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True Blood Season Six Spoilers Part 4

Are they using silver infused smoke bombs to disorient the vamps? Burrell is in on the raids, he is the consumate politician always on camera. That one sign, gooey vamps are good vamps, lulz. Then not so funny things: lynching by silver chain, setting some aflame, dragging behind pick-ups, looks like Tara gets shot at Fangtasia and the call to gun up.
Then we see the newbs (described in castings as Occupy Wall St types) with Nicole Wright  (formerly Jansen) saving Nora or some vamp and carrying them to their car, though the scenes are out of order (as they do to fool us). They captured the Viking and have a black hood over his head. The NRA will adore Burrell and his stock up on wooden bullets and buy a gun spiel, "wickedly sharp, decidedly deadly". Someone in swat gear and a knit cap like Jason was wearing but taller than him (imo) going up the stairs to (I think ) Bill's home and firing into the door, is this Terry's other buddy Justin? Sort of looks like who I thought was going to be Warlow, hmmm.  Then a quick shot of Jason in the basement of the Authority HQ to really confuse the flow. 

The LAVTF close in on poor scared Jessica, quick shots of a Tara who's in bad shape trying to get up from the bar, Jason holding a gun on Nora.
Steve gets his same close up with his mouth taped and hood removed. We see Eric looking dazed maybe he never felt so helpless in a thousand years. Another shot of Jessica on the ground looking pained. 

Then we see Pam outside, it might be right after they get out of the basement of the AHQ, she turns and looks at an explosion, but is it the AHQ exploding because of nudie Bill in his wire pulling scene or one of the bottling plants just cut in the scene, I can't tell.
The narration is by Governor Burrell- I swore an oath to serve and protect the people of this state. People, not vampires. When humans can no longer walk on their streets at night without fearing for their lives, then we have to take our streets back. As of this moment, we are closing down all vampire run businesses. That is why I say to any of you buy a gun, stock up on wooden bullets. This is still America, you have the right to defend yourselves and the people you love. Then NO ONE LIVES FOREVER ends the promo.

Kristin Bauer interviewed about Season 5 but ETonline slipped in some S6 questions, on her relationship with Tara after "The Kiss" in the new season.  
We both wanted the kiss to have the possibility of so many things. In season six, we do get another piece of the puzzle, and we're very excited to share that with fans.ETonline: What can you tease about where their relationship goes in season six?
Bauer van Straten: In typical True Blood fashion, just when you think the sh*t has hit the fan as much as it could, some more sh*t hits the fan. The characters are developing their relationships under fire, and that's great fun for us actor and it keeps the pace up on all the situations. Everything from last year continues but there is some added heat this year.
ETonline: What else are you excited for fans to see in the new season?
Bauer van Straten: Everything! As [the premiere approaches], I get really excited and nervous and then I replay what we've filmed in my head -- there's so much adrenaline involved in it for me because those scenes are my babies. So, I can only judge the scenes I'm not in because I lose all perspective [laughs]. I get very excited to share the season with other people, but even more so, I get excited to watch the show and see how the whole thing was put together. It was a lot of night shoots, so it starts off with a bang, and I'm very excited to see it myself.

 Oh Eric, your eyes are such a lovely shade of blue, I never noticed before. 
Photos from HBO, I'mhereforSookie , Kaysgetaway, Darlin'Sookie. Thanks to ALL.
From Instagram's Fatismaki, this is what she posted under it- Hot set for true blood! :)
From Modern Luxury Angeleno Mag interview with Anna Paquin, much longer interview at the link this is just the bit about S6.  Among the new faces is Brit actor Rob Kazinsky as the charismatic Ben, who helps Sookie and her brother Jason delve deeper into the mystery behind their parents’ death and is, perhaps, yet another magical entity looking to get into her short shorts. Plot twists aside, expect a more introspective Sookie.“This season, the writers and I have been making a concerted effort to help Sookie grow up, become a little bit darker, more accepting of her fate, more self-knowing,” says newly minted True Blood showrunner Bryan Buckner, further revealing that the character will explore her attraction to vampires head on in a soul-searching journey made exponentially more compelling through Paquin’s subtly nuanced performance. “She is able to tell us so much with her eyes… I don’t think there are very many actors out there who could pull off what we’re asking of her this season… Her performances literally hold [True Blood] together as a show.” 

Slightly different video promo, looks like BloodClot can fly! ETA ImhereforSookie caught it in a Gif.
From Eric Northman Lovers United on the S6 set with Rod Lurie (from his instagram originally).

I am still hoping my guess as to who's playing Warlow is right and maybe FW means fake Warlow, lulz. The Grabbit Qwik Clerk actor from S1 is back in episode 4 , is he a new character or maybe now he really is a vamp or is he...?

