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The Day After Glow

Small part of TV Guide's recap- let's talk about Tara for a minute. I don't think anyone really thought that Tara was dead-dead when they watched last season's finale, bullet to the temple nothwithstanding. And then RRutina Wesley did a morning-after interview in which she confirmed that she would still be in the cast for Season 5. So we had to have seen this coming, right?
Still, it's a real sea change for the character. Until now, despite her overwhelming bravado (that girl's got a mouth on her), Tara has been True Blood's resident sad sack, the one who had a terrible upbringing, dates the wrong guy, trusts the wrong friend and otherwise has the most misfortune heaped upon her. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is going to make for one pissed-off vampire, right? Our introduction to Vampire Tara indicates as much, since the first thing she does after her dirt nap is attack her cherished friend Sookie. 
In my recap of last season's finale, I surmised that the impending vampire war might divide our cast into those who side with the Authority and those who fight it. But I actually didn't think that Tara would be turned. Now that she has, though, I have a wildly speculative prediction to make: Tara, Pam and the Rev. Steve Newlin will join forces with the Authority in their attempts to foil King Bill and Eric. At the very least, they'll find themselves reluctantly serving the enemy cause. It should make for some interesting betrayals along the way.
Hahahahah! Pam and Newlin, dragging Tara along to betray Bill and Eric? NO way, oh you silly reviewer.
Some thoughts from Urno Talbot- GIFs from True Blood GIFs on Tumblr
"Color me impressed, you guys know how to party." The one character that has never wavered from her first season self is our Pam. It's good to have something you can always depend on. Supersnatch, more like stupid snatch. Did you see the shape of Ryan's thighs when he first slightly opened the door for Steve?  Futbol player thighs, deserving of their own show or at least an episode. Little Emma dress up like Luna was, tres adorabs (forgive me for being so cornball but it was). Sam has been working out, he also had some thigh action going on but those moobs, lol. Newlin's one time back at anti vamp camp confession of love for Jason was perfect, explaining why his eyes always lit up when he saw Jason but not when Sarah was around. "I am Steve fucking Newlin!" 

So Chancellor Nora is a Wings fan, does that mean she was turned around 1976? Oh by the way, where did Bill and Eric get a match in that trunk? Another thing I am wondering, but at least I know it will be answered soon, where in the world is Jesus' body? Could bad abuelo have got to Bon Temps that fast to retrieve him, maybe to use his entrails in some voodoo ceremony (eeek)?
I don't like show Holly, I have said it more than a few times since she entered the series. Last night she really irked me for being a really crappy mother. They made her seem like a cracked out piece of trash by sleeping all day nekid in a filthy joint with a dude she hardly knows where she has 2 sons. No matter how much I like Andy, I got the sceeves at the site of that room and bed, are they living in one room? I think instead of being at the Moon Goddess Emporium she should have been cleaning that squalor.
Poor Terry. "There will be no more brain picking, am I understood! How are the pancakes?" At least he had a good line. The only thing I thought about Alcide was that he is very nosey. Stay in the living room as requested, don't be worried about her cabinets and all in the biz. I know people just like that. I can't be the only one that was happy Lafayette shaved that wiglet, it seemed to be getting lower on his forehead every scene he was in. Bald works for him better.  
Nate whipping Sam with a belt with a big ass buckle was not cool but I think I can easily forgive him. Brendan McCarthy already got blowed up real good as Tanner on Justified this year, then he has to go cannibal on Marcus, ewww, damn hillbillies.
Poor Bill having to listen to world class champion fuckers couldn't have been fun, they didnt even invite him to join or anything. Ikea and Marcellus on the road again is still making me laugh, small things make me happy.
Judge Clemmons is pretty creepy, I think the humans on the show can scare me the most. Finally, Sookie waiting for Tara to rise or die was one more chance for ugly cry face, though this time it wasn't so bad. The tears of sadness turned to fear when Tara came vampspeed out of that grave and lunged at Sookie, LAFAYETTE! Yeah like he didn't crap himself at that sight too. I was so apprehensive by what some critics (who watched the first 4 episodes) called a hard to follow mess,  turns out they were wrong. If this is a mess, then I like messes which I don't as you can see from my disgust at Holly's place. Can't wait for next week's show when we meet the Authority, that group of over zealous religious freaks led by Christopher Meloni's Roman. Tired old dogma is never to my liking and I know Ike and Marcellus (I want to say Mike n Ike so much) will have to deal with it as only they could. 
One more added thought from last night, I had said that it was bandanna afficionado Nate dragging the human dinner to Russell in promos, but since seeing him last night all involved with the Marcus revenge I don't think it is him. Who else is that tall and wears a bandanna (that's what it looks like to me)?

Yeah! The last of the rescinded (hee) videos was reposted today by HBO, Recap!

