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Blood In the Streets

Details has an interview with Sam Trammell from last week, long interview at the link I just posted the important part, his ass info.
DETAILS: Do you have to watch what you eat? Do any butt exercises?
SAM TRAMMELL: Oh my God. I'm going to have an eating disorder by the time this series is over. You're not 20 anymore, and we all know: Think about having 10 pounds added. It takes a lot of effort in eating and exercising just to look passable on camera without your shirt on. Then you have people like Ryan and Joe [Manganiello], who are super-human and they're very, very cut. The bar is pretty high on True Blood.
DETAILS: Are you a meat-and-potatoes guy?
SAM TRAMMELL: I definitely like to eat. I like sugar, and I like to drink beer. Which you can't even drink during the show. I drink wine. That's part of the not-so-glamourous part of being an actor. More

From THR-  Joe Manganiello is in negotiations to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in Breacher, the action thriller which David Ayer is directing for QED International. Manganielo will join Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard and House of Lies actress Dawn Olivieri (edit:she played Alcide's sister on True Blood, who has been forgotten about) as members of the DEA team. His character, named Grinder, discovers a conscience and attempts to contact the police.
Missed Vulture's review of Everybody Want's to Rule the World, more at the link-

As usual, we'll pick out a few of the crazier things from this week's episode. Grab an Oxycontin-ginger and let's watch the True Bloodfactories burn together. What a bummer that they'll never be lofts.
Steve's Prayer
This was pretty accurate. Like at Thanksgiving, when your grandma is like, "Who wants to say the prayer?" or if you're hippies, what you're grateful for. (Barf, right?) Steve's blasphemous little couplet was cute, but I really wish Eric had gone with rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub, you can see this guy's chub.
Poor That Guy, Though, Right?
I don't mean the character who got eaten in that scene, I mean the actor. You're just living your life, being Simon Pegg's stunt double, and then all of a sudden you're lying on a table in front of a bunch of series regulars who, of course, are being "total pros" and asking if you're comfortable and stuff — but God, this is not how you wanted to get on HBO.
Eric and Molly vs. the World
I like the dynamic these two have going on. It's very Eugene Levy–and–Samuel L. Jackson in The Man. Just please don't let them have sex. Corrina Corrina was like yesterday for most of us.
Terry and Arlene
At least until Steve and Russell get together, these two are the best couple on this show. Nice teamwork, you two.
Bill's Newfound Piety
I had a friend in high school who ate a shroom chalupa and was convinced that he lived a selfish life devoid of meaning and went to church for a whole week before his brain chemistry normalized. I think he may have tried to sign up for the Peace Corps. Stay off drugs, kids.
The True Blood Monopoly
This brings up an interesting thing: There's NO True Blood competitor? I mean, remember when Snapple was huge? There was immediately, like, Sobe, Arizona, Fruitopia. I mean, I get that synthetic blood is probably highly chemically complex and proprietary, but where's the Fruitopia factory explosion? (Isnt this so true?) More laffers.
HighlightHollywood has a good interview with William Sanderson at the link, here's a bit-When I asked the actor what keeps him going in such a very tough industry. He credits his beautiful wife and luck. “Sharon keeps me alive, she keeps me sane. I owe so much to her, and to my manager, as you know. I know people aren’t that interested in older actors these days, especially with so many handsome guys and ladies on ‘True Blood,’ why on earth would they want to see Bud again?” But our office lines lit up on Monday, and emails as well. Fans wanting Highlight Hollywood to find out if this is really the final run for Bud Dearborne, the once beloved sheriff turned hate group leader? Although the actors on these shows are always the last to know. A “True Blood” insider reminds Highlight Hollywood, “No one really dies in Bon Temps, do they?” OK, lets think. Rene the serial killer has returned, Mrs. Stackhouse has been back several times, even Jason and Sookie’s parents, dead long before the show began have made some appearances this season on the show. So heck no, Bud is not history, hopefully not yet.
                                 Photos from Skarsgardfans and HBO John P. Johnson
Rollingstone talks to Todd Lowe, it's much longer at the link-
One of the defining aspects of Terry Bellefleur has always been the fact that he suffers from PTSD. Did you do any first-hand research on it?I knew some people growing up – some family members, some friends of the family – who had done time over in Iraq and done a couple of tours, and I kind of based it on them. I didn't do too much medical research into it – I'm leaving that up to the writers to determine what's going to happen – but I didn't know until the beginning of Season Five, when Alan [Ball] sent me an e-mail saying what was going to go on with my character, what had actually happened over there. I didn't know in Season One that I had shot an innocent woman while high. So having that at the beginning of this season, like, "Ok, you did do something just terrible and nightmares are going to plague you forever."That is the cause of why he's been [the way he is], among other horrors I'm sure he saw over there. That's the one that was the most personal.
The human population on True Blood is rapidly dwindling, especially now that Tara's been made a vampire. So would you like to see Terry go supernatural? Or do you think he works best as a human?
I think we need humans in there for balance – to give supernatural characters more weight. If there are no humans left, it becomes like a Dungeons and Dragons game; there's gotta be something that grounds it in reality. So I'm happy staying human; whatever the writers want to do with me is fine. If they want to at the end of the series reveal that I'm the Easter Bunny, I'll take that and play it as straight as I can. But no, I prefer staying human. All of Terry's monsters are on the inside.
In your opinion, as someone who is from Texas originally, who in the True Blood cast – who is not from the South – does the best Southern accent?
Ryan Kwanten.

