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Salome Gets A-Head of Herself

Salome, you ditzy dancer in the dark. Did you seriously create this mess to have a better rep, to be connected to Lilith? You didn't think your plan out more than a minute ahead, deary.
Then, she doesnt even want the leadership for herself, she gives it to Bill. I could go on a rant about her being weak and using men but it is so obvious. I would love her end to be from Tara and her sword, it seems a fitting end to Sal, losing her head. 

HBO Connect just posted-Who the $%&! is Warlow? So we have a spelling, like the town in Germany.WARLOW!
The Fangover: A Love Forgotten; Russell Goes Native; Steve Newlin, PR Pro

They say you never forget your first love. That is, unless she's a vampire and glamours all memory of her existence out of you, as Jessica keenly observers on her Baby Vamp blog this week. Hoyt, faced with the torture of his best friend's betrayal, his girlfriend's abandonment, and his terrible new wardrobe, decided it'd be best to forget it all and move out to Alaska. Fans and recappers were similarly heartbroken, with "Hoyt" trending on Twitter in the middle of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. You can vote in this week'sHBO Connect Tweet battle whether Hoyt should #getoverit or was right to say #glamourme.

The losing species of the week? Vampires who don't follow the word of Lilith. In a scene revealed in the HBO Go Interactive Viewing Experience but not included in the episode, we find out what Eric was subjected to before bearing witness the death of his maker (again):
As Eric comes around to publically embracing Lilith, another ancient vampire loses his faith. Russell Edgington, fresh from "getting Greek" with new boy-toy Steve Newlin, decides he's had enough of religious fundamentalism. As episode director Scott Winant puts it in Inside the Episode, "he's saying, 'F**k you all, I'm going to live my life.'" And you know Russell's serious when his native German accent comes out.
While Newlin is experiencing the joys of being a new vampire—like witnessing to his first ever staking—he's still able to keep up the front of the AVL's well-behaved spokesman. "He's nothing if not an opportunist," actor Michael McMillian says in the HBO Go Interactive Viewing Experience. "He's good at spin." Newlin's PR tricks from his days with Fellowship of the Sun still work against Representative David Finch—who you may remember as Lafayette's paying customer in Season 1. You can see more of the former reverend's work at the official American Vampire League website.

Brian's weekly recap is up at AE, Fan-tas-tic as usual-Back at Fangtasia, the new sherriff (we have yet to learn his name, but he's played by genderf*ck firebrandKeram Malicki-Sanchez) isn't happy with the night's take. He suggests installing some repurposed two-way peepshow booths that allow vamps to feed off humans in 30-second intervals. Pam (Kristin Baure Van Straten) thinks that's ridiculous. He says that they have to create 30 new baby vamps or the Authoritaay is taking everything away from Pam - including Tara (Rutina Wesley). And she's not even a puppy! Back at Sookie's, Andy (Chris Bauer) wisely observes that it's a good thing she didn't order pizza. He and Sookie briefly wonder who turned Mike in the first place (good question!) and then get down to insulting him before his goo is even cold.
Back at the Authoritaay, Bill nips a little of Lilith's blood out of the tabernacle with Ye Olde Turkey Baster of Rapture and forces Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) to drink it. Nora (Lucy Griffiths) willingly joins him. He then retires to the bridge of the Enterprise to watch them on video as they trip balls - they both see Lilith (Jessica Clark), then Godric (Allan Hyde) shows up, then Lilith rips his throat out and yanks his head off. You know, the usual. Meanwhile, even though Bill can't see the visions that they do, he mutters "Praise God" or "Praise Lilith" or something. Uh - whatever, buddy.
Meanwhile, Russell and Steve - who went out to grab a bite after staking Molly earlier - are slow-dancing to "Teenage Dream", covered in blood. (Awww, they're just like Kurt and Blaine!) Russell tells Steve about faerie blood allowing you to walk in the sun, and he dips Steve, then bites him. Romantic schemer! MORE!

Sam Trammell was in DAMAN Mag, whew, Sam should dress up more!- There are actors who found their calling from an early age and saw their plans through to fruition. And then there’s Sam Trammell.
If destiny is truly written in the stars, then there’s a good chance Trammell had seen stardom coming his way years ago, while he was studying astrophysics at the prestigious Ivy-League university, Brown.
Yet again, if the sky did send him any sign, he probably missed it anyway, because, as he soon realized, astrophysics didn’t really work out for him.
Afterward, Trammell switched to Semiotics and French philosophy, although none of them really clicked for him. It wasn’t until he auditioned for a role in an off-Broadway play that he finally knew what he wanted to do.

