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Get your Warlow On, Speculations!

We end Warlow's saga on a sour note with Benwa going back to his evil face in this season of personality disorders. Bye Dimples, you certainly were meaty, beefy, big and bouncy and now your deadeadead. Rob Kazinsky was great in the final version of The Many Faces of Warlow, and he certainly liked Sookie's bathroom, so it was a fitting place to splat out.
                                                          RIP Benwa's balls. GIFs from VB
Finally we meet BenWa, AKA Warlow. The journey ends with  the sexy, lying, murdering, be-dimpled, 30 something looking Ben as ancient Warlow. If it was any other actor I might be ticked off, but look at that face. It was fun speculating on who Ben would really be, I still like gigolo for the evilest vamp ever. I wanted Gideon Emery to make a dazzling villainous entrance too, but beggers in hell want ice water. Guess Bill won't go out killing Ben-Wa and his spicy balls.
Ben has to stick around long enough to kill Lilith, who I thought was dead since she was only activated by drinking her blood. She lived in closer quarters than I Dream of Genie did, in a fucking teeny vial!  Breathe, I said I would accept it all and enjoy, ok, moving on. Will this bring Bill into the battle or when Lil is deaddeaddead will Bill die, turn to goo, get nekid and bloody again or (blah) be old Bill again, minus cool sideburns? 
He didn't kill Niall, so Gramps to the nth degree is in the drippy prison, where his hair will grow ever unruly yet, lustrous. They filmed Sookie's parents being murdered before they knew they wanted Warlow to have a warm, fuzzy side obviously, bwahahaha. The first evil fae theories were closer to what turned out to be the Warlow story but damn, some of the thoughts here and in comments were so good for the original vile villain role.
Now we see the killer with a heart of gold is what the writers decided on, and they didnt care about anything we saw before. I need some of that fae light fruit of forgetfulness like Earl Stackhouse had, wait who's Earl Stackhouse? This show!
UPDATE: Rob K spills a lot of info about Warlow, total twist- Rob Kazinsky talks about Warlow to TVGuide, and he does come face to face with Bill, I just know it will be puffy chest Bill almighty to the max.
Tell us about Warlow and what kind of powers he has. 
Kazinsky: He has the best of both worlds. He is the oldest vampire that we've met to date. He is one of the first, he's Lilith's progeny. He's been around as long as she has. He also has the powers of the most powerful fae. This is all stuff that he's hidden until now because he's wanted to appear not as himself. He knows how guarded Sookie is about what happened to her parents, the truth of what happened with her parents is something she's unaware of. He has all the powers of the fae and all the powers of a vampire and all the cravings of both.