Reposting this promo for weeks ahead, most likely will again.
Bye Y'all By Gianna Sobol
I trust you’ve all learned a lot from last night’s premiere: The Authority is after Bill and Eric. Jessica turned Bill’s place into a frat house. Steve Newlin’s got a thing for Jason. Eric has a vampire sister and she’s kind of hot. And Tara? She’s a friggin’ VAMPIRE. There is so much packed into each and every episode… next Sunday’s installment will not disappoint. So sit back and relax. The wait is over. Episode 2 will be here soon enough. And if you can believe it, we start shooting the finale in just a few days. I swear this season flew by at vamp speed. It’s already time for me to hang up my hat and hand this blog back to to keep feeding you fun during the True Blood season. And if you need another fix between episodes, visit Jessica’s back… and she’s all grown up.

The scene with Steve and Jason, even though I read the script page and saw the prematurely released Inside the Episode and recap videos,  was such a treat especially Steve's forced early retreat. GIFs

I want to thank everyone that has dropped by this whole long hiatus, it made me enjoy posting knowing it was being read and to the ones who have been visiting the adverts on this blog, much love. It also made it easier for me as fan to get through the gap with the haitus support posts, especially the ones where I got to post about old horror TV shows and movies and my favorite of all time, Barbara Steele.
I posted the link for this last week but Todd Lowe deserves more, dammit! Transcript is HERE

From Mashable- True Blood‘s season five premiere, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” generated nearly 242,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday night, making it the most talked about premium cable season premiere ever. Critics had predicted True Blood would dominate social media conversation this summer, and now statistics from Bluefin Labs show their forecasts were spot on. The episode’s performance surpasses showings for premium cable premieres of Game of Thrones (58,845 comments), Dexter (23,935), Eastbound & Down (13,672) and Boardwalk Empire (13,616).
Long recap from EW, just one part-Elsewhere, Sam lied to the Wolf Pack that he had killed Marcus. He called it loyalty -- he wanted to save Alcide's life (and also Luna and little Emma's). I call it stupidity. Despite hours of werewolf brutality, Sam refused to submit. In came the deliciously terrifying Martha (Winter's Bone's Dale Dickey), who told Sam they needed Marcus's body to honor their werewolf grieving rituals. Much like werepanther mating, these rituals are something about which I am happy to remain ignorant. To be continued..
Tommy Lightfoot Garrett has his review up, he loved it, read it all at the link-
Plus there were some light moments; such as, when Pam was stuck wearing Sookie’s “Walmart nightgown” and going to ground with Tara. Or when she came out of the dirt, proclaiming, “I have dirt in my bra!”  And when a grieving Lafayette told Sookie, “Why don’t you call the police and tell them you killed that dirty bitch [Debbie]. You are a white girl, they’ll believe you!” I thought I’d laugh my head off. Oops, Debbie lost her head, when Sookie shot her with a double-barrel shotgun.

From Charlaine Harris' Facebook page-
I love "True Blood," and all its differences. But sometimes viewers and readers confuse the two. It's a common error to think that I gave Eric two makers. But in the books, Godric is not Eric's maker, or even his friend. That's only in the TV show. I do not write the television show or have anything to do with the scripts. I only write the books. Which is what I'd better get back to doing . . .
ALL ERIC, ALL THE TIME, well at least the premiere scenes.

GQ interview Big Joe M, much longer at the source including Magic Mike talk-
GQ: Obviously, a lot has happened to your character since last season, including your girlfriend Debbie getting her head blown off. How has Alcide changed?
Joe Manganiello: Whereas in his first two seasons, Alcide was mostly having things done to him and reacting, grudgingly, this season he's taking a more active role. He's going after Sookie. He's seeking out Sam and protecting him. He's owning it this year.

The pack is hoping Alcide will take over as Alpha Male, which he's not into at all. How would you describe his leadership style?
He reminds me of Michael Corleone in The Godfather. Michael wanted nothing to do with his family. He joined the military. He married a woman who was not Italian. But when push came to shove, he had to become involved. And once he did, he realized he was good at it. I think Michael had a fear of that thing inside him, afraid of what would happen if he turned that switch on. He knew if he engaged, he would become the most vicious of any of them. I think that's where Alcide is at now.
There's a super sexy new she-wolf this season. How long before you tap that?
Alcide learned from Debbie that werewolf women are duplicitous and not to be trusted. He has a really big heart and I think the right person for him also has a big heart. He's in love with Sookie. Her sweetness matches his sweetness.
So he's going to end up with Sookie?
Time has never been on their side, but I always got the sense that they'd be a good match if timing did work out.

How did you perfect your remarkably scary growl?
I hung out with live wolves. Photo is from his hosting in Vegas last night

The HBOConnect chat with Rutina is archived HERE-
Q:Carrie Small-"who is your fave character to kiss or carry on with? "
A:Rutina Wesley,"as tara, i have always loved my sam merlotte, they both seemed to get each other."

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