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King of the Moon

“We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.”  Khalil Gibran
Going to be re-starting the Hiatus Therapy Support Group soon, we'll need it, just read season 6 only has 10 episodes.
Where will we go from here Truebs? Where can we go after the finale in terms of story lines? Jason sees dead people but not really the ones they appear as, is he crazy, or is something controlling his thoughts and visions? Will he be able to get help and who can possibly help him get rid of the hate that's consuming him and making him an incredibly accurate marksman to boot?
What will go on at Fangtasia? Will Eric give it to Pam or will he come back as proprietor, seems unlikely but I can hope. Will Nora be a recurring character next season and be with Eric as a love interest? Pam isn't going to be the parent figure that Tara never had, but a girlfriend instead. I think it would have been better the other way, and much more of a touching story line that viewers would definitely be invested in. On True Blood as a whole, they still have to deal with the public concerns, safety after the Russteve video went public and the General was killed. The Shifter bit can be written off the same as the scene it was taken from in "The Howling", the viewers didn't believe their own eyes then and then a dog food commercial came on, ha!  Some smokescreen can be creatively pulled off by the powers that be to allay mass hysteria, after all, isn't the fear of mighty Vampires enough?
Sookie will be looking for some peace and quiet and happy to just waitress for a bit. With no love interest in season five she's due.  
Bill, Bill, Bill, what are we going to do with you? How can they make you anything other than a screeching bitch who wants everyone to drink from you? Will you be the Blood god, the big bad daddy of the Vamparchy? Makes my head ache to even think of it, maybe Eric will just outright kill Bill or maybe Bill will just open his mouth and say, "What the fuck was that? Get me a towel and an Armani suit! 
Help fight Ovarian Cancer by donating to the Karene O'Hare Memorial Run, you can read here story and donate HERE, Denis will be doing a reading- 
So I will be heading to Williamsburg, VA for my Mom's Memorial 8K run.
Dragon Con  2012 panel from Friday 8/31 (different versions) and more-

Serena Hotels has been host to The Van Stratens this week in Kenya- American actress Kristin Bauer van Straten best known for her role as vampire Pam in the HBO series True Blood has been in the Kenya for the past one week on a mission to help save elephants from being killed for their tusks, and to raise awareness of the deadly ivory trade.

Bauer, a celebrity ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was accompanied by husband, singer Abri van Straten and mother-in-law Cicely Luck van Straten: an ex-Kenyan now resident of South Africa. Serena Hotels had the pleasure of hosting them at the Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge where they took some time off their busy schedule to plant a commemorative tree at the lodge. More on the IFAW Blog.
True Blood returns to FX in the UK- The wait is almost over! True Blood returns to FX for a thrilling fifth season on Monday 17th September at 10pm 
GQ Australia updated with more on the latest issue, Words by Mickey Rapkin Photographed by Steven Pan
“This was supposed to be my day off.”
That’s Alexander Skarsgård speaking. And while we respect his need to unplug, it’s hard to sympathise with the guy given that he’s staring at himself in the mirror as a gorgeous woman massages his bronzed arms with moisturiser. Things could be worse.
This is kind of what Skarsgård’s life is like these days — mostly work, a little bit of play. In the last month (in no particular order) he’s been named the face of Encounter, Calvin Klein’s latest cologne that’s available here October 28, wrapped production on the fifth season of True Blood, taken a 13-hour flight to Sweden to visit family — for the weekend — and prepped for his next project, Hidden, a thriller set almost entirely in an underground bunker. If Hollywood’s welcomed him with open arms and thick pay-cheques it’s for good reason. Skarsgård, 36, is that rare thing: a walking Ken doll with the chops to impress art-house directors like Lars von Trier, but also the Alpha Male presence needed to float action flicks like Battleship (for the record, more watchable than you’ve heard). MORE Photos and interview 

