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True Blood Season 7 Spoilers Part 4

Continued from Part 3- Jason looks like he just lost his puppy, poor baby. Casting and Episode info  screencaps from Skarslover,  Skarsgarfans. and Me! 

One more for us to look at frame by frame, thanks to TBObsessed for the heads up. 
I'm so tired, I thought Willa was Lorena in that scene?
I do know Lala just went all V'ed out again like when Eric gave him his blood, ha! So Lafayette gets James and Jess is with Adilyn? Just realized Lafayette is dancing before he lets James in. Maybe he's just stoned.
I didnt like the sudden Sookie back with Alcide last season but I feel bad for him if Sookie and Bill are back together and he sees it, ouch that hurts. Gifs by I'mHereforSookie and FYeah
screencaps from Skarsgardfans.
Maxine pointing a gun at Sam, thaz not right,  Pam all calm and content looking or is she sad (if Tara is gone then it's sad)? Then we see Ginger not doing so well, looks like she is on the hood of a car, uh oh. Bye Nicole, sorry about the baby but gottagogotta go (wishful thinking maybe).
I don't understand who Bill is saying they will have to fight? The HepV Vamps? Wouldn't uninfected vamps just get guns with the wooden bullets and finish them off toute suite? They have the means (speed, vision,) to do that unlike a human with a gun. I think he has his flash back in the tub, he looks like he is full of memories and ennui.
                              Maxine's outfit!  It takes mom jeans to a whole 'nother level.
                                                                   From OLV
From MegaBuzzI'm sad that this is going to be the final season of True Blood. Do you have anything to make me feel better? — Carrie
Yes, but it may not make you feel better. When the HBO drama returns, the Hep-V-infected vampires that were poised to attack Bon Temps arrive and the bloodbath quickly ensues. Unfortunately, the casualties are not just redshirts. In fact, one character's fate is so jaw-dropping that you'll spend the rest of the episode wondering if what you just watched was a dream. It's not, which clearly means all bets are off in this final season. 
Who is it? I thought I saw a dead Ginger in the promo, but would that be so shocking, not really. Now Tara that would be shocking and tearjerking for me at least, and would be the reason Pam gets 2 human treats (from the casting page).
Thanks to Lisa for this from Terrell Lee's Facebook- I have no idea what part he plays but it's for only 1 episode filmed in early May. He plays Mr Stewart and the second pic has what looks like his on screen family. Is that the little girl Sookie talked to last season?-
Following are episodes of True Blood premiering on HBO in July:
"Fire in the Hole," premieres July 6.
Sookie hatches a dangerous plan; Pam looks to motivate Eric.
Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Lee Rose.
"Sick of Goodbyes," premieres July 13.
Sookie enlists a band of vampires and humans to track down the H-Vamps.
Written by Daniel Kenneth; directed by Gregg Fienberg.
"Return to Oz," premieres July 20.
Sookie hosts a mainstreaming party; Eric and Pam head to Dallas for a fundraiser.
Written by Craig Chester; directed by Howie Deutch.
"Karma," premieres on July 27.
Sookie makes a shocking discovery; Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance.
Written by Angela Robinson; directed by Angela Robinson.

Anyone who has followed this blog or knows where I posted spoilers and news since S1E1 knows I love Rutina's Tara. So I am sad about the news that our girl dies in E1, I asked several people since yesterday and not one said I was wrong. Viva el espíritu de Tara, here's hoping Lala gets to say goodbye in medium mode. Maybe everyone is pulling my leg but I don't think so, unfortunately.

This little beauty will be Bill Compton's daughter Sarah, only had a first name before but her full name in Isabella Rice.

Question: Any spoilers on True Blood? –Courtney
Ausiello: Any spoiler, Courtney? How about what’s sure to be the most talked-about sex scene in True Blood history? And yes, it’s crazier than that time Bill climbed out of his grave and had sex with Sookie in the graveyard. This same-sex hookup, between two non-gay characters, goes down in Episode 2 of the show’s final season — and trust me, it was worth the wait. I can’t say much more, but in case you’re wondering, this particular “love” scene is accompanied by strings.

