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Ambition Breaks the Ties of Blood

The miracle of the blood in the vial is the fact that it's fullness keeps changing. 
Speaking of nasty blood, whatever happened to Hep D that Vamps feared in season 1? Hahaha! I'm so silly to remember anything from then, right? 

HBO removed the earlier promo with Russteve dancing in the frat house with the bodies of the frat boys all over the room. Now looks like Mike Spencer is a vamp, who the hell would turn his ass and sleep in dirt with him? I'mhereforSookie has GIFs.
Usually we'd think it's sweet for someone to give their new lover a puppy, but when the couple consists of sadistic vampires Russell Edginton and Steve Newlin and the puppy is Luna's werewolf daughter Emma, it takes a slightly more sinister edge. While actors Denis O'Hare and Michael McMillian have enjoyed their characters’ budding romance, there's one area where they remain competitors. "Let's make one thing perfectly clear: No one has hair higher than Steve. Except maybe Pam. Maybe," McMillian says in theInteractive Features on HBO Go. "Denis O'Hare may claim his 'do the champ, but I think the proof is in the pompadour." 
Another fan favorite who delivered the goods this week was Lafayette. Just as you were wondering out loud, "Is he supposed to be Whoopi Goldberg in 'Ghost'?" Lafayette settles the matter as only he can, hissing, "I ain't Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost." So who is he channeling? Costume designer Audrey Fisher says his fashion choices are partly inspired by Marlene Dietrich's gypsy madam outfit in the film 'Touch of Evil,' which she imagines is one of his favorites.

The quips kept on coming, no more so than in Fangtasia where Pam and Tara trade zingers like the madam and bartender they were in their human days. EW recaps the highlights, which include Tara's "Suck me, Vampire Barbie," and Pam's "Just because we drank a bitch together does not make us Oprah and Gayle" — a line that caught the attention of the one and only @Oprah herself. You can ask Kristin Bauer van Straten questions about it in a live Q & A on HBO Connect on August 13. Until then, vote in this week's Tweet battle over who has more at stake—#humans or #supes?
Summer Fun! By Gianna Sobol
Hey y'all. I couldn't stay away from the blog for too long. Thought I'd come back and say hello and tell you about some of the fun stuff going on here. We are finishing up the season, getting ready to mix the finale and put the final VFX shots into place. It's going to be EPIC. And to make the summer even sweeter, we've got a cookbook coming out, a new line of Forsaken beauty products, and I'll be doing a live Facebook chat during the launch on HSN! I'm so excited to get to talk to the fans directly and talk about our favorite thing... True Blood! Come one, come all, and come with questions!

Woll answered those questions and more when she was quizzed by CNN's "Starting Point" panel. Check out the video above and find out what she had to say!

Bertena Varney has thoughts on the new End of Season promo which made me want to repost it as well as the Comic Con promo below.
First, Bill thinks that he is the "Chosen One" and turns Eric in to meet the true death. He was always a jerk but is getting worse this season. Also, if you look at around the 40 second mark isn't that Eric's hand grabbing the gun out of Sookie's hand? Remember she was warned by the fairies that a war was coming so she is at least prepared. Elijah, the new Sheriff pushes Pam and Tara to follow a new mandate, one that forces them to kill humans and defy Eric.
Russell and Steve are on the loose with little Emma. I so hope that they both get what is coming to them. This line just infuriated me but it is a must if they are going to get Alcide into the middle of the vampire war and take over his pack. And Sam is pointing a gun at someone, maybe the shifters finally get their day to exact revenge for all the mayhem and death that they have suffered this season. But, we do know that Sam and Luna rescue Emma. Jason finds a mysterious scroll that tells about the Vampires and his parents but this doesn't last long because he is taken by Jessica and placed in a grave with her. We know that Bill asks her to do something that she doesn't want to do but is turning Jason into a vampire the thing that she is forced to do? MORE

Zap2it's Finale speculations, remember it's just thoughts, and some are obv wrong, but what the heck-
Grave Danger: In the preview shown at the end of the last episode, Jason Stackhouse is lying at the bottom of open grave, with Jessica cuddling beside him. Are they just having a nap? Could Jason be, gulp, dead? Last time we saw a human and vampire sharing a grave, Tara  was on her way to a "Toddlers & Tiaras"-style makeover and a new life as a bloodsucking pole dancer.
Puppy Love: Sam  and Luna head to the Authority to try to rescue were-puppy Emma, who was dognapped by Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin . Unfortunately, the shape-shifters are captured themselves. (Even if Merlotte's had Tru Blood in stock, is anyone there to serve it?) Meanwhile, Alcide is headed for a final showdown with J.D.
Armed and Dangerous: Sookie  is "tired of running" -- so tired that she's introducing someone to the business end of a rifle. We'll have to wait to find out she's packing ordinary ammunition or vamp-killing wooden bullets.
Tara Dies, for Real This Time: Just kidding. (If only wishing made it so...) But judging from the promo, her maker might be in trouble -- Pam
 is knocked out on a table and Tara is hella mad about it.
The Chosen Son/Sun: Bill has gone off the deep end, swimming in Lilith's blood and viewing the living as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Eric is willing to sacrifice himself, Godric style, if necessary to save humanity from his monomaniacal former VFF. So when Russell uplifts his arms and proclaims, "I will have the son," does he mean he's going after Bill? Or does a "damning video" of him and boy-toy Steve have him contemplating suicide by sun?
Finally. when Bill says, "I told you -- vampires often turn on the ones they love the most," whom is he threatening?
We're afraid of the answer. EDIT: Sheesh, it's Russell dude, the same guy who wanted to walk in the sun 2 seasons ago and drain Sookie, how could they think he meant a son. 

Wolf Eye from Damian Atkinson
TrueBlood Wolf Eye from Damian Atkinson on Vimeo.
                                Poor Janina,, how could they compare her to Tara Reid?

Supes are destroying our country. It's time we fight back! Spread the word if you believe in America!  Keep America Human, y'all

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