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Gone, Gone, Gone Rewind

Photos courtesy of HBO John P Johnson and Skarsgardfans (promo caps are up there as well), RimsieTumblr

Ep. 58: Recap
EOnline's One Liners- whole recap at the link.
"Bought you a new mattress too. California King. I don't approve of the state, but it's good for a boy your size. " —Maxine (Dale Raoul)
"Well f--k me he can count past five." —Pam
"Lilith is a godless god. " —Godric
"We procreate because we want to. Not because some d--khead dipped in afterbirth told us to." —Pam
"I wish I had just one drop of fairy blood to stick in your piehole!" —Russell
"Fine then, I'll make two. I always wanted kids." —Tara

WSJ's bit of a recap all at the link- Did the opening scene with Mike asking to be let into Sookie’s house remind any other watchers of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the movie? Specifically the part where David Arquette hovers outside Luke Perry’s window, begging to come inside. (Speakeasy saw this movie at too young an age, we think, and has been fascinated.traumatized by vampires ever since).
Every time Maxime Fortenberry comes back on this show we cannot contain our delight, especially when she doesn’t “care for California” but does approve of the eponymous mattress size.
Russell and Steve Newlin are slow dancing to Katy Perry. Has there been a better moment in all of “True Blood”? It’s always a treat when the show weaves in appropriate pop cultural references, and this one, with lyrics like “we’ll be young forever,” suited the moment just right. More of this, please.

...or the alt title, Bride of Worlo. Wow, lots to marinate in the old brain tonight. We were all pretty spot on about Mike Spencer, but Sookie needs to go to the range because her aim isn't true. If not for the fairies picking up some Chinese she wouldn't have had chopsticks with which to stake the creepy one. He keeps his autopsy photos along with his porn, even  Andy sceeves Mike, so who the hell would turn him and actually bury themselves with him for a day, ew, ew, ew?
 What a waste of Molly (RIP), I had such plans for her next season, at least she got to speak her mind before the I-stake went off. I think we all knew Russell wasn't buying any of the "book of fucking Lilith" and he seems to be able to come and go as he pleases. Steve's freedom is because he has appearances to make as the AVL (yep they are still pawning them off on us) spokesman. Carolyn now seems like she might be his maker because she beams like a proud mommie while he is on TV, Russell moons over him too in an icky way, Kibwe is all WTF at that scene.
Maxine is back and she done got her hairs in a new-ish do and looks fabulous as she drops her one liners, "Cheeto Headed Tramp" in her one golden scene. 
Elijah (Dickhead dipped in Afterbirth) is taking his new position as Fangtasia boss seriously, he looked pretty hot too I might add. I knew (and I said it here and on Facebook) Tara wouldn't be dealing with this shit for long, but I did think there was going to collateral damage first. Elijah (in a red velvet Marc Bolan jacket) wanted to do peep shows, vamps would pay to drink on humans 2k an hour, oh and they had a minimum quota of humans to turn also. Pam is bummed to the max, she has been through too much (and not knowing if Eric is ok or not),  she just wants to go off with Tara and fuckitall. 
Now if Tara just doesn't make you all love  her now with the (misdirect of a promo scene of Ginger looking dead on a desk) ruse to save them from the Authority mandates and get rid of Eli, she never will. She don't know nothin' about birthing vampire babies, and his reply was ice your clam, oh that is too funny. Ginger actually was quiet, (for a bit at least) pretending to be at death's door while Elijah gets up close to see if she is dead or not. Scream Queen FTW with a stake and Tara does a nod to Michonne with a sword. Hell Yes, the best scene of the night,  goodbye cutiepie Elijah! Team PTG Power AWN? Ok, I need a better slogan.
Anyone else think of "Daybreakers" with the deal to turn too many humans, also Bill mentioned "Byzantium" which is a new vamp movie coming out soon, ok maybe it's just my horror obsessed self. 
Eric is so pulling the blood over their eyes with this act of obedience and kissing Russell's ring, if anything Lil ripping up Godric made him more set on the Authority's destruction. Why was Bill watching through the camera as if it was an experiment, it's like he can't figure out this blood either. Bill, dorkus, get a scientist on it stat, we need to find out the breakdown of the .drug Sal is using, unless he already knows.
Who knows how Sam has time to squeeze in running Merlottes, that just is dumb, but the meal Lafayette made for Holly and Andy did look good. The Jason, Jessica and Hoyt scene was just inducing me to crybabyville.  I tell you that is Jason's true love going up north to Alaska where a real bitch of a vampire life sucker lives (that part is true). 
Sam and Luna, nekkid as usual, searching for Emma, I think Steve might not be long for the world since he is so mean to that little wolfie. Russell spills the beans about fairy blood, big mouth strikes again. He did toss Salome against a column, that was great and did a grand exit yelling in his original old English accent, so Teutonic! 

Now we come to the scroll and the pregnant fairy, Bellefleur has a nice fae ring to it, right?. Maurella is 500, doesnt look a day over 300 as per Claude, he's bitchy. Seems back in 1702, some Stackhouse made a deal with Worlo for a child bearing fae, written in blood, I didnt hear if they did say what that human got in return. So I'm looking forward to a Big old fairy white wedding in Bon Temps. 

