Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being Inhuman

Aidan Turner, look at him, now picture him as the most handsome dwarf in the Hobbit. Yeah I can't do it either. The UK show "Being Human" is pretty good, even if the premise of a ghost, a werewolf and a vamp (Aidan's Mitchell) sharing a flat is goofy as hell. Aidan left the show to try his hand at film roles and you know he will succeed in spades. The last post was getting too long and full of goodies that I decided Aiden should host our Hiatus Support Group for this new bunch of updates.

New Inside True Blood Blog, Setting up the Sets by Gianna Sobol
It's that time of year again! Mike Wells, our trusty Construction Coordinator, is helping unpack everything that was put into storage for the hiatus. This was a nice surprise on my walk across the lot this morning.
More Inside True Blood Blog, Wolfies for this Casting Call.
By Gianna Sobol-The roles we're casting this week? The WOLVES of Season 5! This photo was taken by Alan Ball himself at the first official wolf meeting of the season. The trainers distracted the wolves with chicken treats while Alan and several others -- producers, directors, ADs, cinematographers -- looked on and discussed which wolves to cast as which characters.
B-Sleuth has more pics of the film set up on Skarsgardfans, including this one-
Speculation of the scene from Skarsgardfans, based on the call sheet-
According to the production call sheet, the filming at the market had Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten)  running into Miss Steeler (played by Melissa Page Hamilton). Their meeting led them to go to Miss Steeler’s home to “rekindle” a romance perhaps. The images below are from the filming today 1/24/12. Waiting sucks but the little bits of news help make the wait less painful!
THR has info on Alan Ball's new show, will it be good or bad he isn't only doing TB? Whole article at the link.
The premium cabler's sibling network, Cinemax, has given a series order to Ball's crime drama Banshee, ordering 10 episodes of the project that will be executive produced by theTrue Blood showrunner.
Jonathan Tropper andDavid Schicker will pen the drama, which revolves around a criminal who steps into the identity of the Banshee, Penn., where he continues his shady ways while being hunted by gangsters he crossed in his past.

TVGuide's Megabuzz had the same spoiler as Kristin had, yeah for consistency! -Got anything on True Blood? — Simon 
NATALIE: Now that Terry's old army buddy (Scott Foley's Patrick) is in town, we'll finally discover what happened in Iraq that caused the Merlotte's chef to come back with such a severe case of PTSD. In a flashback to 2003, we'll see his squad head out for a night of partying and mischief that goes tragically awry.
From EW's interview with Carrie Preston, more is at the link as is Part 2 .

Q&A with Rutina Wesley at Jones Magazine, you can read it at the link.
This commercial!
Joe's "White Collar" appearance will be on Jan. 31st, titled "Neighborhood Watch", Buddytv has a slideshow of stills (all at the link).
Ausiello has a sneak peak up HERE
From ZimbioActor Chris Bauer arrives to the premiere of HBO's new series "Luck" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on January 25, 2012 in Hollywood, California.(January 24, 2012 - Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)
Joe's "White Collar"

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