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Blood and Black Leather

Thanks to for posting another great photo from the EW shoot
EW has even more TB goodness today with a Kristin Bauer interview-
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Pam’s biggest issue last season was the rotting curse that Marnie put on her. What did it feel like to spend so much time looking disgusting?
KRISTIN BAUER VAN STRATEN: For four episodes, it was actually pretty freeing. I didn’t worry about beauty lighting and got to be really raw — no pun intended — and really feral and really pissed-off. It felt like any constraints I’d ever put on myself for the character I got to lift for four episodes. Even though my butt got pretty sore sitting in that chair, it was such a fascinating process. What you saw on screen we actually did.
What did that take?
We had nine hours in the chair for the first makeup test. After a few hours in the head cast, where I discovered I was claustrophobic — I said, “No, no, I’m fine! I’ve gone cave diving. I’m fine!” Eight minutes into it, I wasn’t so fine, but the fear of embarrassing myself kept me from ripping it off my face. I knew that story would go around the set forever, and I’d never live it down.
I didn’t see a lot of bloopers/outtakes on the Blu-ray, but surely there were some ridiculous moments on set?
The most ridiculous thing that’s ever happened to me on any set ever was the first take of trying to do the ‘wacky walk’ (as we’ve been calling it) in episode 411, when the vampires are being pulled into the witches’ force field outside Moon Goddess. The problem was that Deborah [Ann Woll], Stephen [Moyer], and Alex [Skarsgård] were about 10 feet from the camera, where they would then be off-camera. I was about 100 yards back, and I’ve never seen people laugh so hard at anyone. I was basically doing a bad imitation of Steve Martin inAll of Me. Michael came up and was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk. When he finally did, he said, ‘I will not be using that take.’ … Deborah is the sweetest person in the world, but her neck was wet with tears she was laughing so hard. MOREEEEEEEE

