Friday, May 10, 2013

Season Six Character Photos

                                                This is my blue steel look, too much?
HBO released several character photos from the upcoming season on their Facebook page. The last promo informed us on what most of  these photos show as far as what our characters are going to be up to. Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO 
                                   Fabulous Medium Ghost Detectives, first spin off.
                                                        Is Sookie moving from Gran's?
Don't even think about me washing that fairy afterbirth goo off the pool table .
Sookie, do you see that 'cause this concussion is making me all fakakta.
Pam:you never took me flying. Eric:not now Pam
Tara thinks about more colors of Manic Panic to try out and forming a punkrock band.
I don't know about Steve's future unless he become the Fellowship's first Vamp, not likely.
                                 The face of the unluckiest in love shifter ever.
Look at Bill and his nekid ass, that banana isnt in his pocket.
wait for it...growl, rips off shirt.
This is Juicy Couture, NOT Walmart.
Not to be confused with Leprechauns, Bagginses, or Wyatt Earp, tis a fairy prince.
Oh great another old friend of Terry's, just smile Arlene.
Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me.
So then Sookie says I'm never seeing Bill again, but you know how fickle she is.
I have to ask, why does Sookie's couch smell of ass, feet and Peach Schnapps?
Urno has a wee hangover, usually does better at captioning.
As far as basic features go she looks very similar to the Nora actress, in one photo taken while filming I thought she was Nora in a nightgown.

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  1. I like your captions. Very funny! Great cast photos. Season 6 - almost here!