Sookie was promised to him, so what does Warlow want with her?
Everything that he says in the first few episodes are not lies. They're absolute truths. When I said previously that he is the male equivalent to her, he still is. He's been ostracized not only by humans, but by fae and vampires because he is none of the above and all three at the same time. He's never been able to be accepted anywhere he's gone. He knows what he is. He's a junkie. He's an addict who hates himself for being an addict. He fights against this inner vampire all the time. He came from light,he's a creature of light and goodness. However, he's corrupted by this vampire within him that he has to fight against every single second of every single day. Everything he said to Sookie about what they are and how they feel, that's true. He absolutely means it. He has a real genuine fascinating, adoration and love for Sookie.
So Warlow might actually have a decent side to him?
Yes, he does. He is ruled by his conscience. He means well and has a good heart, but when you take the most powerful vampire that you've ever met and combine him with something loathed, you end up with a very dangerous, self-hating monster. Despite your best wishes, when you have to succumb to a craving and you're 5,000 years old, it's not going to look pretty. He's incredibly dangerous to the point where you can't even comprehend the level of destruction that he can cause if he lets Warlow off the leash. However, his bonds of restraint are self-imposed and it's a constant battle. The other thing you'll find out about Warlow is that, as a creature of both light and dark, he battles with both all the time. The darker it gets, the harder it is to maintain these bonds. 
How did Niall not realize this was Warlow at the get-go?
When we saw Warlow in Season 5, he certainly looks very different to how I look. When Warlow was around, there wasn't exactly a chance to take pictures of him. No one knows what he looks like. He's older than Niall. Because he hates who and what he is, he's never wanted to be the king of vampires or been at the forefront of anything. He's tried his best to hide himself away from the world; to ostracize himself from society out of fear of hurting people. The story between Niall and Warlow is a very, very personal story that will play out over the course of the season. Episode 5 goes right into the story of Warlow and Niall. People change and evolve.  
Will we get flashbacks to see why he killed Sookie's parents?
Over the course of the season, with Niall's help and with Ben's help and Warlow's truths, the truth will come out. It's not the truth that people expect. When people see how that came to pass and why it came to pass, it might take people by surprise. The reason that Warlow created the character of Ben was because nobody would give him a chance if he was Warlow and he needed Sookie to know and see the truth and develop her feelings on her own without the permutations that the main Warlow would bring.
What's Sookie's reaction like to facing off with Warlow?
Not with panic. [Laughs] She's been around a fair few scary vampires. She's seen a lot and done it all. For the first time in the entire show, she's ready. She's prepared and she's angry. Warlow is confusing because here is a vampire that can walk in the daylight, here is a vampire that is a fae and she has very real feelings for Ben, too. She has to battle against that and reconcile what she sees in front of her with the image that she created of Warlow in her mind. Those are two very different creatures, which is what Warlow is: He is two very different creatures trapped in one body.
Warlow has a lot of different foes coming after him. Will he find that he has a fight on more than one front in the coming episodes?
Warlow has spent his entire life being hunted and dealing with fae and vampires and everybody who wants to kill him, so he's well-prepared to deal with every single one of these characters that has a vendetta against him. The most fascinating relationship is the one between him and Bill, because Bill's understanding of Lilith, who is Warlow's maker, makes for a very interesting relationship.
Will Warlow and Bill be on the same side?
Well, Bill is not Lilith and Lilith is not Bill, but there is a familiarity there. There's certainly a sense of history. When they do finally meet, it allows for a sense of massive fireworks. In Season 5, it was explained that Warlow will be the savior of all vampires, and with Bill being the tip of the vampire spear, it falls to Bill to make sure that this comes to pass against Warlow's wishes. It turns into a very fractured relationship from the very beginning.
With Louisiana declaring war on vampires, does that mean Warlow will have to sacrifice himself to save the species?
Warlow has no interest whatsoever in vampires. He has no interest in anything but himself and Sookie. He does not want to be a vampire. He does not want to be a part of the community and the Bible, for him, has always just been blasphemy. It's a waste of time. Being a vampire is not his dream situation, so the way it all comes to pass over the course of the season, what you think is going to happen, will not happen; what you want to happen, it's going to be better than that.

