Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fangovering Till the Finale

100,000 #SaveYourself tweets unlock a SNEAK PEEK at the finale: http://itsh.bo/TSacqq

EW's poll winner for Best Villain is our King!  True Blood at Summer TV Awards-
Best Villain (Reality TV or Scripted)
1. Russell Edgington, True Blood, 31% 
Single Funniest Moment1. Whatever Pam or Lafayette just said, True Blood, 37%
Top Tissue Moment
1. Jessica glamours Hoyt to forget her and Jason, Jason later breaks down, True Blood, 27%
Biggest Disappointment, Single Moment
1. Roman's early death, True Blood, 35.04%
Most Anticipated Finale Still to Come
1. True Blood, 33%
EW's InDepth recap of Sunset

Meredith's Pros and Cons in full at io9.com True Blood starts a Fairy War… in Eric’s pants-
Con: Jessica uses the best teen trick in the books: twisting your parent's words against them. Of course, Bill is on his never-ending path to be The Worst. And his response to Jessica's silly trickery is to pull the old, "Now you will stay in this closet and smoke this entire pack of cigarettes" thing. Just to prove a point, and be a huge dick in the process. I think it's getting pretty safe to say that Bill is no longer just playing along with the Authority. He actually believes this crap. 
Con: Nora and Eric proceed to have the most unsettling through-the-pants makeup sex ever. Nora is crying and saying "Forgive me!" and "What are we going to do?" I half expected Eric to say, "First, we're going to stop talking." Look I totally get funeral sex, I've seen that John Cusack movie like nine times. Obviously this makes me an expert. But after a whole season of man-child Eric, and now the scared, "re-living the death of Godric" Eric (WHO IS ALREADY DEAD, GODRIC HAS ALREADY DIED SO WHO CARES IF CASPER GODRIC DIES?) I feel Eric-starved. What happened to the "Don't use words that I don't understand." creature? Or sex dungeon Eric? We would like old Eric back now, please. Pretty please.
Pro: Roselyn's hair and lipstick look absolutely fabulous this episode. Go on, girl. 
GIFs from Peachiex of Tumblr  dancing Ball! oh I laughed.
Hot Slut Of The Day!
The Elder Faerie (as played by Erica Gimpel ) from last night's episode ofTrue Blood.So that's what happened to Coco from the Fame TV show. Bitch got a hold of the wrong kind of Ecstasy, crushed those pills into powder, cut that powder with Pixy Stix dust, snorted it up and she hasn't been the same since. During last night's True Blood episode, the fairy bitches took Sooooookeh to meet the all-knowing Elder Faerie, a cracked out crazy ho who gave the kind of dance performance you usually only see at the end of a candy rave from a seasoned raver who just downed an entire bottle of orange juice.When I asked myself, "How did the True Blood writers come up with this stupid shit?!", I got my answer after I stared at the bong on my coffee table. Everyone involved in the making of this cracked out fairy moment was high on the right stuff. Skip to the 0:58 mark to take in all of the foolery:
If you took Courtney Love's last brain cell, put a drop of liquid acid on it and then slid it under a microscope, this is what you would see through the lens. The Elder Faerie lost me when she name checked Ke$hit, but she won me back with "slut your heart out" and then had me all the way when she name checked Boyz II Men. Posted by: Michael K
You know how the Bellfleur's are Bill's descendants? Well now that soon to be popped lil fairie is also part of his human bloodline. I have to stop coming up with ideas that will never play out on the show.
Huffington Post's recap (in full at the link)- Rosalyn shows up asking to see her progeny, Elijah (the sheriff that Tara beheaded with a sword in last week's episode). Pam takes the fall for Elijah's death, and her and Jessica are whisked away to Authority headquarters. Tara has to be the one to save the day. She's had a great season, so it's only right that she ends it with a bang (like, literally, she might die saving everyone). More GIFs at the HuffPo link.
More of the CKEncounter campaign on twitter, later they'll be releasing a video-

Finally a trailer for the horror movie that Stephen Moyer is starring in, The Barrens. I have camped in the Pine Barrens, it is a beautiful area but there are some scary legends about it. From ShockTillYouDrop-The film - starring True Blood's Stephen Moyer - is expected to roll into a limited theatrical run on September 28th.  Those who want to see the film are urged to use Tugg to request a screening in their area.  An October 9th DVD/Blu-ray release will follow.
Synopsis: It’s known as the Jersey Devil, the winged beast spawned 400 years ago by Satan himself. Some say this creature still inhabits the dense pine forests of southern New Jersey, where Richard Vineyard (Moyer) takes his family for a rustic weekend camping trip. As the Vineyard family ventures further into the woods in search of the perfect campsite, Richard teeters on the edge of sanity. Welcome to a new kind of horror that lives – and kills – in a place called The Barrens. MORE

Some theories about Lilith and the blood that are interesting.

Thanks True-Blood.net

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