Elijah made it so easy with sword swing aim, just follow the dotted lines on his neck, Tara thanks Y'all!
From HBOGo Interactive-

2 Episodes left! EEK! I think Russ might get his wish of the sun, careful what you wish for Kingie.

TVGuide's Nat Abrams has an interview with Jim Parrack,  I assumed it was the end of Hoyt's story the way it was going for Hoyt all season and then tonight's ep solidified it. Worth reading it all at the link-
Is this really the end for Hoyt?
Jim Parrack: I mean, the real honesty is that I don't know. I know that [executive producer] Alan Ball told me that they didn't want to kill him, that Hoyt's going away because Hoyt's had enough. But Alan was adamant that one of the reasons they wanted to do that was to leave him the option to have a return.
I think that if it did end this way and Hoyt never came back, it would be good storytelling because it's just a complete journey from somebody who was utterly dependent upon other people, never stuck up for himself, or got to think for himself and then to fall in love and all the betrayal and hardships and him saying, "You know what, I've got to take care of myself." I think it told a whole story.
Let's talk about filming the glamouring scene, as well as the scene where Hoyt doesn't remember Jason. How hard was that for not only you, but for Deborah and Ryan?
 It was tough for all of us. Those were my two best friends on the show. When I found out, when Alan called me to tell me what was going to happen, I didn't want to tell everybody right off. I pulled Ryan and Deborah aside and they both got emotional and I got emotional. The day that we shot the scene, which I haven't seen it yet, it felt good. I think it was easy enough for all of us because there were parallels there. What was happening in the imaginary situation was us saying goodbye and the three of us were also saying goodbye.
Do you think this was the most-fitting ending for him? Are you glad they didn't kill him off?
Oh, yeah. The writers have always been so good and so in touch with the actors. What I do like best is I didn't end up stepping on a land mine, or a vampire didn't fall out of a tree and snap my neck or something. It was this progression to this choice being made. The character had experience. He was now going to make a choice and I like that. I like when you see people making choices because change has happened in their life. So I'm glad Hoyt's still alive and I like that it was his choice. He says, "I'm going to go."
Hoyt did a 180 this year, suddenly wanting to be a fangbanger then even jumping on the Obamas' side. A lot of viewers were surprised by his quick turnaround. How did you feel about that?
I had to put myself in a place of there being a vacancy. We can't usually be that way in life, but there are exceptions to this. When everything in a person's life is gone, ripped-out gone, it's not that you stay empty for so long, so you replace it with something else very quickly. In Hoyt's case, it wasn't just lost in a "life's tough" kind of way. It was betrayal ripping, first the father,  then the mother, then a love, then a best friend out of a very pure and innocent heart. There was a big wound and a vacancy there and when somebody comes along and says, "Hey man, we're for you," it's something you grab on to very quickly.

So if it had been a couple seasons ago and Hoyt met these guys and became one of them, that wouldn't be believable, but because there was this vacuum in his heart for some kind of meaning, some kind of love, some kind of acceptance because they rushed in quickly and said, "Hey we're for you," I think it's a pretty reasonable thing to grab a hold of.
How do you think Hoyt's exit will affect Jason and Jessica in the long run?
There's a couple different things they could do. They could either kind of be touched by the cost of their actions together and draw a line or a boundary in the sand, or they could say, "Because of that loss, we better make it count, better make it worth something."

I think that when we shot it, a strange thing happened where so much of my time playing Hoyt has been about the Jessica story and that love. A real interesting thing happened that day we shot it, where as I was telling them, "Okay, let's go, put me under, glamour me," it was just an instinct I had, it was really moving. I kept looking to Jason, I kept looking to Ryan and thought, damn, I'm never going to see my friend again. So out of the two, the love for her was more intense, but I would say the love for him was deeper and I didn't even know that until we got in the moment.
Do you hope that Hoyt is happy off in Alaska?
Parrack: Yeah, I do. I was surprised by how moved I was to say goodbye to the part. I thought all my sadness would be toward the people I worked on the show with. The day we did it, I'm like "Damn, this is the last time I'll play that part." I loved the character.
Was it hard for you to leave the set?
No. Alan and everybody did a wonderful thing on my last day. The directors said, "Let's get one more take," and Alan had come down and brought out a cake and said, "Thank you for these five years" and everybody was there. It was just beautiful.

Cinemablend's recap/review in part-The contract-So, as it turns out, the thing Gran wanted Sookie to find under the bed wasn't the old newspaper clippings leading her to Dearborne. That was just a coincidental detour, as it happens. What was under the bed was a scroll with a bunch of fairy writing that's super old and, thanks to practically-elder-fairy Morella's magical abilities, translates into some old contract that says the next fae-bearing female Stackhouse heir has been promised to this Warlow guy. So, that's Sookie right? It would explain why the guy was stalking her parents. 
Russell breaks away from the pack.
Russell didn't seem all that enthusiastic about the Lilith thing as it was. He was more team-mayhem than anything else, and tonight, he asserted his age and dominance, being the oldest of the Authority vampires, and took off. Before that, he broke out the fancy accent and declared that he "will have the sun." He seems to be on a mission to either synthesize fairy blood in the way the Japanese synthesized human blood with True Blood, or maybe he's just going to collect himself a bunch of fairies to see if he can stretch the effects of their blood. There doesn't seem to be any shortage of them around Bon Temps these days. 

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