From TVGuide-True Blood is getting some new blood in Season 6. Creator Alan Ball has stepped away to work on other projects, and part fairy Sookie Stackhouse has seen her ex Bill Compton transformed into...something after drinking a vial of gore that once flowed through ancient vampire god Lilith's veins.Does that make him a god now? "We prefer prophet. Bill's more than just vampire and has powers we've never seen a vampire have," says new executive producer Brian Buckner. "Bill and Sookie are not going to get on so hot. But their not getting on is kind of awesome."
What's not so awesome? Humans declare war on vampires, and Sookie has to contend with the mysterious Warlow, who killed her parents. "Warlow is the oldest vampire we've met," Buckner says. "Killing the Stackhouses — that was nothin'!"
While battles have brought together Sookie and hunky vamp Eric before, this season "she's looking to date somebody with whom she has more in common," Buckner teases.
HBO Press Release the first 3 Episodes synopses. Seems like the HBO Max E2 was for E3, all corrected now.
From AusielloQuestion: Any scoop on True Blood Season 6? —SosoAusiello: I carved a few hours out of my holiday weekend to watch the first two episodes, and here are a few highlights: There’s a pivotal death, a threesome, a Hoyt shout-out, all kinds of fancy new anti-vampire weaponry and a horrifying glimpse into the future that may or may not foreshadow this. Also, if you’ve been dying to know what Friday Night Lights‘ Jurnee Smollett-Bell will be up to this season, I can now confirm that she will be playing an activist with the Vampire Unity Society (V.U.S.) by the name of Nicole who sets her sights on [spoiler].  So who could she go for besides Jason?
From MegaBuzz, what the hell does it mean? Will souped up BillyClot be able to take on Warlow and save Sooks? I read somewhere that Warlow is a progeny of Lilith, but thought it was just too stupid a theory, oy! 
I can't wait for True Blood to return! Please tell me you have some scoop! — Andre
 NATALIE: To sum up the show's return: Blood. Death. Blood. Repeat. (But that second death won't stick.) More specifically, remember last season when Sookie and Jason discovered that someone named Warlow killed their parents? Well, suffice it to say that finding and destroying him will be at the narrative fore (particularly because of this casting). What will surprise you, though, is Warlow's connection to Bill's occupation of/transformation into/death by Lillith. Nora is going to have to brush up on her vampire Bible, tout suite.
From TVLine-
I’m so excited that Anna Camp is returning to True Blood. Any scoop on how Sarah is going to react to Steve coming out of the closet? Or maybe she already knew he was gay all along? –RashadGod-loving Sarah resurfaces in this season’s third episode and wastes no time tearing into her ex — but it’s his vampiric orientation she seems to have the bigger issue with.

Will Sarah be the one to end ol' Steve Newlin?
Some Niall buzz-The super-super-old faerie debuts in the premiere to help relatives Sookie and Jason (Ryan Kwanten). Powers? “I show them a few tricks,” says Hauer, 69. That hair? His snowy mane doesn’t always look shocked. “There is this electric moment where my hair stands up. That was only in a scene and a half. Funny enough, the next day that picture showed up on the Internet. It was amazing.”
This sort of verifies my idea that Eric and Willa get close in a big way-
“There’s a new… oh God, I’ve got to be careful here,” Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd caught himself as he answered a question on what direction his vampire character Eric in “True Blood” is headed. But the actor revealed the “new” development in his 1,000-year-old fanged Viking sheriff’s life, anyway. “Someone is introduced, a new character, into Eric’s life,” dished the 36-year-old Swede. A possible love interest? “Maybe, maybe not,” Alexander teased in this recent interview. “But there’s someone new who’s suddenly part of his inner circle.” Source
Am I reading too much into Rutina saying she got the braids out of her hair and never again? Tara had them since season 1, that's a shocking true death for me, hmmm.
Good to see Officer Kevin will be back in a few eps this season, maybe Kenya too.
Three co-star roles are being cast for True Blood episode 6.10: a nurse who takes blood samples, and 2 African-American roles: a little girl and a religious woman. There's a town meeting in this episode. Source: SpoilerTV
From TVLine--Question: I’ve been wanting Sookie and Alcide to hook up on True Blood for a long time. It almost happened last season, but it didn’t end so well. Is there any chance they will get together in season 6? —Rashad
Ausiello: First off, here’s the reason it didn’t end so well. Secondly, Sookie’s going to be otherwise engaged this season with Ben the Fairy played by Rob Kazinski. Bottom line: The Sookie-Alcide ‘ship has sailed, methinks.(I concurred last season about this fauxrom.)

