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#Sunset Rewind

Needs a rewatch where I'm not falling off the couch from lulzing so hard. One thing that was absolutely ridiculous was that fairie elder, I knew it when her first line was about Kesha and she had no British accent. We all know by now that they must be Brits! "Fairie Tribe of Bon Temps", were you all laughing at that too? She was the crazy fae counterpart to Salome. 
Speaking of fairies and crazy, Maurella goes to Merlottes! She tells Andy in Sandy style that  he better shape up 'cause she needs a man and her heart is set on him. Yes I wanted the scene out of Grease to come alive with dancing fae finally putting their skills to good use.  
How did they not have Russell saying "I drink your milkshake up!"? The Fae Clubbers, Sookie and glamorized Jason watch and do jack as crazie old grannie Fairie gets drained ala Claudine. They had a chance to redeem the fae plot and this is what we got, I held out hope till this last episode. Warlow is a vampire (since no one said he wasn't), I think I should do fanfic with my theories on a evil fae/bridge troll, similar to Breandan from the books, I MISS SVM! Need a bridge to other realms, time portals? Call 1-800-IWARLOW, cheap rates from pots of gold to first born fairie girls, negotiable.
Monotone Lilith bores the remaining Authority into coming to her and drinking her blood, at least she's helping getting rid of the excess characters by setting them on each other. Can't wait till she is eliminated with that drone, she should make an audio CD for insomniacs, I'd buy it. ZZZZ. 
What is making Nora finally come to her senses? Is it the rogering that Eric gave her while she was crying "what are we going to do?" between humps? Yep not too gratuitous a scene at all, ha. I did like her Fredo kissing Salome, Sal doesn't have a clue about anything. Calling Russell inconsequential? Her head and her body won't be connected for long, though it would have more effect if they all weren't losing their heads this season. As posted HERE, Salome is reckless, she doesn't think aHEAD.
The only reason to have the Army General scene was to shut me up in saying the armed forces wouldn't allow this mass killing right out in the open. Well done Ball, well done. BUTTTTT he was also in cahoots with Roman for 20 years, how funny was it that he kept saying "who the fuck are you?" till Eric shut him up for good. He also called Salome a psychotic blood sucker, so he was a good judge of character. He had a couple of good lines for so little screen time, one was "we have weapons you have no idea of" and the best was "WE OWN THE DAY!"  Eric took that moment as a way to get out of Dodge and take Nora with him, he doesn't care if he started the war, his answer to them is "he was a dick". 
Jason really is turning out to be the smart one, he got into his old high school starting  QB mode, it's "Game Time". He played possum with Jess in the grave and then popped the vamp guards and escaped, how Bill knew what happened is of course unclear (why do I bother at this late date). It was a surprise that he got the message from all Jess's twitching and was able to get out of that jam without fairie help. Jess goes to Pam's home for wayward vampire girls and in talking to Tara it's hinted T is getting sweet on Pam.
Pam says that imbibing the Lilith blood makes the Authority vamps living together "a nest on steroids". Does this really explain crazy Bill's behavior (re-Malcolm and Diane from S1 and Bill  Sookie is MAHN storyline)? Nah. Pam's hair this season is hard to resist, I know I couldn't, of course Tara is falling for her and it. Flip!                                                                                                                                                                   
Was that wolfie dude, who went to warn Alcide and Jackson, hot in a SonsofAnarchy biker extra way?  Jackson is such a jerk, he is reminding me of the Mickens, a lot, looks like the same trailer too. Then he goes and turns into The Walking Dead's Darryl crossbowing the vamps making me like him. See, there are always a couple of good scenes to balance out the cornball ones.
I wouldn't ever pick Rosalyn as Elijah's maker, she must have really loved Glam Rock.
How funny was it when Steve couldn't get out of the back seat of the police car since they have no handles, not that I'd know that from any personal experience or anything. Well I think that was the end of Russteve, he seemed more than just knocked out but maybe Russell will give him his blood to perk him up or somesuch to keep the ship(pers) afloat. But in case, RIP RUSSTEVE, we hardly knew ye. Also Kibwe lost his head to Bill while prostrate to the blood altar, because if he was standing it would have just been Bill up to his waist and that'd be silly. RIP Kibwe, hopefully Peter Mensah's next role has lines.
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Recaparama starts, the usual deal, read full text, look at piccies at the links, starting with AVClub's-If there’s one constant on True Blood, it’s that if a character has a plan it is sure to fail. True Blood doesn’t thrive with grand schemes and order: Chaos reigns, and it’s either adapt or die. This can be exciting because the story feels like it could go anywhere at any time, but after a while expecting the unexpected becomes a norm, making even so-called shocking events feel fairly rote.
The prime example of this tonight was the climax of the episode, where Russell finally fulfills his dream of drinking fairy blood, the first step in his goal of allowing vampires to walk in the sun. The thing is, the only reason Russell found the fairies so easily is because everyone in Bon Temps is a goddamn idiot. Their plan to defeat him involved Jason, a shotgun, and the new fairy leader’s extensive knowledge of '80s and '90s pop music. Truthfully, their lack of a plan is fine because Russell winning is far more fun than him losing, but the fact that the show even attempts to put such futile barriers in his way is a bit ridiculous. No human—shotgun or no, addled intelligence or no—would think they even have one bit of a shot against Russell. The fairy leader at least had fairy magic on her side. Still, Russell and Steve zipping around a field in the throes of fairy blood ecstasy is always a good time, and Russell’s inevitable showdown with the entire fairy tribe sets up a fun finale setpiece. (But really, Jason, you were going to beat Russell with a shotgun? If you wanted to distract him you could have at least taken your shirt off.)
Eonline's ONE-LINERS
"It's kind of strange to find out you were sold to a vampire 300 years ago." —Sookie
"Since when did I become a halfway house for wayward baby vamps?" —Pam
"Kesha? For or against?" —Elder Fairy
"There is a reason you find vampires irresistible. A reason why you slut your heart out to every cute guy with fangs." —Elder Fairy
"Totally. Maybe later we can braid each other's hair and talk about boys. F--king baby vamps." —Pam
"I actually met [Jesus] he was a boring hippy who smelled of patchouli." —Russell
"What f--king fairy magic is this?" —Russell

