Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Disconnect Connect

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I went to the Apple Soho store for the Meet The Film Maker's series for Disconnect. I got there early, left walked around, took pics (which later came to bite me when my last battery was dead), went back and listened to a tutorial on movie music soundtracks (really cool) and it was still empty. It was scheduled to start at 5pm, by 4:45 people started dropping in. The Apple staff were really nice, the guy who did the lighting helped me with my camera, I'm really too embarrassed to tell you what but it took him one click of a button to fix it. 
                      See, clear as smog are my photos.
Anyway it wound up starting late, almost 5:30 but it was worth it. I had my 2nd row center seat and didn't leave, Matthew Eisman, whose photos are the first on the net from Getty was directly in front of me and his head was in some of my shots, as if it mattered. My wee Olympus sucks, the 4 photogs in front had huge cameras and even the one with a smaller camera had great pics, as I could see from their previews.
Alex and Jason got on famously, don't know if Jason was joking but he said more than once they just met 3 days ago, they filmed the stories separately and they never meet up in the film. The director said he wanted Alex for the part because of Generation Kill and the Iceman role he was so great in. I had to clap at that mention and a few people joined in. His character is an ex-military man not doing well in civilian life but he rises to the occasion and gets into heroic take down mode after his and his wife's identitiy is stolen. Henry Alex Rubin said Jason's character also has to protect his family and his son from cyber bullies, he made a joke about it being a follow up to the comedy Identity Theft. Frank Grillo plays the internet detective whose own son, it turns out, is involved with the sleazy villain played by Marc Jacobs. Paula Patton talked about her role too and how the director and movie set was the best she ever was on. She is as beautiful in person as in photos, perfect skin, teeth and a very genuine personality, she complimented everyone on the film. I don't notice in the photos how sunburned Alexander was in person, made me wonder if he isn't in season 6 much or is he just spending extra time in make-up to be vampiric pale. The moderator was writer Peter Travers, his review is very positive at RollingStone.
They took some questions but also said it would be on the free Itunes of the whole event later, I got into spook undercover mode so didnt ask any. Yeah I'm weird.

Look at Bateman's face, he was on a roll. He may play the straight man on Arrested Development but he has jokes.This has to be one of the photographers right in front of where I was, there is no credit.
BlackBook has an article on the movie and stills. This is part of the promo we saw at the event, Marc Jacobs as a sceeve (adult content) getting Jason Bateman's character's son involved in his porn biz.

Actor Alexander Skarsgard attends the "Disconnect" New York Special Screening after party at Abe & Arthur's  Source: Cindy Ord/Getty Images North America
Jason Bateman and Henry-Alex Rubin

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