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Another Fangover Monday

At least she looks fabulous.
Mo recaps- Tommy Lightfoot Garrett's (as usual posting bits that I like, read whole articles at the link)-
Meloni, Bauer van Straten, Moyer, Skarsgard, were almost all upstaged by Wesley. Tara has become a live-wire, an asset no longer to her loved ones in Bon Temps. If fans thought Jessica was going to be a thorn in Bill’s side as long as she did, they haven’t seen anything yet. Tara’s not only uncontrollable, but devastated into being made into the one being she hated the most; a vampire. “I hate you both for what you did to me,” Tara screamed to Sookie and Lafayette before being doused with silver, thanks to stupid Sookie’s new security system. “Tara,” Sookie screamed as she watched in horror of her friend escaping the Stackhouse home. Lafayette devastated that his selfishness led to Tara’s new awareness. “I should have let her die!”
The emotional impact on these three characters (Sookie, Tara and Lafayette) will come as a high price, and will be incredible to watch. We should not underestimate Rutina Wesley’s powerful performance and Chris Meloni’s oomph this season. When Roman leaped over the table in an effort to deliver the true death to Bill, only to calmly change his mind for a very serious reason; the King of Mississippi, yes, Russell’s escape may be what saves Bill and Eric after all. 

The video below is very good but still the Lilith tale is so nonsensical for these ex-humans (exmen?) to believe, and you hear Peter Mensah's real accent!

Let's back up for a minute and examine the complicated system of governing bodies of the vampire world. Early on, we were introduced to the American Vampire League, a kind of lobbying organization headed up by the droll, hilarious Nan Flanagan (RIP). Her job was to convince humans that vampires would not eat them. Then, we learned that there is also a vampire monarchy, in which each state has a king or queen and each parish or county has a sheriff.
But all that is small potatoes compared to the Vampire Authority, it seems. Up until now, we've only gotten passing references to it, which alternately made it seem either like a boring body of bureaucratic overlords or some kind of creepy cult.
As it turns out, it's a little of both. Tonight, we meet the key members of the Authority, called the Chancellors, in their slick concrete underground bunker. At first, the headquarters of the Vampire Authority reminded me ofBeetlejuice's case worker's office, but it is in fact much more treacherous.
We also get some vampire religion, y'all, and boy, is it confusing! Apparently, the vampire's good book is a testament that predates the Bible that tells the story of Lillith, who was made in God's image as the first vampire. Another passage, if interpreted strictly, implies that Adam and Eve were then created to be mere food for vampires. Yikes! A chancellor asks Bill if he agrees with this interpretation and he (wisely) says no.
It's a good thing too, because head chancellor Roman  explains that the Authority supports mainstreaming, aka coexisting peacefully with humans, and for some reason is under the impression that Bill and Eric are not. (Um, Bill proposed to a human and ran for City Council and Eric owns a vampire-human nightclub.)
But let's talk about Meloni for a second. How does everyone feel about his performance? I am a big fan, dating all the way back to Wet Hot American Summer, but regrettably, I have to say: He is super-boring! Did he take a Klonopin or two before his scenes? He's supposed to be this intimidating, imposing figure in the Authority, right? Then why does he seem so... blasé? I know the SVU fans will probably disagree with me, since it was often Stabler's smoldering stoicism that made him a great cop. But this is True Blood, a show that is hardly subtle in its storytelling (and that's a compliment). I'm hoping that Meloni will think bigger in upcoming episodes. He's a talented guy; I bet he will.
(Oh, by the by, Rev. Steve Newlin is the new spokesperson for the Authority, and let me say for the record: He is no Nan Flanagan. His "God loves vampires" spiel is just as unsettling as his Fellowship of the Sun ramblings were.)
Screencaps of Pam and Eric FB's via Skarsgardfans, tons more at the site.
EW's Recaps are always more than a couple of pages-What I'm liking most about this arc: It's giving Pam, her maker, a reason to flashback to meeting Eric. But even that is moving slowly -- we've yet to see him turn Pam. What we saw was that in 1905, Pam was a madam in a San Francisco brothel, and she'd lost at least one working girl to vampires.
 One night walking home alone, she was followed by a man. She told him she was off the clock, and he pulled a knife on her. "That’s right, whore. I like it when you struggle," he said. This was years after Jack the Ripper had terrorized London. Could he have fled to America, where a tux and top hat-clad Mr. Northman stopped him from attacking Pamela by slitting his throat? (Alexander Skarsgard licking a bloody finger like he'd just had a piece of fried chicken was very Eric. Reminded me of him sucking on an artery from Marnie's freshly removed heart.) "You're not afraid," Eric said to Pam. "I'm no stranger to dead bodies," she told him. "The streets can be dangerous at this hour. A lady should really be more careful," he warned. "If I meet a lady, I’ll let her know," she answered. He smiled. You could already tell he liked her. He apologized for getting blood on her lovely dress and, I believe, dropped some coins down her cleavage to cover it.
As for the rest of the story lines, Alcide's continues to inch along. If you kill the pack master, you're supposed to become the new pack master -- and like the rest of the pack, you must feed in wolf form on the deceased. Ewww. Alcide politely declined the position andthe snack, which did not go over well with Marcus' mom.
Marcus' mom came to Luna's house and wanted to see Emma, who she's convinced will be a wolf and not a shifter. Sam was arguing for Luna to show the woman some kindness and not keep her out of her granddaughter's life. "She just lost her son," Sam said. "She just ate her son," Luna countered. Luna didn't appreciate Sam thinking he had any say in how she raised her daughter (who he'd almost died protecting), so they fought and she kicked him out. That night, Emma was making noise in her room and when Luna opened the door, she found the cutest little wolf ever.
Hulu has a video recap HERE
Brian from Campblood has his recap up now at AfterElton-You Owe Me, Fairy.
We pick up just where we left off, with Tara (Rutina Wesley) using Sookie (Anna Paquin) to exfoliate the oak tree in her backyard. She bites Sookie as Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) - having dropped his midnight snack - yells at Pam (Kristin Bauer von Straten) to do something. Pam very correctly replies, "I am doing something. I'm laughing."
The lady in the Wal-Mart sweat suit don't lie, people.
Still, Pam eventually gets her brat under control and orders Tara not to bite either Sook or Laffy, then sends her to bed with no supper, reminding whoever will listen that she is a single mother with a job to get to. She chirps "Good luck, kiddos," and reminds Sookie, "You owe me, Fairy" and is gone in time for Sookie and Lafayette to see Tara break a window and rip the pantry door off its hinges.Babysitting SUCKS, yo! 

