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True Blood Season Six Spoilers Part 1

This thread will be updated often, adding newer info as we find it. Rutger Hauer Is one of my favorite actors, a Soldier of Orange, a cursed shapeshifter from Lady Hawke, THE vampire Lothos from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Van Helsing, Roy Batty- the one and only Rutger Hauer going to be Warlow? I know they say here he's Macklyn but we know that could be a ruse or it's the M in M. Warlow, OOOH, so excited at the possibility! ETA UPDATE: OK, nix the Warlow desires, he's going to be Niall, Sookies way back grandfather, cant say which great he is since they had Grandpa Earl Stackhouse on the show and he isn't in the books. Is Niall his father or what, standing by for that scoopage?
More from AusielloQuestion: Rutger Hauer on True Blood? Count me in! Any other Season 6 casting prattle you can share? — Tiff Ausiello: Not only is the show casting an oily Rick Perry type to play the recurring role of Texas’ governor — perhaps an instigator of a human/vampire war? — it’s casting a Southern belle to play his twentysomething (and presumably less oily) daughter.
From TVLine's Ausiello
True Blood has made its first major Season 6 hire, and it’s pretty bloody fangtastic. Acting vet Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) is joining the HBO smash as a series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively. Hauer will play Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason. Hauer is well known for his portrayal of Blade Runner‘s Roy Batty, a renegade robot trying to evade capture in Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi film. But the Dutch actor has a varied resume that includes parts in movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman Begins and Sin City and guest roles in TV’s Smallville and Alias. In 1988, he won a Golden Globe for his work in the TV movie Escape From Sobibor.

He also will be Argento's Dracula 3D soon.

TVLine -Rutger Hauer won’t be the only new face surfacing during Season 6 of HBO’s supernatural drama. The show is also casting the series regular role of Ben, an “ultra charming, ultra handsome” fella in his late 20s/early 30s who is magnetic to women and menfolk alike, all while using his Southern gentility to mask a dark, dark, darrrrrk side. Watch for Ben to cross paths with Sookie soon after his arrival. Until then, hit Comments with your casting ideas! EDIT: Will Ben be similar to Breandon?
Breandan is the son of Niall Brigant's older brother, Rogan. He appears in the novel Dead and Gone, his goal being to kill every human with fairy blood because he believes they are the reason for the infertility in the fae world. He is killed by Bill when the fairy war breaks into the human world. He is the leader of the Water Fae. WIKI
From TVLine's Ausiello-Question: As the truest of Truebies, do you have any True Blood spoilers for next season? —Colleen Ausiello: Wondering if Luna bit the dust in the finale? Well, prepare to continue wondering. “I may or may not be going back to work in January,” hedged the character’s portrayer, Janina Gavankar, at HBO’s post-Emmy soiree Sunday. “I’ll say this: We will answer any question marks that were caused in the finale.” 
From Eonline's Spoiler Chat-
Conor: Need a True Blood fix ASAP!
Season six will introduce us to several new characters, including Ben, a new series regular, a low-key Southern guy who will be getting close to Sookie. However, this charming and handsome dude's dark side is, like, super dark. We'll also meet the governor of Texas, a Rick Perry-type who is a warmonger, and his daughter, who is pretty and originally comes off as fearful, but will prove to be quite tough. Both will recur throughout the season.

