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Teasing We'll Meet Again

"I trust no one." 
Sunday at 9PM We'll Meet Again   During the episode, join the online conversation at HBO Connect by using #meetagain.The header of HBOs True Blood's newsletter says "Lafayette Endangers Sookie." (She does such a good job doing that herself, don't lay it all on Lala.) 
Sad Eric needs some Sad Charlie Brown music, that's better.
Zap2it has some spoiler hints for Sunday's episode. They say they are shocking, if they shock anyone who reads this ol' blog, well, I'd be shocked.
1. Animal Magnetism: What happens when you mix a mutually attracted werewolf and fairy with lots and lots of alcohol and nothing to lose? You do that math.
2. Angel of Death: Everyone (except for some four-legged friends) is hating on Sookie . Is it really her fault that death follows her like a duck on a junebug? Maybe some folks have a right to be irritated, but trying to kill her seems a wee bit extreme, no? 

Sookie, you killed my ex but let's get drunk and I'll show you some stripper moves.
                                  Photos courtesy of and HBO.
3. An Offer She Can't Refuse: Death might seem preferable after Sookie's betrayal makes an immortal enemy of one of her former lovers who needs her special gifts -- and will do whatever it takes to force her to use them. 
4. Hunting Party: Forget Sookie for a minute: Sam is the one who will be surrounded by corpses -- victims of violent murder -- by the end of the episode. Seems things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better for the shape-shifting barkeep. (Shifter murders!)
5. Family Secrets: Jason's  random run-in with his chatty cousin Hadley (Lindsey Haun) rocks his world, and -- once she finds out the truth -- Sookie's too. The Stackhouses will be forced to reconsider everything they thought they knew about their family's past.
After all that, EW's InsideTV  tell's us Terry and the reason for his PTSD  get's squeezed into the hour also. 
Terry (Todd Lowe) goes on a journey with former military buddy Patrick (Scott Foley) on this week’s episode of True Blood, and it will give fans a glimpse into the corners of the character’s mind that are still plagued by memories of war.
Via flashbacks, fans will see Terry’s war experience, and reveals will be made that will help propel the character’s storyline until the end of the season. (Yes, it involves guest star Brian Gherity and, yes, there’s a supernatural twist!) But creating the Middle East in the middle of a California desert was not an easy feat. And Lowe credits production designer Suzuki Ingerslev for the scenes viewers will be treated to this Sunday. “She makes magic,” he says. “There are a lot of people behind the scenes who make the show look as good as it does.”
Meanwhile, he adds, Terry’s experience while away will definitely test his relationship with Arlene (Carrie Preston). “It’s a lot for a wife to put up with — a husband saying he’s leaving unannounced to an undisclosed location. I can’t speak for Carrie, but for the character Arlene, she has to put up a lot with Terry’s history and past. So we’re going to be trying her patience a little bit this year,” he says.

