Saturday, June 2, 2012

Waning Hiatus Support Group

Only 8 more days and the hiatus is over, but we sure did have fun during this one. Judging from this photo, I think Salome is going to be one crazy tripped out chick on the show.
Another interview with cutey Jacob Hopkins from Best Movies Ever News, more at the link-
Jacob Hopkins (Alexander Drew) hasn’t watched ‘True Blood‘ as most parents wouldn’t let their ten-year old child watch the uber-violent and ultra sexy vampire show, but he’s one of the newest and youngest characters to join the show as part of Season Five’sVampire Authority. He’s also the youngest person we’ve interviewed on Best Movies Ever too!
He’ll be playing Alexander Drew, a vampire who was turned at the age of nine who is part of theVampire Authority and has a penchant for taunting the big boys. He’s even gotten so into his character that one day when one of the mayke up people called out the name ‘Alex’ both he and Alexander Skarsgard(Eric) answered. As everyone who’s ever met Skarsgard knows, he’s always funny so he just referred to Hopkins as ‘the other Alex‘ while quickly pointing out how well he’s doing in his role as Alexandar Drew.
BME: What was the audition like for True Blood, and what did you do to prepare for it?
JH: I remember there was like six people in the room when I auditioned. I was going in for the producers and Alan Ball was there too. My dad is my acting coach and he really prepared me for it. I went in there being really strong, sarcastic and pretty much full of myself. Like I was more important then any character in the scene or anybody in the room. That’s how I think Alexander thinks.

WOW, thank you Nesters for this video, even more scenes from S5! Now we know what the photo below is, a harness for bad vamps, I'm guessing if it's tinkered with that bullet thingee is released and snap crackle pop- true death! When it's in place a red light is on, ha, like a bug zapper I have. Pam all cried out in Sookie's kitchen and lookie at that Newlin, slinking into the party with his groove on. Lafayette cooking and then he sees that he is channeling Jesus demon in a mirror, what's he going to do with that bleach?
Skarsgardfans did screen caps (many at the link) for the Buzz vid above-
Is Steve going to be Russell's new beau, ha, would that be hilarious?
The invocation of my demon brother cook, look out for the special sauce, bleach?
Are these the new go-go boys at Mr. Blacks? Oh wait it's Eric and Bill.
Don't worry Kingee, first thing in the morning we're going for mani-pedis.
Oh Pam, no reason to ever give up on fashion or style. Eek, that sweatshirt!
The rise and possibly fall of the Roman Empire? He's pissed off for sure.
Check out more HERE
Fun interview from Eric Zuley with Dale Raoul.

Janina on Extra

Everytime I watch this I see something more, so re-posting-

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