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It's All Warlow Under The Bridge

Kristin talked to Instyle last week about Pam- Do you ever find yourself wondering if Pam’s getting a love interestKristin Bauer van Straten, the actress who plays the no-nonsense immortal with fangs, is asking the same thing. “I’m curious as to why I haven’t had a love interest, I’m really wondering,” she told at the launch party for Forsaken, the new beauty collection by HBO and HSN. “I’ve had a love interest off-screen, where I sort of did something I can’t say in a PG interview on top of a desk.” That said, she hinted her fictional love life will move more in front of the camera soon. “But, I’m looking forward to having a love interest and I’m looking forward to seeing who can capture Pam’s eye,” she said. “I suspect that she will be a she.” Just like the books—but maybe better! Tune in to catch a new episode of True Blood, airing tonight at 9 p.m. on HBO.
Time Out New York has another interview with Denis O'Hare, we have a subscription to the mag but wind up reading it a week late, complete at the link-
TONY: The musical Into the Woods merges several different storybook narratives and explores what happens after Happily Ever After. Did you have a favorite story growing up?
Denis O'Hare: I was raised on the brothers Grimm, but my favorite fairy tales in the world are Oscar Wilde’s—“The Nightingale and the Rose,” “The Selfish Giant.” The latter is probably my all-time favorite.
TONY: Why are you drawn to that story?
Denis O'Hare: It’s deeply sad, and I think kids like tragedy. They long for big emotions or something. I remember as a kid, I was attracted to very, very tragic things.

TONY: It’s a stark contrast with Disneyfied fables.
Denis O'Hare: Yeah, people don’t die as often! But in Grimms’ Fairy Tales, everyone dies; a lot of people die in Into the Woods, too.
TONY: In Into the Woods, you play the Baker, whose mission is for he and his wife to have a child. You and your husband are fostering a baby in real life. How has becoming a dad affected your approach to the role?
Denis O'Hare: Oddly enough, being a parent has made it a little more challenging. I know how to hold a baby because I’ve done it for a while; and I have to actually unlearn that, because [my character] isn’t supposed to be good at holding a baby.
TONY: Was that the hardest part?
Denis O'Hare: My biggest struggle with this role has been the fact that the Baker is so willing to abandon his son, and that’s really hard for me. I think that any actor can imagine things and play things. For instance, I don’t need to experience what it is to suck blood to be a vampire.
TONY: Speaking of True Blood, what was your reaction when you found out that your character, Russell, would be returning?
Denis O'Hare: I had a heads-up a long time ago. When Alan Ball initially hired me for the third season, he warned me I would be buried, but also said, “You’ll probably survive.” I love the character, and I think he deserves to finish what he started.
TONY: That could be bad. It already seems like he’s lost his mind.
Denis O'Hare: Well, I think it’s an interesting idea that Russell is transformed. He’s definitely the same guy, but he’s got some different stuff going on. Oddly enough, he’s funnier—but he’s also a little crazier.
I'm Here For Sookie has the deleted promo HERE
Scan from one of the best sources for all things Joe, FyeahJoeManganiello
Vulture has an interview with Ryan (isn't he the best?), whole interview at the link-
I noticed that this season you have more scenes with Anna Paquin than in previous ones.
Anna and I have been petitioning for it for a little while. It really helps to keep the show grounded with that honest reality of seeing a brother-sister relationship. We were also cautious to make sure Anna [who is pregnant with her first child] was looked after all the time. We’ve been shooting this show for over five years, so we’re a very tight-knit crew who really adores Anna. And she was such a trooper.
Sookie and Jason’s big mission this season is to find out which vampire killed their parents. How will Bill and Eric figure into that story line?
Jason is going to try to track down who it was. The hardest thing is now is realizing, Does he blame all vampires, or does he just look for the one? I don’t think he suspects it’s someone they know. I’m sorry, I have to be rather vague with my answers — they get shorter and shorter every year.
How will Jason’s revelation that he’s too motivated by sex play out this season?
That’s a huge thing for Jason, to realize that’s not his be all, end all — that he has more to offer the world than just that. It’s sad to hear him say that, but at the same time at least he’s trying to get better. In terms of his learning curve, it’s been greater and will continue to be greater, ’cause he started lower than anyone else on the show. There’s so much more for him to know.
What are the challenges of playing someone that dumb?
That’s the thing: I see him more as simple than dumb. There’s an innocence to Jason. He can get away with some of the things he does because of that innocence. Whereas being dumb, you don’t really get sympathy for that. He was originally based on a couple of people I knew, but it’s turned into his own beast now.
Jason is in a bunch of story lines this season. Will he also play a sizable part in the Hoyt-Jessica-shifter story?
Jessica will definitely come up again, and it’ll have its obvious ramifications. I love that they have Jason drifting in and out of all these story lines. Bon Temps is never short of police activity, so there’s always something for him to do. And he’s taking his job very seriously — that is another way in which he’s evolved. He’s finally found something he may even be remotely good at.
The online synopsis for episode ten mentions that Jason finds a scroll. What can you tell me about it?
It’s the beginning of answers, and perhaps even more questions, for Jason. The scroll is sort of this ancient … from a long time ago. I’ve got to be careful. It’s from a long time ago, and they have to figure out its meaning, but also figure out if it has anything to do with … if he can connect it with his parents dying. I feel like an idiot saying it like that.

