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Like King Russell I am burnt out today, running on nervous energy, but I feel good after the fun of yesterday's Meet the Disconnect Film Maker's at the Apple Soho store. Photo via HBO.
Lots of Casting Updates HERE 
WIGS Greenlights ‘Susanna’ Starring Anna Paquin And Maggie Grace via Deadline
The YouTube channel has started production on the web series, a 12-episode scripted drama written and directed by WIGS co-founder Jon Avnet that is slated to premiere later this spring. Anna Paquin and Maggie Grace star in Susanna as two sisters, Katie (Paquin), the mother of a newborn, and her younger sister, Susanna (Grace), an investment banker on the rise who has no interest in becoming a mother. When Katie develops acute postpartum depression and is hospitalized, Susanna must take care of her sister and her sister’s child while trying to keep the biggest business opportunity of her life from being derailed by her sister’s illness. Virginia Madsen and Rob Benedict co-star. The female-targeted WIGS in February formed a programming, marketing and distribution partnership with Fox, which aims at expanding WIGS’ offerings as well as testing and nurturing dramatic concepts and talent in the digital realm. The idea is to build content that can be programmed on the network and/or other channels. WIGS has more than 130,000 subs and its content has been viewed more than 30 million times. 
There's an advanced screening of "The East" , Saturday April 13th at The Ivy Film Festival in Rhode Island. The Ivy Film Festival is the world's largest student-run film festival, held at Brown University from April 8-14, 2013. No word on whether the cast will attend but this is a chance to see it before the general public.
IMDB lists Linn Bjorn (Grimm) as cast for Niall's mother in episode 4 of the new season, "I'm Your Man". I was wondering if Ben having a parental flashback and Niall having one also had some meaning,  maybe it was an error or something more. Since 2 different actresses are cast it might just be a fairyland background thang.

Hope this stays up, from this morning, pretty funny-

Luv the Viking of Tumblr has lots of GIFs from Alex's visit to Live with Kelly and Michael-
More photos of Alex outside LWKM HERE
Buzzfeed has more Q&A at this link, it's from Monday's Disconnect premiere.
Good Day LA also had an interview from today, these tend to poof here's the link to the site.
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SciFiNow has more info on Dead Ever After right from Charlaine Harris herself-
The 13th and final book, Dead Ever After, harks back to its murder mystery roots as Sookie is arrested for a crime. After making bail she tries to clear her name, but her investigation only leads to more deaths. “I think the books that were murder mystery were the more successful ones, the more focused,” she says.The plot will also feature the Devil. “Well, there’s a Devil, not the Devil,” Harris clarifies, “If I have the fae, some of whom are trying to become Angels, I think by implication it can be assumed that there are Devils, too.”
Fans will also see the return of the some of Sookie’s past and potential lovers, as the book’s artwork reveals. It features Sookie, Eric, Alcide, Sam and Quinn (in their supernatural forms) walking around the edge of a full moon. Conspicuous by his absence is Vampire Bill, who Sookie fell for in the first book, and fans are waiting to see who she will ultimately end up with, if anyone.
Harris is expecting mixed reactions to the ending: “I always knew I couldn’t write an end that would make everybody happy and, of course, I haven’t,” she says. “It’s the right ending and it’s the one I had planned from the beginning, but it’s inevitable that there are going to people that are gonna be less than happy with it.”
Dead Ever After will be published by Gollancz on 7 May 2013.

Get More: 

 Sunday night @ 830pm on the pre-show I'm a part of the craziest Catfish episode ever

McMillz Tweeted this preview of True Blood ongoing comic #11, more HERE
TRUE BLOOD #11 Written by Michael McMillian, Art by Michael Gaydos, Release Date: April 10, 2013Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creatures, continues! With creative collaboration from TRUE BLOOD creator/writer/producer Ball, actor/writer Michael McMillian begins a climactic arc that will threatens to rip up Bon Temps at its roots!
WFSB Channel 3
Don't forget, the Season 5 DVD is available May 21st, you can pre-order using the links on this page for Amazon.  True Blood is HBO’s sexy, scary, wildly entertaining drama series from Oscar®- and Emmy®-winner Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. In addition to returning cast favorites – human/faerie waitress Sookie Stackhouse, her vampire suitors Bill Compton and Eric Northman, soul-searching pal Tara, shape-shifting boss Sam, rakish brother Jason, clairvoyant Lafayette and teen-vamp Jessica – Season 5 introduces a whole new wave of otherworldly characters. There’s Vampire Guardian Roman, president of the Vampire Authority, who wants co-existence between humans and vampires; vampire zealot Salome (yes, the Salome), intent on recreating the world in God’s vampyric image; Authority Chancellor Nora, who shares the same maker as Eric; werewolves J.D. and Martha, who want a reluctant Alcide to take his rightful place as packmaster; and many more. Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, True Blood Season 5 goes deep into the battle between the Vampire Authority and “vampire fundamentalists” – a political power play whose outcome could decide not only the fate of Sookie and her Bon Temps friends, but of all human existence.
Bonus Material: Full of captivating back stories and extensive audio commentaries, the fifth season’s bonus materials offer appetizing tidbits for diehard fans.Blu-ray Features (along with all DVD extras):
True Blood Episode Six: Autopsy – Join the cast and crew as they dissect the major events of episode six and provide an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how True Blood is made.
Authority Confessionals: Learn more about the mysterious institution known as The Authority, from Nora, Kibwe, Rosalyn, Salome, Steve and Russell.
Enhanced Viewing: Character Bios, Vampire Histories and Hints/FYIs: Get even more background on favorite characters, trivia facts as well as show hints and clues.
Flashback/Flash Forward: Move through time in the world of Bon Temps. Flashback to relive pivotal moments or Flash Forward to reveal the significance of a certain scene.
True Blood Lines: Uncover secrets from relationships past and present in this engaging, fully interactive “re-Vamped” guide and archive.
DVD Features:Inside the Episodes – Get the back stories on each episode with revealing interviews from the show writers.
Audio Commentaries: five commentaries with cast and crew including creator/executive producer Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Denis O’Hare, Carrie Preston and many more!

Crave Online's Interview with Alexander about Disconnect and more, it doesnt say when the interview was done only that it was in Beverly Hills. The much longer interview is at the link-
You were attached for a while. Does that mean whatever financing or scheduling for the film had to work around your schedule? Because you’re on a TV show that needs you at a set time.
That wasn’t a problem. I had two other films though that were already scheduled. I was shooting a movie called What Maisie Knew in New York and then I was starting another one called The East a month later. But, because of the nature of the film, we could actually block shoot it. We could shoot the stuff with me, Paula and Frank and Michael Nyqvist so that when I wrapped What Maisie Knewon Friday, a couple of days later I was able to start Disconnect and shoot that for three weeks, and then go down to Louisiana to do The East. So it worked out perfectly.
Are you attached to Tarzan now?
Um… No, I mean, we’ll see what happens. I’m not quite sure yet.
Have you been courting a big franchise role for yourself for a while?
No, no, not at all. It’s all about finding scripts and directors that I’m creatively excited about, be it a small, European art house film like Melancholia or a cool little gritty indie like Disconnect or a huge movie. Whatever it is, it’s always about the script, the character and the director. Am I excited about working with this director and exploring this character? So I don’t really care about other things.
And can you believe you’re working on a sixth season of “True Blood?”
We’re halfway through. I’m actually going to set in a couple hours, another night shoot, but I’m working with some of the most talented people in television and a cast and crew that are just like a family now. Like you said, six years is a long time and I’m fortunate to be working with not only very, very skilled actors and crew members, but also good people. It’s still a lot of fun. 

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