Friday, August 10, 2012

Blood Letting

Our last, best hope. Sookie Wan Kenobi.
Now there's going to be coroner all over those nice cozy PJs and more cleaning.
Andy Patrick  of TVLine talks about Bill and thinks he's scheming, a lot of fans are saying they think he has a master plan up his sleeve too. I guess the torturing Eric must just be a bonus for Bill and the wholesale murdering going on is collateral damage for sumpin. I have no idea because so many things are contradicted episode to episode, season to season, anything can happen now in this free for all. Oh Marcellus, nothing can surprise me anymore, even the talk of fairy blood in the vial, (which I want to mark at how much is in it now in this pic, ha!).
Just look at the shiftiness in Bill’s eyes as he hovers over (well, near) that vial of precious Lilith’s blood. Something tells me he’s about to do an about-face, betray Salome and Co., and save the world. (Something else tells me this was his plan all along.) What do you think? Is Bill going to ride to the rescue? Or is he merely angling to get himself an unauthorized taste of the original vamp? More

I missed this till Karin posted it, I hate The Talk but for Rutina ya gotta watch.
From True Blood Italy- the film"Disconnect" with Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd will be presented out of competition at the 69th edition of the Venice International Film Festival . Today we can announce that the film will be screened on September 3 at 22 . Photo Source
                                                                 True Blood on FX UK
From the Daily Telegraph, Ryan Kwanten's been enjoying his time at the London Games. Picture: Nic Gibson. The 35-year-old, who plays Jason Stakehouse in the vampire seriesTrue Blood, is hanging in London for a week enjoying the Olympic fever and his favourite sports triathlon and boxing.
But with a flair of genuine modesty, he says the athletes had real talent and he has been inspired by how much work they put in while he just thanks his lucky stars he is an Aussie and been cast in vampire and horror flicks.
"It was Einstein who said the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious and I feel like it is a mystery whether it's vampires or Australians," he told Confidential.
"There is a mystery to us both. Americans want to realise what is so mysterious about Australians I think it is we are not afraid to be men, to wear our hearts on our sleeves, if you've done any form of travelling you will know we are a very welcoming culture, we have a great international reputation and that goes for any industry whether it's entertainment or business.
"We are known as very easy to deal with, good at our jobs, professional but it's not the be all and end all."
Kwanten lives six months of the year in the US and the other six travelling on film sets but said he still calls Sydney's Northern Beaches home. "Anyone who knew me 10 years ago is still going to get that Ryan now. If you were to speak to my mum and dad I would hope they would say the same thing, ‘he hasn't changed at all'."
Kwanten is being recognised on the streets of London for True Blood but also Home and Away where his acting career largely began.
He says he will always have time for fans and happy to chat "for two minutes". And my time is up.

Fox News Channel's Michael Tammero caught up with Ryan Kwanten to talk "True Blood" and his new hit film, "7500." This was posted back in May but they have it back on the site again.

True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is in London right now enjoying the 2012 Olympics.  Kwanten attended the Omega House’s Bollywood Night on August 6,   Omega is the official timekeeper for the London Olympics. SOURCE

Mike Marsland/

They had the official opening event for Into the Woods on Thursday and Rutina was there too, Michael Loccisano/Getty Images ZIMBIO   more at
From EW, the vid is not embeddable but Deborah Ann Woll talks about the photo (above) of her and Jason in the grave looking hole. Says he looks very pale and make of it what you will and she is surprised that HBO released it. If they make Jason a vamp too that will just bite it, I hope a fairy can give him back his light and he is human for next season. 
This season of True Blood has certainly had its share of twists, turns and shockers.  But as per usual, it seems they’ve saved the best for last! At least, that’s what I was led to believe after chatting with the lovely Deborah Ann Woll, who took your questions about the last three episodes of the season in the latest Spoiler Room Video Edition. So click below for some scoop on all the hunky men in Jessica’s life, to learn whether Hoyt will be crying ‘wee, wee, wee’ all the way home after being thrown to the pigs (that was grim), and two great teases for what Woll calls the “bloodiest” finale yet. Video at link.


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