Teaser for Alan Ball's new show Banshee
                                 Denis still filming "The Good Wife" and tweeting-
                                More photos from the "Hidden" set, via FameFlynet, Inc.
That day no one wanted to have lunch on set with Sam or Stephen, wonder why?
The Finale also drove home the fact that a character I never found a reason to like was not going anywhere. Andy will need someone to help with those Faebies, so Holly will be in season 6. What will this mean as far as Arlene's scenes go? If there has to be a harried waitress-mom, I'd rather watch Carrie Preston's Arlene any day. Just my opinion.
Another Ball interview from TVGuide about his swansong- in full at the link.
TV Guide Magazine: Much of last year, and particularly the finale, really severed the connection to Charlaine Harris' books.
Ball: It's something organic that happens. You can't just transcribe the books. That said, there's some stuff in the later books that I think later seasons of the show will address. But we did go on our own little path this year.
TV Guide Magazine: Let's answer some burning questions left by the finale. First, what the heck is Bill or "Bilith" as some call him? An evil god? A demon?
Ball: We don't know! Honestly, we didn't know what Lilith was. Just because the fundamentalists called her "God," that doesn't mean she was. On our show, there's room for all kinds of supernatural creatures. We do know that Bill had some kind of major transformation into a deeper supernatural being. The question for me is has he lost his humanity entirely or will it just have to fight harder to come out. That's certainly something that the writers are talking about for next year
TV Guide Magazine: Bill's been such a monster. Can he really come back?
Ball: My own belief is that people can come back from anything. It doesn't mean that it won't come at a huge cost. But I'm interested in a Bill who is really evil. Because after almost five seasons of a Bill who was "I hate that I'm a vampire, I'm so nice," it was time to make him really go dark and see what that does to everybody else.
TV Guide Magazine: Will Sookie fight to rescue Bill?
Ball: It could be that or it could also be that Sookie is trying to save herself from
him.  The fairy elder said, "There's a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet." That's going to be very interesting to find out why.
TV Guide Magazine: That sounds like it has to do with Warlow, the unseen vampire who killed Sookie and Jason's parents and "owns" Sookie? Jason's off to kill him, so will we meet him soon?
Ball: We will definitely see Warlow. Whether or not we have met him already, I will remain mum. There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda.
TV Guide Magazine: Does all that leave the door open for non-bloodsucker love for Sookie?
Ball: Even though it looks like Alcide and Sookie may have cooled things off, I'm not so sure that he's totally dropped the torch that he carries for her.
TV Guide Magazine: Who and what are the apparitions that Jason sees as his vampire-hating parents who are urging him kill all fangers?
Ball: When he was thrown across the field and hit his head, it shook something loose in his subconscious, which is using his parents as a way to communicate his more violent and vengeful impulses. (edit) Duh he was seeing them before this, multisighs.
TV Guide Magazine: Is Sam's love, fellow shape shifter Luna, dead after shifting into vampire Steve Newlin's body?
Ball: I can't tell you that! But Newlin isn't dead. We love him.
TV Guide Magazine: Was it always going to be Eric who killed Russell?
Ball: There was a moment at some point when we were pitching that somebody else would kill Russell, but it just really felt that it should belong to Eric, because Russell killed his mortal family.
TV Guide Magazine: Is Andy Bellefleur really going to raise four little half-fairy babies next season?
Ball: It's definitely going to complicate things for him. But they may go to live with the fairies where it's safer for them. Also, who knows how quickly they age!
TV Guide Magazine: After that sizzling kiss, are Tara and Pam now Bon Temps hot new couple?
Ball: Yeah. [Laughs] We wanted that to happen from the very beginning of the season, but we wanted to really, really, really take our time with it.
TV Guide Magazine: Will Anna be back full time right away after the birth of her twins in November?
Ball: She is. We're moving production to January to accommodate her. And there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics
TV Guide Magazine: Even if you're not running the show, will you come back for the series finale?
Ball: I will. I just needed to take some time off just to recharge my batteries.

Finale Recap True Blood Bites-
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Backstage at Into the Woods.