Another short bit promoting Forsaken from Instyle with Kristin Bauer -
True Blood aired last night! And while the drama rages on between Sookie  and her main boys, Bill  and Eric, we can’t help but get distracted by one little thing: Pam’s super-sexy costuming. “You get the script, and you have these pretty great scenes—these crazy scenes and dialogue—and then the wardrobe fitting feels like Christmas,”Bauer van Straten told InStyle.com at the launch of HSN’s TB-inspired Forsaken Beauty Collection. “[Costume designer] Audrey Fisher is amazing. She brings in a rack of that stuff and I email her and go, ‘What do you think we’re going to do—what direction?’” According to Bauer van Straten, there are only two options: “Sexy or sexier. You don’t do a lot of breathing during the day, but it’s fun!” Considering how devilish her character can be, we bet it is!

The HDRoom has some speculation on what's coming up, some of it seems unlikely but...On last night's True Blood 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World,' Bill sipped some more of Lilith's blood in the heat of sex and slipped further into the vampire god's grips. On one hand, Bill's new purpose gives him a small dose of personality. On the other, he's completely turned on Eric.
The promo for next Sunday's episode, 'Gone, Gone, Gone,' shows Bill's devotion to Lilith runs deep. He's willing to put a stake device on his "friend" while under the influence of Lilith's blood. At the least the editing leads us to believe the device is put on Eric.
I smell a redemption for Bill coming, either at the end of Season 5 or early on in Season 6. And I suspect Sookie is just what Bill needs to either knock some sense into him or help complete a secret plan he and he alone knows about.
The new True Blood promo also tells us that Pam and Tara will attempt to deal with the new vampire sheriff that now sits on Eric's throne. Human blood is flowing freely and Pam doesn't seem too thrilled about the new direction the world is heading. As gruff as Pam and Eric come across, they run a fairly civilized vampire establishment.
Sam and Luna will find out who has Luna's daughter and head out after Steve Newlin to retrieve her. Newlin has been somewhat of a lost cause this season, popping up sporadically and offering next to nothing to the narrative. It wouldn't be a shocker if Luna put the former preacher down for good. Or maybe she will enlist his old Fellowship of the Sun congregation to help out.
The most intriguing shot in the promo is of a ghostly Godric being embraced by an equally ghostly Lilith. Godric has been Eric's voice of reason to resist Lilith. Why on earth would she appear in the same vision? Assuming, of course, it is Eric's vision being seen.
'Gone, Gone, Gone' kicks off the final three episodes of True Blood: Season 5 and Alan Ball's turn as showrunner this upcoming Sunday. I suspect he will go out in style and eliminate a primary cast member. It's long overdue.
                                          Production shots of Into the Woods from Broadway.com and Denis' Twitter.
From New Zealand Ad agency: DraftFCB.
I forgot to post this yesterday, Kristin sent her second newsletter out, she is busy so we are grateful she had the time to do it at all.
About me and getting ready for the trip to Kenya.All is well. "True Blood" season 5 is doing great. The Pam-isms, clothing and new progeny seem to be going over, which gives me great relief! But the big news I can barely contain is the I am off to Africa in 3 weeks to Direct a Documentary on Elephant ivory and Rhino Horn poaching.
I don't know how many know this about me - but I am a country girl from Wisconsin who married a country boy from S. Africa who's family is from Kenya. Their families story is very similar to "Out Of Africa"
The other thing you may not have heard - is that Elephant and Rhino poaching is at an all time high since it was banned in 1989. Rhinos have gone extinct in the wild in the last six months and the same fate will befall elephants if we don't do something. So I decided to do "something" — take a camera crew to Kenya and talk to the people who live this loss, fight this fight every day, and are implementing solutions but they just need a bigger voice. I will ask them "What is happening and how can we help you save our elephants and the last rhinos, that are being protected in sanctuaries?
Here's a link towww.outforafrica.com which will tell you all about it.Kickstater: http://tinyurl.com/6lgmp52: Twitter: @BauervanStraten  Facebook: The van Stratens
Another commercial for Forsaken-

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