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#Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset.

Thoughts from a rewatch of the spritely smorgasbord-
Couldn't Bill at least redecorate before moving into Roman's bedroom, same bedding? Ball isn't only making Bill darker, he's making him sceevy. One thing Bill has that Eric doesn't, is a huge bed. Did you notice that when Eric was pacing like a lion in a cage how small the bed looked in his room?  London's calling and told me Elijah's last name was Strummer then Rosalyn makes it sound like Stone, I'll have to check into this. 
Pam is always thinking, that is when she isn't all depressed over Eric. She volunteered to take the rap for Mr. Strummer's death not for Tara but to get inside the Authority HQ, she thinks Eric is there. Never underestimate her loyalty or the power of Aquanet.
Johnny Stackhouse? He was a landowner and bit of a creep, ok nutjob but was he fae or not? Updating the Warlow thread that is HERE. Alcide's father stole the pack's money that is why he isn't packmaster and is a lone wolf living in a trailer down by the river. Big change from the admired, successful businessman in the books, in fact it's one more opposite from them. Talk about mis-hearings, I thought Alcide said to his daddy, you raised me to be a man and a wolf, not a fake cowboy, hee. It was "not a thief and a coward", but you already knew that (I wasn't even drinking). Photos courtesy of HBO, John P Johnson.
Andy, the only man who isn't compelled by fairie dust and can resist Maurella, is committing an act of war by doing so. Ok, moving right along, it looks like Steve is just knocked out, so Russteve lives! Now more recap links for your pleasure, full recaps at sources-
The most awesome Brian's recap is up at AE, he thinks the werewolf in the pick up was hot too, told you he's my brother from another mother-
More importantly: Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is shirtless and hitting the dirt with a heavy implement of some kind. Seriously, I have no idea what he's doing outside his father's trailer - it's like he's splitting wood, but I swear there's no wood there. 
Are they just messing with us now? Or does the gravitational pull of his six-pack create some kind of dead zone where other cordwood-shaped items are rendered invisible? In either case, this scene is hilarious because it involves some random Colt model pulling up in a pickup, awkwardly using the term "baby vamps" several times, and then driving his sleeveless hot self away in a cloud of dust. It's AMAZING.
Apparently Alcide's paw [RIMSHOT] doesn't find it nearly as amusing as I do, because he calls the guy "a lyin' sh*t!" Alcide then accuses pappy of stealing money from his pack, which is why they kicked him out, which is probably true. Pops (Robert Patrick) says "the pack can go f*ck themselves" and Alcide gets really mad and starts slamming his big tool on the ground again. I'm sure that there's some important subtext I'm missing here, so I may have to watch this scene several more times by myself. Talk amongst yourselves.Vulture's take this weekBarring some huge, season finale plot twist, Bill is actually into the whole Lilith thing, which, yikes. But good on you, Sookie. If anybody ever breaks up with you and turns to murderous religious fanaticism as a coping mechanism, you're doing something right.
Andy's Halfling Baby
The U.S. Government Shows Up
Wow. So we finally get some insight into where the hell the feds have been this whole time. And I guess that they're like, "This is what happens when you mix church and state!" Ho ho ho, subtle.
Rosalyn's Sense of Smell
I guess it was interesting to see Rosalyn have a point at all, but as a deus ex machina, the Toucan Sam thing was a little bizarre, no?

Nora Talking During Sex With Eric
Oh my God, have you seen who you're having sex with? SHUT UPPPPPP

From BuddyTV- 
Odds and Ends: Shifters, Babies and Wolves
Elsewhere, Sam and Luna find Emma, but also get captured by the vampires. Sam gets taken to Bill as his dinner and sees Pam on the way. The funniest moment of the episode comes when Sam asks Pam to help Luna, only Pam has no idea who the hell that is.
Andy promises to be a good man to Holly, but then Maurella the faerie shows up at Merlotte's pregnant with his Halfling baby. At least Terry and Arlene seem happy following that whole "He killed his best friend to save his family from an evil Iraqi fire monster" nonsense.
Finally, Alcide is hanging out with his dad (shirtless, thankfully) and the two team up to fight some baby vamps. It turns out Alcide's dad is a fan of the Hunger Games, because he busts out a bow and arrow to kill some vampires.

TLG's HighlightHollywood's recap all at linkAt least Holly and Andy seem happy. But no one else had that much fun. Russell and Steve kidnapped Jason, Russell then glamoured Jason into taking him to the field where the plain exists for fae. And the Elder made a deadly choice. Instead of using the entire fairy population to stop Russell, the Elder, who was stunned to learn tonight, “Russell Edgington is alive,” well, she decided to face off with Steve and Russell on her own. She zapped Steve through the field without any hesitation, but when it came to Russell, he quickly placed Jason in the path of the fairies’ beam of light and Jason flew across the field. Russell quickly and very viciously attacked the fairy Elder, then was euphoric with glee. “I’ve never tasted anything so delicious,” Russell exclaimed. But then with the Elder’s blood running through his veins, he was able to see Sookie and the other fae’s hiding place. “I think I am ready to come to dinner,” he said, as the episode ended.
Jethro Nededog, a longtime TB lover's Celebuzz recap-After the last episode, there were plenty of bloody messes to cover up. At the Authority, a military general turns up threatening to annihilate vampires if the group doesn’t stop their attack on mainstreaming and punctuates the threat with footage of Russell  and Steve  devouring the members of a frat. Good luck with that as Eric  is two steps ahead of everyone in his bid to escape the Authority and snaps the general’s neck. With the group freaking out, Eric suggests that he and sister Nora  go on a glamouring spree and erase all knowledge of the video. Sensing possible dissension, Bill  suggests they take security with them. But, Eric later turns the guards into bloody splatter and he and his sister take flight.
You little Ginger bitch.
TVLine's review in full at the source- You know how nuts Russell always seems on True Blood? Well, in Sunday’s episode, Bill seemed even crazier (though, regrettably, without the twisted sense of humor that makes Russell such a guilty pleasure). After being told by Lilith that there could be only one vampire leader and “I choose you, Pikachu,” Chancellor Compton ordered Jessica to turn Jason into a fanger. And that was just for starters! 
HEAD CASE - Rather than do as she was told, Bill’s progeny warned Jason that Russell was coming after his sister and her scrumdiddlyumptious fairy blood, then went into hiding at Fangtasia. Unfortunately, Tara’s assassination of Sheriff Elijah led his maker – surprise! Barb from Cougar Town! – straight to the bar. Quicker than you could say “type OMG,” Pam had taken the rap for her baby vamp and gotten arrested, and Jess had been dragged back to Authority HQ. There, Bill decked – actually decked! – his “child” and, jealous that Lilith was also telling Chancellor Kibwe that he was “the one,” beheaded his rival. Little did he know that the fickle nudie goddess was also delivering the same message to Salome…

How many times have you re-watched at this point?

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