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Fright Night Group Support

Chris Sarandon's turn as a vampire was both comedic and scary, if this was a drama he would have made a sexy beast, who was also terrifying. Fright night's cast is perfect for their roles, especially Roddy McDowell as Peter Vincent, the local late-night TV host of "Fright Night". The look on Roddy's face just makes me roll.
I'm in the mood for a little season two Pam, aren't you?

New casting spoiler, Carolyn Hennessy, she tweeted she has been cast as a vampire for S5. She plays Sonny's lawyer Diane on GH, she used to be on Cougartown and is in a ton of commercials and guestspots. 
THR has another article on the Chris Meloni casting rumor-More at the link.
For days now, True Blood fans have been buzzing about reports that Chris Meloni will stage a comeback to HBO by joining the series in a “major role” on Season 5. 
1. 50 is the new 500. Let’s face it. At 50, Meloni gives most 30 year olds in Hollywood a run for their money in the hunk department. Those good looks and the wisdom of living a half a century will translate well for playing a vampire that could very well be hundreds of years old. And, recent reports say that the series is casting for The Vampire Authority, the council which rules over all vampires and gives its royalty their power. Meloni would be perfection in one of those roles.
2. Blood, no problem. The actor has demonstrated several times in his career that violence and blood are not a problem for him. So, I imagine that if he were faced with taking down a few humans (or werewolves, witches, a bothersome fairy, for that matter), he wouldn’t flinch.
3. Clothing, optional. True Blood is well known for its nude scenes and executive producer Alan Ball places all the actors in some kind of state of nudity through out the season. Meloni has demonstrated that he isn’t afraid to let it all hang out if a role requires it.
True Blood Wiki has the premiere episode, "Turn, Turn, Turn", synopsis up, it says it's official.
As the dust settles in Bon TempsSam and Luna’s plans for a fresh start are interrupted by a new arrival, hell-bent on revenge. Meanwhile: Sookie’s vow for a life without vampires is put to the test; Lafayette struggles with his latest acquisition; Patrick calls in a favor from Terry, that will put his relationship with Arlene under pressure; Jessica takes a backseat, while Jason caters for anunwelcome house guestPam tries to make amends, and Bill and Eric plan their escape from the forces now pursuing them, but are soon drawn into a plot that will shatter the very foundations of the vampire hierarchy, and bring them face to face with their deadliest enemy.

HBO Says No to Stream-Only Service.
The boss of HBO as poured cold water on a single digital delivery streaming option for the HBO Go service, maintainig that cord cutting is just a temporary phenomenon that will magically disappear when the economy improves. HBO co-president Eric Kessler talking at the VideoshmoozeNYC event yesterday said, “there is no chance his company will make its original programs like True Blood or The Wire available to non-cable subscribers.”
The Insider's Jarett has a good interview with Carrie Preston about her movie, "That's What She Said" being shown at The Sundance Film Festival. Read it all at the link, Jarett was the writer of the NY Post's Popwrap column still missed by me. Congratulations on getting That's What She Said into Sundance! What was your reaction?
Carrie Preston: I got the good news a week ago, while in New York, but wasn't allowed to tell anyone. It feels like I've been riding around on a big shiny bike that I got for Christmas inside my house [laughs]. I finally get to go outside and ride it around today! But I had assumed the movie didn't get in because there's an industry myth that if you don't hear from Sundance before Thanksgiving then you probably didn't get in. So I had already cried my eyes out and let it go, then my producer called with the good news and I started screaming like I just won the Super Bowl. So many people turned their heads and looked at us while I was crying. I was jumping up and down and hugging Michael [Emerson, husband]. It was super fun.

Thanks to Merjatb for the wonderful True Blood videos on their youtube channel
Denis O'Hare from the upcoming AHS episode
There are more photos from the show at Spoilertv, they are spoilery and good.
Video interview with Ryan K by USAToday
From True Blood News at The Nest on FB, Cosmo makes it sound like he's ancient.
Every good Monster needs supplies, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is where only the most discreet shop.

FANG FLOSS-Our marvellously strong Fang Floss is invaluable in cleaning where traditional sticks and brushes can’t reach, removing all common forms of fang-matter, including: brains, gore, bones, viscera, entrails, seaweed, toffee, and much more. Ideal for the 21st Century monster who believes  chomping through flesh and bone shouldn’t have to put a crimp on post-mauling socialising. This spool can be carried easily in a pocket or a pouch, leaving both hands free to floss.

Ryan Kwanten is branching out on U.S. TV, from Eonline's Kristin.
We can happily and exclusively reveal that True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten will guest star in the Valentine's Day episode of New Girl. Will it be love at first sight for Jess? Jess (Zooey Deschannel) will be celebrating her first Valentine's Day in six years as a single girl, and what better way to do that than with a meaningless one-night stand? So she drags Schmidt (Max Greenfield) out to a bar to be her wingman, and that is when she meets Oliver (Kwanten). Jess quickly finds out that she has nothing in common with him, which is really the last thing you should care about when it comes to someone who looks like that.

“True Blood’’ star Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara on the popular HBO vampire series, was in Boston over the weekend to participate in Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s “American Voices’’ reading of Sam Shepard’s “Fool for Love.’’ Wesley, who hung out at the Nine Zero hotel before heading out to the gig (which was held last night at the Calderwood Pavilion) told us that her two days in Boston wound up being rather romantic. Wesley read the play with her husband, actor Jacob Fishel. She told us that she hasn’t read opposite her spouse since the two were students at Juilliard. Back then, they were often cast together because of their chemistry, she said. “It’s been kind of fun to remember what that beginning was like - when we first fell in love at school.’’ Wesley guessed that last night’s audience would be populated not only by Commonwealth Shakespeare Company supporters, but by her “True Blood’’ followers. She said she’s happy to have the vamp fans at these stage events because it exposes them to another part of her resume. Many of the show’s fans came out to see her in “The Submission,’’ which had a recent run off-Broadway in New York. “They say, ‘I didn’t know you could do something else,’ ’’ Wesley said, adding, “I take it as a compliment.’’
True Blood star Rutina Wesley at the Nine Zero hotel yesterday. (Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe)

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