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Finale Fangover

Pullover, PULEEZE?
We are pulled over for the next nine months, approximately. Even when we are pissed off at the writers we love our characters, mostly. After the finale I started thinking we only got the Pam/Eric background story because they were breaking them up. I hope that isn't the case and they still are at Fangtasia together. We didn't get much of a reunion but at least the looks between them went deep and was joyful. 
We'll have our hiatus support therapy sessions going on again,  (as of now there is nothing standing in the way). Group hugs.
The Final Fangover: Extra Blood on HBO GO; The Birth of Bilith; Alan Ball Says Goodbye

Did the explosive season finale leave you craving more Blood? Patient viewers who waited after the credits rolled on HBO GO were treated to a special bonus scene, and if you enabled the interactive features, you could see even more. Watch the extra scene right now, and find out what was going through Jason's mind as he rode the elevator with a group of vampires in the Authority headquarters. 
Elsewhere at the Authority, Jessica recorded her final -- and longest -- blog post of the season, in which she and Pam discuss what they miss most about the outside world and complain about the reason they're locked up: "Bill f**king Compton." Bill undergoes quite the transformation himself, after drinking the blood of Lilith, he emerged as what fans have dubbed "Bilith." One enterprising fan on Reddit ventured what season six might look like if directed by Quentin Tarantino. And Stephen Moyer tells TV Line what it was liked to be covered head to toe in fake blood.
The finale was also the end for Russell Edgington, as Eric was finally able to settle a centuries-old score, leaving show creator Alan Ball with mixed feelings. "I get really upset where I write scenes where characters who I love die," he says in this week's Inside the Episode video. This is Ball's final episode at the helm of True Blood, as TV Guide and E! Online report. He took to HBO Connect to answer fans' questions after the finale, and shared parting words in a video that aired right before it.
Alan Ball talked to TVGuide-Complete interview at the source.
Alan Ball, who has been the creative force behind the first five seasons of True Blood, says he has complete faith in new showrunner Mark Hudis — and he thinks fans should, too.
"He knows what he's doing, he's run shows before, he's been a writer-producer on this show for two seasons and has written and produced some really excellent episodes," Ball said during an online Q&A. "I'm just asking him and the writing staff to keep making True Blood ... True Blood!"
Ball said the most recent fifth season of the show, has been one of his personal favorites. "I really enjoyed this last season and the undermining of the Authority by the fundamentalists," Ball said. "I thought it was a really fun thing for our characters to be involved in and really interesting and complicated."
He'll also miss some of the characters he's leaving behind. "I love all the characters deeply, but the most fun for me to write are Jason, Lafayette and Russell Edgington," he said. "They each have such a distinctive voice."
"I really enjoyed Bill because he's always struggled with being what he is," Ball continued. "I've really enjoyed Jason because I think he has really struggled to find meaning in his life over these last couple of seasons, and he's really hit a wall with being the 'hot guy,' and that's not really doing anything for him. I've enjoyed Pam and how earlier she was mostly comic relief but now she's developed her own story with her own emotional landscape. And I think that's really interesting, because she's such a guarded character."
Many photos of Manganiello from Remix Magazine, Photos by Doug Inglish
Abri and I with James Isiche from IFAW and an adorable baby elephant! Pics from Kristin's facebook.
True Blood Ratings from EW-The vampire drama delivered 6.3 million viewers when you combine its two airings Sunday evening, marking the show’s biggest single-night delivery for the show during its fifth season. True Blood is averaging 11.3 million viewers when all forms of viewing are tallied.
                                                     From I'mHereForSookie
                                           Video chat with Carrie Preston at Spreecas

AS filming in Vancouver looking like he's filming TWD. More photos here and here
"Hidden" synopsis from Shocktillyoudrop- Ray (Skarsgård), Claire (Riseborough) and their seven-year-old daughter, Zoe, are an average American family in Kingsville, North Carolina—except they have existed in a bomb shelter since escaping a day of devastation that changed everything.
For 301 days, they have transformed their cement prison into a home, holding on to memories of the past and hope for a normal life someday. And for 301 days, the family has eluded what looms above the surface—the heavy breathing and booming footsteps that punctuate the night, threatening their fragile existence. All the while, the family has managed to stay hidden. Until now. Now their safe haven has been breached…and something is coming for them.

Looking more the model than actor in GQ AUSTRALIA he's #5 in the most stylish category-
5. Alexander Skarsgard, The Viking
It’s not such a bad predicament to be faced with — being six foot four and having the looks of a Nordic god. But Skarsgård, Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood, knows he risks being typecast as the good-looking hunk in cheesy chick flicks. “The nice thing is that as long as I’m doing this TV show I’ve got fuck-you money,” Skarsgard has told GQ. “So I can say no to things. I never want to be in a position where I can’t defend why I say yes.”
We like that as a motto for life. Do what you truly believe in doing and you’ll never have to defend yourself to anyone.

