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World of Warlow

TVLine's recap is longer at the link-MAKE-BELIEVERS | Before Russell declared his independence from the Authority (and from all authority, for that matter), he, Bill and Salome executed poor Mac from Veronica Mars. Eric, however, was given one last chance to convert — and force-fed a droplet of Lilith blood to speed the ol’ presto-chango. At first, he and Nora saw not the nudie goddess but Godric, who, in essence, tsk-tsk’d his daughter. But then Lil showed up and slashed Mr. Peace, Love and Happiness’ throat. After that, Eric was a believer — or at least willing to give the appearance that he was one. He even claimed that he forgave Russell for slaughtering his whole family. Of course, the immortal enemies’ d├ętente was short-lived. Both Eric and Bill went wild-eyed when the madman revealed his plan to score enough fairy blood to daywalk to his cold, undead heart’s content. (You could almost hear Bill’s brain gasp: “Sookie!”)
Last week people were surprised I wanted to see Nora staked, baked and flaked, how do you like her now?
Worlo Vs Russell? Hmm, the things I think of.
Luckily the AVL cleaning people know that peroxide gets out bloodstains, they go through gallons of it. Photos courtesy of HBO, Skarsgardfans (Caps for the new promo are there too!), TruebloodGIFs, Filmchick3
Kristin's Q&A with fans is up here, a few of the questions, there are some good ones-
Pam is my favorite character in True Blood. When she was cursed by the witch, how long was that makeup session & was it difficult to do?
It was about 5 hours, sometimes a little less and twice 9 hours. The actual moment of the first hex, when it starts to melt was 3 hours in the chair and then film for a minute, then three more hours, then film for a minute…It had its challenges but I loved them. I am happy I wasn’t in that all year! But I was so happy to have such a meaty (sorry) story line.
Absolutely brilliant, pairing Pam & Tara up. It appears, Pam is feeling a bit tender (slight bit) towards Tara, will it continue?
I think in Pam fashion, she will continue to be alternatingly tough and then tender. Pam has only ever needed Eric so it’ll be very interesting to see how this develops for me too! I think it is a fun relationship and I think Rutina is having fun too, I know I am.
What's your favorite Pam line?
A line coming up in 11. What can I say about it. It’s in a hallway…and another super is passing me…

Rollinstone's recap bite-
Eric's fate isn't as clear-cut, since Bill and Nora have convinced the other Authority members that he can be converted. With "sister" Nora forcing Eric's mouth open, Bill drops some of progenitor Lilith's (supposed) blood onto the attempted escapee's tongue. Nora also has a taste, saying, "We'll meet her together" before they start tripping balls. Don't try this at home, kids.
As Bill monitors them from a Star Trek-like control room while looking like a demented Spock, the paranoid pair are confronted by their maker, Godric. He tells them Lilith is a "godless god" who will lead them and many others to "destruction," and that he has done what they fear to do, evolve. After implying he can no longer save them, a hairy-bushed Lilith emerges and gouges Godric's throat, causing him to implode. She's left covered in blood and guts, exactly as she appeared that one time in bed with Bill. Sexy.
After the bloodbath, Eric begs the Authority's forgiveness and says he realizes he was worshipping a "false god" in Godric and will forever follow the word of Lilith. He makes a point of thanking kooky-creepy Russell for his mercy and forgives him for his "sins." In the spirit of a truce, Eric leans down and kisses Russell's hand. Uh, come again?

MTVHollywoodCrush's recap, a funny one this week (all at the link)-
The Wild FortenberryFor once, "True Blood" appears to have lost a character to something other than supernatural homicide: Hoyt, fresh from his ordeal at the hate group pig farm, has made the sensible choice to leave Bon Temps for the Alaskan wilds. The only thing he needs is a little push in the direction of moving on, courtesy of a nice vampire-issue memory-wipe. Hoyt's request‒that he be glamoured into forgetting Jess, Jason and all the pain they've caused him‒is met with distress by all parties involved, but Jess relents and does it. And it's really, really sad, particularly when Jason meets Hoyt on his way out of town and sobs at how fully he's been forgotten by his beloved bro bestie. (Meanwhile, Hoyt landed in Alaska and was immediately mauled to death by the vampires from "30 Days of Night." Probably.)
                    Peter Mensah's big scene, poor Doctore, hope he gets a beefy role soon.
what a good side eye he gave Russell
One of the wedding photos (Bride of Warlow) and I wonder what a Fae Baby shower is like?