End of Season Interview with Alan Ball from TVLine-
TVLINE | So, is Bill God now?
I don’t want to say if he is or he isn’t. Who’s to say what Lilith really is? He is still Bill but he is something different.
TVLINE | So there is some of the old Bill in there?
It is Bill, but it is a transformed Bill. He is not a completely new person. It’s not like his memories or his experiences have been left out and he’s just a baby.
TVLINE | Can he revert back to the old Bill?
Well, that’s the question: Is he going to be evil? What does he want? What is he going to do? Will he be able to revert back to Bill? That’s for future seasons. The implication, certainly, is that he is more ferocious. 
TVLINE | Did Luna die?
You’ll have to watch [next season]. We didn’t see her die.
TVLINE | And Russell? Is he really dead? 
He’s gone. We may see him in flashbacks, but he bit it.
TVLINE | Also back at Comic-Con, you declined to tell me which couple you were having the most fun writing for this season because it would be too much of a spoiler. Can you now confirm it was Russell and Steve?
Yes. I love both of those actors and I thought they were hilarious and kind of touching.
TVLINE | Will Steve remain a viable character next season?
I don’t know. I’ve spoken to Mark briefly. They’ve only pitched some very broad ideas. I hope he does because I think he’s such a great character. I don’t know if he would be a big part of the season, but he definitely seems like that would be a person to bring back.
TVLINE | Where would you personally like to see the Tara-Pam relationship go next season?
Well, here’s the thing with relationships on True Blood: Once they happen then you have to throw a monkey-wrench into them, because to have people be happy is not that exciting.
TVLINE | But it’s your understanding that Mark is committed to that story? 
All of the writers were into [them], so that is my understanding, yes.
TVLINE | Did you ever consider introducing or unmasking Warlow in the finale? No. We didn’t want to really define Warlow until the next season.
TVLINE | So he’ll definitely figure into Season 6?
I think he’ll be kind of a big part of it. 
TVLINE | Is he someone we’ve met before? 
No comment.
TVLINE | With Bill heading into Big Bad territory next season, does that make Eric now the hero of True Blood? Remains to be seen. They’ve both been heroes in their own way. Eric was kind of like a mischievous cad, but I don’t think he was ever, like, a true villain the way that Russell was or the way that Maryann was. And he’s done a lot of really heroic things himself. So I never really looked at Eric as the bad guy and Bill as the good guy – at least not since the very early seasons. But it remains to be seen what will go down with both of them.
From 8/31 Alan Ball's TVGuide interview-The fairy elder said, "There's a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet." That's going to be very interesting to find out why.
TV Guide Magazine: That sounds like it has to do with Warlow, the unseen vampire who killed Sookie and Jason's parents and "owns" Sookie? Jason's off to kill him, so will we meet him soon?
Ball: We will definitely see Warlow. Whether or not we have met him already, I will remain mum. There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda.

