Friday, June 8, 2012

Bless the Blood

Weekend TV from TVGuide- Very likely coming soon to a T-shirt near you: "Bless the Blood." This new catchphrase is a favorite of True Blood's new vamp in town: Roman, the 500-year-old Guardian of the Vampire Authority, a zealot who's about to complicate the already messy lives of the bloodsuckers who live among the shape-shifters, territorial werewolves, telepathic fairy hybrids, assorted bigots and bumpkins of Bon Temps, Louisiana. 
Roman doesn't appear until well into next Sunday's second episode, presiding over a sinister gathering of Chancellors who include the Biblical siren Salome (new cast member Valentina Cervi). But Roman casts an immediate dark shadow over the fate of Sookie's spurned undead suitors Bill and Eric  In what promises to play out like a buddy adventure with fangs, they're headed towards a treacherous suicide mission to take down the "ancient, pissed-off psychopath" vampire king Russell Edgington, who has been disentombed and threatens the Authority's spiritual-political campaign to assimilate the supernatural into a judgmental human world.
Back in Bon Temps, Sookie  stays busy cleaning up the mess from last season's cliffhanger, when werewolf hunk Alcide's jealously deranged ex Debbie Pelt was blown away by Sookie, but not before Debbie blasted a hole in the head of Sookie's BFF Tara. Helping Sookie try to bring Tara back to life — has no one in this town read The Monkey's Paw?— are the reluctant Lafayette and the resentful Pam, with Kristin Bauer Van Straten stealing the first episode as Pam seethes hilariously barbed disdain for all things human: "I am wearing a Wal-Mart sweatsuit for y'all. If that's not a demonstration of team spirit, I don't know what is". Much more HERE for not only True Blood but other shows.

Two days to go and we have 2 Inside True Blood blog posts!
What’s currently in Eric’s dungeon?   By Gianna Sobol
Pam’s pink coffin, of course!

Wolfing Around By Gianna Sobol
I came across this pup on my way by set yesterday. The werewolves of Shreveport are pretty damn cute, huh?

Handsome Sam on The Soup, wish I could post it but the autoplay and ads, no way. 
                      Joe filmed Extra at The Grove and they tweeted this photo today.
"The global launch of Encounter Calvin Klein introduces a new interpretation of the contemporary, confident man," Catherine Walsh, senior vice president, American Fragrances, Coty Prestige, tells Us Weekly in a statement. "Alexander perfectly reflects the Encounter Calvin Klein attitude -- modern, stylish and unapologetically masculine."
Skarsgard and Stone, 28, also shot a short film to promote the scent; further details about their TV spot will be released in August. "Their idea for their concept was very intriguing to me. It was almost like a short film and very film noir. It felt interesting to me," Skarsgard tells WWD. "I wanted to be involved with something where you tell a story -- even though it's a short story." USWeekly

                                               One more pic from Magic Mike
Guess what? DAW is going to live tweet during the premiere of True Blood Sunday! 9est/6pst. She'l answer questions and comment on the ep 
USA Today talked to Stephen -
There's always a lot of hot, hard bodies showcased on True Blood, but Stephen Moyer reveals to USA TODAY that there's a whole lot of incentive going on in the background.
"We started because I hadn't had any love scenes in particular, because I'd been directing, and I hadn't been to the gym as much as I normally would during a season," said Moyer. "I was laughing with a couple of the camera boys saying, 'I've got to get back on it Monday.' And one of their standard jokes is, 'Yeah, we're going to start our diets on Monday (too).' And I went all right, well why don't you then? It started off as a little joke but by Monday, we decided to do a Biggest Losercompetition for the whole crew." Thirty six people jumped into the two-month-long competition, which will end "probably July 12 when we finish shooting."
The prizes could be bloody hefty. "Me and Anna are going to do something," says Moyer - perhaps even a weekend away for the winner and a guest. "I think HBO is, too." But the loser will have to face Paquin, and a possible public running of suicides. "Anna was talking about doing one of her crazy juices (for the loser), like some kind of kale and ginger and – they're (expletive) nasty," he said. Pregnant or not, "she's pretty intense," he grinned. "She can get people do do sh--."
But come on, we protested. How out-of-shape could Vampire Bill really have been in the first place? "There is a difference between looking all right in a shirt and taking the shirt off," promised Moyer. "The older that us dudes get, the more the paunch has to be worked on. It's hard."
P.S. Not all the cast needed the incentive. "You've got people like Joe (Manganiello) who is a two-a-day fitness freak to somebody like Ryan (Kwanten) who runs at his lunchtime. Ryan won't even get in the mini-van when it's going to location," said Moyer. "He'll run by the side of it."

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