist Tim Bradstreet. ComicBuzz. Ready for pre-order at the HBO store, links on the right side of this blog, thanks for using them.
Elvira has a new comic out too! From DreadCentral-
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is excited to announce a new series of Elvira comic books set to debut in 2013. Working with author R.H. Stavis (Daniel’s Veil, Activision’s Transformers: War for Cybertron) and artist Jeff Zarnow (Godzilla, 68, Battle Beasts), the stories will focus on Elvira’s MISS-adventures centered around a backstory about Halloween. The collaboration was teased to audiences at the recent Stan Lee’s Comikaze event in September in Los Angeles.
“Unlike a typical licensing deal, we are bringing together the power of the Elvira brand, a top-notch female writer, and a rising artist to develop a new line of comic books independently,” says Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. “We will then find a publishing/distribution partner that shares our vision to unleash these stories to the world.”
Janina Gavankar continues with her music career with her latest, Waiting for Godot (aka story of my fucking life)

Nice write up at Billboard on her music.
EW has the info on the long awaited return of Joe Manganiello to HIMYM-
Brad…my, how you’ve changed!
In the Nov. 12 episode of How I Met Your Mother, Joe Manganiello returns as Marshall’s old law school buddy, but as you’ll see from this exclusive first look, he’s looking a little unkempt.
Though definitely not the norm for the True Blood star, it got nothing but praise from Jason Segel, who applauded the actor’s willingness to play the HIMYM way. “Just knowing that Joe has that crazy body underneath that fake gut that we put on him — it’s just hilarious to me. He has no sense of vanity despite having every right to have one,” he told EW. MORE
Joe on the set of "Ten" the Arnold Schwarzenegger action thriller previously known as Breacher. David Ayer is directing for QED International. SOURCE
From 20/20 Magazine's Facebook Page, he's advertising the shades. 

Actor Joe Manganiello "TEN" attends the Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Premiere at Atlantic Station  in Atlanta, Georgia. Source: Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America MORE I wish I had abs like that woman, wow!
Another good interview (she really dishes at length) at ThetheGayUK with Mistress of the Dark, Cassandra Peterson's Elvira-
From a small town in Kansas to becoming a Gothic gay icon, Cassandra Peterson better known by her alter ego, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark has always played by her own rules. With no signs of slowing down yet, she talks to Domenico Sansalone about starting out as a showgirl in Las Vegas, performing drag in Colorado and what it’s like to work every Halloween.
Hard to believe a year has passed since we last did nominations for True Blood HERE
Janina on the red carpet for the ADL Awards Dinner, the gown is perfect, classic.
Marcia DeBonis, Kellie Overbey, Carrie Preston and Anne Heche attend "That's What She Said" New York Premiere Party at The Griffin in New York City.Source: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rainy Days & Hiatus Blahs

The all too quick departure of Roman, now why the hell didn't he ever drink from that blood vial? We'll never know, except that maybe Romalith doesn't sound as good as Billith. A little Vampira brightened up the gloomy day for us, as always. I wonder what kind of career Maila Nurmi would have had if she wasn't typecast and blacklisted?
Vote for True Blood and other faves at the Fright Night Awards.
From DAW's facebook page- Constables Ball Costume 2012
This is Deborah just moments ago on her way to this years Constables Ball.
Her characters name is Imelda Dreary. She's a nurse :). 

She'd fit right in on AHS this season.
Pamelicious' Inspiration, Vampira
Kristin's FB has this scene posted, it was a great one for Pam.

More from Cocktails with Stan, a bonus extended scene
FM 102 Milwaukee has an interview with Stephen Moyer from Tuesday up on their page, it's on the far right, just click at their page.
One of my favorites, Maila Nurmi, Vampira.

                                                              Vamping in the sun!

When in Rome, do True Blood commercials!

Perfect for Halloween, Dead Silence with Ryan Kwanten.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Some True Blood Separation Blues

You know the routine, I'll just keep updating till it gets ridiculously long. Hang in there Truebs, we can do this!
NEW YORK — “True Blood” star Chris Bauer is going to be sinking his teeth in a new play in New York. The Atlantic Theater Company said Thursday that Bauer will star in a production of “What Rhymes With America” a new work by by Melissa James Gibson.
Bauer, who also was on NBC’s “Third Watch” and the Billy Crystal movie “61(asterisk),” said in a phone interview from Los Angeles that he was desperate to hit the stage again.
“I’ve told my children to think of this as though I’m going for a life-saving operation,” he said. “The opportunity to work on a play from the ground up in my favorite theater with all new people, makes me feel like there’s a real potential for reinvigoration.”
Previews of “What Rhymes With America” begin Nov. 19. The play opens Dec. 12.Bauer, a company member of the Atlantic Theater Company, has appeared in three Jezz Butterworth’s plays at the Atlantic — “The Night Heron,” ‘’Parlour Song” and “Mojo.”
Bauer said the new play is about a father’s attempt to connect with his estranged daughter. All the characters, he said, “are desperately trying to connect and have an impact on their world, and no one’s noticing.” Gibson, a staff writer on the FX show “The Americans,” also wrote the play “This.”
Bauer was last on stage in 2010 doing David Mamet’s “Romance” at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor. Though it had a short run, “it was long enough for me to see how totally out of shape I was,” he said laughing. More at The Washington Post.
Carrie talks about the making of TWSS, how it all came about at Starpulse.
Carrie Preston talking about That's What She Said on Fox. Latest Vlogs below-