Mega Buzz  SPOILERS- Please tell me you have some Pam-and-Tara scoop for True Blood? — Lila 
NATALIE: The state of Louisiana will declare war on vampires, so there won't be any time for Tara and Pam to braid each others' hair and talk about their feelings about their hot kiss in the finale. However, their relationship will deepen as a result of two shocking events: 1) Pam will find out (for the first time) who Nora really is to Eric and 2) Tara will become Victim No. 1 to a frighteningly powerful new weapon that the police has devised to combat vampires. These are no mere wooden bullets!
Critics got preview packs with the first 3 episodes so some people have put out synopses for them, this one sounds likely, the complete 3 episode notes are at the link. - Spoilers for what happens with Sookie in the first three episodes of S6. 
The episode opens with Eric and Sookie running from Billith. She falls into the vampire goo and Eric helps her up and vamp speeds them into the elevator. Once the doors are closed he asks her if she’s okay, and she nods. That’s when Billith fucks up the power and the elevator stops. Eric starts to rip open the top and Sookie uses her microwave fingers to give him light. Eric smiles a small smile and says either that she’s handy, or that’s handy. Then it cuts away and I’m assuming he flies her out of there, but if he does we don’t see it. 
We next see them pull around the burning Authority in an SUV just as the rest of the gang are coming out. They all pile in, but when they see Bill coming out, one of them (I think either Sookie or Jessica) tells Eric to stop. He does, and they watch as Bill walks through the fire unharmed and then flies away. 
They drive away again and Pam and Nora start bickering at each other again. They argued when they were getting out of the Authority as well. Eric has enough of it and stops he vehicle again so he can pull Pam aside to talk to her. 
Jessica goes off on her own and Sookie encourages Jason to go after her, but he refuses so Sookie does. They talk about Bill and Sookie says he was her first everything and I think it’s something about how there’ll always be a place in her heart that’s his. It was something sappy like that. But then she says that Bill is dead, that she saw it happen. 
This is around the time Nora glamours Jason to find out more about what he knows of Warlow, and when Jason comes out of it he pulls the gun on her. Eric’s fangs come out, and he’s in attack mode, but when Sookie comes up he says the only reason he hasn’t attacked Jason is out of courtesy to her. There’s also a funny sibling line that I can’t recall.  Jason does his rant about being tired of vamp brain raping him and wants to know what Nora knows about Warlow. Then he rants about how vampers killed their parents. I honestly can’t remember now if he says vampers or Warlow. Either way, Sookie gets between him and Nora, and then Jason runs off on his own. 
Jessica starts to be “called” by Billith, and it’s horribly painful for her. Sookie tells the other vampires to help her, but they know they really can’t do anything. Eric tries to stop her, and holds her to the ground, which is when Jessica rips her shirt from the promo. She says it feels like her heart is being squeezed from the inside. It’s too much, and Sookie tells Eric to let her go, which he does, then says she’s going with Jessica. At this point, Tara and Pam go off on their own, as do Eric and Nora. Tara is kind of pissed that no one is going with Sookie, but she has to go with Pam. 
Sam's Story from E1-E3-
Sam, Luna, and Emma escape the Authority, but Luna dies after telling Sam to take care of Emma. He gets her back to his bar, where Lafayette is. He informs Sam that Luna’s shift from Steve Newlin back into herself is all over the news. 
At work the next day this group of young people come in from California. There’s a funny bit where they ask Arlene if something is organic, and she quips that around there the only thing organic they’ll find is the fancy piano at church. One of the girls, Nicole, goes up to Sam and says she wants to help him. She knows he’s a shifter, and she’s a part of this group that wants to form an alliance between humans, vampires, and werewolves/shifters called the Vampire Unit Society. AKA Operation: Never Going to Happen. Sam brushes her off. 
Later, Alcide, his head bitch Ricki (she refers to herself as that when she allows him to have a threesome, it’s disgusting) and Emma’s grandmother whose name I can’t remember, all come over to get Emma. Sam doesn’t want them to take her, and she doesn’t want to go with them. A fight breaks out, and Alcide attacks Lafayette (more reasons to hate him). The grandma takes Emma and they all go. The last we see of Sam by Ep 3, he’s got Emma but he sees Nicole limping away and tells Emma they have to help her. More
Nora is caught spying around Sookies house and says she's looking for Warlow.
The fairies in the club are killed by Warlow, and Niall stays with Sookie and Jason to protect her from Warlow. He reveals that they’re royalty, which is why Warlow wants Sookie’s blood. Claudine blasted Warlow into a nasty dimension when he killed Sookie’s parents, but the magic Sookie and Claude did last season released him. He’s after her now. Source/More
Thanks to Skarsjoy tumblr for the scans from TVGuide, where Stephen talks spoilers and the pic is great, nice pink lipstick.

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  1. As True Blood DVD Season 5 just finished, season 5 brings people many doubtful the dinal episode, Russell, along with Eric's vampire sister Nora and Salome, redefine the values of the Authority and view humans as nothing more than food: just as Lilith of the Vampire bible wanted. The season ends with Bill drinking the blood of Lilith in front of Sookie and Eric. He begins to fall apart, ultimately meeting the "true death". Shortly after, a nude Bill "rises from the blood", as an even more powerful vampire ("Lilith"). Surprised, Eric yells for Sookie to run prior to the end credits playing. None knows what will happen then in season 6 of true blood series. We will find the answer at the begining.