Jarrett from The Insider has Magic Mike-itis, but I will just get to the True Blood goodies- What have you enjoyed about Alcide's arc so far this season?
Joe: Sunday’s episode is one that fans have been waiting three years for! Really meaty with the storyline involving Debbie's parents. Everything picks up in a big way this week. You'll see Alcide dealing with Debbie's parents now that he knows what Sookie did. You'll also see him deal with Sookie after dealing with her parents, which is some heavy stuff. He's such a stoic man of few words and the writers really found some situations and scenes and was to give him some really great material. How much does finding out Sookie killed Debbie, turned Tara and lied about it affect Alcide's take on her?
Joe: It's a really complex set of emotions. I mean, number one, he's dated Debbie since they were kids. There's a sense of loss, a sense of guilt and lots of remorse because he couldn't cure her permanently. There's sadness in her being gone, but also a sense of understanding because Debbie had pointed guns at Sookie multiple times. Alcide knows how crazy she was. So there's a bit of relief too because that can't happen again. But then there's confusion and anger over why Sookie didn't bring this to him immediately. Why she was not only lying to him, but planning to keep lying to him. There's some betrayal there and all of that is wrapped up into one. Alcide is dealing with this Incredible Hulk-style anger. And once the wolf starts rising up, he knows that he won't completely be in control. Should Sookie be afraid of Alcide? (and his swinging Johnson?)
Joe: I think he feels the anger rising so it's more of a sense of needing to extricate himself from the situation because he's afraid of what he might do when pushed to the edge. It's like when you get in an argument with your significant other, you go for a walk to cool off. Imagine going through that as a werewolf and it's more like, I need to cool off so I don't smash this wall, I don't flip this car, I don't attack somebody that I love. This season also brings Robert Patrick in as Jackson, Alcide's dad. How was it working with him?
Joe: He's awesome. I love him. He brings such a depth to the character. The two of us have such great chemistry on set. It's one of these classic father/son relationships where they don't say a lot, but there is so much conveyed non-verbally. You'll see what a really bad example of werewolves his father set for him and how that's made Alcide sees it as a curse. Looking at the rest of the season, what else are you excited for fans to see?
Joe: I've been waiting for three years for what happens to Alcide in the finale, so I'm very excited for fans to see that. For me, it's a great ending. I see it as the end of the third act for my character. MORE
Good interview from AccessHollywood with the beauteous Kristin Bauer, at the link you can read how she went to see Magic Mike with her GFs. Here's some of it-
Access: This season on ‘True Blood’ it was revealed that Pam had gotten together with Eric (in her backstory). When you saw that in the script – and you’re friends with Alexander Skarsgard – what went through your head?
Kristin: I have such comfort with Alex and such trust that I just kept trying to picture what I wanted the scene to look like, because we’ve waited so long for this… We’ve known Pam for the last five years, and she’s 100-and-some-years-old. We know that she’s pretty unapologetic, she’s pretty blunt, she’s pretty harsh, she really only has affection for one person and then [as an actress, I] work my way backwards and go, ‘Wait a minute, what would be the genesis of that? How do I find the vulnerability? I have to show the vulnerability because we have to understand why she leapt into this other life and chose it.’
Access: You actually got to kiss Alex for the first time. He talks about those kinds of things as part of the job, but when you actually have to kiss a friend – after all this time – it seems like it would be a little weird.
Kristin: Yeah, I know. [But] for some reason, it didn’t feel weird… But Stephen [Moyer, who plays Bill Compton] and Mariana Klaveno [who plays Lorena]… they were standing right outside the doorway to that room in the brothel… So we kiss and [Alex] sort of scoops me and twirls me out of the scene — one of my legs is incredibly tangled up inside the skirts… I’m battling with this fabric and six inches from Stephen and Mariana who are staring at us like they’re watching their parents make out.
Kristin: I look at them and go, ‘What?’ and they go, ‘It’s like watching our parents kiss.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean by that!’ So there’s always this difference between the experience of filming it and then what it looks like, and I felt like when I watched it that it was good. It was perfect.
Access: Why do you think Pam needed to escape the life she was in by slitting her wrists in the hopes that Eric would turn her into a vampire?
Kristin: I feel, from an actor’s viewpoint and talking to Raelle Tucker, who wrote that episode, she had to force the issue with Eric. She could see that he wasn’t gonna do it, and also, it shows the same Pam that we know today — that she’s a very committed, ballsy person and that she also really was only giving up five years of life. She was saying, the story doesn’t end well for women in this time… I will die alone, horribly. It shows that bold character that we know, and it also, to me, really represented how unbelievably happy she is and unapologetic about being a vampire. She had no love for humanity. She chose this, she forced this and then the fact [is] that he really does save her.
Access: What’s coming up in the Pam/Eric storyline? He’s in some trouble again.
Kristin: What is coming up, is we see a couple of things. One is the depth to which the Vampire Authority is affecting all of our lives and how extreme the situation could possibly get and it forces us into making tough decisions and we see on the [promotional] billboard – ‘Everything’s At Stake’ – and I think, yeah, it is. So much of what Pam values, which is mainly her relationship with Eric — even that is now at stake. MORE

Celebuzz also has some more Kristin goodness
Celebuzz: How do you think Pam is dealing with being a maker?Kristin Bauer van Straten: It feels as if it was a simple deal. “Maker? I don’t even like her, she’s been trying to kill us. Let her die, who cares if she’s standing there sobbing.” We’re going to see the next evolvement of that on Sunday.
CB: What can we expect from that relationship?
KB: Pam is going to have to do some tough love… Pam and Tara are actually similar creatures in a lot of ways, so they’re going to butt heads a lot. And I love that Pam always wins. I’m not even sure how it’s going to wrap up yet. We haven’t filmed [Episode] 12 yet, but it’s been a fascinating year to play the estrangement from my maker and then being a maker… We’re going to find out if Pam has a heart for anyone besides Eric — very deep, deep down inside.
CB: Is it possible that Pam and Eric’s relationship is coming to an end?
KB: It can’t be. I think that it can’t. There has to be that bond between Pam and Eric. They have to survive everything. It just has to or I won’t be able to take it. MORE