Is strings a clue or does he mean like in violins playing?  Jason and Eric as Alexander told TVGuide in the summer preview, link up top in part 3 of spoilers, and thanks to IHFS for refreshing my ol' memory-
From EW, a review of the new season's first episode, read it all at the link, it's funny- 
The opening scene makes True Blood look a little too much like The Walking Dead: Hep-V-infected vampires are pulling bodies out of cars, feasting on flesh, and kidnapping people from Bellefleur’s. Luckily, they’re also killing superfluous plotlines. A major player is dead before the opening credits even roll.
But there are still too many characters to keep track of, and their numbers are only growing. Humans we’ve never seen before are planning an armed revolt against the vampires. H-vamps are holding people captive in the basement of Fangtasia. Pam  is hanging out in Morocco, playing Russian roulette with the locals (damn I called that one). Sookie even discovers a whole other town that’s been ransacked by the H-vamps.
Speaking of familiar faces, Eric is back. Sort of. When he first appears, he’s letting Jason  unbuckle his belt, with enough candles flickering in the background to light a cake for his 1,087th birthday. But as it turns out, this is all just Jason’s dream.(why if he didnt have Erics blood?) There’s a clever twist involving Eric that could set up an exciting arc for Sookie. Whether he is dead-dead or just undead — we won’t spoil that here — he will definitely spark some suspense this season. Even if Sookie ends up with Bill (Stephen Moyer), there’s enough of Sweden’s favorite sunbather to satisfy. 
(thanks to Skarsgardfans for posting the link on facebook)-

Thanks to generous Skarsjoy for the scan from TVGuide. Seems like Alcide finds Sookie (we saw him angrily bursting into Bill's in the promo looking for her) but helps her anyway, so she wasnt in flagrante delicto, hmm. Maybe Bill will be like book Bill, just watching from the sidelines all mopey and full of regret but always helping her as much as she'll let him.
                                           From Will Yun Lee's instagram at  a table read.
Newsday has this bit of new info, I highlighted what I hadn't read before.- 
A band of "H-vamps" (vamps who consumed Hepatitis-infected blood) -- the ones that congregated around the borders of this party in last season's finale -- have decided to crash the party, to spectacular and awful consequences. (A major death -- we've had those on "Blood" -- does, indeed, occur.)
Hostages are taken to the basement of Fangtasia, where they are essentially stored, and (next week) we get to visit that dungeon. In addition, all humans must be accompanied by vamps to protect them from H-Vamps. (But who's gonna protect the vamps?) Sookie (Anna Paquin) is being blamed for the chaos. Bill (Stephen Moyer) has other problems: His powers have abandoned him.

We see Bill with Andy going through the basement and finding the bodies ( the vamps saved them for later, human tv dinners), some are hanging but who knew it was Fangtasia or that Bill had no powers, is he human? Wait,, that makes no sense since last season we knew he lost his Billith powers (thankfully) and we see him punching the cinderblock wall in the promo. Silly writers. That also explains the fire at Fangtasia, they might be burning it all down, maybe.
Not very spoilery except that Alcide is now house broken, too bad for the wolf.
Question: I’ll take anything you’ve got on the final season of True Blood. —Nina
Ausiello: Joe Manganiello, who spent much of last season starring in what felt like some kind of weird Alcide spinoff, is back with “the core group” in Season 7, the actor confirms. Of course, being married to in a serious relationship with Sookie Stackhouse will do that. “He is domesticated [and] living in society,” reports Manganiello. “He isn’t the wild crazy wolf-guy anymore. [Sookie and Alcide] go to church on Sundays. He has to wear a blazer. He lives in gran’s house. He’s got a to-do list for the house. It’s different life for him. But it is what he has always wanted. He finally got the girl and he got the life. Now the only problem is that there are these marauding Hep-V pyscho vampires destroying the world. There’s gotta be something.”

From the Spy Who Came in from the Cold- Update: Warning your heart might break- but it was who we thought, Tara does die at the hands of a HepV big bald vamp and all we will see is the splat on Lettie Mae and her screaming, which alerts Sookie to what happened. We don't actually see her dying, mercifully. RIP Tara Mae Thornton, we loved you from day 1. Here's a pic just before we lose her.
There's a hot sex scene with Sookie and Alcide (Sandra will be in wolfie heaven), Jess and Adilyn get to be friends, like big sister, little sister (so far), Jess is invited to stay the day at the Bellefleur Mansion (will be fun to see Andy's reaction). NuJames is the vamp that Lafayette gets for protection, lucky Lala, and the flirtation is on in a big way.
Pam isn't shown reacting to Tara's death yet but she is in Morroco playing Russian roulette, those guys are in for a surprise. Jason and Violet finally have penetration sex, I like these two but don't expect it to last.

EW continues with the goodies, Bill and Sookie have a plan! MORE Video is for E3.

A different take on the Alcide and Sookie sex scene from the season 7 opener from Dish Nation- More at the link.
Sources say, Moyer, who directed the episode in which his wife has an "unusually mild" sex scene with "Magic Mike" stud Joe Manganiello, requested that the final cut be toned down.
"The word on the set is that Stephen had the scene watered down," an insider who works on the set confided. "It's weird because there's a really wild sex scene with Jason Stackhouse and his vampire girlfriend and then the scene with Sookie and Alcide was just, blah. You did get to see Anna's breasts, but there was was no wild animalistic sex scene like you'd expect from 'True Blood,' especially in the final season. It was a sweet scene.
We caught up with Moyer at the after-party at The Roosevelt Hotel who tried to set the record straight. "I told Joe to go at it with Anna and not to hold back and that's exactly what he did," Stephen exclusively told Dish Nation. "I filmed 61 minutes of some wild footage, but that's what they decided to go with. I had nothing to do with the final decision."