Sookie costume, ready for Halloween! use HBO links on the right.
              take 40% off w/ code SOOKIE40, free fang bites with purchase over $45.00.
Some Vampire history at a very good horror site, HellHorror.comVampires in the whole have been recorded in many cultures and also speculated by literary historian Brian Frost that the "belief in vampires and bloodsucking demons is as old as man himself," and may go back as far as "prehistoric times".The term "vampire" became popular in the early 18th century after mass hysteria caused by vampire superstition started popping up in Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent. Such areas at the time were the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Vampires were known by different names at the time, such as vampir in Serbia and Bulgaria, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. This increased level of vampire superstition in the European countries led to panic and escalated to measures where corpses were staked and people accused of vampirism. Vampires became a thing of beauty and sophistication in modern fiction in 1819 with John Polidoris' "The Vampire." This is one of the most influential and successful stories of its time. Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula soon took over the role as the definitive in vampire literature and is regarded by most as the ultimate and must read of all vampire novels. Often used as the standard for all modern vampire fiction. Dracula drew on earlier mythologies of werewolves and similar imaginary demons and "was to voice the anxieties of an age," and the "fears of late Victorian patriarchy." Dracula also was based on Vlad the Impaler.
Happy birthday Bela Lugosi whoever or wherever you may be, King of the vampires.

Don't remember ever seeing these out take photos from Is that a tat on his leg? More at the link.

For America’s favorite werewolf turned stripper, who returns to prime time as a guest star on How I Met Your Mother next month, a true vacation means returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh. He shares his insider itinerary—from sandwiches at Primanti Bros., to visiting the Andy Warhol museum, to hanging with the Steelers.
Where I Go: Joe Manganiello, more at Vanity Fair on Joe's haunts and favorite places.
                                    Interview with Elvira at SocialiteLife, must read.

Dario Argento's 3D Dracula with Rutger Hauer, MORE
     Issue 8 of the ongoing comic, preorder now @ HBO store link on right.
With Bon Temps facing eradication by an ancient and powerful wolf pack, the town’s best hope lies with Sookie and Alcide convincing the werewolves and vampires to set aside their differences and work together. But with vampires taking the blame for the initial attacks, tensions are high…
32 Pages
Jenny Frison (I, Vampire) joins the team as the new regular cover artist!
All-new story delves into the mystery of True Blood’s werewolves!

Newest Banshee Promo

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally! A New Post.

Sorry for the lack of Blood the last week, real life sucks and not in a good way. I will try to keep up, I promise, maybe.

Rutina Wesley Of HBO’s True Blood Joins Mohegan Sun’s Signings & Sightings Source
WHAT: Fans of HBO’s hit series True Blood are in for a treat when Rutina Wesley takes part in a Signings & Sightings on Saturday, October 27th. The event starts at 9:00pm in The Shops at Mohegan Sun where fans can get free autographs and greet the star actress. Wesley will also be stopping by the Halloween Costume Party taking place on the patio of Todd English’s Tuscany later that night.
Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the popularity of this event, the signing will be bracelet-only. Bracelets will be distributed starting at 8:00pm on Saturday, October 27th on a first-come, first-served basis at the signing stage in The Shops concourse and must be worn in order to gain entrance into this event.
Wesley’s appearance is part of Mohegan Sun’s Halloween celebrations. For more information on her appearance or other activities happening that evening, please visit
WHEN: Saturday, October 27th, 9:00pmThe Shops at Mohegan Sun
       As a judge on the FoodNetwork's Halloween Wars.
Kristin talks to German TV about Once Upon A Time

More from RingCon (Craig Parker bonus in second vid, there's English spoken later)

