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Save Yourself Rewind

THAT was a great episode, too bad it's the finale but Ball went out in a burst of golden dust, how the new guy will top that I don't know (the finale not the season ha!)
 Photos courtesy of HBO and Skarsgardfans

Do we all love Eric? Hell to the YES. He had jokes the whole episode, he deals with stress by cracking one liners. Telling Jason, "Oh sweetie don't be a fool", was so funny. Jason sneering and all fussy about his god given right to be one. Now Jason is in a True Blood  version of the old movie Topper (great comedy), instead of 2 fun loving ghosts he has a vamp hating Ma and Pa. Poor Jason.

When Eric and Nora were up near the ceiling in the Authority HQ, I thought someone has been watching the Underworld franchise, so Selene!
 I will just ignore that he took out my King, I need time to mourn, like 9 months.  Russell Edgington was full of Fae and feeling good, he felt no pain. He reached Nirvana and hardly realized the Viking reaped his Viking revenge, as Viking's do. Let's take a moment  to honor the man, the myth, the legend,
 Denis O'Hare. 
                          Look how happy he is? The king is dead, long live the king!
All my obsessing about Warlow and they hang me out to dry, so now there's more 9 months of me thinking on it, it won't be pretty.  Updated- in the teaser peek below for Season 6 Jason's still hallucinating his parents and they say to get Warlow, then Jason in his fugue state says I'm coming to get ya Warlow and Nora looks shocked and says Warlow, what do you know about Warlow? How does she know is more the question. The Warlow thread is updated too.
Let's get to some recaps (more tomorrow) as usual just bites, in full at the source links. My own thoughts are sprinkled like fairie dust all through the blog. I write a longass post then wind up losing the will to live as I try to type it all and read my own writing.
 WSJ's Speakeasy-
Bill. BILL. Wow. Let’s just first say Bill is more Machiavellian than we gave him credit for. Appealing to Salome’s pride with his proclamations of loyalty? Coming up with a story about her needing to be the one in charge? Brilliant chess moves there, William. Then ultimately snatching power from her fangs at the lost moment — well done, indeed. So now we have Bill the Blood God. Genuinely creepy, and a genuinely inspired way to the end the season. We still don’t know whether Bill is acting — if he usurps Lilith it means that no one can stand in his original goal to mainstream — but given the stealthy stunts he’s pulled over the past several episodes, we’re going to assume he’s for real this time and power-drunk on his own blood. We’re also glad the show has (for now) given up on the redemption-like powers they’ve infused Sookie with in the past and realized that a mere mortal isn’t going to derail a power-thirsty vampire who, it must be said, has parted with the emotions that characterized his humanity.More at the link
TVLine's recapLIGHTS OUT - The episode opened with a pick-up of Russell and Steve’s attack on the fairies. Though Russell was hardly fazed when Sookie and the club kids flashed their glow-stick fingers at him en masse, a stake to the heart courtesy of Eric stopped him in his tracks and sent Steve running. (Dare we hope that the glow Russell emitted before going splat was a hint that he’d absorbed so much fairy light that he’ll henceforth exist in their dimension or… something?) (edit: I love this thought but he is a blood splatt like our Talbot, but where in the world in Steve Newlin?)
Pam still hates Sookie, Crazy feeds Crazy and vamps are just as fucking retarded as humans, I'll miss the Pamisms for sure. I can't believe she went for Tara so soon, Jessica knew it, I saw it coming but not this quick. Just think, it was only about a month before they hated each other. Oh it is a thin line for sure. I was denied my tearful, heartwarming Pam and Eric reunion, just a HELLO from Eric. Pam ignored Nora, lol. 
Jackson wearing Alcide's brown flannel just made me giggle, and go to find out Ol' Jack has some more tricks up his sleeve besides last week's crossbow. He has a stash with primo vampire blood as well as colloidal silver to knock the V out of Rikki who is in the middle of an OD. So Alcide gets his V on and quickly dispatches J.D., gives his new pack a speech (like his daddy gave him). We're wolves, we respect ourselves, our pack and nature. He gets all Kierkagaard on them by adding we reject nihilism, as if those damn hillbillies would know what the hell he was talking about. Alcide coming soon in "The Pack Master Philosopher" on Lifetime. Thanks to Clay for the pic of Jackson in that brown flannel, like son, like father!
Alan Ball thanks the fans, and says goodbye. Don't forget tomorrow's Q&A @HBOConnect
RIP Sal, how did they pass up a beheading scene for Salome? I just do not know!
We know that vamps are stronger as they get older but this flake just never got any smarter as she aged and never flexed a muscle except the ones in her vajaja. Bill conning her at the end was something we all saw coming but his getting as much sex in as possible was a surprise. We still don't know what is in that blood, but if he turns up next season and that damn vial is full again, Imahavetocomplain. I knew he poisoned the blood, seems like colloidal silver was a co-star this episode.

Wheeeee, Bonus scene up via HBO, they like us, they really like us!
OK, B and me were bamboozled, this is not S6 scene but was tonight's scene of Jason and Sookie breaking into the back of the red necks gun/anti vamp store. Jason is all fugazi still and sees his parents every step of the way, Sookie says he has a big bump on his head so maybe it's a concussion and he'll be lovable Jason again. Jessica realizing she loved him and him rebuffing her, by saying I could never love a vamper is either going to pass or he's back in Fellowship Of the Sun land. 
Now Nelsan can steal a scene, we all know that but Lafayette was reduced to cocktail waitress (those drinks looked good too) this finale what with all the birthing going down.  Lala still gots the moves.  I knew Mrs. Bodehouse was in the finale from the cast list on IMDB but damn, Jane is still the funniest drunkie I have ever seen. She watched Maurella screaming high notes that broke glass, having light shooting out of her lady parts like it was one of her soap stories and having the time of her life. She was so out of it, seeing her so happy and saying she didn't know what the hell was going on made me forget her sad book counterpart. Maurella sure likes it salty and dropping them babies like it's no thing. Andy's litter brought her baby total to 73, I think she left him with 4 but until I rewatch I won't swear to that. She just get up and tatas out leaving the baby crew with Andy and Holly. Talk about a bad babymama, isnt she going to come visit or keep them safe in some fairy strip club? Funny scene but Andy will be knee deep in poopie diddies next season, or will they be supersized by then?

Denis talking about the finale-
So will Billith be bloody and naked, walk around making bird noises and telling others to drink him all up next season? That could really be awkward.

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