Photographer: Ralph Mecke

The Insider's recap- Will Pam and Tara Live Happily Ever After?

"They both were, if not full-on lesbians, than bisexual. They both were characters with real attitude. And they both hate each other — at least they did at the beginning of the season. And that, to me, felt like it could create a lot of tension that could turn romantic towards the end. [But] here's the thing with relationships on True Blood: Once they happen then you have to throw a monkey-wrench into them, because to have people be happy is not that exciting."
BuddyTV has their best moments of season 5 up! Recap Here.
There are 5 parts to this recap with Janina, watch them all on YouTube, Part 1-

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Save Yourself Rewind Part 2

For a hot NY second I thought he was too fairied up to die, but alas, he wasn't.
Vulture talks to Denis O'Hare, he talks about a cut scene from S3!-
When did you first find out Russell was going to die?
I didn't find out definitively for a while, but there was some controversy about how to do it. We always knew in the end it would be Eric, but the question washow. Given that Russell's so powerful, how could Eric surprise him? So the plausible answer is that he was drunk on fairy blood lust, and he isn't watching his back, and Eric takes advantage before he can respond. There's a nice moment when Russell begins to glow, like, Oh, maybe the fairy blood has made him immune, maybe it's not going to happen. And then the glow withdraws — oh no! [Laughs.]
And at that moment, he only has one thing to say: "Fuck."
That was Alan Ball's rewrite, and when I saw that, I thought, Oh my God, that's perfect. I mean, what else is Russell going to say? I love that his attitude is more like, Ah, well, not a sense of resistance or a last flash of anger, pity, or pathos. I think you get that sense in Interview With the Vampire that vampires get bored after they stay alive a long time, and it's hard to keep forming new attachments. When Russell lost Talbot [in season three], he also lost some of the meaning in his life, and that's why he grabs on to Steve Newlin. He needs a reason to enjoy life, because at this point, the pursuit of power isn't enough. He might as well die; who is there left to meet — Mitt Romney?

Do you think Russell could return as a flashback or hallucination for his progeny the way Godric does for Eric? Or did Russell not have any others besides Talbot?
We have not met his other progeny. He could be a guy who never made any others. There was a lovely scene in season three where Russell and Eric had an intense moment, where Eric accepts his authority, and kneels before him, and you discover how Russell never had a son and he adopts Eric. That scene was cut, but there is an echo of that when Eric kneeled before him again this season. And for Eric to take Russell's life, it was appropriate, and Russell knew that and he welcomed it. This was the only person he's ever accepted as a son. MORE

I know a lot of people hated the character but I just adored him. I wonder where Steve is cowering? I can see him crawling to Eric and working at Fangtasia next season. 
I didn't mention the Luna as Steve scene yet, at first I thought it was Sam because it sounded like his voice. Realized Sam couldn't shift into humans so figured either Luna couldn't keep it up and would get caught or die soon after. We'll have to wait to see if Sam loses yet another love next year. The scene where Luna shifted on TV was right out of The Howling, when the reporter (Dee Wallace) she shifts into a wolf on the news. McMillz did a great job as Steve doing someone else and Carolyn Hennesy was a hoot in her last scene on True Blood being all aggravated by Steve/Luna. She was pissed about Bill and Salome screwing all the time, starting the war that she got stuck doing damage control for and had second thoughts about offing Roman too. Why didn't Roman ever taste that blood? Guess we will never know, but wouldn't a vamp be the least bit curious, and thirsty? No one ever found out (except Salome) that Kibwe was dead either, lol. The Sam as a fly in the mouth was a bit silly, seems like that would've  been his go to way to kill vamps all this time. Emma has been a cute husky puppy more than a child this season, neither the little actress or a real wolf got much work.  Photos courtesy of HBO and Skarsgardfans great screencaps.