Even the Fairy Claudine couldn't keep up with the many faces of Warlow.
We first meet Mr. M Warlow on a bridge, in the rain and he's waiting.
He cuts a dashing figure in a long riders type of way in a later promo.
At first he had no fangs, what was Urno to think?
Then he sort of had them, he could have been a sloppy eater or a vamp, it could go either way at this point.
Then look at this! He's a creeper in Sookie's Bathroom, was he watching while she showered, ewwww! At that point we said this:This apparition makes me think he is stuck in a different realm and can't break through, ie. Fairyland or kept from the earthly plane for some reason like imprisonment. Update 6/24 this was right on!
that's gonna leave a mark.
Oh Sookie, I'm home!
He's busting out from whatever realm he was in, peeking in Sookie's bathroom wasn't enough I guess. Make no mistake about it, this realm doesn't have dentists or barbers as we see from the newer photos, so we are dubbing him NuWarlow. Voila!
This NuWarlow with long hair and a beard and hat, still in the rain (in the time it took to grow that hair he could have bought a 2.99 umbrella, doncha think?). So he doesn't remotely look like previous Warlows but his outerwear does, I'm rolling! 
At least he sent a Valentine last V-Day, more than anyone else did for Sookie, so let's keep an open mind about him, right? Nah, he's a bloody ripper.
This is what we know about M. Warlow up till now, newer info up top and the older thoughts/speculations below. Photos from HBO, thanks to Skarsgardfans, Tumblr, GIFs IHFSDarling Sookie, RibCageHat, BloodBag and for doing the video of Warlow for us extra obrigados a ImHereforSookie!!!! 
If you get a migraine after reading the first ideas, then the changed specs, now back to first specs, welcome to my world!
Episode 3 revelations: OK, Ben isnt Warlow but still might be there to procreate with Sookie under Warlow's orders (Just a Gigolo). 7/04 UPDATE-the whle Ben sent by Warlow to woo and screw Sooks, then starts to really care for her.  seems more and more likely. A Fae sexbot that also gets Jason under his spell with his dimples. Niall meets Ben, who says he is still looking for the club after 2 days, suspicious. Since King Niall knows who Warlow is, he would know if Ben was Warlow, right? I'm ruling Ben out, but it does sound like Warlow has been on an all Fae diet a long, long time. Ben joins Niall's army to fight Warlow, then there were 2 (unless he is in M. Warlow's employ or even a relation from before Fairie Warrior went bad or Lilith made him that way?). Keep in mind that there are 2 Fairie Warriors in castings, so Niall still might have the bro who Lilith somehow made into a vamp (maybe) who is Warlow. We'll have to wait for the flash back that is coming up. 
Also there is no reason to think that Warlow broke out of  Fae Jail alone. Gif source
I have some idea on who might be playing Warlow, maybe, it's in Castings, it's between 2 actors but could FW be FauxWarlow, look and tell me what you all think.
The second episode straightened out and confirmed a lot of theories on Warlow, he isnt Niall (knew it) but Niall knows of him (of course). Claudine did indeed blast him into his imprisonment, only Sookie would have a portal in her bathroom and he is now in humanville via the bridge portal he was Fae blasted into. BUTT this spoiler from May by someone who saw the first 3 episodes (the link is all page not found now) says the following, (since last we see Ben he is told where the Fae Club is)- Nora is caught spying around Sookies house and says she's looking for Warlow. The fairies in the club are killed by Warlow, and Niall stays with Sookie and Jason to protect her from Warlow. He reveals that they’re royalty, which is why Warlow wants Sookie’s blood. Claudine blasted Warlow into a nasty dimension when he killed Sookie’s parents, but the magic Sookie and Claude did last season released him. He’s after her now. 
I have to admit the whole Warlow bidness is fun to try to figure out and they might not fuck it up too much with the reveal. If Gideon is playing him, I'm happy. If Ben is Warlow, it's ok too. 
Niall checked out the bathroom passageway, came back like a wet rat and told Sookie and Jason that W is gone from there and that is worse than he thought. Warlow has been released in the last 24 hours, he is one of the first vamps, Lil's progeny and killed Niall's family which is what we will most likely see in Niall's flashback, the fairie warrior family in castings (as well as the hopefully Warlow actor, scroll down).
After seeing the premiere I see a lot of people jumping on the"He's Warlow"  bandwagon as far as Rutger Hauer's Niall. I am not going there, it doesnt make sense but yeah, I hear ya saying it's True Blood. I still think Jason is concussing in the membraine and Pop Pop seems to be eyeing him up, but who knows with Jason seeing people and his Warlow obsession. 
Seems like Nora read about Warlow in the Vamp Bible as Lilith's progeny, one of the first vampires. I have to re-watch to get clearer on that but no to Warlow being Rutger's character (dressed as Mr Lucky Charms?), still sticking to the 2 actors I pinned down (maybe) as the baddie in the casting thread. 
Have no idea how Holly is in the Warlow story but Lauren Bowles said this to EW.
Let’s talk about Warlow. Is he a threat just to Sookie or does he affect everyone?
I would say he’s a huge presence this year. What I think is fun about this year is that things aren’t necessarily what they appear to be. Things continue to morph and change, so just when you think “Ah this is what they’re setting it up to be,” it changes. So I would say he’s a huge force in Sookie’s world that she’s not quite sure what to do with.
 TVGuide posted this, again we hear "the oldest vampire", same line every season, gee wouldn't Russell have been all up in this Warlow biz? Humans declare war on vampires, and Sookie has to contend with the mysterious Warlow, who killed her parents. "Warlow is the oldest vampire we've met," Buckner says. "Killing the Stackhouses — that was nothin'!" Could this be why Bill is supersized, to go mano a mano with Warlow to save Sookie?

