Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Therapy is Near Dark

Near Dark, so many reasons this movie is high up on my list for best in vamp. It not only has actors from the Alien franchise, sexy Lance Hendriksen, but a very pretty, young Adrian Pasdar and equally beautiful Jenny Wright (I thought she'd be big, what happened to her career?). 
This review is from Bluemoviereviews, from the DVD preview, more at the link.
Long before the red state chastity of theTwilightseries or even the homoerotic glamour of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, vampire films got a homoerotic glamour of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, vampire films got a strange and visceral twist courtesy of co-writer/director Kathryn Bigelow’s 1987 B-flick Near Dark, a gritty take on the sub-genre that was as much Western adventure as it was horror story. A cult classic for decades, the film gets its first DVD re-release in five years July 7, even as the director’s The Hurt Locker opens nationwide to riotous critical applause. Fans of the Whedonverse and HBO’sTrue Blood won’t want to miss it, while Twilight devotees owe it to themselves to check it out.
Small-town Oklahoma boy Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes) gives comely drifter Mae (Jenny Wright, St. Elmo’s Fire) a ride home and gets a bite on the neck as thanks. The next day, as his skin catches fire in daylight, he’s kidnapped onto the open road by her gang of roaming vampires, including their leader Jesse (Lance Henriksen, Aliens) and his psychotic henchman Severen (Bill Paxton, Big Love). 

Ausiello's tweet from 35 minutes ago-
It′s Official: Chris Meloni Joins TRUE BLOOD as a Series Regular — Exclusive New Details!
Executive producer Alan Ball revealed to TV Line that Meloni will be playing ”an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.” 

Look who's back, I checked last night and it was still the post from the finale.
The Writers Are Back in Session
By Gianna Sobol
Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re already back in action here at the ‘True Blood’ production offices, gearing up for Season 5 and enjoying the fan love from Season 4. It’s all gone by so quickly. We made new friends, lost some old ones (I’m particularly bummed about Nan Flanagan, aren’t you?) and weathered the heat of a Bon Temps summer.
Alan is busy casting new characters, breaking story and finding locations for the upcoming season. The writers are working away, the art department stops by every few days with new blueprints and set plans, and the offices are once again filled with our awesome and loyal crew. It’s an exciting place to be.
With the writers back in session toiling over season 5, Alexander Woo took a few minutes to chat with me about what he’s been up to.
Gianna:  So what did you do over the hiatus?
Alexander:  I went and got married.  We had three receptions all over the country, so we traveled a lot. Then went on our honeymoon, and attended another wedding before coming back to town.
Gianna:  Now that the writers are back in session, what are you guys and gals up to?
Alexander:  We have gathered to discuss the storylines and themes of Season 5, and scripts for the first half of the season are being written. We are preparing to shoot Episode 1 right now.
Gianna:  Have you read any scripts yet for the new season?
Alexander:  I've read episodes 1 and 2, and I'm very excited about them.
Gianna:  Do you know which episodes you'll be writing?
Alexander:  There are six writers and twelve episodes, so I will be writing two. I'm doing episode 4 now, and another one toward the end of the season.
Gianna:  Is there anything you can share with us about next season?
Alexander:  Some of the things that people loved in the first four seasons of ‘True Blood,’ you'll be getting more of. And there will also be some surprises that will hopefully delight everyone. We have a sense of what the fans have already enjoyed in the previous seasons, and we're doing our best to give our fans more of that but also leave some room for novelty and surprise.

Eonline's Kristin has a wee bit of scoop.
Yas: Any True Blood info not related to werewolves? I'm a fang-banger for life!
Prepare for a flashback to the 1950s. The city: San Francisco. Now who could possibly have business in San Fran during the '50s?

From Dallas, she has the recent casting calls on the page too.
Possible sneak peak of this week’s True Blood filming in Los Angeles
Interior and exterior dialogue, Intermittent pedestrian control, Intermittent traffic control – 2 minutes standard, Equipment on sidewalk, in curb lane & across street, Wetdown, cranes and condors, prop bomb in car. trucks downloading equip on street., walk and talk, water based smoke. Condor. Crane. Generator. Picture vehicles. Scissor lift

     Collider has a smorgasbord of Battleship info, including a new trailer at the link. 
Ryan doing a fashion shoot, running through the waves, I wonder what the water temp is. More pics by Splash at the Daily Mail. Dont they need captions like- Oh noes, shrinkage!

He said he is excited to be returning as the Bon Temps lawman in the Louisiana set drama, despite the fact he has been busy filming comedy horror flick Knights of Badassdom and thriller 7500.
'They've been kind enough to schedule all my stuff on 7500 upfront to accommodate my 'True Blood schedule, but I really can't say anything more than that.'

He told Dread Central: 'We have started breaking down the stories for Season Five, and we start shooting at the end of November.

He also said his sidesplitting performances as the show do not come from him deliberately hamming it up.

He said: 'Jason's reactions on 'True Blood' are what I call more of situational comedy. 'I don't play him with the intention of 'Oh, I hope I get a few laughs from this'; it's more like the situation itself is funny, and it's his reactions that reflect that.'

Janina talked to Wetpaint last night, the whole thing at the link -
We caught up with the True Blood star at the Thursday night grand opening of headwear manufacturer New Era’s Los Angeles store, and she revealed that season 5 of the HBO vampire show will be "bloodier, sexier, and dirtier" than ever! 
Though the actress, who plays the shapeshifter Luna, didn't offer up too many specifics, she promised that fans should look forward to a wild ride when the show returns this summer. 
“We’ve been back for almost two weeks now and it’s already crazy. I mean, just insane!” Janina said on the New Era red carpet. “At the beginning of last season, the first episode was very relaxed and it started a year after we stopped season 3, so there was a lot of catching up to do. But this [season 5] is not a relaxed situation. We are starting really tense from the beginning."
DogTipper has info on Kristin's Collars Not Cruelty Campaign, more info at the link-
“We must continue to demand collars, not cruelty, in the fight against rabies,” added Bauer, who posed with her Labrador Retriever Ozmand to promote the campaign.
Denis OHare had a good run on American Horror Story, bye Larry! He is one actor that you seem to see in any show or re-runs, TVGuide says he'll be back on The Good Wife too- 
Court is back in session for Denis O'Hare. The Tony winner will reprise his role as Judge Abernathy on an upcoming episode of The Good Wife, ha
O'Hare, 49, has appeared in four episodes of the CBS legal drama as the famously liberal judge. His episode is scheduled to air at the end of January. "We have missed him a lot," series co-creator and executive producer Robert King tells "He doesn't have to wear the burn makeup for this."

All I know is that when it was out that Michonne would be on TWD eventuall,y Rutina's name always came up, Angela Bassett too, lol.From God'sreview Tumblr-

The Walking Dead Fan Club” has just released this news telling that “Rutina Wesley”, “Tara” from “True Blood” will be the one to play Michonne in “The Walking Dead”.

Well guys, remember, this is a BIG rumor, nothing is confirmed, and as long as theAMC itself or the actress doesnt confirm this news, this isn’t true…s learned exclusively.
Added a Michonne pic so you get the idea of how this character rolls. Still no confirmation but it is on just about every Walking Dead and TB fansite.
UPDATE: Seems like this was another rumor, or is it?
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