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Needs More Code V

Ultraviolet was a UK TV Series in 1998, I heard how good it was but didn't get around to watching it till a couple of years ago. I wished it was a longer run, there are only 6 episodes and Moyer was in just 2-3 of them. He is so young and pretty you will love seeing him as a baby vamp.  I wanted to watch not only because it was about vamps but Jack Davenport is one under-used actor and is good in anything he is in.
The series follows Detective Sergeant Michael Colefield (Jack Davenport). Michael discovers that his partner Jack (Stephen Moyer) has gone missing on the night before his wedding to Kirsty (Collette Brown) whom Michael is secretly in love with. As he investigates Jack's disappearance, Michael uncovers a secret government vampire hunting squad consisting of soldier Vaughn Rice (Idris Elba), scientist Angela March (Susannah Harker), and a Catholic priest Pearse J Harman (Philip Quast). He also discovers that Jack has been turned into a vampire and ends up being recruited into the squad. Over the course of the series Michael and the vampire hunters investigate various vampire related cases, often involving medical experimentation, as they try to determine what the mysterious agenda of the vampires is. Wikipedia
The series is about a police unit, fighting a secret war against a worldwide vampire conspiracy. Often the cases are about genetic engineering since the "Code Fives" - the word vampire is never uttered - can not reproduce. Sounds simple enough, luckily "Ultraviolet" is anything but.

From CraveOnline, the Meloni frenzy continues (more at the link)-
As originally reported by TVLine, Meloni will portray ”an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.” Meloni will also be a series regular during the fifth season of "True Blood."
Thus far, Meloni is one of the most established actors joining the cast of "True Blood" for the new season. Kelly Overton and Louis Herthum have both been cast as werewolves, with Dale Dickey ("My Name is Earl") as Annie, the werewolf mother of Marcus Bozeman, the former packmaster who was killed by Alcide Herveaux last season.Lucy Griffiths will also join the cast as Nora, the vampire sister of Eric Northman; whileValentina Cervi will play the ancient vampire known as Salome.
Ausiello goes forward with his bid to rule twitter-
Question: OK, I’ll bite: What else can you tell me about Chris Meloni’s role on True Blood? —Diego
Ausiello: He’s the mastermind of… something. Guesses? Hit the comments. And then look for the answer on Twitter very soon! 

It's funny but so true, from Back2stonewall
Oh…My…God! This is freakin’ awesome! Hunky Chris Meloni as a hot vampire? It’s like a fantasy come true that I didn’t even know I had. 
Wetpaint talked to Janina a bit
At the recent opening of New Era’s Los Angeles store, Janina Gavankar told Wetpaint Entertainment about the love fest that was their first day back. The first table read was just hugs and kisses and ‘what have you been doing?’" she told us. "Everybody’s done so much in the hiatus — people have produced films, they’ve gone trekking through mountains, they’ve had babies. We seriously need an internal newsletter! There’s no way I could know about it all so the first day was a lot of catching up.” She talks more about her getting in shape for the role of Luna at the link above.
Janina is on Facebook and twitter.
Episode 502 table read done. What a giggle fest. Proves we're not just cast, we're #trubies.
Skarsgardfans has some filming info (speculation too) and photos up at the link.

(December 10, 2011 - Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America)
Actress Deborah Ann Woll attends the CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at The Shrine Auditorium on December 11, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
More photos at Zimbio, they cover everything. has an article on hometown girl Dale Dickey.
Acclaimed Hollywood actress and all-around-local gal Dale Dickey will have blood on her hands this summer. The Bearden native has been cast on HBO's "True Blood" for the upcoming fifth season, set to premiere in the summer of 2012. She'll play the role of Annie, the mother of the late werewolf Marcus. And since her son is dead, she has a score to settle with a few folks. If you're wondering about Annie, yes, she will be a werewolf, too. Annie will also be very well respected among the other werewolves because of her late son. Her mission during the fifth season is to perform a particularly dangerous magic ritual. Already there is speculation that Annie may want Alcide to pay for killing Marcus. Dickey's casting in "True Blood" will not be limited to one episode. It will be a recurring role throughout the season. This has been quite the year for Dickey, who grew up in Knoxville and attended the University of Tennessee. Earlier this year, she won the best supporting actress honor at the Independent Spirit Awards, the equivalent to the Academy Awards in the indie film world. edit-Hope she dresses like this as Annie!
                              Charlaine Harris put up Chapter 2 of Deadlocked on her site
The master of giallo has a new Dracula movie coming out, the effects aren't completed but to this fan of Argento it looks wonderful. It is in the vein of Hammer films with the bonus of Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing, love the old time movie vibe.

Another good Denis O'Hare interview from AssignmentX, (more at the link).
ASSIGNMENT X: When we last saw you as Russell, you were completely burned, and now in AMERICAN HORROR STORY, when we first see you, you’re half-burned. Is there a through-line here?
DENIS O’HARE: [Larry is] a very different guy than Russell, a very human guy, which I love. I love the fact that in the pilot, you see all these aspects of the character in one scene. My character goes from being a monster to a pathetic, suffering human being, which I think is fantastic. I thought the acting across the board was fantastic. I thought the girl who plays the daughter is unbelievable, Taissa Farmiga, the guy who plays Tate [Evan Peters] is unbelievable. Frannie Conroy – to have her in a show – and Jessica Lange, I mean, come on! [Dylan McDermott] is fantastic. Lovely guy. We got to be together a lot of time off set, and we got to know each other really well.
AX: Between Larry Harvey and Russell Edgington, you’ve played two regular characters with serious burn makeups in under two years. Are those makeups as miserable to put on and uncomfortable to wear as they look?
O’HARE: The one for TRUE BLOOD was definitely hard to wear, that was tough to wear. This one is actually not that hard to wear, and [the makeup artists] do such a beautiful job of it that I’m thrilled to be in it. And I love doing it.
AX: Speaking of the TRUE BLOOD makeup, were you happy with the way Russell’s story ended so far, with him buried deep in a pit of concrete?
O’HARE: You know what I’m happy about? I’m happy about such a fantastic season last season, and happy that this season [turned] out to be such a great season, and that they keep talking about Russell. They keep saying, “We’re in a post-Russell Edgington world,” and they keep talking about, “When Russell Edgington pulled his spine out …” See, he’s not dead. If somebody invokes you, you’re not dead. He’s been invoked again and again and again. I love that.
AX: Well, we’ve seen a bit hole in the pit of concrete now, and TRUE BLOOD series creator Alan Ball has said, “Russell isn’t dead.” Can you elaborate on that at all?
O’HARE: I think Alan Ball is a brilliant man, and I think he’s a really smart man, so if Alan Ball says he’s not dead, then I bet he’s not dead.
Crazy this week, at #7500 wrap party with ya boy Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse from .

                        So far Sam Trammell will attend, more info here.
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