Oh Mark Hudis, you taunt! From an interview he did with Haverford College Mag- 
True Blood-ophile you all might be interested to know that Sookie and Jason will spend the year searching for Warlow, the vampire that Sookie has been promised to.
UPDATE 6/11 From the NYPost's Linda Stasi- Meantime, the search is on for Warlow, the mysterious being. Will you finally get answers? Not in the first two episodes.
Lots of fakes—we know, we don’t. Oh, it’s him, no—it’s her. No it’s not. Edit: so FW is looking  a bit more like Fake Warlow from this info.

Scans for the article via Skarsgardfans. So does this verify Warlow is a vamp, that Claudine and crazy Elder knew him and he wants a part fae Stackhouse so made the pact?  I have to be honest, I like previous ideas so much better because it makes no sense for her parents to have been killed on a bridge. After the killings he gets all patient and waits some 20 odd years for Sookie?
Updating my brain, screeeching halt- ok, this is the new casting call, Via Bookies
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #602, "Here Comes the Sun"
[NIALL'S MOTHER] Female, Caucasian, Mid 20s to early 30s. Seen in flashback to 3500 B.C., she is Young Niall's (Rutger Hauer) protective mother...CO-STAR
So if Rutger is really Niall (Sookie's loving great-grandfather), maybe Warlow is a version of book Breandon, following? Maybe Niall shows up as some Fae using the alias Macklyn (the headache is starting)? Writers, please don't make Niall an evil fae who killed the Stackhouses, that would just be wrong. 
From TVLine's Ausiello
True Blood has made its first major Season 6 hire, and it’s pretty bloody fangtastic. Acting vet Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) is joining the HBO smash as a series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively. True Blood Boss Confirms Hauer will play Macklyn,  a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason. 
Macklyn Warlow, M. Warlow, oh be still my heart! BUT this makes me think he is one of those evil demony Fae, like a bad Niall. ETA:If Rutger is indeed Niall then (new speculations coming) could Warlow be his Breandon. Back to first speculations, HA! TB writers are breaking my brain, make a hard left turn back to old idea. 
(Breandan is the son of Niall Brigant's older brother, Rogan. He appears in the novel Dead and Gone, his goal being to kill every human with fairy blood because he believes they are the reason for the infertility in the fae world. He is killed by Bill when the fairy war breaks into the human world. He is the leader of the Water Fae. WIKI.)
Some more ideas, thanks to people commenting, it gets the brain action going-
If Andy was just given 4 fae bearing kiddios maybe John William Stackhouse was in the same situation, caught in the woods one night, some light action from a horny Fae and BAM, BAAAABEEZ? Then Warlow came a sniffing with something JWS needed  and a 3rd party Fae (if JWS isn't old school Fae, knowing how to write the old language) wrote up a contract in exchange for this favor? It would make sense as to why the Andy story came out of left field, it was to set up this season 6 scenario.
It seemed to me that Claudine had a familiarity with Warlow, not a fear of him. Considering what Eric did to her wouldn't fear seem more sensible? The thing is everything we've seen so far can be changed, as the commenter said. The scene will be extended, most likely to change the context. They also will make Claudine's appearance to be because she knew Warlow was lurking around Sookie since the bridge incident and was always protecting her since then. We know that isn't true from the near death experiences Sookie has had but she might have had other super secret important fairy missions that kept her away (laughing!), still I have no doubt a lot will be changed from previous seasons. Bill being made this big bad powerful blood clot could also come into play as the only one able to take down Warlow. Is this the way to his redemption on the show in what might be the final season of only 10 measly episodes? Stay tuned.
Putting this here because it's book canon and may be used this season in reference to who Warlow is and what I've been thinking also, from Southern Vampire Mysteries Wiki-
Fae Creatures: As noted above, the world of fairy in this universe includes "fairies, nymphs, water sprites, angels, elves, demons, pixies, goblins, and brownies", with fairies being the majority and base race.
  • Demons: Beings that have very sharp teeth and are tricky to kill. They can manipulate fire (referred to in Dead and Gone), they can run faster than any human or animal, and can have a very powerful touch (referred to in Dead as a Doornail). When they die, the earth does not take the body in nor does it decompose, so it has to be burned (referred to inDefinitely Dead). They also possess the power of telepathy (referred to in Dead Reckoning) and they can also shapeshift (referred to in Deadlocked) .
  • Elves: Very little is known about these creatures. It is expressed in the short story "Two Blondes" that they have very sharp teeth and that their blood is poisonous to vampires. If elf blood is ingested, it will greatly weaken and disorient a vampire for a short period of time. In "Two Blondes", Sookie shoots Rudy, a half-elf, in the face and chest but he is not mortally wounded. This implies that they are very durable supernaturals and may potentially be more dangerous than others that have been previously introduced.
  • Goblins: Little yet strong creatures that have a burning touch to the skin (referred to in Club Dead)
  • OK, now there's a new Fairy, I'm not buying him as a love interest for Sookie, she can't be  that idiotic in what may be the last season, please no. Aren't her cousins the ones who are helping her? Is he going to be a TV version of book Claude, Colman, Dermot? Here we go again.
    From Ausiello,  Move over, Bill. And Eric. And Alcide. There’s a new man in Sookie’s life — and he’s putting down stakes in Bon Temps. True Blood has tapped English actor Rob Kazinsky (EastEnders) to join the Season 6 cast as a series regular, TVLine has learned. Kazinsky will play Ben, a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa) and helps Sookie and Jason delve deeper into the mystery of their parents’ murders. This marks True Blood‘s second major Season 6 hire. As TVLine reported last month, acting vet Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) has also come on board in the series regular role of Macklyn, a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason. True Blood‘s sixth season is slated to premiere in June. Deadline confirms he is Ben- British actor Rob Kazinsky has joined the cast of HBO‘s vampire drama True Blood as new regular for the upcoming sixth season. He will play Ben, a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa) and helps Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) delve deeper into the mystery of their parents’ murders. 
What do we know about Warlow?From 8/31 Alan Ball's TVGuide interview-The fairy elder said, "There's a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet." That's going to be very interesting to find out why.
TV Guide Magazine: That sounds like it has to do with Warlow, the unseen vampire who killed Sookie and Jason's parents and "owns" Sookie? Jason's off to kill him, so will we meet him soon?
Ball: We will definitely see Warlow. Whether or not we have met him already, I will remain mum. There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda.