THR has a similar interview with Ryan-
Jason has never been tested as much as he has this year, after discovering that his parents may have not been killed by a flash flood as he had always thought.
“It did affect him very profoundly, to the point that it really begins to shift the very fiber of who he is and everything that he thought that he was,” Kwanten tellsTHR.
On this past Sunday’s episode, Jason and his sister Sookie (Anna Paquin), who has the ability to use fairy powers she inherited from her ancestry, attempted to revisit the memory of their parents’ death (through fairy magic) and were able to see the vampire who killed their parents.
The realization that it was a vampire that killed his parents will affect Jason in a deep way for the rest of the season, says Kwanten.
“Over the course of five seasons now, he’s sort of grown into a caring, soulful guy, and now, with everything crashing before his eyes, he may sort of revert back and be even lower than where he started,” says Kwanten.
Jason isn’t only dealing with digging into his family history, but, as a police officer, he’s also involved with hunting down the gang of men who are killing the supernatural residents of Bon Temps.
The cast finished filming season five in May, and Kwanten -- while he can’t say much -- reveals that this year’s closer is a “more classic type of finale.”
“Whereas this season is a classic kind of cliffhanger – a ‘what the hell going to happen’ moment,” he adds. 
                   Don't forget the Q&As coming up
Don't really know how accurate this article from Blastr is about Lilith coming back-

Well, Lilith's coming back this Sunday in "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," and you're going to see more of Clark and her mysterious character.
"Lilith ... in the world of True Blood, God is a vampire and he created Lilith in his own image," said Clark in an exclusive interview with Blastr. "So she is the very first earthbound vampire and is worshipped. She is the original vampire goddess. ... Lilith is present in a lot of different mythologies and cultures throughout history, so I definitely did a lot of research about different interpretations of her and what she meant and what she did. But what I took away from all of them is just her power, the presence, the refusal to bend to any external expectations. She absolutely is a complete entity and a completely self-structured creature. And so that was just so fascinating, because she really is her own definition of womanhood and goddess. It's not very often that you get to play a part like that."
Clark ended up with the role after auditioning for a different part that they "went in another direction" for. But they didn't forget about the beautiful actress and runway model, who is of Nigerian, Irish and Indian descent. "When they were conceiving of Lilith, they thought of me, and I was brought back in and auditioned, and before I auditioned, I was asked, and they checked multiple multiple times, 'There's going to be, even for True Blood, your appearance is going to be nude. Are you okay with that? Are you sure you're okay with that?' They were very clear and up-front about that before I even auditioned for the role. So I went in, and I was like, if I'm going to do it for anyone, I'm going to do it for Alan Ball and True Blood. You know what I mean? I wouldn't do it for anything or everything, but for this, yes," said Clark.

Commercial for Forsaken, it's private  and priced for a king.

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