Skarsgard talks about Sunset from HBOGo

WSJ's Review- Holly and Andy are the show’s best relatively-new couple. We are rooting for them, especially when Andy seeks out the counsel of Terry and Arlene for how to make his love last. “Loyalty. You need to know that person is going to be there through thick and thin,” Arlene says wisely, “In case some Iraqi ghost lady puts a course on your whole family.” Duly noted.
A shoutout to someone we haven’t talked about yet this season: Chancellor Rosalyn Harris is a great addition. She’s fantastically creepy in a grandmother sort of way, and is the type of vampire you’d expect to tuck you in and tell you bedtime stories, not rip off your head for darkening her door. 
HollywoodLife's Andy Swift-Rosalyn (Carolyn Hennesy) eventually tracked down Jessica while looking for her own progeny — remember Elijah, that vampire with the awful wig who Tara (Rutina Wesley) beheaded last week? — so she took her back to Bill, along with Pam who was arrested for Elijah’s murder. That’s right, Pam actually took the fall for Tara — which is one of the many reasons why Tara wants to do filthy, unspeakable things to her maker. During an impromptu moment of girl talk, Jessica basically tricked Tara into admitting to her crush, even though she claimed it’ll “never happen.” Right. I’m thinking we’ll see Pam and Tara do a little family bonding before next week’s finale is over — no matter how gross that statement was.Collider's recap, Zap2It's , CinemaBlend's
Pam’s Halfway House for Wayward Baby VampsSunday, August 19, 2012
I feel like Little Orphan Annie. Only without Punjab and Miss Farrell. And my Daddy Warbucks turned out to be batshit. A phony. What are the odds? Crappy human parents AND a crappy maker... It just don't seem fair. So here I am, stuck hiding in the basement of Fangtasia because I got nowhere else to go.
It's funny how quickly things can change. How life can be so good and so rich and so perfect, and then it's all swept away from you in an instant. First it was Hoyt. Those feelings I had for him -- the love, the lightning -- I woke up one day and they were gone. Nowhere to be seen or heard from ever again. And then this. Order in the vampire world just falling apart, my maker at the center of it all. It feels like only yesterday I was partying with those UNL kids, making out with Jason, feeding from hot guys whenever I felt like it. And now I'm just trying to make it through the night in Pam's Halfway House for Wayward Baby Vamps.
I hope Tara really does bring me a fangbanger...

Wonder what HBO thought of Calvin Klein doing a twitter ad campaign for the new fragrance that Alexander is the star of during the show? CK is known for doing the most controversial marketing. CA-CHING!

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