The sneak peek has a Warlow mention, Nora knows about Warlow, yet most Fae don't. Ol' dried up Claudine just forgot to mention this big bad to Sookie during any of her times with Sookie, and Claude must be lying his butt off too, right? 
Ball also mentioned Warlow in his end of season interview with TVLine
TVLINE | Did you ever consider introducing or unmasking Warlow in the finale? No. We didn’t want to really define Warlow until the next season.
TVLINE | So he’ll definitely figure into Season 6?
I think he’ll be kind of a big part of it. 
TVLINE | Is he someone we’ve met before? 
No comment.
The latest info and some ideas. Sounds like Warlow is indeed a vamp, or something more than just vampire (I will keep him a troll till he is actually outed on the show, the fanfic in my head is awesome.). Crazy Elder Fairie Coco said she did know "Johnny Stackhouse" he was a landowner, very handsome, bit of a creep. So what does that tell us? Not much, but it seems he wasn't fae if he was a landowner. Still, she didn't say in what realm the land was in so we are back to square one on what he was. She also says it's forbidden to speak of these things and there's a reason Sookie finds vampires irresistible, huh? She doesn't find all vamps that way, who can blame her for the 2 that she does? This is a weird scene, saying Sookie sluts herself out and that "you, me, Warlow, our destinies are entwined". "Hold onto your light", ok, but y'all should have held onto your mind because it is g-g-gone. Of course the one moment of clarity she has in answering Sookie is interrupted by Jason outside the club calling for Sookie, so we learn zilch. A riddle wrapped in an enigma, lulz. Speaking of Jason, I would think it'd be kinda cool for Ryan to play Warlow, like a Dermot doppleganger in the books. 

