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Dr. Strange Blood or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Bomb the Blood

This is the end of the season promo from HBO, at this point my mind is starting to check out and all I can think about is where are the National Guard, Swat Teams any Law Enforcement (besides my Andy) etc. to off the vamps during the day, even the lamest Z-horror flick would have that action going on in a fight for humanity. What do we have? Hillbillies in Obama masks, ohrighteeee. Where's Vincent Price when you need him or Darryl from TWD? I watch too much horror so blame my constant re-writing the show in my head but really, seriously? Pics from Skarsgardfans and HBO

TVGuide's Natalie Abrams has some thoughts on this promo-
If you blinked during Sunday night's trailer for the final three episodes of True Blood, you may have missed one heck of a spoiler.
The trailer showed an image of what appears to be a dead Jason Stackhouse in a grave next to Jessica. Did Sookie's brother meet his maker, then get turned into a vampire like Tara? The evidence seems to be in the photo. Jessica is curling up next to him, or going to ground, as the vamps call it. There is even dirt already thrown onto Jason.f that's not enough, Woll recently told that the arrival of Lilith would also affect Jason. Why would the apparition of a centuries-old vampire have any impact on a simple deputy from Bon Temps? Because the vampire Eve has inspired the Authority to savagely kill all humans. EDIT:She didnt mention the Ginger looking dead.

Kimona my house or the Virginia Reel killed my shifter pardner, do-si-do!  
A bit of the Rollingstone recap, all at the link-
Over at the police station, Jason and Andy continue their investigation into Hoyt's disappearance, studying the website of the Obama-masked anti-supernatural hate Videos depicting vampires tied to crosses and left to burn in the sun and mentions of a "dragon" (a.k.a. "Grand Dragon") leads Andy to suspect that the group is modeling itself after the KKK. How patriotic. It's a good thing Sheriff Bellefleur pays such attention to detail and recognizes his erstwhile boss' cowboy boots on one of the Obama-masked men in the video, and that Sam and Luna were, literally, flies on the desk of the station listening in so that they could – you guessed it! – Save Sookie.
Earlier in the day, Sookie paid Bud a visit to get some answers about her parents' deaths, but instead got herself knocked out when Bud's heavset, satin-robe-favoring gal pal, Sweetie, smacked her with a frying pan. When Sookie comes to, she's tied up in a barn filled with pigs – and Hoyt's unconscious body. Sweetie – introduced as the "dragon of Renard Parish and the square-dancing champion of Louisiana" – and Bud enter the barn and start spouting off reams of hateful rhetoric about how they are only trying to protect people, in the name of America. There is absolutely nothing likable about Sweetie, who not only wants to kill supernaturals, but humans who associate with them, like Hoyt and Sookie. And our opinion is not the least bit softened when Sookie delves into her memory to extract the basis for all of her bile against supernaturals: Sweetie's husband left her for a shape-shifter, at a square dance, no less.

Robert Patrick, dyed black hair, brown contacts with a very pretty boy who looks nothing like Joe as young Alcide. 
Here's TVline's recap bite-
PUPPY LOVE- After all that, Sam and Luna were ready to go pick up Emma from Martha. But they aren’t likely to like what they find next week, because while they were busy starring in a redneck version of Babe, Russell was giving the little wolfette to new boy toy Steve as a present (and also to punish her grandma for having the nerve to say hell to the no would she drink his blood). In other hairy news, Alcide paid a visit to his deadbeat dad (Robert Patrick) to let him know that he’d been abjured by his pack.
I’LL HAVE A SALOME UN-WRY- As the first of the TB factories exploded, Eric teamed up with Mac fromVeronica Mars to hatch a plan to escape from Authority HQ. Though Bill prattled on about some sort of existential crisis he was going through, Eric’s mention of Sookie seemed to bring him around – especially since his part of the plan meant he got to get busy with Salome again. But, at the moment of truth, it turned out Bill had lied, revealing to Salome not only Eric’s scheme to steal away but to take Nora with him.
The glorious Brian's recap from AE read the whole piece at the link, we all need the laughs. The episode kicks off with some breaking news: a True Blood factory in Houston, Texas has been blowed up. Meanwhile, the Artists Formerly Known as the Authoritaay ("The Authorinaay"?) have a nude, hairless man strapped to the table. And when I say "nude" I mean "pickles available on the fixins bar" nude. The vamps debate whether or not to say grace, and Steve Newlin jumps in with a charmingly folksy prayer. Russell is amused, but Salami ( isn't. Nor is the hairless man strapped to the table, who upon closer inspection may actually be Glee creator Ryan Murphy. Apparently big Klaine fans, the vamps dig in.
Russell and Steve - the May/December romance of this and several other centuries - are strolling through a farmyard, with Russell regaling Steve about his first subservient werewolf. They meet up with JD and his pack of junkies, and Russell opens a vein for them. When Meemaw Martha (Dale Dickey) won't partake in communion, he asks, "What's your name, werebitch?" and she says that she won't drink. He steals puppy Emma ... AND GIVES HER TO STEVE AS A PET. Oh. My. God.That's kind of awesome in the most horrible imaginable
way. Steve is tickled, of course. MORE