This Behind the scenes video from EW's photoshoot was tweeted by Kristin yesterday, it's from JoyParade (thank you!). There is another one I've seen but can't find it yet.
New interview with Janina from Jarrett of the Insider, much more at the link- 
Insider: Fans seem to like Luna with Sam. Do you?
Janina: Yea. He's a good man. You know how when you meet somebody and are automatically willing to accept whatever baggage they come with? That's what Sam and Luna have. Even when sh*t goes completely south -- like when Tommy got in the mix -- she didn't get mad at Sam because that wasn't his fault. It's just the baggage he comes with. And she's probably done worse [laughs]. At that point, Sam is really falling for Luna too, so he's willing to take everything as it comes with her because they share something special.
Insider: How do we find them in season five?
Janina: It's definitely a rollercoaster this year for Sam and Luna. They haven't been together very long, and he just killed her ex-husband – so the drama is inevitable [laughs].
Insider: What else can you tease about the upcoming season?
Janina: You're about to see some badass shifter-ness. You are going to see a little bit of the darker side to being a shifter too. You'll see what happens when a shifter can't control their temper. That's a very dangerous situation for you – and those around you.
True Blood GIFs
TVGuide's Natalie Abrams has spoilers, more at the link-
Sookie's future: As if the Stackhouse home hasn't seen enough damage, now there's at least one, possibly two dead bodies in Gran's kitchen— both of which could be blamed on Sookie herself. "She has a lot on her plate," Ball says. "She just blew Debbie Pelt's head off with a shotgun, and her best friend just got shot in the head, so there's a lot to deal with just taking care of those things." 
Bill and Eric team up: After killing Vampire Authority member Nan Flanagan together, Bill and Eric will really have to rely on each other this season, which may make their shared recent heartbreak easier.  "Bill and Eric have a rocky history, we all know this, and it got particularly rocky when they both wanted the same thing: Sookie. But when Sookie is out of the picture, there just might be hope for friendship." 
The Vampire Authority: Speaking of the Authority, Ball likens the organization to "the Catholic Church for vampires," noting that Authority Guardian Roman is quite like the Pope. "The Vampire Authority is the governing body for vampires across the world. They're incredibly old, incredibly powerful, and not very forgiving. If you're a vampire, there's a very good chance they know almost everything about you." There's also a vampire civil war brewing between the mainstreamers, like the Authority, and the Sangunistas, a faction that believes humans are just food.New castmember Carolyn Hennesy, who plays Authority Chancellor Rosalyn Harris, says "It's the fate of vampires all over the world — those who want mainstreaming, those who do not — and even the Authority itself is divided. If the Vatican is divided, where do they go?"
From bromance to romance: Just because Sookie has given up on Bill and Eric, doesn't mean they'll be without lovin' this season. In fact, they'll both have a new love interest, who just happens to be the same lady. (Déjà vu!) Authority Chancellor Salom, will be taken with the duo. "She has a different relationship with both of them," portrayer Valentina Cervi says. "She will have feelings for both of them during the season. She's full of love and needs to be loved." (This is the first I read that she is involved with BOTH)
For the good of the pack: With former packmaster Marcus dead, the pack is now without a leader and they'll certainly be on the hunt to find out what happened to him. Will Alcide take his place as the rightful new packmaster? "[Marcus' death] will cause the pack to split into two factions: One that will immediately worship Alcide as the new packmaster, and the other faction that believes that he has no claim," Manganiello says. "Werewolves are a very tribal and ritualistic bunch, and you will find out this season how deep that goes. Because he didn't do it in the ritualistic fashion, they'll oppose him, and therefore there will be fighting within the pack."
The death of Debbie Pelt: Ding dong, the wolf is dead! Sorry, we've been holding that in a while. But certain characters may not feel the same way as we do. "You know that Alcide's going to find out she's dead, and there will be fallout," Manganiello says. 
 Russell returns! The former King of Mississippi has been rescued from his cement grave, but the question is: Who helped him? O'Hare would only tease that we'll find out sooner rather than later, but added that we may see a different Russell than we have before — one who may not immediately seek revenge on Bill and Eric. "He's never a character who's going to adhere to any conventional thinking," he says. 
So, is Tara dead or what? That will be answered in the season premiere. "We will see a lighter side to her," Wesley promises. "I hope we do get back to that Season 1 Tara where she has that flippant sense of humor that we all love. I just think she's guarded and I know sometimes it comes off as being angry at everyone in the world, but it's all earned."
 Jessica, all grown up: Since Bill is dealing with the impending vampire civil war, Jessica will have the run of Bon Temps. "She's starting to grow up, she's not really a baby vamp anymore," Ball says. "She's going to do what any teenager would do when her parents are out of town... party!" 
Steve Newlin... vampire? The former vampire-hater is now a vampire, but he'll still fit right in. "The role that [the Authority] finds for him in the vampire community is really smart on their choice,"MIchael McMillian says. 
A Pam-tastic voyage into the past: We've seen how Eric met Godric and how Bill became a vampire, but this season, it's Pam's turn. "We're going to see how Pam and Eric found each other and we learn how Pam became a vampire," Ball says. But Pam isn't the only focus of this year's flashbacks. We "even get a glimpse into some of Sookie and Jason's past," he adds. More HERE.
The latest Interview magazine talked to Deborah Ann Woll (girl never took a bad photo).
Here's just a wee bit, more at the link including some photos-
EMMA BROWN: There's a lot of violence in True Blood, many opportunities for characters to be killed off at any moment. Have you thought about how you would like Jessica to die?
WOLL: Oh gosh, I don't want her to die! I have less fantasies about how I would like her to die, and more nightmares about how she might die. I would imagine there would be a spurned lover or something like that. I think, if it were happen, I don't know... Last season, season four, we had this accident, Jessica was in the wrong place at wrong time and consequently the witches' spell got her. I sort of see that as Jessica's path, that someday it will be your time, almost an accident.
BROWN: If Jessica lives, where would you like her to be in five years?
WOLL: My grand hope for Jessica is that she comes to terms with these dual sides of herself—the side of herself that's an animal, that's a vampire that wants to feed and hunt and live out these adventures, and then the more human side of her, which is sweet and vulnerable and kind. I think Jessica's long-term story is about experimenting with both sides of herself, and learning to balance them or to merge them in some way. I eventually hope that Jessica finds some peace in that.
BROWN: Do you worry about playing an eternal 17-year-old?
WOLL: I do! I'm already about 10 years older than my character, but I think I still have fairly young features, and if we don't put on too much makeup, I can look young. But Jessica's also maturing, so even though physically I'm supposed to be 17, my worldview and my personality can become more nuanced. 
THR has 5 Season 5 Teases HERE
                                          Jim Parrack tweets a wake up photo
Huge TB fan Brian of Campblood wrote an excellent and of course funny piece on the screencaps over on AfterElton.
                                                Arlene's having another baby! (eek!)

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