From Ausiello, this must be Ben- Move over, Bill. And Eric. And Alcide. There’s a new man in Sookie’s life — and he’s putting down stakes in Bon Temps. True Blood has tapped  English actor Rob Kazinsky (EastEnders) to join the Season 6 cast as a series regular, TVLine has learned.  Kazinsky — whose biggest TV credit stateside was an arc on Brothers & Sisters — will play Ben, a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa) and helps Sookie and Jason delve deeper into the mystery of their parents’ murders. This marks True Blood‘s second major Season 6 hire. As TVLine reported last month, acting vet Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) has also come on board in the series regular role of Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason. True Blood‘s sixth season is slated to premiere in June.  Deadline confirms he is Ben- British actor Rob Kazinsky has joined the cast of HBO‘s vampire dramaTrue Blood as new regular for the upcoming sixth season. He will play Ben, a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa) and helps Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) delve deeper into the mystery of their parents’ murders. (A liking doesn't mean it's a romantic sitch.)
Moving on to a casting call From Zap2It, sounds so not SVM-ish, I'd rather hear this was a call for Amelia- "True Blood" fans have to wait until Season 6 begins this summer to return to Bon Temps -- though no official start date has been announced, we're hearing June is a good bet. In the meantime, we've got an intriguing spoiler to tide you over! This week, new showrunner Mark Hudis sent out a casting call for a brand new character -- and she's going to be a major player in the upcoming 10-episode season.
The "True Blood" team is looking for a Caucasian actress in her early 20s to play Nicole Jannsen. A "do-gooder to the core" Nicole is naive, optimistic, and charming -- but her idealism is "ultimately vaguely idiotic and dangerous."
Nicole is a key member of a band of well-meaning liberal advocates. The gang models itself after the civil rights activist Freedom Riders of the 1960s, a group of progressive protesters who rode buses from state to state, challenging racial segregation and Jim Crow travel laws. The Freedom Riders were usually arrested, and fell victim to mob violence, Ku Klux Klan beatings, and cruel and unusual punishment in prison.
Don't expect a secret agenda from Nicole, who will appear as a new series regular character this season. "A true bleeding heart," Nicole is "not at all concerned with money; she's concerned with the common good and doing what's right ... Life hasn't beaten her down yet." If you're still not getting a clear picture, the casting call suggests that she went to Bryn Mawr College and drives an old Saab.
updated casting call from Bookies-
[NICOLE JANNSEN] Bi-Racial (African American / Caucasian) Mid 20s. A true bleeding heart. She's not at all concerned with money, she's concerned with the common good and doing what's right. Probably went to Bryn Mawr and drives an old Saab. Life hasn't beaten her down yet. She and her band of well-meaning liberal advocates model themselves after the civil rights activist "Freedom Riders" of the Sixties. A do-gooder to the core, Nicole's naive optimism is charming but ultimately vaguely idiotic and dangerous...SERIES REGULAR
From Ausiello's SpoilersQuestion: Looking for some tidbits, morsels or anything on True Blood. I love your site and check it out daily. — Scotty
Ausiello: Thanks, Scotty! This summer, Bon Temps’ vampire population will face something that’s potentially even more dangerous than the sun: Crate & Barrel! I’m sorry, I mean Creighton Burrell. Not only is the new regular character a morally murky politician — and the governor of Louisiana! — but he also has a major hate-on for fangers, owing to the fact that his wife ditched him with their daughter to be with one!
Question: Any True Blood scoop? My fangs are starting to come out for lack of blood sugar — I mean, Season 6 info. — Ashley
Ausiello: Sink those fangs into this, Ashley: When the show returns, we’ll be introduced to a cockeyed optimist named Nicole Jannsen who runs with a (no pun intended) pack of civil rights activists in the (pun intended) vein of the 1960s Freedom Riders. Unfortunately for the lot of ’em, their good intentions aren’t necessarily backed up by a whole lotta common sense.
OK the first casting calls never said he was a romantic interest for Sookie but some are making that to be the case, here is the original cast call again from casting source the last few seasons, Rhoswen7.  As we said, didn't see this being a romantic casting for Sookie, doesn't even say he's a fae, but we can hope that is what he is. I need some bookie love.
[BEN] Mid 20s to mid 30s. Ultra charming, ultra handsome. ...The kind of guy women and men are completely drawn to, but possess[es] a low-key quality, a southern gentility that Sookie would find familiar and comfortable. His dark side, however, is dark, dark, dark."
From EOnline's SpoilerChat-
We'll be introduced to a new series regular next season: Creighton Burrell, the governor of Louisiana with a big chip on his shoulder when it comes to vampires. You see, his wife ran off with one, abandoning him and their daughter. Ambitious and savvy, this politician sometimes lets his personal aspirations take over his humanity.
The title of True Blood episode 6.01 will be "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."
Writer: Raelle Tucker, Director: Stephen Moyer
[AUTHORITY GUARD #1] This armed and fanged Authority guard vamps into the AHO Control Room and sees something he can’t believe…CO-STAR
[OFFICER HARTZELL, OFFICER RUSCIO] MALE, 30S – 40S. These two gruff looking Caddo Parish sheriff deputies politely come to Sam’s house…CO-STAR SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES SourceSource.

From Deadline
Three weeks after ABC opted not to give a back order to submarine drama Last Resort, the series co-star Robert Patrick has signed on a series regular on HBO’s vampire drama True Blood, playing Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) father. Patrick first introduced the character on the hit HBO drama in the most recent fifth season where he did a three-episode arc, appearing in the three of the last four episodes of the season. He was tapped for the recurring gig in June, after his pilot Last Resort had been picked up to series by ABC. While the broadcast network stopped short of a formal cancellation of Last Resort, and the cast of the show are still under deals at Sony Pictures TV, I hear Patrick is being released so he can join True Blood.