                                                                    New Promo clips
Looks like ther moment Pam feels Tara leaving her, and us.
Seems like Ginger is a new vamp! Didnt see that coming at all, thought she was done for.  Below in the clip from facebook, the bald hepv vamp (pic above) is who I was told kills Tara, hope he gets staked with the quickness.
Bill all dandied up, he must already be a vamp because poor farmer Compton didnt have cash for those clothes till after he was turned. I didnt think of the flashback being his early vamp days, doy, mistakenly thought it would be of his life among the living. UPDATE: It's daytime so I guess it is living Bill, he needs some blush. 
This last new one is chockful of goodies, but the yoga class throws me the actor is listed in castings as a Morrocan citizen. We now know Jamie Luner (above) is a vamp, whether in Bill's past or present, can't tell. 
                                                   Vamp Fight, go Jess.

More on what Pam is up to in her search for Eric from TVFanatic, more flashbacks it seems. More at the link.
TVF: Where we find Pam at the start of the new season?
KB: Pam made a decision at the end of last season to leave everything in search of Eric. And we have seen over the years how important he is to her, that she made the ultimate move, the ultimate sacrifice at the beginning of [season] seven. And it takes her out of her element, out of her home, so we see Pam on the road and in places that we wouldn’t expect in some dire circumstances, all in an effort to find Eric.
TVF: Even in that environment, I never really worry about Pam. I feel like she may be a little daunted by the surroundings but you can always count on her to take care of herself and not wither in a corner, right?
KB: Yeah. I totally agree with you because you never know when you take a big fish out of a little pond but we’ll find out more about Pam this year and partly through the use of flashbacks. We once again learn what a survivor she is. She’s a very tough cookie. She only has one soft spot, and that’s Eric.
TVF: Do you think that the search for Eric is what’s truly keeping her going at the start of the season?
KB: Yeah. I think that she saw a glimpse of her life without him and couldn’t do it and just had a compulsion. She just had no choice but to try to do everything she could to find him.
TVF: You mentioned flashbacks and I know we have some early flashbacks with Sookie and Bill when they first met. Will we go back to some of those early days with Pam? It’s all very full-circle.

KB: Yes, and that’s what I feel like they do in these flashbacks. We get so much more information about not only who these characters are but how they ended up where they ended up, and how they ended up with certain people. So the flashbacks are really informative and also super-fun for us. It’s fun to go back a decade.
TVF: Is there any time for Pam to find love in this season, because you know, of course we want everybody to have a happily ever after. I don’t know if that is possible on True Blood.
KB: You know, she does, how do I put it, because she does find…I’m really happy with the arc of the storyline that I got to play this year. And I have been every year, but you know, of course, there was more need for it to feel right this year, because it was our last year. And I’m just so happy with the colors that I got to express, and the new layers that we see in Pam.

A bit of a spoiler from Stephen in a new interview- As Season 7 begins, Sookie is being forced to reconsider her future, while Bill is discovering that salvation comes at a price. All the characters must deal with a new crisis, and not all will reach the series finale alive.
"We've already lost a couple of actors," Moyer said. "I'm not going to give away who, but it's incredibly sad to say goodbye." EDIT: Rutina and who else? Joe?

From TVLine, Riley Smith talks about how he seduced Arlene-
A NEW FANG-BANGER | Arlene’s got a new man in her life — and he’s a biter. “He’s just sexually attracted to Arlene at first, then he falls in love,” Riley Smith told us of his character, Keith. “She has a line where she says, ‘I’m not a fang-banger. I’m not going to go there.’ And I have to woo her into it.” And woo he does! “I had to get nude,” Smith admitted. “It was a 16-hour day for one sex scene on a pool table, but by hour three, Carrie and I were so comfortable and normal with it.” CONTINUED @ PART 5


  1. Wtf?? Tara dies in the 1st episode?? Then y is lettie mae a series reg now?? And isnt pam still off with eric? How fucked up!! Do they even show pams reaction?

  2. this is only from the 1st show, I know that Pam has to "feel" that Tara is gone, even though she is in Morroco Viking hunting, but she knows if her Sire was dead that she'd feel it as well, he isnt. If I read or am told anything more I'll add it to this page. Lettie Mae is part of Bon Temps and they are supposed to bring the stories to the town where it started, doesnt mean she will be in it much. It's the last season so they made Tara Buck, Ginger, a regular as well and I cant imagine she will be in it much either. Just enjoy the last season, dont sweat it, it's all fantasy and just entertainment to take your mind off RL. Thanks for stopping by and reading, we appreciate you taking the time to do that.