Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy True Year!

As we start a New Year I want to thank all the True Blood fans who visit this lowly blog. We still have over 6 months of hiatus to get through but with this support group, we can do it!  Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Danish Channel TV2 Zulu does one hella bloody holiday wishes-

SciFiNow features True Blood on their cover to start the year off right for us fans.
The Nesters have some scans from inside the mag HERE.
Allan Hyde directed this remake of an Abba Happy New Year (imagine Godric was really in Abba), but since they were Swedes why isn't Alexander in it too? it began-

Joe does a Funny or Die take off on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-
click on the link-
Hmm, this makes me think the King won't be around much in season 5, not happy.
A classic of a sort with be offered by New York Theatre Workshop when they unveil An Iliad starting Feb. 14. Note the article in the title — An, not The. This adaptation of Homer's epic poem is by director Lisa Peterson and actor Denis O'Hare, and purports to tell the ancient tale of the Trojan War "through an original, contemporary, and immediate voice." O'Hare and Stephen Spinella, two of our more emphatic actors, star.
OK found this too, damn, what does it mean (besides Alan Ball crusher of my dreams)? Tumblr
Denis O’ Hare mentions in the SciFiNow article: I’m not going to come back to True Blood until mid-March.  I had a meeting with Alan Ball last week, and they have devised an amazing trick to allow me to be present, but not fully acting.

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