Mel from said this to add to the mix, "I just rewatched the season 4 premiere and noticed that Queen Mab told Sookie, "We can't have the bearers of the Fae on the human plane any longer." I knew I'd heard that phrase before!"
There's one thing Crazy Fae hinted at with  "there's a reason" line, if they make Sookie a vampire/fae/human hybrid it will just be a stake in fans backs, blech! This isnt Twilight. 
Earlier Warlowian theories-
HBO Connect just posted-Who the $%&! is Warlow? So we have a spelling, like the town in Germany.WARLOW! Still I wanted a Gaelic twistie on it like Oirlo, silly me. I have a new thought (a synapse flares!), what if Warlow is a fairy of the troll variety and his payment was for some crossing, see where I'm going with this? He is on a bridge afterall, maybe John Stackhouse (who might have been part fae or mated with one) needed to escape or be allowed somewhere and Warlow expedited that in some fashion? 
Mr M. Warlow (what do you think the M stands for, Meekus?) entered into a binding pact with John William Stackhouse August 5, 1702, it was written in the signee's (Stackhouse) blood. Maurella is pregnant with what I assume is Andy's child, she is over 500 years old and does some spelly thingee to translate the old language on the vellum the pact is written on. She reads that it grants Mr. M. Worlo (again don't know the spelling) JWS's first Fae bearing female heir. 
In 1702 Louisiana was a new French Territory, so I wonder why a Stackhouse was there at all. There were still many native tribes and yellow fever, malaria was rampant. Maybe it was a deal to save his life or one of his family members, but how did the Fae blood get into the Stackhouse lineage at all? Somebody was getting funky with some Fae, maybe Warlow himself with a Stackhouse or a female fairy that he allowed to do the deed with John William. OOOh found a video of this scene!
This now looks like a completely different actor as Worlo/Oirlo/Warlo/Warlow, but more likely they didn't want bookies to see the resemblance with the nasty fae from the books and Mabe's followers from last season. We read of them in Book 9, Dead and Gone (when they chomp on Bill almost doing him in and capture Sookie). Will Bill or Russell fight with Worlo over Sookie? Will it be the finale or the cliffhanger, will she wear white to the wedding?

The return of the gnarly toof fairies?All rightey now, I watched and wasn't taking notes or distracted, it's Worlow (sp), and it seems like it could be someone of the bad fae persuasion judging by Claudine's knowing them enough to address by name and admonish them to leave. Let alone the fact that he isn't interested in Claudine who is full fae at all. Also Sookie and Claude both say that she shouldn't have been able to see through a vamp's eyes. Claude would be terrified they tracked him down too, and he seemed way scared. Adding more to this: I have to think this is how they are setting up the Fae War from the books, of course changing the hell out of it but still the seed is there. Worlo, Oirlo or however you spell it, is going to be like the book baddy Breandan (Sookie's fairy uncle) imo. 

Aw, old Claude, Neil Hopkins, put a hat and a Long Riders coat on him and he would have  looked like Warlow .


  1. Warlow is a vampire fairy, who was turned by Salome Agrippa 2,000 year ago. He was one of the ancient fairy lords. Salome is 2,000 years old in the show. The fae's always name their kids with the same letter...Claude Crane, Claudellen Crane, Claudette Crane, Claudia Crane, Claudine Crane (deceased), Claudwina Crane, Claudjia Crane, Delilah, Leda, Lilianne, Lloyd, Mab, and Maurella. Mab was the head fairy in "fairy land" where Sookie met up with her grandfather. Mab was a big figure. Maurella is pregnant by Andy. And, I think she knows more than she is telling. It seemed so when she was looking over the blood pact Sookie and Jason found under Gran's bed. So, if Salome turned "M." Warlow, maybe he is somehow related to Maurella and Mab - a brother? Salome stood up against Russell about the fae's in the last episode. Somehow, the fae's and vamps are related to Warlow. Sookie heard Warlow's thoughts - so he is not full vamp. Lots of theories...can't wait for the Season Finale...then 8 months of waiting. And we all know - WAITING SUCKS!

    1. How can a fae become a vampire? To become a vampire you have to drain someone of blood to the point of death...when the fae are drained of blood they turn to dust, so how is that possible exactly?

