Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hiatus Support Group Laughs

Remember this goofy show, Dracula the Series? It was so stupidfunny, the lead actor Geordie Johnson was in a lot of syndicated shows (Andromeda, Forever Knight) from back in the day so he will be familiar to most of us. Forever Knight fans might remember the star of FK, Geraint Wyn Davies, was in a couple of episodes of this show too. Their Uncle happens to be Gustav Van Helsing, hilarity ensues. Here's their first meeting, Drac likes some hip hop (go to 5:18).

Kim Coates (Tig from SOA) as an actor who becomes a real vamp, reluctantly.

Wetpaint has some thoughts to (v)amp up the Fae plotlines. This is one of them-
Andy’s Fairytale Romance- Not gonna lie: It was kind of disturbing to watch Andy roll around in a pile of dirt and leaves while fornicating with a mythical being. Mostly because we’re almost positive that Sookie and Eric had sex on that same patch of grass, which is just unhygienic. Despite the fact that he’s probably carrying all of Eric’s STIs, no one deserves a relationship more than Andy, who spent the entirety of last season blazed on V and getting his heart broken. Plus, if Andy had a fairy girlfriend, we’d finally learn more about their kind!
Buzzsugar has more on Ryan in his "New Girl" role HERE

New cast member-


Any of my  fans out there? I just booked a role on the show and im really excited!!

The Nest has an interview up from Total TV Guide, more scans at the link-

THR has more on the "7500" movie with Ryan.
Contact Music says this is Stephen's father that he's strolling with.
Thanks to Bookies for this vid from Vimeo, where I find some great short films btw. It's a producton blog I have never seen before, embedding isnt allowed but she has some more TB vids that are very good, here and here.
Inside True Blood Blog, continuing with the laughs-

Overheard in the Concept Meeting… "It's going to be flimsy stuff that they're wearing. Are we going to see some boobs in the brothel?"

The Humane Society of the United States' 26th Annual Genesis Awards will be held in Los Angeles on March 24, 2012 where celebrities in the entertainment world are honored for their contribution in bringing animal issue awareness to the world. So far celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Pauley Perrette, Bill Maher, and Kristin Bauer van Straten are scheduled to present at this fine awards show. You can enter for a chance to win tickets on the Humane Society's Facebook page.

This is from Eonline but seems like the same interviews from youtube that I posted over the weekend.

Happy Birthday Rutina!

Wow, Look at Janina in FHM!
Another FX UK trailer-

Ha! Vanya finally got Parrack to do an interview, she has tried so long and she first had him actually run away from her. She found him in front of a store one night and he seemed afraid of her and just walked away. I think Vanya is Ciera Parrack shhhhh!

Here's the first vid of her's I saw-

More of Janina in FHM- "I used to watch shows with really empowered women who had special powers, and now I’m on one. That stuff marks you, for sure."

  • Janina Gavankar is an Indian-American actress most famous for her roles in True Blood and The L WordAs she plays a shapeshifter in True Blood, she prepares for her role by researching the animals she's going to turn into and talking to experts who've handled them in the past. Thorough! She is, by her own admission, a big geek and a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy. You could probably woo her with a list of your top five elves, if you tried.

MTV's Hollywood Crush has more on Ryan's "New Girl appearance.
Jim Parrack plays a baddie in Monday's (2/6) Alcatraz (needs some Vanya)-


  1. I remember that Dracula show. In the NYC area it was on channel 9. I remember that he was some corporate executive. I also remember that either before it or after it, An American She-Wolf in London would come on.

  2. That's it! If you scroll to an earlier post I also did one with She Wolf of London, I confess when the SWoL got canceled I was so disappointed. Saturday's starting around 4pm had some good syndicated shows back then on 9, Highlander, SWoL, Earth Final Conflict etc. Thanks for posting and welcome to crazy town.