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Authority Always Wins Rewind

Roman is hilarious, loving this taking the vamp camp to the max. I hope we find out why his blood is used for communion, where he got the Lilith transfusion and also do they have to hit up the confessional first? His use of phrases like "in a pickle" and "sons of guns" just did it for me, I have to rewatch a few more times to get it all down. While he is playing for laughs, to me anyway, Dale Dickey is deadly serious and she is coming off more human than all of them, this after last week's hillbilly funeral munching.That Vampyr creation story, minus the Lilith addition is right from Fevre Dream, it made sense in that because they are a different race. It doesnt make sense in True Blood because they are all former humans, oy vey! The nicknames for Ike and Marcellus (why not Mike?) keep on coming, Fuck Up #1 and Fuck Up #2 (Bill and Eric respectively).
 Christopher Heyerdahl was perfect as he is in everything, you can feel the danger from his character just under that world weary tired of torturing exterior. He loves his job as does deadly Salome. Valentina is very beautiful and sexy, why isn't she big in this country? Kibwe is the one who would let the Fuck Ups off the hook if it were up to him, while Rosalyn and lil Alex are looking forward to watching  them get the super secret special stake from Roman, the true death. I have to say I was right about something, for a change, Newlin is doing Authority PR, I figured he was turned for that purpose but thought Nan did the turning. Wish they had time for more of Pam and Eric the Deadwood Days but maybe they will revisit it again. 
 Jessica teasing Steve by dangling Jason's butt was funny, and I do like a guy who carries cash on him.The Sookie, Lala, Tara was ok, her shopping for anti-vamp gear was funny because of the Newlin commercial in the background. I hope Tara gets over this temper tantrum, or they have put the stake in the character forever. Newlin hated vamps too, geez he ran a camp to learn how to kill them, not to mention kidnapping Godric etc. Steve is getting with the program, someone who has an abusive background like Tara should embrace her new found glory and power.
 Poor Russell, what the hell were those noises the king was making, ick, and now I'm back to thinking weres freed him or there's a new sheriff in town who did.

                                          Screencaps from Skarsgardfans.
 Let's get the recaps arollin' along! 
The Baltimore Sun, more at all the links- Think Dick Cheney's thoughts on torture are extreme? Meet the Authority.
Meet them and be afraid. Very afraid. Because underneath the sheen of gentility, bureaucratic formalities and a really sweet reception area, the Authority is pretty vicious.
Indeed, Nan Flanagan was murdered and they want to get the bottom of it. But seriously, silver pulsating through Bill and Eric's veins during interrogation? Whatever happened to we want to live with the humans peacefully?
The bulk of the second episode of the season was set at the Vampire Authority headquarters in what appears to be an underground labyrinth of a warehouse (it's super dark). Bill, Eric and Nora are in handcuffs and escorted in to meet Salome (Valentina Cervi) a fellow Authority chancellor who is not happy with Nora.
Quick summary of the meeting: Nora: "They're more valuable to us alive!"
Salome: Slap.

GIF Source, I love this one.
Eonline's ONE-LINERS
"Are you kidding? That means you did something right. That's getting to eat the pie without having to buy the cow." —Jason
"Knock. Knock. Who's there? Me, a vampire. Ahhhhh. It burns, it burns! I'm going to leave you alone, go eat your neighbor." —Store worker
"What the f--k, mama? I spent the last f--king hour down there fixing your f--king sink for f--king free. So if you don't like it, I say f--k, that's too f--king bad." —Hoyt
"As your maker I command you not to bite these two humans. Comprende? I think she got it." —Pam
"I'm trying to stay away from politics as much as possible." —Eric