TVLine says Arliss Howard is joining the HBO drama’s forthcoming sixth season in the series regular role of Louisiana Governor Creighton BurrellThe character is described as a good ol’ boy politician who has a major beef with vampires ever since his wife ran off with one, leaving him as a single father to their only daughter. Politically savvy and perhaps overly ambitious, Creighton tends to let his personal aspirations overshadow his humanity. Seems like the name is now Truman Burrell.
Some updates to the casting calls are longer in a post specific to them (aint I all hoity toity now?). I'll keep adding to it as them get released.
SpoilerTV -Episode 6.02 of True Blood will be called "Here Comes the Sun" .
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #602, "Here Comes the Sun". Writer: Angela Robinson, Director: Dan Attias. Whole casting call HERE
New Showrunner Mark Hudis talks to Haverford Magazine (scans at Skarsgardfans)
Season five ended with our normally human-friendly vampire hero Bill Compton drinking the blood of vampire savior Lilith, exploding and reconstituting into something evil. “Certainly he’s not going to be the Bill we know and love,” says Hudis of the character’s evolution next season. “He’s going to have more bite, no pun intended.”
What else can we expect? Following a season that dealt with more global issues (such as national vampire politics), Hudis wants to bring the action back to Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that is home to the show’s central characters, and focus on telling fewer stories with more characters. (True Blood-ophiiles might also be interested to know that Sookie and Jason will spend the year searching for Warlow, the vampire that Sookie has been promised to.)
Access Hollywood- Joe Manganiello Gears Up For True Blood Season 6: The Scripts Are ‘Pretty Wild!’Joe Manganiello has been sporting a longer-locked look lately, thanks to his role in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s next movie, “Ten,” but he’s about to chop it down.
“It’s gonna get cut off this week to go back to ‘True Blood,’” he told Access Hollywood on Sunday night on the pink carpet at HBO’s Golden Globes after-party.
“[It’s] racier,” he said. “My character’s taken over the wolf pack, so as an alpha, and a pack of dogs, you gotta regulate, you gotta set it straight with everybody so there’s some violence. It’ll be fun.” Joe said the material he’s read for the new season amps things up.
“This is Season 6 and the first couple scripts I read – I think they’re doing a lot of stuff that they maybe held back on the past couple years,” he told Access. “They’re pretty wild. I think it’s going to be a pretty wild season.”

The co-star role of Connor Farley is being cast. He's about 45 and works for the Department of Wildlife. On his way to a meeting with the governor, he finds himself in a problematic situation.SpoilerTV
From TVLine, 2 roles cast (more in the Season 6 casting thread) - Friday Night Lights grad Jurnee Smollett is Bon Temps-bound. The actress is joining True Blood‘s upcoming sixth season as a series regular. Additionally, 90210‘s Amelia Rose Blaire has landed a recurring stint on the HBO hit, will play Nicole, a do-gooder who possesses the rosy outlook of someone that life hasn’t beaten down yet. She’s not concerned with money and more concerned with the doing what’s right. Blaire, meanwhile, will portray Willa, the daughter of Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell (played by Arliss Howard). She has long clashed with her father over vampire rights.
From Wetpaint (Thanks B), they caught up with Skarsgard at Sundance - What can you tell us about Season 6 so far?
Alexander Skarsgard: I’ve only gotten the first two scripts, but from what I’ve read, it’s good stuff so far. What should we expect?
There’s a big war coming up — a big war. (the war against vamps is what I would surmise)
Will Bill be back?
Bill will be back, yes. ( yeah but for how long?)
In the same form in which we’ve come to know him?
Ah, that I can’t say. I can’t say. But it will be good.
I'm thinking Luna is a goner since Janina has been on set for the tv show Arrow. Not saying that she couldn't do both but given Sam's luck with women and shifter's dying after the human shift (like my Tommy), it seems likely. Poor Sam if this is how it turns out.
From Eonline:  Maya: True Blood scoop? Particularly of the Eric variety?"We just started True Blood season six two weeks ago," Alexander Skarsgård reveals to us. So where are the naked on-set photos? We kid. Sort of. Skarsgård also spilled that the Bill-Eric dynamic will be more explosive than ever in the new season. "Bill is kind of dangerous now, even for an old, strong vampire like Eric," he tells us. "So he's got to be real careful." As long as he's shirtless while he's careful, we're onboard.
Continued HERE

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