Video from last years SDCC, doesn't it get you anxious for this year's panels?
“True Blood” and The Barrens‘ Stephen Moyer has joined the cast of Devil’s Knot in a lead role, says Deadline. The “True Blood” vamp will play prosecutor John Fogelman in the film about the wrongfully convicted and imprisoned West Memphis 3. He joins Colin Firth, Reese Witherspoon, Alessandro Nivola and more in the cast. He will begin work on the Atom Eyogen-directed film immediately to fit in shooting around his schedule for the HBO vampire series.
Devil’s Knot tells the true story of how, despite no psychical evidence, teens Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jessie Misskelley were found guilty and jailed for a triple homicide in 1993. They were finally released last year. The movie is based on the 2003 book “Devil’s Knot: The True Story Of The West Memphis Three” by investigative reporter Mara Leveritt. More
More on the SDCC Panel from EWTrue Blood panel in Ballroom 20 will once again be moderated by Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly.  Panelists include: Alan Ball, creator and executive producer, and cast members (in alphabetical order):  Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam Swynford de Beaufort), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux), Christopher Meloni (Roman Zimojic), Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby).
HighlightHollywood has a synopsis of "We'll Meet Again" and more at the link.
This week in Hollywoodland Highlight Hollywood has an exclusive sneak peek into the fourth episode of “True Blood,” and here’s what you can expect on “We’ll Meet Again,” plus interviews with Kristin Bauer van Straten and Giles Matthey about his upcoming new role on “True Blood” as a fairy. Sam Trammell’s been cast in the Indie film “White Rabbit” and tomorrow you find out why Sookie’s “the angel of death,” or is it Sam Merlotte? Plus, a preview of HBO’s “Newsroom,” the second episode, “Dallas” has been renewed on TNT and more news from Hollywood. Have a great weekend!
Tomorrow night HBO will be airing “True Blood’s” latest “We’ll Meet Again.” As we previously reported on Monday, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) have doubts they will survive the search for Russell, especially after they are initially rebuffed by Sookie. (Denis O’Hare). Sookie (Anna Paquin) opens up to Alcide (Joe Manganiello), but it costs her big. An irate Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) unwittingly puts Sookie’s life in danger, and she faces another potential tragedy. At Authority headquarters, Roman (Christopher Meloni) and Salome (Valentina Cervi) continue interrogating Nora (Lucy Griffiths) about the Sanguinistas – and a possible traitor within the Council, and we get closer to learning who dug up Russell.
An exasperated Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) forces Tara (Rutina Wesley) to toe the line, while secretly admiring her spunk. Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) go to a burlesque party, and find a secret that blows Jason’s mind! Sam’s (Sam Trammell) shifter friends invite him for a run, and it’s just what he needs. Terry (Todd Lowe) flashes back to a deadly night in Iraq, and viewers find out a little more about his past as a Marine. Hoyt (Jim Parrack) tests the fangbanger waters, and will shock the audience, what is real mission is. Sookie drowns her sorrows, again! More

From Carolyn Hennesy's twitter today (Saturday)-Yesterday was my last day of filming for this season of TB. Without question, one of if not THE best experiences of my career. GO TB!!!!

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Vamping to Episode 4

Does your harness itch? Mine is chaffing my nipples something fierce.
HBO tweeting the SDCC Panel!The  panel (moderator ) includes Alan Ball Nelsan Ellis   Christopher Meloni, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, , Rutina Wesley & .
True Blood will have its Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 14 in Ballroom 20. The cast will also take part in an autograph session.
New promo, and pic of E & B at Fangtasia, Screencaps from Skarsgardfans, more at the link.


More from Eonline's Spoiler ChatTrue Blood fans, start preparing yourselves now: Two people who have never kissed before on the HBO hit series will be sharing their first smooch come this Sunday! So who's locking lips? 
lorrainecollins: So not feeling this out-of-nowhere Eric-Bill bromance, any Eric-Sookie action coming up on True Blood?
OK, how do we put this nicely? Ummm…No. There's not going to be any Eric and Sookie lovin' in this week's episode, because little miss mind-reader is getting hot and heavy with someone else! Yup, you read that right, but this hookup may or may not be alcohol induced. Of course, we can't tell you who it is, so please stop sending chocolates to the E! Online offices, we're on a sugar overload right now. And speaking of sweet things, get ready for the most adorable scene between Bill and his teen vamp, Jessica. In fact all of the makers have some truly touching scenes with their protégés this week. Awww. (edit: does she go for the wolf?)
                    Another photo from HBO's True Blood Facebook (also Inside Blog)-