Some more recaps you might enjoy- EW's Recap, ScreenCrush's, TheStirCafemom, TVGuide's, HitFix's, TVFanatic's
A bitch is going to die a miserable death not only for daring to toss the Pamelicious but if the promo is not a misdirect, for Ginger, how the fuck could Ball allow that? I can't even deal anymore with this shit, you don't kill off the side characters that add so much with so little screentime. GIF SOURCE, lotsa Tara!
Did anyone else laugh that all of a sudden for plot purposes Merlotte's was supposed to be open again? They just wanted to use it for Patrick's final scene. Oh I have to keep laughing because if Jason and Ginger are gone, I will be crying.
Eric's Scenes-

Meredith's Pros and Cons from io9-
Pro: Steve Newlin's blessing, and Russell's "isn't that adorable" clappy clappy response. I was a bit on the ledge about these two joining up, but if we're going to see some awesome Alpha Vampire courting, then I'm down.
Pro: Meanwhile, we find out how Bill's brilliant plan to bomb all the True Blood factories is impacting the common vampire. Twinsies Pam and Tara. Things are not good on Fangtasia farm. Tara tries to have a heart to heart with Pam, "Just because we drank a bitch together does not make us Oprah and Gale." It's funny because they're not really like Gale and Oprah. Not at all. Because they are vampires.

Pro: Eric's insane disdain for this religious freak show paired with Bill's pathetic "I'm lost" attitude. Is Bill playing the smart game, or is he tricked by the magical bloody breasts of his new god? My money is on breasts.
Con: Bill was tasked earlier with getting some of Salome's blood. You don't remember this because it was buried until the 500 other character stories that were important. Bill apparently needs to get this blood with his penis. It's a vampire thing. While in the throes of thigh-thrusting courtship, Salome admits that the world views her only as a naked girl with a man's head in her lap. Blah blah blah blah, Salome is the bad guy.
The interview posted a few days ago turned out to be correct, article from Blastr is about Lilith coming back-Well, Lilith's coming back this Sunday in "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," and you're going to see more of Clark and her mysterious character. "Lilith ... in the world of True Blood, God is a vampire and he created Lilith in his own image," said Clark in an exclusive interview with Blastr. "So she is the very first earthbound vampire and is worshipped. She is the original vampire goddess. ... Lilith is present in a lot of different mythologies and cultures throughout history, so I definitely did a lot of research about different interpretations of her and what she meant and what she did. But what I took away from all of them is just her power, the presence, the refusal to bend to any external expectations. She absolutely is a complete entity and a completely self-structured creature. And so that was just so fascinating, because she really is her own definition of womanhood and goddess. It's not very often that you get to play a part like that."Clark ended up with the role after auditioning for a different part that they "went in another direction" for. But they didn't forget about the beautiful actress and runway model, who is of Nigerian, Irish and Indian descent. "When they were conceiving of Lilith, they thought of me, and I was brought back in and auditioned, and before I auditioned, I was asked, and they checked multiple multiple times, 'There's going to be, even for True Blood, your appearance is going to be nude. Are you okay with that? Are you sure you're okay with that?' They were very clear and up-front about that before I even auditioned for the role. So I went in, and I was like, if I'm going to do it for anyone, I'm going to do it for Alan Ball and True Blood. You know what I mean? I wouldn't do it for anything or everything, but for this, yes," said Clark.
"You do it Terry, Shoot him in the head for your family!" Arlene made up for any lameness in the past in this episode, the Icepick Cometh!
Zap2it has some Carrie Preston goodness-Zap2it:What kind of projects does your production company usually do?
Carrie Preston: We choose to do works that tell a story of people who might not get told in a wider, more "Hollywood studio" kind of system. I feel a lot of times that the films that are made specifically for the gay audience can be a little limiting. Maybe they are more explicit sexually, or they're things that you can't share with your family. We like to say that we make gay films you can take your mother to and women films with a "broad" appeal.
Zap2it: Is that why your recent film"That's What She Said" has an all-female cast?
Carrie Preston: There are so many "bromance" films that are all-male except for maybe one female that the main protagonist wants to have sex with. That's pretty much how women are represented in those films, and we wanted to make a female response to that. The things I do that are more fringe are because I want to give a voice to characters that wouldn't otherwise have a place in our film and TV culture. MORE
HuffPo's recap-Russell took Emma from Martha as a gift for Steve and as for payment for the V he's been supplying the wolf pack.
Pam and Tara didn't have too much to do this week, but their chemistry is still dynamo ("Dynamo?" Yeah, dynamo.)
Bill's sex scene with Salome/Sookie/Lilith was, um, interesting. Let's leave it at that.
Tara has been officially taken off the "Will Most Likely Die By Season's End" list. Added: Nora, Molly, Salome, Steve Newlin (unfortunately), Russell (also unfortunately), J.D., Rikki, and Martha and maybe Luna. Still on the list: Hoyt. It's gonna be a bloodbath, y'all!
Sookie: "You see anything?"
Lafayette: "Yep. One fine-ass, mothafucka with pretty new eyelashes!"
"Bein' a vampire has got nice perks, like no dumpin' and all..." - Jason
Hate Group Member: "All hail the Dragon!"
Jason: "Oh, shit me. There're dragons now too!"
Andy: "Not those kinda dragons."
Jason: "That's what they s--."

"Don't move, motherfucker, or I will blow your fuckin' brains out!" - Arlene, surprisingly

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