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Whatever I Am Rewind Part 2

 We havent seen Pam look sad before now, screencap via Skarsgardfans.
I love her telling Sookie off- "We had a deal, I held up my end of it. You haven't done shit for me Tinkerbell." Pam

Eric screencaps here
Highlighthollywood Tommy's whole recap at the link as always-“Whatever I Am, You Made Me,” was an emotional ride for “True Blood” viewers. As the third episode of the fifth season approached, we had previously seen a defiant Tara escape Sookie’s house, Bill and Eric kneeling before Roman, the Vampire Authority Guardian, and Terry falling apart emotionally due to PTSD, and whatever horrific incident he and his comrades struggled against in Iraq. And trust me, it’s a big deal! It may actually destroy Terry’s emotional health, or what little he has left. And tonight’s thrilling episode found Nora facing what some can see coming, as her confession creates a path of no redemption and Salome explained her historical significance as if she, not her captives is the one who truly is the victim.
Photo from The Scourge on wiki, he has some great screencaps HERE
TVLine's recap-ANOTHER TARA MELTDOWN  Though Sam protected the new vamp for a day by stashing her in the freezer at Merlotte’s, she still couldn’t chill. So, upon discovering a beauty salon called — brilliantly — Curl Up & Fry — she broke in and went all Tanning Mom on herself in an attempt to commit suicide. But something tells us she won’t succeed, because her act of desperation was juxtaposed with…
A PAM REVELATION At last, those flashbacks Eric’s progeny has been having served a purpose. Remembering the “eternal commitment” that her maker told her came with turning a human awoke in her a grudging sense of obligation to the blood-sucker she herself had just created. Therefore, it seemed unlikely that, after sensing Tara in the deep fryer, she wouldn’t intervene. Or at least show up with ketchup.
SOOKIE AND NORA CONFESSIONS  Not long after the Pelts started sniffing around for the MIA (and, unbeknownst to them, RIP) Debbie, Sookie finally admitted to Alcide that she’d sent his ex to that big dog park in the sky. Meanwhile, back at Dr. Evil’s lair… er, Authority HQ… rather than admit that Eric is her brother, Nora “revealed” to Barb from Cougar Town that she is a fundamentalist Sanguinista.MORE

Some tidbits for next week- From Watch with Kristin- 
Is it a cry for help or is Tara really desperate to die? The latest episode of True Blood left us with some unanswered questions. Mainly, will Bon Temps' latest bloodsucker not last the season? Plus, find out why the supernatural pixies are back in town.
Can't wait to know what's going down in the next episode of True Blood? The wait is over...
Ugh. Fairies: Yep, fairies are back in town. As if we could be rid of them for long. The fun-loving yet ultimately dangerous supernatural pixies are up to their old tricks again and this time they are roping Jason  and Andy into the deal. Oh wait, Andy has already had a little tryst with a fairy. So it's basically the same as last time. New location, same M.O. Hopefully they don't steal Sookie ) for a year again.
Death By Suntan?: You'll find out pretty early in the next episode if Tara is successful in her vampire suicide attempt. Oh Tara, always so dramatic. You either want to be a vampire or you don't. After her latest sizzling solution, will she accept her bloodthirsty fate or die trying?
Favorite Family: Pam  and Eric are finally reunited. But their reunion isn't the happy Christmas card we pictured. In fact, their interaction in the next episode has us crying (blood) tears.
Cover-Up: Alcide  makes an important decision about Sookie's lastest homicidal confession. With the Pelts sniffing (get it?) around for answers, will he give up Sookie as their daughter's killer? Or take the blame himself? 
More recaps/reviews, starting with Eonline's one liners-
"What are you looking at? Go back to dry humping each other and buying my overpriced drinks or get the f--k out!" —Pam
"Can I give you a hug without you thinking about my boobs?" —Sookie
"Lorena, you procreated and he's protective. How sweet." —Eric
"I ain't had the best luck in that department. One died right next to me, one was married to a gay preacher.  Crystal was a...let's not even go there. And right now I'm f--k buddies with the love of my best friend's life. Who's a teenage vampire. And that's just all kinds of messed up." —Jason
"Don't believe everything you read. The human Bible is little better than US Weekly." —Salome
"So which one is it? The Sheriff or the King? Both? Oh see now that's a sandwich I'd take a bite out of anytime."  —Rosalyn 
From Huffpo, the whole thing is at the link-
Jason's storylines are either hits or misses. This episode had both. His whole fling with his old teacher was odd and felt thrown in there. How many times now has he had the realization that sex doesn't fill the void in his heart? Let's get rid of this Mopey Jason and allow him to move on to better things, because his five-year arc has mostly been set up like so: 1. Fall in love with a girl, 2. They break up by reason of death, werepantherness, etc., 3. He lays on his couch and wonders what's wrong with him. That's why I was glad when Jessica insisted they could be friends. "I'm gonna go put on a pair of your sweats, and you are gonna grab yourself a beer, and then you're gonna tell me what the hell happened today." I'm ready to ride this (friend)ship off into the sunset.
Jessica is one of "True Blood's" MVPs. She steals most scenes that she's in and Deborah Ann Woll draws us in almost immediately when she's on screen. While she was trying on dresses in hopes of impressing Jason, a young man comes into the store, blood smelling of "cotton candy and fresh-baked bread and f---in' sex." The intoxicating scent draws her attention instantaneously and she chases him and his car out into the middle of nowhere. He goes missing, but she can still smell him all around her. I'm excited for where this story goes just because I'm intrigued by what this guy is.