Dread Central has a good interview with Darren Lynn Bousman about The Barrens and Stephen Moyer-
Writer/director Darren Lynn Bousman isn't one to sit still for very long; after helming three successful Saw sequels from 2004 to 2007, he's gone on to direct a string of genre flicks, and his latest thriller, The Barrens, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Films.Dread Central: Talk about casting. Stephen Moyer as your lead; it was definitely against type in comparison to his work on "True Blood," which I've enjoyed.
Darren Lynn Bousman: Yeah, Stephen was great; the whole movie rests on his shoulders, and he just kicks ass. I have tremendous respect for this guy; he always wanted to be on set as much as humanely possible, and it wasn't necessarily an "easy" set to be on considering our location. But I think that to me is what makes for a great actor- someone who was going to be there not only for the job, but as a team player in this whole process.
The range of emotions that he has to go through in 90 minutes is astounding, and I think his work here really showed his acting chops off. He was totally down for anything, and he took a big risk with his movie. I think that he saw it as a chance to do more than he gets to do on "True Blood" - being a reserved vampire - and show off that he does have this extreme emotional range when he's got the right material.
From the UK's Sky TV True Blood page (more at link) an interview with Kristin. 
Dressed to kill and bristling with an excoriating wit, Pam De Beaufort is the only vampire on True Blood whose fangs aren't the beginning and end of her arsenal.
What we'd like is know is when you're handed a script, what do you look for first: Pam's viciously rude one-liners or the descriptions of the costumes you're barely going to wear? You have extreme examples of both.
(laughs) They really go together, don't they? I look for those lines straight away and they're always there. Then there'll be an email from Audrey Fisher, the amazing costume designer, who puts so much thought and care into every outfit.
It's like Christmas when we talk about what I'll be wearing. Then we email pictures of those outfits to the hair and make up department, and start coming up with the incredible hairstyles that go with that outfit. It's pretty fun.
You have some pretty outrageous gear and have more of a catwalk aspect to your performance than anyone else.
I always start the scene by walking in, stopping, making the crew stop what they're doing, and then doing a turn. It's sort of an ode to Audrey. And then I say to the director, 'Would you look at these shoes? You're going to film these shoes, aren't you?'.
They say, 'Yes, yes, yes', and they rarely So you try to provoke a reaction when you go on set for the first time in your outfit, to gauge what people think of your new look?
Yes, but they're pretty used to me, so they're kind of hard to impress. The crew will look up while they're moving some light, and go, 'Meh'.
While you're stood there in a sheer latex number with skyscraper hair.
Right – and nothing. Except for the director and cameraman, who are very sweet to me, and will say, 'Oooh – who's a pretty girl?'. They play along.
They perhaps didn't say that in this series when you were buried alive in that trailer-park friendly outfit.
(laughs) You have no idea how happy I was that that was my outfit for that particular scene. It's so cold where we shoot.
Also, that is one of the more fabulous Pam outfits. I thought it was the most fabulous thing and when we had the premiere at a theatre with an audience, there were fits of giggles when Pam appeared in those baggy It's one of the sadder things.
We spoke to Deborah Ann Woll (who plays Jessica Hamby) a while back and we touched on the teeth you have to wear – do you still have your first pair of fangs?
I've had to get new teeth.
I borrowed my first set of teeth for a photoshoot, and when I took them off of the mould to put them in my mouth they broke in half. One tooth went flying across the room and I had the worst panic of my life. (laughing) I tried to glue them back together, hoping that no-one would notice…
You'd have been a hopeless vampire with broken teeth…
(laughs) I brought them back sheepishly and offered to pay for them. But I was told they only last for a year.
Deborah is so good at talking with those teeth in. She and Stephen (Moyer, who plays Bill Compton) are the masters and I don't know how or why.
I shouldn't talk about other actors, but Stephen put in Valentina's (Cervi, who plays Salome) and Valentina put in Alex's and they all broke theirs, which made me feel much better.
With all these people swapping teeth it's like you're preparing for life in an old people's home.
(laughs) Hopefully we'll go long enough that it will be like that – old people's home vampires. There'll be walkers, people taking their teeth out, and our vamp speed will then be like normal people's speed. I hope we get to see that.
Our very own Ginger, Tara Buck got married and is enjoying her honeymoon with hubs Chris Pierce! Congratulations to the happy couple.
Don't forget HBO has True Blood Halloween costume ideas, links to shop uptop on the right.
More on Interview with a Vampire: Claudia's Story, the graphic novel, this time from Anne Rice herself. The whole interview at at
Rice answered questions in a candid conversation with io9. At 71, she has sold more than a 100 million copies of her novels, which include The Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witchesseries, and she is a spirited and gracious subject. Interview With The Vampire: Claudia's Story is a graphic novel adaptation by Ashley Marie Witter of Rice's 1976 classic told from the perspective of Claudia, the child-turned-vampire. Rice prefers to be hands off when her work is licensed for adaptation, and once she approved of Witter's selection and depictions, she was content – and excited – to wait for the results, giving little feedback. 
She is wholly enthusiastic about the results. We pored over the initial pages together: Witter's art is delicate, with a baroque manga feel. An evocative choice was made to print the book entirely in sepia, with the only color coming from scarlet blood (of which there is a lot).
io9: How do you feel about the explosion in the popularity of vampires, even in just the last decade?
AR: I'm puzzled. You know, kind of puzzled. When I came up, it wasn't that way at all, of course. There was a lot of dismissal, whereas these days, there seems to be this unabashed market.
io9: I think there're a lot of properties that would not have existed without you blazing the trail, but now it seems like there's a different vampire movie each week. I was curious if you felt like a proud parent in terms of that, or of you were ready for something different supernaturally to —
AR: If I've been an influence, I'm happy. I think the vampire is such a wonderful concept, such a rich concept. I'm not surprised if other people who have mined that concept have come up with different characters, different cosmology, different mythology. That's bound to happen. I guess we'll have vampires with us now for a long time, kind of like the Western and the detective novel. It will be just sort of an unending story.

The cover art for the last Sookie Stackhouse novel (I've learned to never say never) and Skarsgardfans' Barbara has some speculations on the symbolism HERE.
                       From Kristin's Facebook page.