Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry, Happy, Sexy Hiatus Holidays!

The sexiest Dracula, Frank Langella (with Laurence Olivier as Van Helsing!), was a high end change up from previous Dracula films. Look at the scene below and then take a cold shower, ok, maybe that's just me.  I have to watch the whole movie again (maybe a new year's day treat?), anyways, Frank will take us through our next hiatus therapy session.

New Inside True Blood Blog-

Inspiration Is Just Down the Hall…By Gianna Sobol

The halls of the art department are covered with collages just like this one, with photos and inspirations for various sets and locations, as well as blueprints used in the building of these sets

If your holidays didn't suck, then your New Year will. Watch an encore presentation of True Blood Season 4 starting Thursday 12/29 through 12/31. For more information on True Blood, go to http://itsh.bo/ibzU7X or jump in on the Twitter conversations http://twitter.com/truebloodhbo #trueblood. 
New photo from Joe Manganiello's "Magic Mike", meh.
Pube alert! 

LA Weekly's article about Anna's movie "Margaret", it was made 5 years ago and just released this year-
Photo by Kevin Scanlon, Anna Paquin, photographed Dec. 13 at the Viceroy in Santa Monica 
Janina (Luna) has a youtube channel and this girl does it all-
Thanks to Etain from Bookies for finding this-

Some mindless wanderings, ever notice that Sam looks like actor Glenn Ford? He would be great in a bio of the actor.
Wow, EW really hurt Charlaine Harris' feelings, sucks. She posts about it on her blog-
There’s something to be said for hitting rock bottom. As I was drinking my first cup of coffee Sunday morning, I was reading my favorite magazine, Entertainment Weekly. I’ve been a faithful subscriber for many years, and I remember how excited I was when my name was in its pages for the first time, when Alan Ball began filming “True Blood.”
I was in the pages of EW again in the year-end issue: “Best and Worst of 2011.” My book, DEAD RECKONING, was designated one of the worst of the year, along with a book by the ubiquitous Kardashians and one by Snooki of “Jersey Shore” fame.
At first I really couldn’t believe it. Though I fully realized DEAD RECKONING was not a perfect book, I knew I’d read worse during 2011. Then I realized that the criteria must have been, “bad books by someone famous.” Still, it stung pretty badly, as you can imagine.
I was pretty philosophical about the experience until my inner insecurities began to plague me. Most writers have plenty of those, beginning with the suspicion that we are actually no good at all and that someday someone will discover this . . . no matter how healthy our bank account may be, or how brisk sales have been.
I was secretly hoping my agent would challenge the article’s writer to a duel. Then I realized that if anyone did that, it should be me, and I was feeling way too pitiful.
I hope I don’t experience anything more humiliating in my professional life. This kind of capped off a very eventful 2011 for me, because I’ve had a number of thunderbolts, both personal and professional. Next year simply HAS to be better.
Happy Birthday to Big Joe Manganiello, December 28th!


  1. first, what is up with Anna's hair? yikes. and poor Charlaine......she should have stopped writing SSN's a few books back perhaps. Anyone would be hurt at something so cruel and publiv.

  2. I feel bad for her also but to be grouped with the Kardashians and Snookie is too low of a blow. It insults us fans too. Thanks for posting!