Great piccie from B's Tumblr, I would rather them together that anyone else.
Rollingstone's review bitsie-After allowing quick comments from the Chancellors, the Guardian/Roman tells Salome to stay after dismissing the others with "bless the blood." "The only thing more dangerous than a martyr is a 3,000-year-old vamp who hasn't fed in a year," he explains to Bill and Eric, adding that he won't have his mainstreaming agenda thwarted byRussell Edgington's continued existance. "We'll bring him in, or we'll die trying," Bill promises.
Roman orders his underlings to "send in the new Nan Flanagan!" And in walks a kiss-ass Steve Newlin. "It is an honor to be of service," he grins, and Roman proceeds to explain, "Nan Flanagan, may the cold bitch rest in peace, went on CNN and told everyone Russell Edgington met the True Death more than a year ago." Steve's task is to do damage control, and he's a little too overeager and ballsy for Roman's likingwhen he says humans are 100% motivated by fear. "All they want is to feel safe ... So you tell me what you want 'em to believe, and I'll sell it to 'em." Roman is aghast he's mocking humans, the race that birthed all vampires into existence, but Salome maintains Steve can be valuable if they give him a chance, thanks to his religious right connections. "I was new once. All I wanted to do was feed, fuck and kill. Took me centuries to realize humans aren't just talking meat," Roman reflects, educating his underling on the Sanguinista faction. "They believe in nothing, they've learned nothing from history. If we do not evolve – if we continue to behave like fucking savages, humans will rise up ... right now, this council is the only thing preventing a civil war. That is why I need you, Steven." Steve pledges he won't let him down, cocky grin and all. Is there an ulterior motive? Or is he just riding high on his vampire wave still?

Another place for good recaps-Hey, Don't Judge Me.
NY Daily News' partial take on the ep-
It's about the time of the episode where we have a little interlude flashing back to Pam's human days in 1905 San Francisco. After having saved her life from a would-be rapist earlier, Eric pays a visit to Pam's brothel and runs into a fairly recently turned Bill and Lorena, the vampire who made him, feasting on one of the prostitutes.
Ever the gentleman, Eric comes to Pam's worker's defense. And Bill not getting the vampire etiquette thing down challenges the elder who threatened his maker.
"Who are you?" Bill asks Eric, the first time these two future bromance buddies postured against each other.
"My name is Eric Northman, but to you, I'm the true death, he replies." But Lorena intercedes, successfully begging for Bill's life.
Pam now has two debts she owes Eric. How can she ever repay him? By shagging like minxes apparently!

MTV's Hollywood Crush's recap HERE
Campblood's mini recap pre-vlog-
Re: Tara‘s late-night UV visit: Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod, holy gods of Tanning Bed Death! Be still, my beating heart! Well, she’s already dead, but it does bring to mind a certain pair of Final Destination 3-quel sausages – ahem, victims.
My first thought immediately was PAM GO TO THE RESCUE. NOW. GO. NOW. GO!!!
But also, Hoyt, what are you trying to pull off? Didn’t you hear? Punk rock is dead.
Newlin is the New Nan Flanagan with his own big gay bag of Banana Flan Shenanigans.
Jason upsets Mary Kay LeTourneau, and then himself.
Arlene can’t catch a break – didn’t you love that scene with Terry? “Well, dern’t expect me to be waitin’ when you come bayyck.”
I think Sookie gonna get sniffed out by The Pelts.
Tara sees the stars, universe and all (like my first high! but without the ping-pong and incessant gas) almost kills that Good Christian, and makes her big entrance at Merlotte’s! Bon Temps gonna be talkin…
Tina Majorino, how’d you get here?!? Nice app.
Jess smells a special boy. Perhaps he’s a fairy? Not our kind; their kind.
Veiny Meloni beefcake!
How sad, great, and desperate of Victorian-era Pam to blackmail Eric into turning her with her suicide? I’m sure she could’ve just asked please.
Some of the Wall Street Journal'sTara. No one is more surprised than us to find out we are actually on board with this story line. We appreciate that the newly-turned vamp went to Sam for help, a nod to their relationship from an earlier season, and Lafayette as a result gets some pretty great lines: “He put my cousin in the [expletive] freezer,” for example, in the incredulous yet disdainful way only he can do. Unable to conceive of herself as a monster, Tara glimpses her reflection in a car window and lets the human go before draining her. We finally get the first most truly disturbing imagery of the season: her attempted suicide-by-tanning-bed. Call us overanalytical literature majors (guilty), but Tara’s struggle reminds us of the monster’s in “Frankenstein,” who felt condemned by his very existence. The maternal instinct suddenly ablaze in Pam, meanwhile, will make for an interesting next episode. Speaking of Pam, hooray for turn-of-the-century girl power. No wonder she’s not the biggest fan of Bill. We especially love the line, “And $500 for every girl that you drained.” The pillow talk between Eric and Pam was genuinely sweet, and Eric telling Pam “her profession is more honest than most” points to the depth the show has always hinted at.

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