MTV's review-Russell Edgington Is Baa-aack. Almost?
Speaking of that smooth talking, vengeance-obsessed killing machine, we finally get a glimpse of Russell Edgington's rehab, so to speak. He's being cared for in some dark, underground place where he is tossed living humans to drain. We don't actually see him doing the draining, we just hear about it. Our first glimpse of the formerly well-groomed man shows us that he needs a lot more work before he can function properly or go out in public. His body looks somewhat deflated and is curled into the fetal position; his skin, if you can call it that, is bubbly and bloody, though rapidly healing from all that feeding he's doing. EDIT: I want to know who is cutting his meat for him, he sure can't do it himself.

Eonline has some goods for the next ep- The New Nan Flanagan: Reverend Newlin isn't just showing up in Bon Temps to make himself an unwanted party crasher, he'll have a whole new role at the Authority. He's the best person to take over the old face of the Vampire Authority now that he's a vampire and a smooth-talking religious nut spokesperson.
No Biting the Merchandise: As you will soon learn Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), Bill, Eric  and Pam have a very long, sordid and interesting history. Bill and Lorena were out sowing their wild oats when he and Eric clashed before. This fun flashback also explains why Pam isn't the biggest Bill Compton fan.(gee and for 4 years we never heard about this?)
Sex Ed Teacher: If you watch Mad Men you might recognize Jason's  former teacher as the first Mrs. Draper (Melinda Page Hamilton). We find out that this is the woman who sent Jason down a sordid sexual path. The gist of this big reveal is that Jason has so much baggage he'd need a whole cargo truck to go on vacation. Did we know that already?

Thanks to the Vault for putting the HBOGO vids up on Youtube

Sam was in Vegas over the weekend and he was looking as cute as a bunny. VegasNews

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