Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Killing Time

                                      Ms. Pamela, kicking ass and taking names, while looking divine.
From High Rollers for Hope- This year will be honoring the amazing Kristin Bauer from the HBO Series "True Blood" for her dedication to elephant and rhino conservation awareness in Africa! Hope you can join us on May 31st to celebrate her cause and ours, tickets available
                               Thanks to rhin00 for this poster from the NYC subway.
From Stephen's Instagram, a night out at a wrestling match.
The most interesting vampire in the world. (via: ) I lovesh THIS!
Ah Ha! Granpa Niall is back!
‏@AnnaPaquin #Rutgerhauer just got to first base with my left ear... How was your day at work? #TrueBlood #truebloodseason7
Was going to put this in spoilers but it's news!
Charlaine Harris I shot a cameo for the last episode of "True Blood," and now I get to go home and do my laundry! It's been great meeting people on the road and signing books. But I need to work. (from CH's Facebook)
Actress Rutina Wesley attends the Danny Seo & AmericaShare Party presented by Movado  Source: John Sciulli/Getty Images North America via Zimbio
                          Character poster for The Giver via Tumblr
                                                            Official poster for LaBare.

Another clip from The Normal Heart with Denis.

  • "There's no such thing as forever." The end is near.
  • Alex supporting Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak imprisoned in Eritrea without trial since 2001. The following is a birdsong, which we hope will reach Dawit next time Nightingale makes a stopover on his trip to South Africa. Attention keeps Dawit alive. Read more on Director and initiator of the Bird song: Rafael Edholm
                                                      From Anna's twitter, a candlelight pic.
                                      Lafayette's belts as tweeted by Audery Fisher.
    Reposting till it happens- On June 15th HBO will have a special "True Blood Farewell Show" a behind the scenes goodbye to the show, for times check out HBO here
    A bit of the Profiles show that I saw repeated last night- Rutger!

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