Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesdays are for Werewolves.

Let's give wolfies some love this time around, big scary werewolves from the past. The 80's were great for so many things and "The Howling" is one of them. Dee Wallace (from ET) is a reporter writing about a serial killer, Eddie, she meets him in a dark peep show booth (smart move), she is wired thankfully (till she isn't). He makes her watch a skanky movie and talks to her, she turns and sees he is shifting.
The popo come running and riddle Eddie with bullets "killing" him. Dee's Karen White was so scared she has blocked out everything about the encounter. She has a breakdown on air and her shrink sends her to a rehab type supposedly relaxing place called "The Colony". I won't spoil it for anyone wanting to watch it and it is worth the watch, the synopsis of what happens is on IMDB. The ending is great, that much I have to say, Karen knows how to up the ratings for her show, that's for certain. These arent pretty real life wolves either, they is nasty but there is a sex scene that is pretty hot with the late Chris Stone, Dee's real life husband.

Now back to True Blood and our hiatus support therapy sesh, Wetpaint is talking more about the latest Claude II casting (more at the link).
Claude Crain is a soon-to-be recurring character on True Blood, and we have the scoop on everything you need to know about him. First up? He’s a fairy. We couldn't help but pop out our fangs back in 2011 when we heard the news that Lost’s Neil Hopkins would play Claude — who, in the books, is a fairy from Louisiana who’s possibly related to Sookie’s fairy godmother, Claudine. We were dissapointed when Neill was only featured briefly in True Blood’s season 4 premiere, and new information has come to light which implies that they might be re-casting his role. 
From Reuters-
The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, formed in 2009, is comprised of more than 50 critics, entertainment journalists and pop culture critics who work for newspapers, magazines, websites and TV and radio outlets nationwide. They give out Dorian Awards (named after Wilde's Dorian Gray) yearly and True Blood is on the list for this year's.
True Blood S5 guest star and General Hospital's Carolyn Hennesy is tweeting about her TB experience.
 Carolyn Hennesy
 Chris Meloni is such a joy to watch work! What a PRO! This is a fabulous dream and I don't want to wake up!
Stephen Moyer took 'lil ol' me on a guided tour of all the TB interior sets. The man is gracious personified. Merlotte's felt like home!
Good morning, muffins! Rise and shine! Another fab day on to work. LATER!

Eonline's Ted C (forgive me) talks to Kristin about S5, read it all at the source-
"Every year I think, ‘We've kinda done it.' Every year I think ‘Wow, that was better than last year. These story lines and these scenes and the cast…I don't think they could get any better.' "  So says Kristin Bauer—who plays scene stealing vamp-extraordinaire Pam on True Blood—when we asked what's to come for the fangtastic HBO show. "And that's how I feel about [season] five," K.B. told us from the set.  First off, the gushing: "Every script I get I go, ‘Oh my god, that's better than I thought it would be.' And wardrobe fittings, ‘Oh my god, that's better than I could have imagined,' " Bauer practically hyperventilated. 
But scoop-wise, Bauer stayed tight-lipped on the secrets of season five: "I have a pretty good inkling about [what's to come]. And I can't tell you anything." Though she did tease that we should not only expect more totally over-the-top outfits from Pam, but also more R-rated one-liners.  "We thought last year's gash in the sundress might be that point and apparently that wasn't!" Kristen told us when asked the writers ever give her something to say that's just too much

Showmastersonline, the forum for the Bitten fan conventions just announced today that Denis O'Hare is joining Nelsan as a guest this year, the site has 2 more empty spots for guests HERE, so more info is forthcoming. 
We have another great announcement for you! DENIS O'HARE will be joining us at Bitten 3! 
Bitten 3 will be Massive Events' third 3-day unofficial convention to celebrate the hit HBO television series "True Blood" based on the best-selling novel series 'The Southern Vampire Mysteries' by Charlaine Harris. This event will be held fromFriday 17th - Sunday 19th of August 2012. This unofficial convention aims to bring together fans of the series and books to enjoy various events over the weekend. 

HBOWatch talks about Pam's origin story in season 5.
                              Zimbio has photos of Joe out and about, here's just one of them-
"True Blood" hunk Joe Manganiello stops by Starbucks for a quick coffee break in Los Angeles. Joe will next star as a stripper alongside Chinning Tatum in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh film "Magic Mike".(January 10, 2012 - Photo by
Miss Barbara has some season 5 location photos up at Skarsgardfans, here's one of several.

Hitfix has a long interview with Anna about her film Margaret.
Just saw a commercial for the People's Choice Awards tonite, watch the live red carpet arrivals HERE.
Whew, Carrie Preston looked wonderful at last night's PC Awards, photo by Jeff Kravitz/Film Magic

Another photo from August Man, the best one really.
 Nelsan is going down under for another fan event,Supanova Pop Culture Expo

Nelsan looks forward to meeting all his fans at both the Melbourne and Gold Coast expos in 2012. There are signing* and photo* sessions throughout each Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm) excluding breaks and there’s a general admission Q&A during each weekend. Read a good bio and more HERE

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