Shortly thereafter, he abandoned his esoteric scientific studies and headed for New York City to pursue an acting career. Trammell worked his way through the Hollywood scene as well by appearing in numerous plays, TV shows and some ‘off-the-beaten-track’ movies.
His grinding eventually started paying some dividends when he received a Tony nomination for his performance in the revival of Eugene O’Neill’s play, Ah, Wilderness!, in 1998.
His big break came a decade later when he won the role of Sam Merlotte in what would later become the worldwide smash TV show, True Blood. A bar owner with a heart of gold who happens to also be a supernatural being, Sam (both the actor and character) has quickly become a fan favorite. Although, according to Trammell, that could change a bit as the show 

enters its fifth season and Sam gets more and more mysterious with each episode.
DA MAN: Sam has been having a steady relationship with Luna. But have you ever felt afraid that it will end up like Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis), where his significant other ends up dead?

Sam Trammell: Yes, of course. Bon Temps is a dangerous town and anything can happen. Luna has been a good influence on Sam and an important part of his life. She’s opened him up and allowed the audience to see his many previously hidden
DA MAN: Which one is more challenging? Playing and trying to get fans to like the kindhearted Sam in the beginning of the show or playing the darker, more mysterious Sam in more recent seasons?
Sam Trammell: It’s been more of a challenge to play the darker Sam. The last couple of years have been a lot of fun and very fulfilling a
rtistically. We’ve gotten to explore Sam’s history and we’ve seen him come out of his shell. Much more here Also Jim Parrack was featured last year here, and Ryan Kwanten as well, here.

Eric Scenes-

Meredith of io9.com Pros and Cons, more at the link- Last night True Blood pried open it's clenched fists and let the love of our lives fly away and move on to better things. It was hard, but it needed to happen. Because now there is more room in our hearts for Pam and Tara's infinite collection of matching outfits. Sigh. But let me tell it to you Pro/Con style.
Con: The village coroner is a vampire! Shocker! Shocker? Shocker.
This seemed like just another opportunity to throw vampire remains at both Sookie and her garbage house. I would imagine that every single countertop and crevasse of the Stackhouse home is just covered in MRSA. Is MRSA something you would get from blood and dirt and sex secretions and vomit? OK, maybe MRSA... I just Googled "Can you get MRSA from vampire jizz?" but I couldn't get a clear answer. Sorry, guys.
Pro: Hoyt is returning from the hospital. He and his Mama finally have the long awaited heart-to-heart in which Hoyt tells Maxine to "return your fucking mattress." *Claps*
Pro: "What are you in the mood for?" "I was thinking Greek." Ah ha ha, I see what you did there. Russell takes Steve out to dinner, to a frat house. 

Photos courtesy of HBO and Skarsgardfans
More recaps- AVClub, TVFanatic, CraveOnline, TV.com
Sam at Wizard World Chicago 2012, 
Sam Trammell during the 2012 Wizard World, Chicago Comic Con on Day 2 at the Donald E.Stephens Convention Center. Photo copyright by Daniel Locke / PR Photos.
From IndieWire- Hey guys, the internet can be totally fun times with stuff like Tumblr, porn, Facebook, memes, YouTube and whatnot. However, very bad stuff can happen on it too, and it could probably ruin your life or something. That seems to be the message of "Disconnect," the first narrative feature from "Murderball" director Henry Alex Rubin, and his first movie since 2005.
While we're wary of the premise, he has aligned some solid talent with Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Frank Grillo, Paula Patton, Michael Nyqvist, Andrea Riseborough, Alexander Skarsgård, and Max Theriot among the ensemble. Even more, Max Richter ("Waltz With Bashir," "Shutter Island") is scoring the film. Not bad. Here's the official synopsis: Disconnect interweaves multiple storylines about people searching for human connection in today’s wired world. Through poignant turns that are both harrowing and touching, the stories intersect with surprising twists that expose a shocking reality into our daily use of technology that mediates and defines our relationships and ultimately our lives. LD Entertainment has snapped up the U.S. rights, but no release date yet.
Meanwhile, Alexander Skarsgård will also be out in force for "What Maisie Knew," where he co-stars alongside Julianne Moore and Steven Coogan in a story about a child caught between two warring parents, in a contemporary update of the classic book. Here's the official synopsis: Based on the Henry James novella, the story frames on 7-year-old Maisie, caught in a custody battle between her mother – a rock and roll icon – and her father. No distributor for this one yet, but the busy Nick Urata has also scored this film (along with fellow TIFF film "Arthur Newman") and it's one we'll be keeping an eye on.
Disconnect's page at TIFF What Maisie Knew's page at TIFF

I'mHereforSookie does a lot of great work on tumblr and everyone should go check out her posts/pics/GIFs at the link-
Sookie talks about Mike Spencer at Darling Sookie's blog
                                               From Adsoftheworld

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