TVGuide's Natalie Abrams talks to Scott Foley- We'll finally get to learn what happened in Iraq to spark Terry's PTSD and Patrick's arrival in Bon Temps. What can you tease?
Scott Foley: Well, the reason that I'm back and have found Terry is because of what happened back in Iraq. An event like what Terry and Patrick and the rest of their squad went through is so mind-bending and life-changing that it has to be dealt with one way or the other. Of course, True Blood being True Blood and staying true to fashion adds this fantastic supernatural element to this horrific event.
Can Patrick actually be trusted?
Foley: Now or then? I think that's a question for Terry to answer. It depends on who you talk to. If you ask me, I say yes, Patrick can definitely be trusted. If you ask Arlene or Terry, I think they might have a different answer. I think Arlene would definitely have a different answer than Patrick. The guys built bonds and relationships going through traumatic events. I think there was a point where Terry trusted Patrick explicitly and I think maybe questions himself.
What can you tell us about Terry and Patrick's trip to hunt down Eller?
So they've driven across the country looking for this buddy of theirs, another guy from their squad. We find him in abject terror. He is fearing for his life, much in the same way, but to a greater degree, than Terry and Patrick at this point. The way that this character has chosen to protect himself from the larger, supernatural element is incredible. They find this guy holed up, terrified. It could be for the end of the world, but it turns out it's for this larger supernatural element that they're all afraid of.
We've seen the effects of Terry's PTSD, but Patrick's seems just below the surface, ready to burst out at any moment. Will we see that explored while they deal with this supernatural element?
Foley: There is something else that happens to people who've been through traumatic events. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of those things. It manifests itself in different ways. Terry's is very visible. Patrick's seems initially not as apparent, but at a certain point you get to see all that stress, everything that he's dealing with, all the emotions of having been through not just a war but this specific event and this specific traumatic decision that they made out in the battlefield. 
Could going after Eller ultimately backfire? Terry and Arlene's relationship already seems to be suffering because of it.
There's every possibility that what these guys are attempting to do to try to right this wrong that happened out in the field could blow up in their faces in a number of ways. Eller, who they've gone to see and who is living his life in terror, could snap and do something to them that's irreparable. The greater supernatural element could be too much for them to handle, there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. MORE
If you haven't seen it before I think you should, Audrey Fisher on Pam's wardrobe at Zap2it.
You can watch Kristin's clip here, if it goes bye-bye below.
Todd Lowe interview- “In the past they’ve written me as really warm, and I’m just trying to maintain and keep it together, but now it’s all exploding out of me,” Lowe, 35, told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview in THR’s cover lounge.
When Foley’s Sgt. Patrick Devins comes to Bon Temps, he awakens a part of Terry that seems to be tied to his PTSD and has something to do with fire.
Terry’s behavior is becoming more and more erratic, and so he agrees to head out on the road with Devins to search for their other Marine friend, who may be causing all the trouble.
“It’s an uglier side of Terry that we haven’t seen, and hopefully the story arc will come back around and we’ll see why Terry is behaving the way he has been,” Lowe tells THR. MORE

INStyle Magzine has the news about a True Blood make-up line. HBO is better at marketing and making cash than any corporation ever. Photo from HBO.
True Blood is sinking its teeth into HSN! The HBO show teamed up with the retailer to launch Forsaken, a line of vampire-inspired beauty and home products starting August 9th. “Even into its fifth season, True Blood continues to be wildly popular in pop culture so we are always looking to provide new ways for fans to engage with the brand,” James Costos, HBO’s Vice President of Global Licensing, told “We felt a fragrance line that was elegant, mysterious and sensual lent itself naturally to the themes of the show.” The Forsaken collection includes a fragrance (developed by mega-perfume company Givaudan), a body cream, a body veil, a DL & Co. candle(featuring a lid with a fang on it) and diffusersnail polishes with vampy names like “Let It Bleed” (which is scented!) by Deborah Lippmann, as well as the celebrity manicurist’s first-ever lipstick, fittingly a blood red hue named “Bite Me.” “The collection taps into the essence of the show—romantic, dark, mysterious and extremely sexy,” added Betsy Olum, the General Manager of Beauty and Merchandising Strategy for HSN. Click through the gallery to preview the entire lineup, and shop it for $25 to $60 on HSN and starting August 9th.
Another long day of shooting according to Carolyn "Rosalyn" Hennesy's tweet-
Morning muffins, evening vamps! LATE set call on TB today, gonna work till the wee hours (till I have to go to ground!) Have a BRIGHT day!
Another video from HBOGo from The Vault

New Fearnet interview with Giles Matthey-
Did you watch True Blood before you were cast?
The only exposure I had to True Blood was seeing two rather handsome men circling like dogs around a pretty blonde lady. I thought, "They look ridiculously handsome. I'm changing the channel now." When I originally read for the role, I did a taping at my agency, and had no idea what True Blood was. It's not very big in England, and even though I had been in New York for two years, at the time I didn't watch much TV - I was all about school and focus and all those boring things. A couple weeks [after I read for the role] I was in Los Angeles and I was told to go in [to read] for Alan Ball. I didn't have much idea who he was, which I think helped me in the audition. I was so lucky and fortunate that I was cast in the role, and from then on, I watched it a lot. I actually became a fan, which is kind of weird because you get cast in something, then you watch it, then you are in it, but you become a fan in between, then you get nervous. It's like, "Oh my gosh, you're Sookie! You're Alcide!" It was very bizarre.
I became a fan after I got the role. It was really the writing and the acting. The thing about True Bloodfor me is that it would be very easy to just tap into the current culture of vampires and fantasy, and it is very easy to do it wrong. The actors on True Blood are just brilliant. MORE
Surprise, more Magic Mike, this is from MTV's HollywoodCrush-

