Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blood at First Sight

                                                Does concrete leave a stain?
Trying to have this page not so spoilery so people who don't want to be spoiled can still read here. New info from HBO is HERE HERE and in CASTINGS

HBO Bulgaria, who knew, they have a trailer all their own for Season 7

Some different scenes than we've seen before in HBOAdria's promo. MORE

Rutina and Janina hanging out via Janina's twitter, "I adore this Rutina girl"

                                     Flying high at The Balloon and Wine Festival... via Ryan's twitter.
Man of the World Magazine's Tumblr posted some Skarsgard, from past photoshoots
Alexander Skarsgård photographed by Randall Mesdon, MAN of the WORLD, Issue No.3

I have no doubt that some are bidding in hopes of collecting his DNA, lulz!
Joe Manganiello's is one of summer's most-talked-about bodies, as selected by People 
Stay #TrueToTheEnd and celebrate #TBT with some of #TrueBlood's most memorable first times

Poster for Ryan's movie kidnapping Freddy Heineken and the trailer below w/ Portuguese subtitles-

Ryan posted his own #throwbackthursday photo, well hello kitty!

Pittsburgh native Joe Manganiello marks his feature film directorial debut with the documentary La Bare, hitting theaters on June 27th. The film is an insider's look at the history, the lives and the culture of the most popular male strip club in the world, La Bare Dallas. Manganiello, who holds a BFA in Acting from The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, is best known to audiences for his roles as "Big Dick Richie" in Steven Soderbergh's male stripper phenomena Magic Mike and as werewolf "Alcide Herveaux," on HBO's True Blood for which he has won both critical and popular praise. Now, with the imminent release of La Bare, Joe shares how his film's premise was inspired: "Throughout all of Magic Mike’s success, the one prevailing compliment/complaint I received from just about everyone who saw the film was that they wanted more of the guys. People were unanimously interested in knowing more about our characters, who they were, where they lived, how they grew up, who they dated, etc. So, when my brother and I started our production company 3:59 in the late fall of last year, we decided that as our first order of business, we'd take a small crew to Dallas to see if we could find a story capable of satisfying everyone's curiosity. What we found was a goldmine."
There's also a Q&A with Joe. on his hometown.
#SamsCloset #TBS7 #BluePlaidForever! from @AudreyFish.
Thanks to sweetie Karin Dicker for finding this on Alan Ball's Facebook page!
 Pros: better style & haircut than 8yr old self
Cons: Have stamina of 80yr old self!

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