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Hiatus Support Group: More Werewolves

This was a short-lived series from 1990, but I found it and saw every episode several times, I don't know why they couldn't get financing for it. Buffy's Giles was very similar to the character of Ian Matheson, I see Kate Hodge in bit parts or commercials which is just a shame and a waste of a good comedic actress. 
This was the plot-  American actress Kate Hodge played graduate student Randi Wallace. Working on her masters thesis, Randi meets Mythology professor Ian Matheson, played by English actor Neil Dickson. The two develop an unspoken attraction to each other, which only increases when Randi looks to him for help after surviving a werewolf attack on the Moors. While searching for a cure, Ian becomes Randi's keeper during the full moon phases, with the mismatched duo somehow always seeming to find themselves in hot water with various supernatural creatures along the way. wiki IMDB
Latest Inside True Blood Blog, Friday the 13th edition.

Friday the 13th: The Call Sheet By Gianna Sobol 

Nothing like stunts on the unluckiest day...

The Vault has a casting scoop, Linda Purl is cast as Barbara Pelt! Seems like the regulars don't dare speak but the newbs are so happy they spill, ha. From her twitter, she has a tweet saying she's recurring this season.
She also has it on her Facebook page I see.
 Linda Purl 

Great news! I'm joining the cast of "True Blood" for its fifth season playing Barbara Pelt (Debbie's mother). Shooting starts next week!

 Sam Trammell -Unfortunately, because of scheduling, I won't be able to make it to Albuquerque this weekend. Sorry to miss it!  
 He's referring to this

I will get a translation for this interview tomorrow but for now, I'll try my best. SOURCE
I think the gist is that she is getting used to American production, she doesnt have to worry about the future of it and is just enjoying her time doing it. She trying to tell what the show is about in a basic way to the Italian press who drove to the set to interview her after a long day. She knows the show reaches a certain segment of the public and is popular and she doesn't feel  like it is a bad thing or that she is a snob because of that. Every role has a story to tell regardless and if the script is crap it doesnt matter if it's high art or not, True Blood is written well. 
UPDATE! from an Italian speaker, the lovely Marie AKA Rima, whose youtubes I use often, Molte Grazie!-
Valentina Cervi speaks about her American experience on the set of True Blood in and interview released to "Il Fatto Quotidiano" (newspaper quite famous):
"(I am) Kidnapped by the rhythm. 16 hours a day of work, 30 minuted break. We get to the set with our car and we leave once the mission is accomplished. 
Everyone is prepared, concentrated and professional. But it's a strange alchemy, I'm still getting used to it.
The actress will be the super evil Salome in the fifth season:
"A 2000 years old Salome, ended up in a microcosm where two versions of cohabitation between humans and vampires are to be faced. Pace and war, sharing and separation.
An ambitious metaphor based on irony which entertains or tries to do so."
About her colleagues and the environment Valentina Cervi explains:
"It's a game of subtracting and adding. Not and easy balance to decode. On one side I fell the formal kindness of people, their enthusiasm, the apparent opening.
On the other hand a deep, detectable self preservation of the own intimacy and a difficulty of exposing oneself for the fear to be naked. They are American. They have a different approach...
I have fun and not having a definite horizon doesn't worry me. Every movie has its own story and no contract can fill up the absence of a bad script. True Blood is well written and tries to reach the big public.
I'm not one of those who considers a curse meeting the tastes of those who watch."
I do miss this Lala, he was the best. Bottoms up! I so can't agree with THIS
More fan event news, this time Kristin is coming to Monster-Mania

That McMillian is a joker on twitter- McMillzz Michael McMillian
 Meloni is killing it as the unicorn, though. #trueblood
From TB's Facebook page-
Joe at the "Haywire" redcarpet.

From Tumblr's Fyeahjoemanganiello, best for all things Joe. It's from his August Man issue.
Zimbio has some new Ryan pics up. Actor Ryan Kwanten arrives at the W Magazine Best Performances Issue and The Golden Globes celebration hosted by Dom Perignon and W Magazine held at Chateau Marmont on January 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
(January 12, 2012 - Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America)
The Nest has some more pics of the pre-Golden Globe festivities that the cast took part in, look how good Missy looks after having twins. More pics at the link (viva Maria, jaja).
Janina Gavankar has some Golden Globe gifting suite goodies on her site (photo from Getty)
Chris Bauer attends the 2012 DPA Golden Globe Awards Gift Suite on January 13, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Zimbio) He looks very NIZE!
(January 12, 2012 - Photo by Katy Winn/Getty Images North America)
See all your faves at the pre-Golden Globe suites on Zimbio, more of Chris too.
Ryan at the Golden Globes, Thanks to Celebrity Chatta

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