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Midweek Sangria

The Fangover: Connecting with Tara; Alan Ball's Notes for Salome; Great Moments in Vampire Texting

Poor Tara. She never had it easy as a human, and now her life as a vampire isn't much better. And to add insult to self-inflicted tanning-salon injury, fans on the newly relaunched HBO Connect website have voted for Pam to #letherfry over #savetara by a 70-30 margin. If you followed along on the mobile-friendly site during the broadcast, you might have noticed some True Blood topics trending worldwide on Twitter at key moments:
Pam -- as each additional piece of her backstory was revealed
Tara -- coming out of the freezer baring fangs, to the shock of Merlotte's customers
Lafayette -- "Get the f**k up out my kitchen!"
Jason Stackhouse -- Bon Temps' resident lothario struggling with his sexual past
True Blood Comics has an interview with David Messina, he did the artwork for “All Together Now” and “The French Quarter” comics.
I didn't think Alcide hated being a werewolf (on the TV show) but rather the trashy crew he was stuck with, this TVGuide bit says otherwise. 
Also exploring his origins is Joe Manganiello, True Blood's resident werewolf. "I just worked with my 'daddy' till six am on Saturday morning and we're having a blast," Manganiello says about Robert Patrick, who plays Alcide's father. "It's creepy, it's dark and it gives so much back story into why Alcide hates being a werewolf. It is so great!"
Kristin's Spoiler Chat-Melissa: Any scoop on True Blood, preferably about my new favorite vamp Tara?!
Mama Thornton is coming back, y'all! Yes, viewers will be seeing Tara's mother again this season. We caught up with Adina Porter at the premiere of her new HBO show The Newsroom, where she tells us, "I am [returning], but with True Blood you never know how I'm coming back because there are flashbacks. There are flashbacks, there's the future…a person can appear in many different ways." 
The Magic Mike Train keeps rolling on- The True Blood cast and crew are used to Joe Manganiello strutting around without much clothing on. Even so, they weren't about to let his role as Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike go unnoticed.
In fact, Anna Paquin.Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard got in on some of the stripping fun…"They knew what I did on my hiatus so as soon as I showed up back on set, they were all pointing and doing the body rolling," Manganiello, 35, tells me. "There was a week on set where Steven, Anna and Alex and I were working together and we were humping chairs, humping the trashcans. We were humping everything in sight on set. It become a huge joke to the point that I was skipping onto the set and saying, 'Did somebody order a werewolf?'"
We could only imagine what they'll do once they see the scene in which Manganiello is shown, um, fluffing himself with a plastic penis pump.
"It's like a medieval torture device," he said. "I tell everyone that we were such a low-budget film we couldn't afford fluffers so they were like, 'Here ya go.'"
Manganiello imagines the day he dies and he's included in the Oscars' in memoriam package. "I want the frosted clouds around the edge of the screen and then you just see me pumping," Manganiello cracked.
Even with all the big-screen nakedness, Manganiello also said, "Honestly, between that and what I do this season on True Blood, I don't know what's worse." 
"If I wasn't on Cinemax's radar yet, I should be now," he laughed. "I'll have a very impressive soft-core porn reel by the end of the summer." More at Eonline
Best known as the hunky werewolf, Alcide, on HBO’s ‘True Blood,’ Joe Manganiello takes it all off as a male stripper in the movie ‘Magic Mike.’ The actor talks about his battle with alcoholism, the Demi Moore rumors, and his rocky path to stardom.More at Daily Beast

Stephen onset directing an episode with Sam Trammell,from TVGuide
All hail the Vampire King of Louisiana. Stephen Moyer, who plays vamp monarch Bill Compton on HBO's True Blood, makes his TV directing debut with the July 29 episode.
"It was a lot of fun to sit down with each actor, explain what I was trying to do and find the best way to achieve it together," says Moyer. One of those actors is Moyer's real-life wife, Anna Paquin (Sookie). "We were giggling a lot," Moyer says. "There was a lot of, 'God, this director's a nightmare.'"
But the episode is serious True Blood stuff — hungry vampires, hot sex and down-and-dirty fights. "Everything you can have on our show, I had in spades," adds Moyer. "Everybody is going through monumental stuff this season."

