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Spoilers Like Kisses for Hiatus Support Group

John Carpenter's Vampires had one good thing, besides Laura Palmer vamp, and it was Thomas Ian Griffith. I could never get into James Woods after seeing The Onion Field.
From Rhoswen7 (AGAIN)
Some info from background casting notices for True Blood season 5 (most likely for the first couple of episodes): 
Photo Double 5'8 Long Blonde hair / TRUE BLOOD 11/16/2011 THRU 12/12/2011
Photo double / Female / Caucasian / 20 - 30 /
A photo double who must have LONG Blonde hair, be 5'8, waist 26, bra size 34C, and shoe size 9. You must be these sizes exactly as you will be wearing the actresses clothing. Should be comfortable playing a corpse, with blood in your hair.
Frat Guys and Sorority Girls 18-23 / TRUE BLOOD 12/5/2011
Background / Male or Female / Caucasian / 18 - 23 /
A few featured Guys and Girls to play Frat Guys and Sorority Girls. They are looking for people who are comfortable interacting with the Principles, and also for some people with Newer American Cars that are in REALLY good condition. ie: Newer Mustangs, Chargers etc.
Nude woman to play a Prostitute Corpse / TRUE BLOOD 1/3/2012 THRU 1/16/2012 Background / Female / Caucasian / 20 - 45 /
A woman who is comfortable being completely naked and playing a corpse. There will be extensive body make up, as well as fake blood to imply you were killed by vampires. This scene takes place in 1905, so they are looking for a woman who has not had a breast job or ANY plastic surgery. They are also looking for a woman who is Not a size zero. Women back then were definitely more curvy. Having a Belly is great for this one. Dress size between 8-14. Looking for a Character woman. The more unattractive the picture, the better.
Topless Women to work in a Brothel / TRUE BLOOD 1/3/2012 THRU 1/16/2012 Background / Female / Caucasian / 18 - 45 /
Women who are interested in working as Prostitutes in a Brothel. This is a Flashback to the 1900's so they are looking for women with Natural breasts, and who have had NO plastic surgery whatsoever. You would have to be comfortable walking around the brothel in Skimpy outfits, or with your breasts exposed. They are looking for all types of women. But Especially women with dress sizes between 8-12. They are looking for women who would not be considered classically Beautiful. The more unattractive the better. Character looks are encouraged.
Charactery Guys to Play Johns in a Brothel / TRUE BLOOD 1/3/2012 THRU 1/16/2012 Background / Male / Caucasian / 18 - 65 /
Guys to play johns in a 1900's brothel. They are looking for people who look like they could be from this era. You would have to be comfortable walking around in your Boxers if they asked. And must be comfortable around nudity, or possibly sexual situations.
Very Featured Character Lady / TRUE BLOOD 1/2/2012 THRU 1/31/2012
Background / Female / Caucasian / 25 - 60 /
A very funny featured bit. A lady sitting in a diner, that the leads will be talking about. They refer to her as Manic depressive and crazy. The more charactery, the better. 

New Post by Rhoswen7, same casting call as previous but with more details. Thanks again-
The numbers in parentheses indicate the scene numbers the character is introduced in (which, by themselves, don't tell us much besides the likely order in which they'll appear in the episode, and who'll be in scenes with whom):
TRUE BLOOD, Episode #502, "Authority Always Wins"
Director: Michael Lehmann
Writer: Mark Hudis
Start Date: Approximately 12/15
Location: L.A.