Some more recaps, full articles at the source links- 
Meredith Woerner has the finale Pros & Cons up at io9
Last night, True Blood's fifth season climaxed atop a pyramid of vampire intestinal goo. So many beloved characters met their true deaths, and we're actually pretty pissed about how some folks were written off. But on the plus side, this episode marked the return of "fun Eric!"
Con: Keeping in the True Blood wheelhouse, we pick up right where last week's cliffhanger left off. And just like last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, the ridiculous cliffhanger is swiftly disposed of, with either death or a penis. Except this time, it's the death of Russell Edgington. The big bad is killed off before the titles. BEFORE. THE. TITLES.
This is the villain so epic, they brought him back for another season. The ancient creature who basically started the human vs. vampire war, with one quick spinal tug. And they kill him off before the titles! His last words were "fuuck." Unacceptable. The great and powerful Dennis O'Hare deserves better than this. It's just so easy, so quick, so thoughtless. His quick disposal feels so careless. He doesn't even get his vengeance. Rev. Steve and I had the same reaction. Gasp and flee. Except I had to eventually come back out of my bathroom of sadness and continue watching the show. We all knew Russell was bound to meet the sharp end of a stick (he was wildly out of control by the end of this season) — but I just hoped it could have been bigger than this. What was the point of him drinking the Elder Fairy? What was the point of the fairy circus club? Why did we even have this fairy blast-off? Everything gets disposed of so swiftly, I think perhaps the only reason the fairies were in this season at all was to introduce Warlo and to put a ridiculous wrench in Andy's current relationship. Which definitely a good use for a floating invisible fairy sex circus.
Pro: I don't remember a time in True Blood when Sam had pants.
Pro: Andy's babies are all wearing Merlotte's T-Shirts.

                                                 GIF From The Film Fatale's Tumblr
Eonline's One Liner's-
"Well, that felt even better than I thought it would." —Eric
"If I want to be a fool, then I will be a fool. It's my God-given right as an American." —Jason
"She's a waitress. A waitress who's saved my life more than once and whose fear vibe very graciously brought me here tonight allowing me to settle and ancient debt. Thank you for that, by the way." —Eric
"Must all roads lead to f--king Sookie?" —Pam
"That train has already sailed." —Jason (Ryan Kwanten)
"Who knew that watching an alien give birth could be so comforting?" —Arlene
"Abjure this." —Alcide
Of course Brian's from AE is hilarious- 
Well ... THAT happened.
For the capper to a wildly uneven season, True Blood decided to whack a major character, only to bring him back again seconds later as the Second Coming. That's right, folks - Lilith has passed on her bloody merkin, and Bill Compton has strapped it on as the new cherry-coated vampire demigod du jour.
Back at the Interior Illusions Lounge, Bill - on full alert now that there's a breach - gathers the gay stormtroopers and yells at them for being part of such a lame plotline. After they leave, Salami (Valentina Cervi) asks where Chancellor Kibwe is and Bill's all, um ... I killed him because he thought he was the chosen one, when we know YOU are! He tells Salami that he knows Lilith chose her and he couldn't be happier for her, seriously. He bows and makes a mental note to order her an Edible Arrangement. I get another drink.

From Huffpo-Truebies are wondering what the show's creators have in store for the sassy, newly-minted vampire Tara (Rutina Wesley) and her mentor-slavemaster-creator, Pam (Kristin Bauer).
Their relationship has been tense so far this season ... to say the least. Pam has often been reprimanding and threatening Tara for bad behavior as she tries to teach her how to be a good vamp. But the two aren't always fighting -- there have been moments of kindness and compassion between them, as well as intense sexual energy, which (so far, anyway) hasn't been consummated. Their recap is HEREScreenCrave's is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly- Just posting The Good:
Foils: Flashbacks of Pam and Eric’s love inform her and Tara’s similar relationship. Both instances consist of a maker/progeny connection beyond the obvious parent/child. These comparisons allow us to ponder the different types of love we can experience: paternal/maternal, brotherly/sisterly, erotic, neighborly, et cetera. These foils also prompt us to look to the past to understand our future in a playful way. Bill and Sookie’s current relationship mirrors their past when he reminds her of their first encounter as a way of excusing (or explaining) his current behavior.
The (Major) Cliffhanger: The last 30 seconds of the show ended with the most bizarre and gory twist thinkable. Some might deem it predictable, but we were pleasantly surprised by who died and who lived. True Blood’s great strength has always been its ability to shock and awe. In this case, they pushed the limits that founded a following by bringing a sort of immortality into the mix. Jessica said what’s so exhilarating about being a vampire in “We’ll Meet Again:” the undead never age and have the ability to live forever (until they’re turned to goo). But after five seasons, we want something more than general drama and betrayal. And it seems next season might just fit the bill (pun intended) by giving us a taste of what it’s like for a vampire to never die. Hopefully, that comes with disastrous consequences.
Humor: There wasn’t a lack of humor in this episode. From one-liners to shape-shifting fiascoes to Eric calling Jason “Dearie.” We’re glad to see the fun has veered away from amateur puns, picking up on the possibilities for laugh-out-loud moments that are unique to the show. For example: when Bill can’t catch Sam as a fly or when Maurella’s “light breaks” to indicate she’s going into labor. The directing in such instances is great because it’s a clever use of characterization.

