Monday, June 4, 2012

Only Six To Go!

I have two beautiful vamps standing in front of me, but I only have one photo in my hands and this photo represents the one of you that will still be in the running towards becoming America's Next Top. 
Happy Maker's Day, who knew?

From AfterEllen- Rutina's and Lucy Griffith's interviews (more at the link)-

Valentina Cervi is also joining that cast as Salome, who, the actress said is "2000 years old, she’s very powerful, she’s part of the authority [and] she has a big wound inside of her because she’s been betrayed…" While Cervi said the bulk of her scenes are with fellow new regular Chris Meloni (Law & Order: SVU), we asked about her character’s romantic situation on the show and, obviously having been coached not to give too much away, she would only tease that "it’s going to be very interesting." She did hint that "Salome is a seductress so she’s going to encounter different characters."
From MTV's After Hours with Josh Horowitz, a parody-

Still trying to catch up with the weekend's news, this from the Daily Mail MTV Movie Awards coverage,  more here also.

Get More: MTV Shows

 TrueBlood-news tweeted this scan from US Weekly last night.
TVLine's Megan Masters’ red-carpet interviews with the cast and creator Alan Ball at the HBO hit’s premiere! Among the spoilers to which I should alert you before you watch, she finds out (go to 2:40 for True Blood)-
* that this is the season of “church and state”
* that we’ll learn Eric and Pam’s backstory
* the nature of Eric’s relationship with his sister
* how holier-than-thou Steve takes to life as a fanger
* how Russell is different this time around
* and, last but not least, which blood-sucker will fall madly in love when he least expects to.

Skarsgardfans has many screencaps for the Countdown promo released yesterday.
He looks happy at long last, awwwww.
Pam gives Lafayette a lift! Reposting the video below-

every full moon I'm posting this, forever and ever.
New episode of "Jan" with Stephen Moyer, watch them all here

Kim made this video out of promos, slowed down for our pleasure! 

Sam the Man, having a drink.

Over a gin-based cocktail called Last Word, True Blood’s Sam Trammell tells Speakeasy host Paul F. Tompkins about fighting through his first drink (straight vermouth!), stage vs. screen nudity and how he made his mom a star. Also, shapeshifting!
New Fairy Claudette played by Camilla Luddington interview at Wetpaint.

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