Can I just say that the iStake is the best invention ever on True Blood? — Steve 
NATALIE: Bill and Eric would probably disagree with you since those quick-killing apps won't be removed for a while. "It stays on for several episodes and you should be worried," Alan Ball tells us. "They're in danger, in serious danger." Like the iStake now? EDIT: Yes I do , I still do Baller. TVGuide

Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks Sookie, Eric and Pam on True Blood

Bloodwork is here!

Shopping vampires! Cat t-shirts! Salami veils! Planetarium visits! Goo! All these things and more are explored in this week's episode of Blood Work!, starring Brian and Andy from Plus: An all-new Kreepy Korner, "Whatever, Sookie" and more! Enjoy at your own risk - this one's like an iStake to your heart. (Or liver.)  I saw a Possum not a squirrel.
          As you all have probably read Anna and Stephen are having twins!                   
                                          From HBO's Official True Blood Facebook
LA Times article of the set designs this season-
Question: How did you come up with the look of the Authority HQ?
Ingerslev: The structure acts as an office building and prison, as well as a residence for some of the more powerful vampire officials, and I thought it should be austere and ancient. The exterior is an existing power station in Glendale. For the main chamber interior, I based the brick walls on a cistern in Turkey and intended for them to have been directly excavated and brought over to New Orleans when Authority vampires were originally establishing their headquarters. The floor plan of the main chamber pays tribute to the layout of a cathedral, conveying a sense of power and history.
Who is supposed to have decorated the spaces?
Ingerslev: The idea is that a professional vampire decorator was hired to ensure secrecy. In reality, our decorator, Ron Franco, chose the furniture, combining a modern sensibility with historic architecture.
Franco: The architecture in the Authority provides such an organic feel that it was necessary to create contrast, decorating with furnishings that were more linear, vampire-like and inviting.
By contrast, Salome's room looks like a 1930s movie set.
Ingerslev: The set is designed in the same vein as the old Hollywood sets, very stylized and with minimal décor. The whole room revolves around the raised platform bed, placed front and center. Much more and photos

GIF Sources HERE, HERE, HERE, you all rock!
New Nan's face massage, those apple cheeks!
                                                           A New World for Tara.

Ivan Sen's thriller Mystery Road has begun filming in the central Queensland town of Winton. The film stars Aaron Pedersen as detective Jay Swan who returns home to an outback town to solve the murder of a teenage Indigenous girl, whose body is found under the trucking route highway out of town. The film also stars Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson, Ryan Kwanten, Tony Barry, Tasma Walton, Damian Walshe-Howling, David Field, Robert Mammone and newcomers Trisha Whitton and Siobhan Binge.
Sen, who penned the script, has taken on multiple duties including director, cinematographer and editor.
“Ivan Sen is one of Australia’s most gifted filmmakers who, with Mystery Road, has the opportunity to apply his prodigious talent to a broader canvas," Jowsey said in a statement. "Ivan’s screenplay strikes a distinctive balance between its unabashedly genre roots as a murder mystery and its perceptive cultural insights." SOURCE

Ready to ship now-Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, is back as an ongoing series! With creative collaboration from TRUE BLOOD creator/writer/producer Alan Ball, this series features writers Ann Nocenti (Daredevil, Green Arrow) and Michael McMillian, with art by Michael Gaydos (Alias).
  • 32 pages
  • This is the second of 4 issues of the storyline called “Where Were You?”.
  • Co-written by Michael McMillian, “Steve Newlin” from the show, with fan-favorite Ann Nocenti (Daredevil, Green Arrow)!
  • Series features covers by Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher)!

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Post Fangover News

Video Q&A with Joe M, there's so many for the Magic Mike premiere, here's some of the text and many more photos at Zimbio More HERE (the Insider)
Why, Joe Manganiello, do you think both star/producer Channing Tatum and director Steven Soderbergh had you in mind for the role of Big Dick Richie in “Magic Mike?”
“Whatever ex-girlfriend talked to them, she should be on the Christmas card list,” jokes Manganiello, best known as werewolf Alcide on “True Blood.” “They sent me the script, and I found out right away what I was going to have to do, which was: penis pump, fireman suit, head-to-toe gold paint. And I went, ‘I’m in. let’s do this.’”

