Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seance on a Wet Afternoon

Looking forward to Lafayette's story in season six (less than a month away!). What will he say after that fairy drops 4 babies on the pool table, she best not have killed his giant Margarita buzz.
Dont forget to watch The Nerdist tonight with Joe Manganiello has a interview with Audrey Fisher for their TV Obsession series.
What’s the first show you remember watching? How old were you?
I remember being mesmerized by I Dream of Jeannie. I was obsessed with her pink chiffon stylized ’60s harem outfit and her miniature hookah apartment.
Also Bewitched, Sam was so effortlessly stylish and I loved it when she suddenly would appear in a black witchy gown. And, well, ENDORA. Nuff said. Read it all at the link.

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                   Kristin tweeted this pic from today's Ustream, in the Barbie top.
I have to hand it to I'mHereforSookie, she gets on the goodies with the quickness! 

Some True Blood bits from an interview with Adina Porter, Lettie Mae.
And what about the upcoming season of “True Blood”?
I don’t know! They just called me in for the next episode.
So, something will happen with Lettie Mae towards the end of the season? Do you know what it is?
No! I don’t know. That’s how I am with “True Blood.” In the first season, I would ask other people, “Am I in this script?” This one, I just wait for the phone call. So the phone calls come and now it’s all about making sure that I can try to do both shows.
What has it been like to be involved in a show like “True Blood” with such a devoted fan base? What kind of adventures have you had because of it?
I get these looks, where people are like, “Did we go to high school together?” Then they have the realization that I’m Tara’s mother, and it’s like, “Oh!” It’s fun. It helps sometimes at the airport. [laughs] Getting through security; maybe I don’t get profiled as much as I used to. [Some people say], “Wow, you look so much better in real life.” 
When you come back to work on “True Blood,” is it like going back home?
It’s lovely, yes! Home… “Newsroom” really feels like home. I kind of get a little nervous if I’m not there for a while. Like, “I’ve got to get back!” But [on "True Blood"], it’s like, “Hey! Adina’s back! Lettie Mae’s back!” So yes, it feels comfortable. Once I was there and I was being a little picky, and I said, “Where’s my seat-back? I’ve got a seat-back! I don’t wanna be just a guest star, come on!” [laughs] And they found it! MORE

Gran, Lois Smith, w/ Meryl Streep and Frances Sternhagen at the OBIE Awards, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
A Bill is Charming GIF-off from BuzzFeed,  those sideburns were charming!
Skarsgard on Eric in S6 from Hollywoodlife, how is this news if you watched S5?
“I like them both,” he told us about ‘good’ Eric and ‘evil’ Eric. “It’s fun to go back and forth, you get to play around with both sides. It’s always more interesting than one extreme or the other … when you have both within, and it’s an internal struggle.”We’ve seen Eric commit some pretty seedy acts — remember when he killed Talbot while having sex with him? — and Alexander promised there’s plenty more where that came from. Though he admitted that Eric’s temporary season-four amnesia “affected him in a way,” he said Eric’s still going to be up to his old tricks.
“You’ll see this season he’s doing some pretty nasty stuff,” he told us. “It’s not all good.”
Evidence, release date July 19, 2013 (limited) Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi, Screenwriter: John Swetnam 
Starring: Stephen Moyer, Radha Mitchell, Nolan Gerard Funk, Dale Dickey, Caitlin Stasey, Torrey DeVitto, Albert Kuo, Harry Lennix 
Plot Summary: The found footage thriller opens in the middle of the desert outside of Los Angeles, where a massacre has just occurred. The only evidence at the crime scene is the victim's personal electric devices, including a camcorder, Flip Cam and two cell phones. With nothing else to go on, two detectives must analyze the bits of found footage to piece together the identity of the ruthless killer. Source
Maxine is coming back for Season 6!-
A fun week - going back to and then !
True Blood episode 6.08 is called "Dead Meat" and 2 co-star roles are being cast: a guard and a bottling plant foreman. Source: SpoilerTV
So stoked for this movie, I can not wait-  Source for more photos
Our friends at TrueBloodcomics has info on the new ongoing comics up and look inside HERE

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