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Andiamo Truebies!

Kristin, Valentina (Salome), Alexander being interviewed on the Pink Carpet by Livio Beshir for Italian TV RAIBack on September 19th we posted about the Roma Fiction Fest, then in true Urno fashion, forgot all about it. Thanks to Skarsgardfans for the reminder and where to get the latest piccies. 
The panel interview is here in Italian but you can translate it and read HERE
                                              More photos on Kristin's Facebook
Italian Interview, poorly translated- 
the Swedish actor arrives in Rome to present exclusively to RomaFictionFest the fifth season of True Blood scheduled from October 23 on Fox.

RFF 2012: Alexander Skarsgård, interview with the vampireBlue eyes, blond hair and a square jaw giving the appearance of a Viking king, making him one of the most seductive vampires ever to appear so far on the small screen. We are talking about Alexander Skarsgård, or more precisely of his TV character Eric Northman , Sheriff Area 5 and owner of the club Fangtasia. The star of True Blood , one of the most successful TV shows created by the brilliant mind of Alan Ball ( Six Feet Under ) and written about the coexistence between man and vampire, the Swedish actor has gained popularity as an antagonist to Bill Compton, the century old vampire played Stephen Moyer , who has four seasons protecting the human Sookie Stackhouse special abilities. Thanks to the novels of Charlaine Harris set in a remote town in Louisiana, the project was soon transformed into a veritable cult series for fans of the genre, managing to bring the fascinating creatures of the night finally out of an adolescent context with the right amount of splatter horror, thriller and explicit sex. This incredible success started unexpectedly in September 2008 on channel HBO and now in its fifth season presented exclusively to RomaFictionFest and aired on Fox from October 23, Skarsgård agrees to talk and reveal some of the secrets that hide behind the the new Eric.
Alexander, in Sweden you started acting when you were very young then you decided to stop.
Alexander Skarsgård: It 's true, I was only 13 years old and I did not like the attention that had been created around me. I became paranoid, did not want to leave home and I refused to meet anyone. At that point I decided to drop everything and go back to a normal life. Then, about at nineteen years I realized how much I had missed acting. At that point, I wanted it to become an important part of my life. So I moved to New York to study, I wanted to give it one more chance before making the decision completely.
During the various seasons of the character Eric has been subjected to unexpected developments. Which of all these features attracted you to the the project and continues to seduce you even now? 

Working in a project like True Blood is incredibly interesting because we are always involved in the development of new relationships. In this way you can create something intense. As for Eric, I liked that he was presented as the villain, leaving people the pleasure to label just to simplify things. In reality, life is much more complex. We present him as an evil with no hope then show a compassionate side. At that point the viewer is uncertain and suddenly discovers a new aspect to the character. This is what I loved about him, because in reality people are more complex and profound. I remember that we talked with Alan the first time we met to discuss the character and it is a path that we continue to make him have more and more depth.
Amazing series has a following since its debut in 2008. What lies behind the success of the project, and, of course the genius of Alan Ball?
I believe that this success is due to the fact that, at least in appearance, it looks like a soap opera with a lot of events that happen in the same episode and cliffhanger continues . The characters may appear superficial, but in reality, they have as much depth as the topics that reveal much about the shortcomings of today's society.
The Italian public welcomed you with a lot of heat. Did you know that he has become so popular here too?
I had no idea, I was incredibly impressed by the warmth of the people and their enthusiasm. Then, coming here after a few months of strict diet for a film shoot in Vancouver, I was finally able to return here for great food. In short, I could not ask for more.
Around the phenomenon of True Blood were born an infinite series of blogs, profiles and fan pages on facebook. Do you use these tools to promote your career or see how popular you are?
Personally, I prefer to avoid. To be honest the social network a little 'terrifying to me. I understand and appreciate the work by the fans and their sites. They can also engage in this activity seven days a week. Undoubtedly, this helps my profession, but I do not think as a human being it's good to keep updated on every single article published. The problem is that, despite hundreds of positive comments about you, you will always be hurt by the one negative.
Behind the incredible success of True Blood hides the touch of Alan Ball, after five seasons, has decided to leave his role as author / writer. What will you miss his presence on the set?
Alan will not be gone at all, he's still a a producer. Indeed not even his office is changing. The show is his creation and it is impossible not to be involved. Nothing will be different, as we continue to be surrounded by the same team of incredible writers. So, I do not think fans will notice the change.
 Continuing to talk about important changes, an episode of the fifth season was directed by Stephen Moyer, your colleague. How was it being directed by your rival / ally Bill?
Incredibly well. I think Steve has a great eye for directing and knows the characters, especially Eric, better than anyone else. He is also one of my best friends and I think he did a great job.
The fifth season of True Blood will be broadcast on Fox from October 23, while the sixth is already in pre-production. Any idea when it will end definitively? We portray characters who never age, therefore, sooner or later, we will start to have some problems. I mean I certainly do not see myself in the shoes of Eric when, for example, when I'm sixty years old. For now, however, as long as the writers continue to create good scripts, not repetitive or redundant, I think that I will continue to put myself at the service of the show with great enthusiasm.

                        Greeting fans in Rome, lucky actors, lucky fans to be in the Eternal City.

the site wrote "still signing autographs but Vampires are patient"  a lil Italian humor.
More of the CK Encounter Global Launch, Berlin! Photos from JustJared, more at the link. Alexander Skarsgard is all suited up for a secret launch event of the Calvin Klein fragrance Encounter held on Tuesday (October 2) in Berlin, Germany.
The NYC CK Encounter Launch Party
We caught up with Kristen Bauer at The Art of Elysium Genesis event Emmys weekend and chatted with the star about the upcoming season of "True Blood", her work with the Elysium charity, and the documentary she has been working on in Africa!

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