Before filming, you talked to a friend who used to be a male stripper for background information. What was a story he told you that was especially helpful or amusing?
Well, there [are] so much drugs. They used to have drums of GHB backstage and they would do rails of speed and they would try to time it out so they would peak right onstage with the girl. And they would say that backstage there would be women who were going to get married the next day and they’d be backstage just doing stuff with the guys. And then they’d go to the parking lot, some girl’s waiting next to their car so they’re doing the girls in the car and they’d have these regulars that would follow them home and then [be with them] all night long ... [Then they’d] get up and lift some weights, go back, rinse and repeat. And the guys, it almost had this sense of pro wrestling. These guys are like these egos and feathered hair and they were just beating each other up backstage, getting into fights in thongs and knee-high white patent-leather go-go boots. It was like, “What is this? What is this world?” It was so funny and insane and tragic and depraved all at the same time. So I really got a sense for what that world was. 
                                     Photo from Samsung Galaxy SIII Launch more here
This is the first movie in a while that’s inspiring girls’ nights out that doesn’t have “Sex and the City” or “Sisterhood” in the title.
Exactly. It’s that audience but, I want to say on steroids, but I mean maybe estrogen—
Estrogen pills?
Yeah. It really is, there’s a level of energy because of the sexualized nature of what we’re doing. I mean it seems ridiculous to think that putting on a fireman suit elicits the response that it does, but it does! I questioned it and went, “Really? This, with the fireman?”
But I love that Big Dick Richie has a phobia of fire.
[Laughs.] Yes. He doesn’t really like it. Fog machines are cool, real fire no.
How long did you have to sit around to become a man covered in gold?
I sat in a chair for a little over an hour with a team of five women [laughs] who had gold paint, just covering every crevice with gold. 
You’ve had several roles where people wouldn’t exactly say you’re lacking for masculinity. What’s something that touches on your softer side that might surprise people?
Oh, jeez. I think there’s a lot of sensitivity in the character I play on “True Blood.” He’s a deconstructivist werewolf. He’s not what you would typically think of a werewolf to be. He’s very sensitive. He’s a bunny inside of this monstrous frame. And I think when he gets hurt it’s when it gets scary. ... There’s a lot of that in me I think. I was a super-sensitive kid growing up. I mean hell, I had a career ahead of me in college athletics that I gave up to go do classical theater, which in western Pennsylvania is not really the move. MORE MTV's article 

Jessica's baby Vamp Blog-   Vampire Sex 101
I missed out on sex ed, mostly because I was home-schooled and my parents wouldn’t have dared include that in my curriculum. But I had a few friends at the local junior high who said they missed out too. All the funding for arts, music, and apparently sex ed, got cut just around the time we were all hitting puberty. So there were a bunch of horny and ignorant teenagers (a terrible combination) walking around my town. But guess what? It ain’t any better now that I’m a vampire.
There’s no such thing as vampire sex ed. All the urges and the desires are amplified, times fifty, but there’s nobody to teach us about the best positions, the differences between having sex with a human versus another vampire, about protection… like, do we need it? Does that even apply to us? There’s so much to learn!
So I guess what I’m trying to do is open up the conversation. Now that I’ve had a little experience, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve picked up along the way with y’all. So here are some of my likes and dislikes, I hope it helps some of you out there!
My favorite way to do it? Wild. I like to let loose. Be a crazy vampire. To show how turned on I am and for that to turn my partner on even more. Submissiveness bores the shit outta me.
Where do I like to do it best? The couch. Beds are so expected. But the couch, it’s comfy and private, but still feels spontaneous.
What to do with those fangs? My ex-boyfriend was scared of ‘em. But I think a little fang nibble is hot. Besides, I ain’t gonna scratch you.
But what about those fang boners? I promise they get easier to control! Give it time, patience and practice.
What turns me on? Besides Jason Stackhouse? I’m not sure any aphrodisiacs really work on vampires. I’ve heard things about faerie blood, but that’s a whole other can of worms I don’t know enough about, really. What tends gets me going is talking. Give me instructions. Tell me what to do. Or just talk dirty, if you want. I like a man that’s got a lot to say.
And finally… can two people that are insanely attracted to each other really just be friends? Honestly, I just don’t know.

Another photo of Sam in Vegas, this is one of several from Zimbio-Actor Sam Trammell seen celebrating the season 5 premiere of popular vampire show 'True Blood' at the Gallery Nightclub in Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas
Remember this scene, I found it looking for Sam vids on YT, so funny, for Laura P!