[KIBWE] Early 40s to early 60s. A slender African gentleman vampire, he's an Authority council member who believes rehabilitation for prisoners over stricter punishment... STRONG RECURRING (52) PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT AUTHENTICALLY AFRICAN ACTORS FOR THIS ROLE.
[ROSALYN HARRIS] 40s to 60s. A Texas vampire with "hair high enough to interfere with air traffic," she's an Authority council member with a homespun wisdom-spouting mouth and a firm hand...RECURRING (52)
[ALEXANDER] 9 years old. An impetuous young vampire who was turned at the age of 9, he's an Authority council member who loves cigarettes and razzing his fellow council members...RECURRING (52)
[DIETER BRAUN] 50s to 60s. Caucasian. Strong, mature and self-possessed, calm and authoritative, with a piercing gaze. This vampire is extremely intimidating and probably a bit of a sadist. He uses innovative methods to torture a prisoner during an interrogation. GUEST STAR -- POSSIBLE RECURRING. COULD HAVE A GERMAN ACCENT BUT NOT NECESSARY (14)
[CHRISTINE VAN HEUSEN] Late 20s to 30s. Seen on TV, she's a cute brunette newscaster for a CNN-type program who conducts a high-profile, in-depth interview...1 speech & 5 lines, 2 scenes (23)
[CLERK] 30s to 40s. The kind of guy who buys pork rinds, he lives in a trailer and works at the Stake House, a home protection store that sells weapons designed to hurt vampires...3 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (23)
[BOY] 14, determined, hurt, and angry, he punches Jason in the face for sleeping with his mom and breaking up his parents...6 lines, 1 scene (31)
[ELLIS] 20s to mid 30s. A member of Jason's former road crew, he punches Jason in the face for sleeping with his wife...5 lines, 1 scene (36)
[NIGEL] 30s to 40s. A grotesque-looking vampire prisoner, he's been scarred, burned and deformed -- punishment for his predilection for eating babies...5 lines, 1 scene (13)
[WASHCLOTH HELEN] Curvy, 20s to early 30s. Seen in flashback to 1905 in San Francisco, she's a young prostitute who snorts cocaine... CO-STAR (11)
[HOT GIRL] A hot female college student at a kegger, she's excited when a notorious, unexpected guest shows up...3 lines, 1 scene (42)
[HOT DUDE] A hot male college student at a kegger, he's excited when a notorious, unexpected guest shows up...2 lines, 2 scenes (42)
[MAN] 30s to 40s. Seen in flashback to 1905 in San Francisco, this pleasant, well-dressed, seemingly non-threatening man is actually quite dangerous...2 lines, 1 scene (33) 

Janina is somewhere where it's 23 degrees????  Her tweet-

 Janina Gavankar 

Just wrapped today's work on . My car is telling me it's 23° out here where we are.

Old interview with Ryan, yep, filler post.
Stephen Moyer has a lighthearted take on his bond with wife Anna Paquin. ‘We sort of complement each others crazy,” the British star, 42, tells Reporter. ‘And there is a bucketful of it!” The True Blood hunk kept his gal, 29, giggling during a visit to the Florida set of her drama Free Ride November 18. “They laughed the entire hour,” says a witness. Enteractivemagazine.com
Joe at the Trevor Project Event, from their twitter
Rutina joined the cast of Prometheus, the mysterious-somehow connected to Alien-prequel. It is directed by Ridley Scott and has a great cast, article from BET.com-See Update below
 Rutina Wesley's career is on the rise. The True Blood star is finally able to sink her fangs into some meatier roles, including a part opposite Idris Elba and Charlize Theron in Ridley Scott'sPrometheusAccording to IMDB.com, the big-budget action flick is about a team of explorers who discover the origins of mankind on Earth and then must fight a battle to save the future of the human race. Wesley's role is described only as "Lara," but hopefully she gets to do some butt-kicking in her scenes. The film also stars Shame's Michael Fassbender and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace.
Next up for Rutina, the highly-coveted lead role in Left to Tell, a biopic about a young woman who survived the Rwandan genocide by spending 91 days in a bathroom with eight other women, only to emerge and find her entire family had been murdered. The film is based on Imacculee Ilbagiza's best-selling memoir and is being produced by mPower, the company behind this year's powerful Machine Gun Preacher..UPDATE, The Vault spoke with her people and this story, unfortunately is BOGUS!
Joe does a Funny or Die video.

Christy has some nice pics from TB filming on her twitter, Askars with a beard! Bill with what looks like contact lenses.
A must for any horror fan, I did a post last month or so on Hammer Films you know I'm a fan.
There was definitely a hipster vibe going on last night at the G-Star Rodeo Drive Store Opening last night (December 6) in Beverly Hills, California. Hello Ryan Kwanten! More photos at the link.

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