    2. I think, that this is not so complicated. You're right, a fairy can not become a vampire because simply, they disappear to be drained.
      Warlow is a vampire. bad, very old, progeny, and the firstborn of Lilith and demanded a fairy FEMALE, not male, for something specific. For me, particularly, the question is not who is Warlow, he is an evil vampire, the real question is: Why Warlow, demanded a fairy FEMALE, so that the need of it?. Sookie has a very special blood, is old, original, the first fairy .... What's so special about Sookie, for vampires and the vampires, especially for her? .... Think about it .... Perhaps another vampire, took the treasure ..... and I can not say more
      P. D. Sorry for my English

  2. You give a pretty good collection of ideas here, good job. Also, daisythomas' comment would be a cool solution as well. One thing I noticed, was that the fairy elder said "Warlow is Vic-". Surely the character of Warlow is going to be the series version of Victor from the books, for any bookies out there? Without spoiling too much, Victor was a powerful Prince Regent who didn't like Sookie very much. The series would have to make drastic changes to his character because this would be way to similar to Russell. A fae-human hybrid turned vamp would be a very clever way to do this, and would lead to Warlow wanting to turn Sookie to be his fae-human progeny? I don't know what they are going to do, but I can't wait for it!

  3. Well the last episode was a joke no warlow just a small mention of his name in a extra clip :(

  4. That extra clip made we wonder how Norah knows who Warlow is. This could possibly support the theory that he is Salome's maker.

  5. Thanks to the person who let me know I embedded the wrong clip, I was half asleep when I did it and didn't preview, DOH!

  6. There are three things that interest me the most about Warlow:
    1. Where has he been? Imprisoned or banished are the best answers. If the bridge scene were extended, I bet Sookie's godmother sent him to the same place the elder fairy was sending Russell. Was the Authority powerful enough to imprison him? He did start showing himself after Roman went poof.
    2. What is Warlow? Your answers seem the best so far.
    3. Vampires cannot reproduce traditionally. With a female that can make vampire babies and true blood manufacture, there will be no further need for humans. This could be the reason for the deal...

  7. It seemed to me that Claudine had a familiarity with Warlow, not a fear of him. Considering what Eric did to her wouldn't fear seem more sensible? The thing is everything we've seen so far can be changed, like you said the scene will be extended, most likely, to change the context. They also will make Claudine's appearance to be because she knew Warlow was lurking around Sookie since the bridge incident and was always around since then. I have no doubt a lot will be changed from previous seasons.

  8. Some ideas/questions:
    Quick thing about the contract. She said it was written in fae blood and its the signees blood... wouldn't that mean John was a fae?

    Also the fae elder told Sookie she must "control her light" so she can be free. And John basically contractually gave her freedom up (granted not uncommon in that time) maybe the contract itself has a power over Sookie, like a curse that draws her to vamps? Afterall it was made in blood. How else could a vamp control a fae...

    1. That's the puzzler, I asked up top too, how did the fae blood get into the Stackhouse clan? It's also in the "old language" so as the signee was John William an elder or what? Maybe it's written in his blood but he isn't the one who wrote it up, could be Warlow or a 3rd undisclosed party. I tell you all, the more you think on this the more it will confuse you. In the older speculations I was thinking he was human, then part fae or was married to a fae and that's how the blood got into his gene pool. BUTTTTTTT now with what happend to Andy there is another possibility and Warlow swooped in to get some fae lady friend. See, it makes the brain addled.

  9. half vamp half human hybrid has child with a hybrid farie half human half farie as Sookie is and then you would have a half farie half vamp would work for me.

  10. I wanted to mention that in the picture where Warlow has no visible fangs his teeth/mouth looks like Godric's.. Google image it.. Its really weird i always remember teeth/mouths. It probally done to throw us all off though if you see what i see. Just thought i'd share :)

    1. I have done this since the first Warlow mention, that's the only way I could keep track. I updated, changed things several times to try to make it easier to view. I think they had no idea who would be cast so were not careful early on with his depictions. I am now kind of aware of the actor cast, I hinted if you read the casting page. Thank you for posting and joining in our craziness.

  11. Look at IMDB if you want a spoiler. There's no question who Warlow is on IMDB on the cast list. I've never known IMDB to be wrong, not saying it's impossible.