From CelebrityCafe-
Eric, Bill, Tara, and basically everyone else in the show, congregated at The Authority fortress…
So, Bill uses Salome’s hubris against her, and tricks her into drinking silver, thus making it easy to slay her. Bill essentially sets things up so he is the only chancellor left standing, and is in possession of Lilith’s blood.
Meanwhile, Eric has gotten a team of A-Listers together to attack the Authority, and try to save the day. Eric, Nora, Sookie, Jason, and Tara break in to the Authority castle, and set off to free Jessica and Pam.
There is an odd moment where the receptionist let’s us know she is studying statistics… then in true True Blood fashion, she dies a few scenes later.
Once Tara rescues Pam, they make out, because its True Blood, so why not have two chicks make out? It seems their mutual tension has culminated in a fanger relationship.

IGN's Recap-So, while one story in this finale had "life or death" stakes, the other had Maurella telling everyone "My light broke" and leaving Andy with four newborn baby girls. The worst part of which is that we'll now have to see Andy comically deal with four newborn babies in Season 6. And as for Russell? The driving force for most of Season 3 and the man who we all cliff-hanged on last week? He got splattered by Eric within the first two minutes; before the opening credits. Now, since I figured that this season couldn't end without Sookie actually meeting and seeing "Evil Bill," I knew the Russell situation would get handled quickly. But not that fast. I mean, I'm glad Eric was the one who got to kill him, but the hastiness of the whole thing made it feel very unsatisfying. I would have much rather watched things play out in the field a bit longer than, say, watch "constantly seeing things" Jason constantly see visions of his vampire-hating parents. More recap links to read- HighlightHollywood, Long one at EW, TVFanatic
Reposting the sneak peek again, when did Jason first start seeing his parents? How did he get the lump on his head? Could be from any of the blasts he took to the noggin', like he said to Sookie when she accidently blew him into the woods, It's ok, it was my head. I'll update when I figure out which ep he first started his hallucinations