adding the new info and some ideas. Sounds like Warlow is indeed a vamp, or something more than just vampire (I will troll him till he is actually outed on the show, the fanfic in my head is awesome.). Crazy Elder Fairie said she did know "Johnny Stackhouse" he was a landowner and bit of a creep. So what does that tell us? Not much, but it seems he wasn't fae if he was a landowner. Still, she didn't say in what realm the land was in so we are back to square one on what he was. She also says it's forbidden to speak of these things and there's a reason Sookie finds vampires irresistible, huh? She doesn't find all vamps that way, who can blame her for the 2 that she does? This is a weird scene, saying Sookie sluts herself out and that "you, me, Warlow, our destinies are entwined". "Hold onto your light", ok, but y'all should have held onto your mind because it is g-g-gone. Of course the one moment of clarity she has in answering Sookie is interrupted by Jason outside the club calling for Sookie, so we learn zilch.
Mel from said this to add to the mix, "I just rewatched the season 4 premiere and noticed that Queen Mab told Sookie, "We can't have the bearers of the Fae on the human plane any longer." I knew I'd heard that phrase before!"
Earlier Warlowian theories-
HBO Connect just posted-Who the $%&! is Warlow? So we have a spelling, like the town in Germany.WARLOW! Still I wanted a Gaelic twistie on it like Oirlo, silly me. I have a new thought (a synapse flares!), what if Warlow is a fairy of the troll variety and his payment was for some crossing, see where I'm going with this? He is on a bridge afterall, maybe John Stackhouse (who might have been part fae or mated with one) needed to escape or be allowed somewhere and Warlow expedited that in some fashion? 
Mr M. Warlow (what do you think the M stands for, Meekus?) entered into a binding pact with John William Stackhouse August 5, 1702, it was written in the signee's (Stackhouse) blood. Maurella is pregnant with what I assume is Andy's child, she is over 500 years old and does some spelly thingee to translate the old language on the vellum the pact is written on. She reads that it grants Mr. M. Worlo (again don't know the spelling) JWS's first Fae bearing female heir. 
In 1702 Louisiana was a new French Territory, so I wonder why a Stackhouse was there at all. There were still many native tribes and yellow fever, malaria was rampant. Maybe it was a deal to save his life or one of his family members, but how did the Fae blood get into the Stackhouse lineage at all? Somebody was getting funky with some Fae, maybe Warlow himself with a Stackhouse or a female fairy that he allowed to do the deed with John William. OOOh found a video of this scene!

This now looks like a completely different actor as Worlo/Oirlo/Warlo, but more likely they didn't want bookies to see the resemblance with the nasty fae from the books and Mabe's followers from last season. We read of them in Book 9, Dead and Gone (when they chomp on Bill almost doing him in and capture Sookie). Will Bill or Russell fight with Worlo over Sookie? Will it be the finale or the cliffhanger, will she wear white to the wedding?

The return of the gnarly toof fairies?All rightey now, I watched and wasn't taking notes or distracted, it's Worlow (sp), and it seems like it could be someone of the bad fae persuasion judging by Claudine's knowing them enough to address by name and admonish them to leave. Let alone the fact that he isn't interested in Claudine who is full fae at all. Also Sookie and Claude both say that she shouldn't have been able to see through a vamp's eyes. Claude would be terrified they tracked him down too, and he seemed way scared. Adding more to this: I have to think this is how they are setting up the Fae War from the books, of course changing the hell out of it but still the seed is there. Worlo, Oirlo or however you spell it, is going to be like the book baddy Breandan (Sookie's fairy uncle) imo. These castings from Episode #511, "Finally" also looks like the Fae are getting more of a focus, [ANGRY FAERIE] This angry faerie gets into an argument with the Belligerant Faerie and the Pissed Off Faerie in a faerie free-for-all. Co-star.

[ELDER FAERIE] Female, 40s and up. African American or Caucasian. Actor / Dancer. One Episode Guest Star. STAR NAMES ONLY. 


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