She's letting loose again, this time about Russell, gotta love Valentina interviews, this is from Vulture.
How do you audition to play a vampire?The only note Alan gave me was, “Don’t be afraid of your sexual power.” So I just went for it. I put in some fake hair because I had short hair at the time, and because I thought Salome, or the archetype of that kind of woman, would be dancing with this long hair. And a really tiny dress. But I think they were looking for something that was more ancient. In the end, I didn’t overthink it. I was also drawn to her naturally. When you meet some characters, you feel immediately like you know who they are and where they come from.
Salome manages to bring all the boys to the yard in a single day. Bill, Eric, Roman. Should Sookie just give up?
But I love Sookie! Those relationships are just on hold. What Bill and Eric have with her, I think, will never end and will always be there. Salome is a woman, but she’s got a more masculine side to her, you know? She’s not someone you want to protect. She doesn’t have that. So in that way, she might be intriguing for the boys. And of course between vampires there’s this sexual freedom. They can have sex without meaning they have responsibility to each other. That’s the beautiful part of being a vampire. All the conventional lead-up is unnecessary. Exploring your most primal instincts is where you start.
When Salome tells Bill about her real history, that in fact she was the victim of her mother, is it a moment of truth for her? Or is she just playing Bill?
That’s the scene where I started to understand where her wounds are. She has scars. She’s been betrayed. I think that’s a moment of truth, but I think she uses that truth to bring people to her side. So she’s using truth, but she’s also really opening up to him.
I loved when she’s trying to coax information out of Eric, and she’s coming on to him, and he says to her, “Are you lonely? Is this how you make friends?”
[Laughs.] I know. He gets her. And she gets him. She says, “You’re cold,” and that’s because it hurt. She doesn’t trust Eric, but at the same time she understands where he comes from. He knows who she is. It’s difficult to sway Eric. They react to each other knowing who the other is.
Her heart really belongs to Roman then.
They’ve been lovers for centuries. But I think you’ve seen that Roman might be a little too dogmatic in his thinking. There are going to be issues between the two of them, for sure. She honestly loves him, and she’s going to try to make him see things in a different way.
The cast of True Blood might be larger than any other currently on television. Is there anyone you wanted to work with but didn’t get to?
I love every character on the show but I only had a chance to work with a few — Bill, Eric, Roman. I did get to work with Denis O’Hare — that was my big dream when I was cast. I kept asking, “Am I going to get to work with Denis?” I would have loved for Salome to meet Lafayette. I was hoping by the end of the season we would have had something, but not really. Nelsan is fantastic.
What did you get to do with Denis?
He’s the coolest, most generous and incredible actor. I learned a lot from him. There’s one moment where he’s like, throwing me during this very powerful fight scene between the two of us. Shooting that was scary and fun at the same time. It was internally bloody, a lot of rage coming out. Russell’s 3,000 years old, so he’s an older vampire than me. I hope I’m allowed to say we fight.MORE

One more recap and only because it's from Campblood's Brian who writes for AfterElton, as well as Vlogging with hubs Andy. Read it all at the link
Andy takes Holly outside and confronts her about the Assbook - sorry, Facebook photo that her kids posted, and then asks her to go steady. Men! She reminds him that she's a witch AND a single mom, and he reminds her that he's a recovering V addict AND Andy Bellefleur. It's like a match made in theBon Temps Tattler's Missed Connections section.
Back inside, Arlene wanders into the freezer, and is violently attacked by Tara. But it's just a dream (Tara's, not Arlene's), and Lafayette is trying to get her to drink some True Blood. She snaps at him with the most popular phrase in our house: "Don't you f*cking touch me!" Out in the dining room, Alcide confronts Sookieand demands to know what's going on with Debbie. Sookie plays dumb (well), but they're interrupted by the ruckus of Tara throwing Lafayette out of the walk-in and emerging in all her filthy, frosty vampire glory. Arlene and Alcide are shocked - and Tara nearly spills the beans about whatever she might know about Sookie (although she was definitely out cold when Sookie killed Debbie, right? So what would she know?) before she zips out into the night.
Later, while waiting for that gumbo for table six Arlene shames Lafayette for turning Tara, and he responds by throwing Cajun spices at her. Come on, hookah - so soon after Rene? That's just rude. He then pours a bottle of bleach into the gumbo ... and catches the brujo demon thing's face in the mirror. He dumps out the gumbo and wonders what on Earth is going on with his storyline this season.

The Nest has pics from The True Blood Press conference (no idea what that is), more here.

another interview with Giles, can't ember so go HERE
Viggo Mortensen Offered Lead In Dracula Tale, ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter’

Some interesting news landed on our doorstep for Millenium Films’ The Last Voyage of the Demeter, the ex-Summit/Sony Screen Gems project that’s been in development hell since 2004. Movement was confirmed back in May when Dog Soldiers, Doomsday and The Descent‘s Neil Marshall was attached to direct. Now we’ve got more from the ship that carried Dracula’s coffin from Transylvania to England.
Although yet to be confirmed, we’re told Ben Kingsley is still attached to play the film’s Captain. In addition, Viggo Mortensen (A History of Violence, The Road, The Lord of the Rings) has been offered the lead role of “Henry Clemens,” a source exclusively reveals to Bloody. There’s no real word on Noomi Rapace, coming off Prometheus, other than she “may” still be starring as “Anna Billington.” I can only guess it comes down to scheduling, especially with a movie that’s been stuck ashore for nearly a decade.
The latest draft was written by Lowell Cauffiel and is said to place the voyage center stage in a tale that is reminiscent of the first movie in the Alien franchise, in which a crew is slaughtered one-by-one by a mysterious passenger.
I don't think Viggo would take this but I had to post.