Rollingstone's- First up: What to do about Tara? "You can't leave, you're her maker!" Sookie shouts at Pam after being tossed around the backyard by Tara. "And I made her. She's your problem now," Pam retorts, but orders Tara not to bite Lafayette and Sookie, and Tara to stay in the house – and then peaces off to Fangtasia, leaving a positively pissed Tara behind. Tara's still on a rampage 30 minutes before sun up, so Sookie masterminds a sneak attack that involves Lafayette giving Tara his blood while Sookie silvers her to get her into the cubby. It's traumatic for everyone, and leaves Lafayette questioning if he and Sookie did the right thing when they played God. He is this close to staking Tara while she sleeps when Sookie stops him. "It'll get better," Eternal Optimist Sookie Stackhouse promises, citing Jessica's evolution as hope. "Tara is in there." The first sign of that is Tara's pledge when she emerges later that night. "I will never forgive either of you," she vows venomously, running out of the house, Sookie's newly bought silver mister and Pam's orders be damned.
From TVLine- 
SAM AND LUNA BROKE UP  Alcide royally ticked off Martha by refusing to either partake of the all-you-can-eat-of-Marcus buffet or become the pack’s new master. Yet Sam and Luna were still allowed to leave without becoming side dishes. After Martha popped by Luna’s to plead for visitation rights with her granddaughter, however, the lovebirds had a knock-down drag-out. Sam argued that maybe Martha was right — that Emma would need guidance from fellow lycanthropes if she turned out to be a werewolf, not a shifter. Luna countered that a) he could get the hell out, and b) her little girl is NOT, NOT, NOT a werewolf! Which, natch, by episode’s end, it turned out she was — and an adorable puppy version of one, too!
IN THE SHOW’S 207 OTHER STORYLINES  Steve came out publicly as a vampire but remained closeted as a gay vampire. Which did not deter him in the slightest from trying to buy Jason’s rock-hard butt from Jessica, who delighted in stringing the reverend along before rejecting his offer. In flashbacks — all the way back to 1905, to be exact — Eric rescued Pam, then a madam, from the San Francisco version of Jack the Ripper. Recovering addict Andy found a vial of V in Debbie’s abandoned car but turned it over to Jason. (Damn, that Holly is a good influence on him!) After being slugged by a kid whose married mom he didn’t even remember boffing, Jason again tried to kiss and make up with Hoyt. Well, not kiss, but make up, at least. He even offered to let Hoyt move into his bachelor pad to get him away from his mother, who was secretly so thrilled that the himbo had broken up her boy and Jessica that she promised to bake him a pie. Finally, not long after Arlene decided that she’d had enough of her hubby’s nightmares and flashbacks, Terry decided that he had, too, and revealed to Patrick what he thought was causing them: A fellow war vet — Kessler, presumably our firebug — wasn’t dead. 

Thanks for the scene when Pam met Fuck Up #2 (or was it 1?)

Ginger Scream Queen of the Scene!

Ep. 51 Preview
WSJ's Recap-Andy and Jason’s rapport. Andy asking Jason for love advice is possibly the greatest conversation to ever have occurred on this show. And just in time for Father’s Day, too! Also, we love the way Jason is supporting his father-figure by taking away the V. Step away from that V, Andy, you don’t need it. Good man indeed.
Related: Jason choosing to answer Andy’s rhetorical question seriously: “I don’t know. I’m close, I guess.”
General set design. The Jack Bauer/CTU-like setting of the Authority’s headquarters, Bill’s black and white office in contrast with Jessica’s blazing blue pumps, the ultra-violet lights in the torture chambers, all are aesthetically pleasing. Larger budget this season?
Pam and Eric’s relationship before she’s turned. Interesting he doesn’t turn her straightway. More importantly, Eric in coattails! Eric in top hat! Also, Eric as savior – over a human. We’re getting to “The Wire” level of nuance here when it comes to who’s bad and who’s good.
What the Show Needs to Work On Tara, Tara, Tara. We just FEEL for her at this point. She didn’t want to be a vampire, we didn’t want her to be a vampire, now she’s here as a vampire and isn’t too happy about it. We need a miracle for this plotline. (In case it’s not clear, we were fully supportive of Lafayette’s decision to stake her.)
BuzzSugar -
Most out of control: Newborn vampire Tara is like an undead Tasmanian devil, rocketing all over Sookie's house and trying to sink her teeth into her BFF and Lafayette until Pam (aka her new maker) commands Tara not to bite either of them. Unfortunately, they still have to resort to extreme measures when they're afraid that she'll get out when the sun comes up, so they silver her and stash her in Eric's bunker. Lafayette is very close to staking her, until Sookie comes in with her one-woman "it gets better" campaign. Later, vamp Tara finally speaks to say that she'll never forgive either of them, and then runs off, unaffected by Sookie's silver mist.
Lamest flashback: I've been waiting to see Pam's backstory for so long, so I was psyched when she flashes back to it, in 1905 San Francisco. Sadly, there's not much excitement in Pam's human life (except for those silly period costumes): she works in a brothel and she's no stranger to seeing murdered girls. We don't see her get turned quite yet, but we watch her meet Eric, who saves her from an attacker and reveals that he's a vampire. I'm a little disappointed in this glimpse: I want to know more about Pam's life before she got used to seeing death and had so much sadness behind her eyes.
Biggest LOL: This week's werewolf drama is that Marcus's mother tells Alcide he's the new pack master since he killed the last, but Alcide respectfully declines to chew on Marcus's guts (maybe he just ate?). Martha moves onto her next agenda of seeing her granddaughter. Luna angrily asserts that Emma isn't a werewolf and kicks Martha out, and when Sam tries to reason with her, she kicks him out too. The joke is on Luna (and I mean it — it's so funny and not serious at all) when she walks into Emma's bedroom and finds her daughter as a werewolf puppy wearing a tiny nightgown. 

"It chaps my ass to say this, but when ya got lame horses, ya put 'em down." Rosalyn.

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