Jessica vlogs from Vamper Jail, and Pam is bitching in the background about Bill fucking Compton and having feelings, warm fuzzy feelings and missing things. She misses her pink coffin, Fangtasia, freedom and ...Tara! Yep, that sums up Jason, 2 sandwiches shy of a picnic. I don't like the dismissing of the Jessica-Hoyt relationship though, it was written as a much richer, deeper love than Jess is talking about now. Fuck THE AUTHORITY! Pam says Tennyson was a friend of her parents, do they realize that might have fit Victorian book Pam, not show Pam? Hey I'll take what I can get and it was a lovely thing for Pam to quote.
From Alfred Lord Tennyson's Becket, Act 4-
ELEANOR:Pretty one, how camest thou?
GEOFFREY:There was a bit of yellow silk here and there, and it looked pretty like a glowworm, and I thought if I followed it I should find the fairies. 
ELEANOR:I am the fairy, pretty one, a good fairy to thy mother. Take me to her. GEOFFREY:There are good fairies and bad fairies, and sometimes she cries, and can't sleep sound o' nights because of the bad fairies.
 ELEANOR:She shall cry no more; she shall sleep sound enough if thou wilt take me to her. I am her good fairy. 
GEOFFREY:But you don't look like a good fairy. Mother does. You are not pretty, like mother. ELEANOR:We can't all of us be as pretty as thou art--(aside) little bastard. Come, here is a golden chain I will give thee if thou wilt lead me to thy mother. 
GEOFFREY:No--no gold. Mother says gold spoils all. Love is the only gold.
Alan Ball's Q&A from HBOConnect is up now.
TVLine has an interview up with Stephen Moyer about the finale-
TVLINE | As billed, the finale featured a lot of blood. We didn’t skimp on the death. [Laughs] During the table read for the episode, we were all going, “Oh my f—ing God!” It was like every five seconds somebody exploded. And I know what that means to shoot an episode that has that many deaths in it. Every single time you have to replace the body with a bag of blood, which we call a ‘Goo Drop.’ The ‘Good Drop’ is something like 20 to 30 gallons of blood being smashed down on the floor. And they came up with an even better way of doing it where they jettison 15 gallons of blood into the air as 16 gallons of blood falls down onto that blood, so you get this splatter effect that goes out wide. But that takes the best part of two or three hours per hit. So when we all read that episode, we were going, “Okay, three hours, six hours, nine hours… that’s a day, that’s another day.”
 TVLINE | How long did it take to shoot the episode? It was three very intense weeks. We’re very lucky on our show because we get to shoot like 20, 25-day episodes, which I don’t think anybody else on television gets to do. 
TVLINE | Let’s talk about the final scene — what was the makeup process like? It’s a long process, but ultimately not something we haven’t done before. Sitting in a chair having your body painted is something I’ve done quite a few times on the show. You spend three or four hours in the chair and then you come out looking like somebody else. One of the most interesting parts of the shot was actually during the transformation before the final moment. There’s a lot of tiny little tubes that you have all over your body and then they pump blood through the tubes, and that’s the cross moment where Bill as we know him [turns] into what he becomes. And that was amazing. Read it, read it all up
On the set of The Good Wife, from DO's Twitter.

I didn't think they'd use Stabbing Westward because I thought it was from another show, and I 
know it was used in movies as well, but it is a good pick.

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Save Yourself Rewind

THAT was a great episode, too bad it's the finale but Ball went out in a burst of golden dust, how the new guy will top that I don't know (the finale not the season ha!)
 Photos courtesy of HBO and Skarsgardfans

Do we all love Eric? Hell to the YES. He had jokes the whole episode, he deals with stress by cracking one liners. Telling Jason, "Oh sweetie don't be a fool", was so funny. Jason sneering and all fussy about his god given right to be one. Now Jason is in a True Blood  version of the old movie Topper (great comedy), instead of 2 fun loving ghosts he has a vamp hating Ma and Pa. Poor Jason.