    1. IMDB has been wrong for a lot for different shows, it can be updated by anyone but some casting agents do add their actors to the pages for the buzz the show gives, even in teeny roles. I have had it down to 2 actors for a while now, one is still listed with no character on IMDB and he is the one I hope plays him. He can bring Warlow to scary heights. It's in castings and spoilers on this blog, I did a lot of reading and used the info to make the speculations, FW still makes me think Fake Warlow, like Warlow sends a vamp to clear his way or for a ruse. The actor playing FW is from seasons past and wanted to be a vamp back then, so he either could be Warlow or is just back after being turned. My pick and hope is Gideon Emery, because I like the talented actor and singer and he sure can be scary (Deucalion).

  12. Warlow is a vampire. bad, very old, progeny, and the firstborn of Lilith and demanded a fairy FEMALE, not male, for something specific. For me, particularly, the question is not who is Warlow, he is an evil vampire, the real question is: Why is Warlow, demanded a fairy FEMALE, so that the need of it?. Sookie has a very special blood is old, original, the first fairy .... What's so special about Sookie, for vampires and the vampires, especially for her? .... Think about it .... Perhaps another vampire, took the treasure ..... and I can not say more
    P. D. Sorry for my English

  13. Niall said he ´´didn´t see´´ warlow, he only heard his name when his parents were murdered. And he also mistook Nora for Warlow, so it´s pretty obvious that the fae grandpapa doesn´t know all the facts about his old enemy. Furthermore, when he took a sample of warlow´s blood from the fae club, he realised that warlow´s blood is different from anything he had seen before and he warned sookie that ´´there are some things we don´t know about this Warlow´´. All the hints lead to the mysterios Ben, who could have gotten rid of his biker look and massacred the fae club. But if Ben is Warlow, why can he walk in the sun? Well, maybe because he is also half fae, and we have all seen that fae blood can make vampires walk in the sun. If Warlow is a fae-vampire hybrid (created somehow by lillith), image what a large spectrum of powers this guy can have: he can walk in the sun, he can get into people´s houses uninvited.. and he is also thousands of years old. In my opinion, with all these powers combined, Warlow could easily pass as ´´Ben´´.

  14. warlow is evil! do not fall into the trap of liking him! he cannot be trusted!

    1. If loving NuWarlow Benny is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  15. The hype of the season isn't Benlow for me and I think it's because he came into Bon Temps just like Billith and Sookie fell for the same okie doke. Roman and Russell was the big bad of season 5 and the bigger you are the harder you fall. Willa was just as innocent as Sookie and she has embraced being turned into a vampire wonderfully. Benlow and Sookie looking for pity parties all season long is not attractive. Benlow is getting all this publicity as the big bad and Eric is beating him hands down and the sad thing about it is Eric doesn't even know who he is. All season long True Blood has been hyping Benlow up and he's been sitting in Fairy tied to a tree trunk and Billith has been in his mansion trying to hash out the secret for day walking while the rest of the vampires are fighting for their life. Benlow and Billith have all this quote unquote power and Eric as usual is doing all the work. Every where I look True Blood is promoting this guy wanting us to fall in love with him and all he's done is sit up in Fairy tied to a tree trunk having a pity part with Sookie if he hates being a vampire that bad meet the sun like Godric

    1. He cant meet the sun, he is also a fae.

  16. Why is he white? He shouldn't be white. He's 5500 years old and originated close to the equator. The casting directors got his race wrong.

    1. OK, I wanted to ignore a lot of non-continuity this season but he is supposed to be from Fairy land. The fae came to the human realm to get freaky and mix up their race and Queen Mab was against that and that was why she was harvesting humans to take back to that lite fruit ridden joint when her gramps was and Barry the Bellhop as well. Now just forget I said anything.

  17. Dear writers and producers of True Blood old and new. Can you please show is the viewers a little sympathy and allow Eric and Sookie some screen time really putting forth an effort to survive as a couple? The last episode of season 5 and the first episode of season 6 was wonderful when they worked together getting out of the authority and fighting Bill. Oh and last but not least can you please give Eric the same abilities as Benlow at least he would use the powers to protect vampires and humans alike? P.S. I think Eric and Sookie would make a formidable couple uniting the supernatural communities, thank you for your time