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Run, Save Yourself!

the latest promo from HBO...And you owe PAM!

The Sam that knew too much.  Photos courtesy of HBO and Skarsgardfans, a great resource for TB info. 

Dancing fairy elders, bad Bill behavior, and whatever the heck Alcide was doing to his paw-paw's front lawn were just a few of the hilariously entertaining moments that Brian and Andy attack in this week's "True Blood" recap.
Edit; One thing I notice weekly about Lilith is she is a bloody mess except her hair, so she shampoos often but leave the schmeck on her skin. Hey I'm just here to keep it real.

True Blood - HBO ratings from TheFutonCritic
4.926 million viewers, #1; 3.611 million adults 18-49 (2.8 rating), #1

Sam for Project Angel Food and he talks a bit about the finale.

EXTRA TV interviews actress Kristin Bauer (True Blood) about her exciting home energy upgrade project with Energy Upgrade CA in LA County and her resulting energy savings. The segment first aired over the 7/29/2012 weekend 
Janina Gavankar and Scott Foley will be appearing on Fox's The Goodwin Games
More at TVLine
EJ Scott is losing his sight from a rare genetic eye disease called Choroideremia. Here he and girlfriend, Deborah Ann Woll, talk about it and what he is doing this year to raise awareness. Running 12 marathons in 12 states in 12 months. @ejscott
In this handout photo provided by Virgin America Airlines, musician Marilyn Manson and actor Joe Manganiello are seen at the 5th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival Official VIP Party presented by Virgin America on August 17, 2012 at SKYBAR in Los Angeles.Source: Handout/Getty Images North America  ZIMBIO
WSJ's Speakeasy has an interview with King O'Hare, all at the link-
As the vampire Russell Edgington, actor Denis O’Hare wreaks havoc as season five of “True Blood” builds to another bloody finale. As the Baker in the Stephen Sondheim musical, “Into the Woods,” O’Hare returns to his New York theater roots, singing and dancing with co-star Amy Adams.
Do you enjoy being in a musical again?

I do. I’m more of a play guy, a straight actor as they call it. But I’ve always done musicals. I did “Cabaret” in 1998, and then I did the movie version of “Once Upon a Mattress.” I did “Sweet Charity” on Broadway. I’m not a musical theater aficionado. I’m an opera aficionado. I love opera, I see opera all the time. I don’t tend to go to musicals unless I have somebody who I know who’s in it. Much more at the link.

From EW-The cast of "Assassins" will reunite for one night only to reprise their roles from the  2004 Tony Award-winning production of Assassins. The Dec. 3 performance will benefit Roundabout Theatre Company’s musical program.
Stephen Sondheim’s characteristically dark, witty musical — which first played Broadway from 1990-91 — explores the personal lives and motivations of the people who have attempted (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to kill American presidents.  Neil Patrick Harris plays Lee Harvey Oswald in the play, while Michael Cerveris will revive his role as John Wilkes Booth (for which he won a Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Musical), and Denis O’Hare will reprise his Tony-nominated role as Charles Guiteau, who murdered POTUS 20 James A. Garfield.
WindyCityMedia has an indepth interview with McMillz, from Kansas City to Bon Temps. Way more at the link- McMillian's career has taken him from the television show What I Like About You to recently guesting on Hot in Cleveland. He is also an accomplished writer, not only creating the comic book miniseries Lucid but co-writing the True Blood comic. 
WCT: You wrote your own comic, though?
Michael McMillian: Yes, a comic called Lucid that was produced by Zachary Quinto's production called Before the Door and is published by Archaia Entertainment. That collection came out last summer. It was a miniseries and has been optioned by Warner Brothers. It is being developed into a feature right now.
WCT: That's huge.
Michael McMillian: It is pretty cool but these things take a long time and sometimes get lost in development. From everything I hear it is moving forward. It won't move into a film until it is green lit and who knows when that could be. I think everyone is optimistic that it will happen eventually.
I have been writing for the True Blood comics on and off for the past few years.
WCT: Is your character in the comic?
Michael McMillian: Steve Newlin was in the first story arc that I did; it was called Tainted Love. It is collected into a hard cover. He has not shown up in the new series but we are only three issues in. With the new comic book we are trying to focus on a few characters at a time just because it is easier to juggle. I think the comic book can highlight smaller portions of the mythology to support the show. I think with the series HBO wanted to get as many characters in at once and we found a way to do that with Tainted Love. Now I just want to focus on a few characters at a time. The first story arc we are doing is called Where Were You and it flashes back to where Bill, Sookie, Eric and Alcide were at in their lives when vampires came out of the coffin. There is a present-day threat that unites the four of them and allows a framework for the flashbacks.
WCT: So if you are a fan of the show then you need to read the comics.
Michael McMillian: I think so, yes. The role of the comic is to support the show and to tell stories that the show will probably not get to.
WCT: Do you have to get approval from the show?
Michael McMillian: Oh, yeah. Alan Ball approves all of our scripts and outlines. Now Mark Hudis is taking over for season six. I had to go back to the drawing board on issue five because he said they might cover some of the stuff we were getting in to in the next season.
WCT: You have to be careful.
Michael McMillian: Yeah, but I think what we came up with is even stronger. It is sort of like writing with your hands tied a bit but it forces you to be creative.

Michael's Q&A at io9, go to link to read it no spoilers!

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