When Eric and Nora were up near the ceiling in the Authority HQ, I thought someone has been watching the Underworld franchise, so Selene!
 I will just ignore that he took out my King, I need time to mourn, like 9 months.  Russell Edgington was full of Fae and feeling good, he felt no pain. He reached Nirvana and hardly realized the Viking reaped his Viking revenge, as Viking's do. Let's take a moment  to honor the man, the myth, the legend,
 Denis O'Hare. 
                          Look how happy he is? The king is dead, long live the king!
All my obsessing about Warlow and they hang me out to dry, so now there's more 9 months of me thinking on it, it won't be pretty.  Updated- in the teaser peek below for Season 6 Jason's still hallucinating his parents and they say to get Warlow, then Jason in his fugue state says I'm coming to get ya Warlow and Nora looks shocked and says Warlow, what do you know about Warlow? How does she know is more the question. The Warlow thread is updated too.
Let's get to some recaps (more tomorrow) as usual just bites, in full at the source links. My own thoughts are sprinkled like fairie dust all through the blog. I write a longass post then wind up losing the will to live as I try to type it all and read my own writing.
 WSJ's Speakeasy-
Bill. BILL. Wow. Let’s just first say Bill is more Machiavellian than we gave him credit for. Appealing to Salome’s pride with his proclamations of loyalty? Coming up with a story about her needing to be the one in charge? Brilliant chess moves there, William. Then ultimately snatching power from her fangs at the lost moment — well done, indeed. So now we have Bill the Blood God. Genuinely creepy, and a genuinely inspired way to the end the season. We still don’t know whether Bill is acting — if he usurps Lilith it means that no one can stand in his original goal to mainstream — but given the stealthy stunts he’s pulled over the past several episodes, we’re going to assume he’s for real this time and power-drunk on his own blood. We’re also glad the show has (for now) given up on the redemption-like powers they’ve infused Sookie with in the past and realized that a mere mortal isn’t going to derail a power-thirsty vampire who, it must be said, has parted with the emotions that characterized his humanity.More at the link
TVLine's recapLIGHTS OUT - The episode opened with a pick-up of Russell and Steve’s attack on the fairies. Though Russell was hardly fazed when Sookie and the club kids flashed their glow-stick fingers at him en masse, a stake to the heart courtesy of Eric stopped him in his tracks and sent Steve running. (Dare we hope that the glow Russell emitted before going splat was a hint that he’d absorbed so much fairy light that he’ll henceforth exist in their dimension or… something?) (edit: I love this thought but he is a blood splatt like our Talbot, but where in the world in Steve Newlin?)
Pam still hates Sookie, Crazy feeds Crazy and vamps are just as fucking retarded as humans, I'll miss the Pamisms for sure. I can't believe she went for Tara so soon, Jessica knew it, I saw it coming but not this quick. Just think, it was only about a month before they hated each other. Oh it is a thin line for sure. I was denied my tearful, heartwarming Pam and Eric reunion, just a HELLO from Eric. Pam ignored Nora, lol. 
Jackson wearing Alcide's brown flannel just made me giggle, and go to find out Ol' Jack has some more tricks up his sleeve besides last week's crossbow. He has a stash with primo vampire blood as well as colloidal silver to knock the V out of Rikki who is in the middle of an OD. So Alcide gets his V on and quickly dispatches J.D., gives his new pack a speech (like his daddy gave him). We're wolves, we respect ourselves, our pack and nature. He gets all Kierkagaard on them by adding we reject nihilism, as if those damn hillbillies would know what the hell he was talking about. Alcide coming soon in "The Pack Master Philosopher" on Lifetime. Thanks to Clay for the pic of Jackson in that brown flannel, like son, like father!
Alan Ball thanks the fans, and says goodbye. Don't forget tomorrow's Q&A @HBOConnect
RIP Sal, how did they pass up a beheading scene for Salome? I just do not know!
We know that vamps are stronger as they get older but this flake just never got any smarter as she aged and never flexed a muscle except the ones in her vajaja. Bill conning her at the end was something we all saw coming but his getting as much sex in as possible was a surprise. We still don't know what is in that blood, but if he turns up next season and that damn vial is full again, Imahavetocomplain. I knew he poisoned the blood, seems like colloidal silver was a co-star this episode.

Wheeeee, Bonus scene up via HBO, they like us, they really like us!
OK, B and me were bamboozled, this is not S6 scene but was tonight's scene of Jason and Sookie breaking into the back of the red necks gun/anti vamp store. Jason is all fugazi still and sees his parents every step of the way, Sookie says he has a big bump on his head so maybe it's a concussion and he'll be lovable Jason again. Jessica realizing she loved him and him rebuffing her, by saying I could never love a vamper is either going to pass or he's back in Fellowship Of the Sun land. 
Now Nelsan can steal a scene, we all know that but Lafayette was reduced to cocktail waitress (those drinks looked good too) this finale what with all the birthing going down.  Lala still gots the moves.  I knew Mrs. Bodehouse was in the finale from the cast list on IMDB but damn, Jane is still the funniest drunkie I have ever seen. She watched Maurella screaming high notes that broke glass, having light shooting out of her lady parts like it was one of her soap stories and having the time of her life. She was so out of it, seeing her so happy and saying she didn't know what the hell was going on made me forget her sad book counterpart. Maurella sure likes it salty and dropping them babies like it's no thing. Andy's litter brought her baby total to 73, I think she left him with 4 but until I rewatch I won't swear to that. She just get up and tatas out leaving the baby crew with Andy and Holly. Talk about a bad babymama, isnt she going to come visit or keep them safe in some fairy strip club? Funny scene but Andy will be knee deep in poopie diddies next season, or will they be supersized by then?

Denis talking about the finale-
So will Billith be bloody and naked, walk around making bird noises and telling others to drink him all up next season? That could really be awkward.